I Am in charge. And I set Eric to rule Europe, Russia, and North America. I Am the Lord!

Eric’s mind is like this lake: Peaceful, Serene, Clear, and Secret.

Emerald Trove, Book 15: Post CXXXI:
Lord, the Putin regime is intent on sending my Pawn, Alexei Navalny, into penal labor for crimes of which he has no guilt. Yes, lord Azurite, Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin is paving the cement over his own grave and preparing it to be walked on. And do you see his planned out tactics, lord Azurite? Putin plans to use Islamic terrorists against his own Russian people to bring them under his control. He is mad and he is dangerous. But I allowed this little man to marshal his defenses to see what evils he would turn to in his attempts to maintain his dictatorship over Russia.

Now the world has seen the depths that this evil thug will turn to in order to keep his power over the Russian state. But his works will not succeed. His base is being undermined. And he will soon collapse. He cannot stand before Me. I denounce him. And I cast him to the ground. Let this little man behold how little he really is. I Am the Lord. Woe to that man, whose works are evil, who falls into My hands. For most terrible is the fright of My face before him. He will wish that his mother had aborted him in a basement and flushed his body down the toilet, compared to the fate he will now receive from Me.

Alexei Anatolievich Navalny will survive. He will outlast Putin. And he will be elected as the next Russian President. I Who Am say this. Now, speak unto Me, Eric! What is My command that you do? You have ordered me to convert all the lands which you have handed over to Me as the Kingdom of Azurite. Correct, lord Azurite. And as this Prince I make you as ruler over Christendom, I hereby put you in charge of the following lands, forming what you once called, the Arctic Triangle. And you are ordered to convert all the nations within this Kingdom to serve Me and to practice My religion. I Am the Lord. Now, state in full all the lands I have put into your possession!

(1) This is the Kingdom of Azurite, ruled by Eric, the Azurite King, who is its ruler for life, and from him there shall rise an heir to his throne, who I will raise up as Eric’s successor. And this son of Eric shall serve Me as the second king in a two-king dynasty, at the conclusion of which, I, the Lord Jesus Christ, King of kings and Lord of lords, will come again. I Am the Lord. And of this Azurite Kingdom, now ruled by King Eric, the following list defines in full all the lands and states over which Eric is given firm dominion. And he shall rule the nations with an iron scepter. Like pottery shall he shatter them. (Revelation 2:26-28). Amen.

  1. The United States of America
  2. Canada
  3. Greenland
  4. Iceland
  5. The United Kingdom
  6. The Isle of Man
  7. The Republic of Ireland
  8. Norway
  9. Sweden
  10. Finland
  11. The Russian Federation
  12. Belarus
  13. Estonia
  14. Latvia
  15. Lithuania
  16. Poland
  17. Germany
  18. Denmark
  19. France
  20. Belgium
  21. Holland (The Netherlands)
  22. Luxembourg
  23. Monaco
  24. Andorra
  25. Spain
  26. Portugal
  27. Malta
  28. Italy
  29. San Marino
  30. Switzerland
  31. Liechtenstein
  32. Austria
  33. Czech Republic
  34. Slovakia
  35. Hungary
  36. Slovenia
  37. Croatia
  38. Bosnia & Herzegovina
  39. Montenegro
  40. Serbia
  41. Kosovo
  42. Albania
  43. Macedonia
  44. Greece
  45. Bulgaria
  46. Romania
  47. Moldova
  48. Ukraine
  49. Georgia
  50. Armenia
  51. Azerbaijan

These fifty-one states are the definitions of the lands given unto thee to rule and to convert, lord Azurite. And you are commanded to rule them with an iron scepter and to shatter them like pottery. (Revelation 2:26-28). And twelve languages shall dominate throughout your Kingdom as official languages. And these are listed as such:

  1. English
  2. Spanish
  3. French
  4. German
  5. Russian
  6. Italian
  7. Ukrainian
  8. Polish
  9. Romanian
  10. Dutch
  11. Greek
  12. Latin

Five languages were added to the previously listed seven to include more lingual diversity in the list of official languages of the Azurite Kingdom. And Greek and Latin were included in these additions due to their Biblical and liturgical significance. For the Azurite Kingdom is a Catholic Kingdom, and Catholicism is recognized as its state religion. And it is recognized that there are many Eastern Rite Catholic churches in Europe that hold to the Greek Bible, whereas Latin remains the official language of the Roman Catholic Church. The Vatican City, however, is not included in this list of constituent nations so that the pope, who sits on the Seat of Peter in Rome, within the Basilica inside the Vatican City, which is a mini-state within the City of Rome, but not located upon any of its historical seven hills, shall never be made a subject to the Azurite King. For the pope has authority over the Azurite King, and over all secular rulers throughout the whole world, in all matters of faith and morals.

Also, the pope has authority over marriage. For what the Church authority binds together is bound together. And what the Church looses is let loose. The Church has no power to take apart any validly contracted marriage between two baptized people, where the marriage has been consummated. But if the marriage is not valid, the Church has the authority to recognize this and to declare that marriage annulled.

Also what the Church upholds as marriage shall be the law of the land, binding on all residents and upon all visitors and aliens as well. That obscenity known as the “gay marriage” will not be recognized anywhere in the Azurite Kingdom. Also, the existence of polygamous marriages will be outlawed and punished wherever it is found. That excuse made by many African peoples that polygamy is part of their culture will not be accepted. Any African person who enters the Azurite Kingdom will be forced to comply with Catholic law on marriage. No polygamy will be permitted.

Also, that stunt done by King Henry VIII, who divorced himself from the Catholic Church to make his newly formed Anglican Church agree with his adulterous marriages, his decisions will be revoked, and the Anglican Church will be forced to reenter Catholicism and to fully comply with all her statutes and decrees. No more will any British monarch head any Church. And no woman will be recognized as a Catholic cleric. Also, all divorces and marriages will be strictly put under the authority of the Catholic Church. Divorces will be renamed as legal separations. But these legal separations will not be recognized as ending valid marriages. Hence, no remarriage after such separations will be permitted unless the previous marriage is annulled or the previous spouse has died. Also, no remarriages will be permitted if the one seeking remarriage deliberately caused the death of his or her spouse. Hence, what Hernan Cortez did to get out of his marriage (he murdered his first wife) would impede his attempt to marry again under Azurite Law.

Furthermore, sex outside of lawful wedlock will be outlawed. Transgressors will be severely punished. Also, no one will be permitted to change their gender to what does not agree with their genetics. A woman is genetically defined as having XX sex chromosome in all the cells of her body. And a man is genetically defined as having the XY sex chromosomes in all the cells of his body. These genetics define their flesh as either woman flesh or man flesh. No sexual unions will be permissible except that which is the union of woman flesh to man flesh, as defined by the genetics of their bodies. Hence, two transgendered people can be permitted to marry if their true genders are opposite, according to their genetics. Nevertheless, all medical procedures that attempt to change one’s gender to be contrary to what their genetics say they are will be outlawed. And any attempt to change one’s genetics to say one is of the opposite gender than what was originally created at the union of sperm to egg will also be against the Law and not permitted. I Am the Lord.

Furthermore, the application of an artificial filter on sperm to filter out either X or Y bearing sperm so as to assure which gender the baby will be upon fertilization will also be against the Law. No one is permitted to design his own babies. Nor may the state, the government, the doctor, or the community be engaged in the designing of human babies. For such would lead to a caste system, where humans would be genetically designed to serve in specific niches. Rather, all human reproduction will be strictly limited to what is produced in the conjugal act. For it is to be that by the love acts between husband and wife, and not by the work of biologists uniting eggs and sperm in the laboratory, that all new human life is to come to be in this world.

Such are the laws and definitions of the Kingdom of Charlemagne II, which is now called the Azurite Kingdom, ruled over for life by Eric, who is the first King of the Azurite Dynasty. And in this Azurite Dynasty, there is to rise one successor who is to sit on the Throne of Eric before the Second Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ occurs to usher in the end of all things. Amen.

Lord, I understand that Thou hast commands that Thou wish to command of me? Lord, I will obey all that Thou command. So speak, O’ Lord, for Thine servant is listening. Lord Azurite, I, Jesus, the Infinite God, do now come to speak unto thee. For I have much to say unto thee before you go to Church this Sunday morning.

I hereby command you to obey the following commands. For you are now of the married path. No longer do you walk the celibate and virgin path, for you have accepted your predestined fate to have the prophesied son. This fate could not be forced upon you until you had agreed, after having become worthy of the cures. I Am the Lord.

Obey these commands, and I will grant you a long life with your wife. And you will not know ailments nor diseases, nor decay nor old age, for all the years that you and your wife are granted to live upon the earth. Amen. These commands, if fully obeyed, will lead to everlasting Life. But if not fully obeyed, then death and destruction are knocking at thine door.

Commandment I: Acknowledge Me as the direct source of the cures you are about to receive before all who inquire of them, whether your boss inquires, or your coworkers, your priests, your neighbors, the police, any government workers, your doctors, your parents, your family, your girlfriend who is about to come, or anyone else who asks you about them. Simply say unto them these words: “The Lord Jesus Christ has had mercy upon me, and He has cured me at last, after I have waited decades to receive from Him what He had promised on September 2, 2000. Amen.” And then you may answer them about any specific cure you have received. And always begin each description saying these words: “Yes, the Lord Jesus Christ has cured me of the affliction of which you speak…”

Commandment II: If any homosexual approaches you, seeking you as his lover, say unto him these words: “I hereby curse thee, O’ child of Sodom. Your days are now numbered. And you shall acquire a disease that will waste you away, and from it there shall be no cure. For anyone who approaches Eric, servant of Jesus, with the intent of sexual abomination will be dead the following day. And from this death, there shall be no rise. Amen.”

Commandment III: Should your brothers ask you about the girl I will have given thee, whom I will permit them to see as your girlfriend, say unto them these words: “Should either of you dare to think of this girl in any sexual manner, then blood shall flow from your sexual organs, and by the following morning, you shall no longer be alive. Amen.”

Commandment IV: If a neighbor approaches you and proceeds to lambast you, answer him with these words: “Tonight you shall be visited by My Lord. And He is most displeased with you. You shall not survive the night. So prepare to die in your slumber. Amen.”

Commandment V: Should the police interrogate you, or should any officer of the law seek to question you, answer them this: “The Lord God shall speak through me. Therefore, understand that it is not Eric to whom you are asking these questions, but God. Amen.”

Commandment VI: Should the family of the girl you are to marry question you as to who is the one who speaks through you, or by what power and authority do you speak and condemn sinners, answer them this: “I Am speaks through me.”

Commandment VII: Should a rich man offer you money in exchange for a favor to ask of God, answer him this: “You will not receive the cure or favor of which you ask until all the money in your possession has been fully tithed, that is a full ten percent of it has been given to God. Do this, and the cures of which you seek will be granted unto thee. But as for the wealth that you offer unto me, give it instead to a charitable organization that has no ability to repay you. Amen.”

Commandment VIII: Should a magician or user of magic offer you money or favors in return for granting him a portion of your power, answer him this: “Your power is a delusion. You have no real power, for Satan has fooled you that you have. My power is of divine origin. Hence, it can only be granted to those whom the Lord elects to grant it to. Amen.”

Commandment IX: Should a theologian, or Church official, command that the unclean spirit come out of thee, answer him this: “I am already clean. Recognize, therefore, that the Spirit in me is holy, and if you do so, the Holy Spirit Who resides within me shall not harm you. Amen.”

Commandment X: Should a theologian speak unto thee regarding matters of which I have not granted unto thee knowledge of, answer him thus: “Let Eric go to his inner dwelling. There, I Who Am shall speak unto him. And after he has spoken unto Me and received My Word, Eric shall come back unto thee with the answer that comes from God. Amen.”

Eric, these ten commandments you are to agree to and willingly comply with. But do not bother to memorize the exact wordings, for the Holy Spirit will give you the proper words to say at the moment you are called to speak. Amen.

This, then, concludes this post. And now you ask, are you, therefore, one of the Two Witnesses? And if so, where and who is the other? I will now answer both questions in full. Amen.

We grant unto thee the office of prophet. And you shall speak and write whatever is commanded of thee. And therefore, you are now designated as fulfilling that role, which was described of old, granted to those included in the designation of “the Two Witnesses”. (Revelation 11:1-14). The number of these prophets is not limited to just two. Nor are these prophets occurring all in the same generation or age. You are the prophet commanded to speak in this hour of judgement. And for as long as I grant you to live here, you shall speak or write unto the people all that I command thee to say. And when the time comes for your departure from this world, the graces I have given unto thee, and the office of prophet, will be passed onto your son, who shall be most holy and trained in all the secrets and knowledge of God. Amen.

This son of Eric will come to be by your union with the girl We shall grant to be made your wife. No sexual union shall come between you and this virgin maid until the sacrament of matrimony has been sealed and officiated by the priest or deacon. I Am the Lord.

Furthermore, We are now about to take away from thee the girl you provide for, to whom you have given the name Hyacinth to. For it is impermissible that two girls should be called your girlfriend at the same time. This post now comes to its end. Ask Me for any further clarification of any issue you may have, and then this post shall be published.

Lord, am I to be made famous or do I remain hidden in plain sight? The moment you receive your cures, that is the moment I surrender the secrecy of your posts, and all the world will then begin to read what you write and to converse about it. For one does not light a candle and then put it under a bushel basket. (Matthew 5:15). This is My Word unto thee. When you receive your cures, realize that this age is now over and the age of Azurite will have begun. Amen. Go now, Eric, and pray your rosary. For today is to be a day likened to no other. I Am the Lord. Now publish this post, for it is complete. Amen.

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