Mary and Jesus reveal many things

Revelations from Mary and Jesus on a great many things

Emerald Trove, Book 15: Post CXXXIII:
I am Eric, servant to Jesus and Mary. And I am here to write what they command me to say. Amen. Lord, what dost Thou command of me? What is Thine Word unto me? What dost Thou command me to write? Amen. I see that You are curing me. And that my prophesied cures are taking place. Are we, then, about to enter the Azurite Age? Will the Hispanic Catholic girl now enter my life, O’ Lord? And will Hyacinth now be taken by You to heaven? For it is written that it is not permissible for two girls to be in a romantic relationship with me at the same time. Hence, before the girl I am to marry enters my life, the girl Hyacinth must be taken away. Do you now take Hyacinth away? Or does she remain on the earth for some days yet to come?

The girl of whom you speak, Hyacinth, shall speak unto you no more. For Our will is fulfilled in her. And she is ready to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Hence, at the conclusion of this month, the last remaining due debt that you have will be fully paid off. I Am the Lord. For this very day will not pass away before the girl you are to marry has entered your acquaintance.

And note that We are pleased with you. For you have demonstrated that it is not possible for you to be taken down by Satan. For though Satan sends unto thee temptation, you are not taken away by it. But rather, you remain like a solid tree that is not washed away by the flood. I Am the Lord.

Lord, I submit myself to Thine will. In the previous post, it was said that though I am to marry and have children, I am nevertheless to pass through the veil between this age and the age to come, the Age of Millennium, while still virgin and in perfect purity. Hence, I do not get married in this age, but in the age that is to come. For the Age of Millennium is coming. And in that Age, Satan will be locked up, and the entire world will experience a profound peace. Amen. Am I correct in this belief, O’ Lord?

Such is correct. You receive your reward and your immortality while still a virgin. Amen. But since you will not have died, and since you have opted to fulfill the prophecy of your predestined fate to have a son, this also shall come to pass, but not here in the current dispensation, but in the dispensation that is soon to come. For this age ends soon. Many will be the dead at the conclusion of this age. And on the other side of that veil, We shall anoint the perfect to have extremely long life. My people in that age will be set to live as long as trees. And you and your wife will not pass away until a thousand years have passed, and great nations have issued from you and her. Amen.

Lord, it is Monday, and I have seriously transgressed your laws on purity. I have looked upon that which is pornographic, and I have committed that which is impurity. I will now remove that image that was pornographic from my computer. And I will commit myself to avoiding all future actions that lead to impurity.

Eric, you have transgressed, but not mortally. For your deed was not done with deliberate consent, but rather, it was done by a biological need in men. Nevertheless, any willful act of transgressing my law does constitute sin. Hence, were you to do this act willfully, your sins would be mortal.

The Law of Moses against adultery, which also covers all sexual sins, was made to channel men’s sexual needs to occur only within certain parameters where their deeds would remain holy. Single men do from time to time shed seed. And this shedding of seed by this means does not end at marriage, but increases in frequency. For such is the sexual nature of men and married life. And that is why the Virgin Mary advised you not to seek marriage but to remain on the holier path, that of celibacy and of virginity.

Now you ask, may you return to that path? Do We in heaven permit you to leave the path of marriage and switch back to the path of celibacy and virginity? If you wish to abandon the plan We have made for you to marry, and to walk instead the celibate and virgin path, then answer Us this, and by your answer We will decide your fate. Ask me the question, O’ Lord. Do you agree to serve society in your celibacy, helping those who are called to the married life, while you yourself neither have sex nor children of your own? And do you agree to seek to live the lifestyle that We demand for all men who belong to Our priesthood, which is chastity and continence? And do you agree to pray for this nation in which you currently live, seeking their purifications from sin, and serving the community as that pillar of society that only a virgin can serve as, lord Azurite? Lord, I fully agree to uphold and keep all your requirements asked in these three questions.

Then you are hereby made celibate again. You will therefore receive the crown of virginity when you come to Us. And do You, O’ Lord, elect to call me to enter Your priesthood? Or am I called to remain as a celibate layman, working in the world? We will decide your vocation based on your obedience to Us in this matter. The girl Hyacinth I hereby absolve you of any responsibility for. And should you wish to be considered for Our priesthood, you will demonstrate this to Us by your obedience in the following matters. The girl Hyacinth you shall no longer provide for. Obey Us in this regard from now on, and We shall consider you as worthy of Our priesthood. But should you fail Us in this regard, We shall reject you from consideration for Our priesthood. That is all We require from you in this test to see if We shall call you to the vocation of the ordained priesthood. Amen.

Lord, I willingly agree to no longer provide for Hyacinth. And do you give me any words to say unto her, O’ Lord? This is My Word that you shall say unto her, lord Azurite. “Eric may no longer give to you, for he is called to a higher vocation, that of the priesthood. Hence, you must see to your needs by another way. Amen.” Say these Words unto her, and then speak to her no more about money. I Am the Lord. Lord, I will obey You and do exactly as you say right now. Amen. Lord, I have now done exactly as Thou hast commanded me. Amen. And I will keep to your command. I will speak no more to her about money. Amen.

Excellent, lord Azurite. Keep to these commands and I will call you to the priesthood within seven days. Amen. You will receive your calling within seven days. And if you do not receive your calling within seven days, then remain in your vocation as celibate layman. I, the Lord, have spoken. Amen. Very well, I fully accept your terms and your will. And if I am to remain in the vocation as celibate layman, I promise You that I will continue to keep your command that I do not provide for Hyacinth anymore. Amen.

Lord, you have freed me from the chains of bondage to Hyacinth. Now I am free of her. And I will not reimprison myself to her nor to any other. Amen. And Lord, please do tell me of the Kingdom that I reign over, now that I am to be an eternal virgin, who is to have no heir. The lands of the Kingdom do not change. But the duration of your reign over that land now becomes eternal. And when you enter the Millennium, instead of being of the sexually married, who live for but a thousand years, pumping out babies, you shall now reign for the entire million or so years of that age (whose length is secret), never dying and never growing old, and sealed to eternal virginity. And you shall serve as one of the celibate, ordained priests in that age. For you are now called to the First Resurrection. The Second Death now has no power over you. Amen.

Now I shall speak, lord Azurite. You have made it this far. And you have returned finally to the permanent status of eternal virgin saint. We are curing you soon, to prepare you for entering the priesthood. And note that We will not delay in Our promises to you. Your calling you shall receive. And when you find yourself cured, instructions you will receive as to what priest to go and tell your vocation to. Amen.

Now go home. Your work here at the office is complete. And you must make it home before the curfew. Amen. Furthermore, California has passed its own stimulus checks bill. Hence, expect to receive both the one from California and the one from the Federal government. Amen. This post now comes to its end. Publish this work, for it is complete. Amen.

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