An Hispanic Catholic girl shall be given to Eric in marriage

Eric is to marry and have children. Into a mestiza shall he sow his seed. Amen.

Emerald Trove, Book 15: Post CXXXII:
Behold, it is revealed that Eric is to have an Hispanic wife. Into a mestiza shall he sow his seed. And his descendants shall be called mestizos. As virgins shall they both marry. And in strict conformance to the law of God will they both keep their marriage bed holy. Amen. Now, Eric, the Virgin Mary shall speak. And she has much to say, all of which comes from God. Amen.

Speak, O’ most beautiful Virgin among virgin women, for your servant is listening. Eric, we in heaven have observed your chastity. And we now announce its perfection. You can never again be led into impurity. Nor can you be led to impure thoughts of a woman. Even this nude of a beautiful maid, you are not compromised by, for you see it as a fine art, and not as an avenue to lustful thoughts. Therefore, We announce that you have graduated. And you are no longer to remain here. We are about to take you away. Amen.

Then O’ Mary, perfect Queen of the angels, do I marry an Hispanic Catholic woman after all, or do I get taken up to heaven with my virginity still intact? The marriage you are prophesied to enter is part of your predestination. From it you can no longer escape from. Hence, you will marry the girl We put into your life. And, once married, you will lay with your wife and produce many children by her. These will be many, and they will all be single birth pregnancies. No twins or triplets will be born to thee.

Furthermore, you will no longer age nor grow old. As you are, that will be your eternal age. Your faculties will not break down. And the cures you are given will never be revoked. I am the holy Virgin Mary. The gift of potency we give you to last for a thousand years. And the woman we give you shall produce eggs by miraculous means, and she will remain fertile with you for that entire thousand years that we grant unto thee.

Also, that you are willing to marry down, as a white man willing to marry a brown woman, and thereby to have brown children and descendants, We are blessing your future marriage with many good things. And much love will your future wife have for thee. Amen. Also, you will be made welcome into many Latin American dwellings, as you will be seen as one of them. Amen.

So then, O’ Mary, Immaculate Queen, how am I to be taken away soon from here if you will have me remain here for the entire Age of Millennium, as described in chapter 20 of the Book of Revelation? Several breeding couples have been selected for the purpose or repopulating the earth in that Age that is soon to dawn. And you are elected to be a partner in one such couple. For the race of humanity is to be severely bottlenecked and so many will be the dead and the dying that only those whom We have selected to enter the Millennium as breeding couples will be the ones who serve to repopulate the earth. I am the holy Virgin Mary.

Tell me about this age and this transition from this age to that age, O’ fairest Queen of Heaven. Great care and diligence has been made to select only those who have attained perfect purity and complete chastity to be those selected for this role. But it is a role that is strictly voluntary. It cannot be forced. But once such a person, having been made sexually perfect, agrees to it, that is his or her set path. It is a designation that may not be revoked by any power, neither on earth nor in heaven.

You are, hence, to be taken away from where you now live to assume this heavenly role. For only the most pure living souls, who agree to this, will be involved in repopulating the earth. These are Catholic couples who all marry as virgins. Amen. And these Catholic couples are not intent on breeding any so called ‘master race’. Rather, they are willing to marry outside of their race. Amen. For there shall be no more reproductive divisions according to race or skin color in the age to come. Amen. Everyone will be free to marry whomsoever God is pleased to give them. And God will not give unto them as an attempt to breed any particular race, nor to keep any races pure or separate. Amen.

Hence, lord Azurite, your imagination shall not come to pass. There will be no forks in the human race to form the Half-Orcs, the Eladrin, the Drow, the Half-Elves, the Dwarves, the Hobbits, the Dragonborn, or the Gnomes, etc. Rather, my Son’s creation of the human race will remain but one species and but one subspecies (Homo sapiens sapiens) for the entire age of Millennium, that entire set of many centuries figuratively called ‘the Thousand Years’. But the actual length of that age is simply not revealed. I am the Virgin Mary.

Mary, I am most thankful to both you and to Jesus that I am selected to be a partner in one of these blessed breeding couples. Amen. And as a reward for your thanks, We are stationing you in Ireland as the place where you shall live out your thousand year reign. I am the Virgin Mary. In a castle there, that is where we have elected to place you. And my faithful subjects serve me as do potted plants to the greenhouse keeper. Wherever she places the potted plant in her greenhouse, there it remains, and there it flourishes and produces the proper fruit. Amen.

Mary, I have a question concerning this Age of Millennium that is to come. Will the popes continue to serve in that age? Will the Catholic Churches continue to be run by celibate men who are ordained to the priesthood? And will the Masses continue to be celebrated in that age? And will that age consist of a new dispensation?

Lord Azurite, the ideals of celibacy and virginity will continue to be the ideal in the age to come, and the way to receive the greatest rewards in heaven. Amen. So also does the Catholic Church continue to exist in the age to come, and it will continue to be run by celibate men. But the celibate stations of that age will not allow for hidden transgressions, as it is permitted in this age. For in this age, many priests transgress the laws of My son on sexuality. Not so shall it be in the age to come. Not so. Any transgressor in the age to come will be discovered, and if his sins merit death, he will die, by the action of the Holy Spirit. Amen. Hence, there will be no court proceedings or executions in the age to come. Rather, those who deserve death in the age to come will die by the action of the Holy Spirit, similar to how Ananias and his wife Sapphira were put to death by the Holy Spirit in the early Church, after having been denounced for their evil works by the pope. (Acts 5:1-11).

But the new dispensation that will exist in that age will be that all the lands will be governed by rulers like the Judges in the Book of Judges, rather than by rulers like the Kings in the Books of Kings in the Holy Scriptures. For God never willed for men to be ruled by any King other than Himself. Rather, men were originally intended to be guided, as necessary, by the rule of those prophets or seers who were called by God to serve a Judges. And such is the true nature of your Kingship, lord Azurite. You, in reality, are much more like one of the ancient Judges than you are like one of the ancient Kings. Amen. And thus, you are already given the Kingdom over which you are set to reign over for eternity.

But to reign over it for eternity, do I not need to be an eternal virgin, O’ Mary most wise? That you will never have immoral sex, but will obey Your Master in all the sex acts you are commanded to have with your wife, your place in heaven as one of our virgin elect will never be taken away from you. And such is the true nature of all the couples chosen for the calling to repopulate the entire earth. They are all called to serve as virgins like you. And any sex acts that they have are entirely done in obedience to their Master. And hence, none of them lose their places among our virgin elect. Amen. And now you know the nature of the 144,000 Virgin First Fruits. This is the symbolic number designating those found in perfect virgin purity at the end of this Age. And only among this 144,000 shall the couples chosen for repopulating the earth be selected from. I am the Virgin Mary. Amen. And I, as the Queen Mother, have a say in all matches among these virgins, as to whom they are to marry, if they agree to marriage. Amen.

Note that the number 144,000, like the 1000 years, is symbolic and not a literal designation of an actual number. For the true numbers of such things has been hidden and not revealed. But two things are apparent in these numbers: They are large and they are finite. Hence, you are granted a long sex life with the woman we give you in marriage, and you will have many children together, and both of you never grow old and never lose your natural procreative abilities. But this state does not last forever, but only for a very long time. For even the ancient giant trees called the Giant Sequoias, though they can live for thousands of years, they all still eventually fall in the forest and are replaced by their descendants. And such will be your fate eventually, as your time comes, and you and your wife are called to enter your heavenly reward. Amen.

O’ Mary, purest virgin Queen, is it possible that this Age of Millennium could span not just a mere thousand years, but a thousand times a thousand years? That is, could it last a million years, O’ most holy Virgin Queen? For it is known by science that the genus, Homo, has existed for between 1.5 and 2.5 million years, and that the species Homo sapiens has existed for about 200,000 years. As you have said it, lord Azurite, so shall it be. For the Lord God is a God who is pleased with performing his works over vast lengths of time. It is, hence, much more probable that the Age of Millennium will actually last a million years than that it would last a mere thousand. But of this fact, we cannot reveal, for it is a secret known only to God.

But as to the promise made by Jesus that He is coming soon, (Revelation 1:3 & 22:7 & 22:10 & 22:12 & 22:20) such will be fulfilled at the ushering in of the new Age of Millennium. For this new dispensation will include the real presence of Jesus throughout the entire world. For every house of worship will then be Catholic. And every Catholic Church will be blessed with celibate priests who conduct the Mass. It shall be this universality of the celebration of the Eucharist that will fulfill the promise made by Jesus that He is coming soon. Amen. He will be seen in the Eucharist, but He as a man will remain hidden, revealing himself from time to time only to his saints. Amen.

Hence, there will be those, descended from the chosen breeding couples, who will fall to doubt that Jesus ever came. And there will be those who stop believing in the real presence of Jesus in the Eucharist. And after many uncounted generations will have passed, the number of those who do not believe will outnumber those who believe. And at the time of the release of the dragon from his prison, many, I tell you, will be those predisposed to follow Satan to their ultimate doom. And only God’s remnant, those whose faith does not fail them, will remain in the camp of the holy ones. These will live and be translated to heaven. And those outside will be slain and damned. And thus will Mankind on earth be ended. And Mankind will then behold the Great White Throne, and the One sitting upon it. And all of Mankind will then be judged. Those claimed by Jesus will enter into Paradise. Those not claimed by Jesus will enter into hell. And then the Book of Life, that Roster containing the names of all the elect predestined to glory, will be revealed. And their names written in it shall be revealed, together with the meanings behind the names. This Book of Life will be a monument in heaven, available for all those who enter in to study and to contemplate. And all the names will be known to all the elect. Each saint will be personally known to every other saint.

And you, lord Azurite, will be seated in your glorious station. You will not bear the crown of virginity, for you have agreed to the marriage you were predestined to enter. But by your obedience to Us, a different crown, that of perfect matrimony, shall be granted to you instead. Only those who truly care for all the children they bring into this world, those who never sinned against the unborn, will wear it. And these must also keep their marriage vows and never transgress the laws of God regarding marriage and sex. Whoever keeps all these commandments in their marriage will be awarded this crown of perfect matrimony. Amen. And those awarded the crown of perfect matrimony will be included with those granted the crown of virginity, and be numbered among the 144,000 virgin first fruits. Amen.

And note that the number 144,000, like the number of the 1000 years, is but a symbol of a large though finite number, whose true reality is hidden and secret. Amen.

Mary, the girl you are giving me in marriage, do I receive her and marry her while in this age or in the age that is to come? When you are fully cured, it will be revealed unto you when your marriage takes place. And you will also be made to know that the girl you are to marry, whom you will have met then, will only be known to you sexually when this transition from this age to the age of Millennium is complete. Such is also the way We shall have it for all those destined to reproduce in the age to come. None of them are permitted to have known a carnal union prior to the point of transition.

You mean, O’ Mary most holy, that couples already married in this age, who have sex here and now, will not be reproducing in the age to come? Precisely, lord Azurite. Their wombs will be barren and their penises will be impotent. All sexually active couples of this age who survive the transition will not serve in any part in the repopulation of the earth in the age to come. Rather, only those selected as breeding couples, who accepted this role prior to the transition, and who pass this veil still as virgins, will be granted the right to reproduce by the Almighty God. Amen. But the decisions to remain celibate or to marry cannot be changed once the transition has been completed. For from that point onwards, those virgins who chose to remain celibate are celibate forever. And those virgins who elected to accept marriage and who were found worthy of being joined into such a couple will then proceed to repopulate the planet with their spouse.

And O’ Mary, will technology continue into that age? Will there still be televisions? Will people still use computers? Will there still be spaceships and orbiting space stations? Will there still be satellites? And will the evolution of technology continue, like the current ongoing transition from the internal combustion engine vehicle to the electric powered vehicle? Will people still travel from continent to continent by airplanes?

Yes, lord Azurite, all those things you have mentioned shall continue. For it will not be obvious, except to the wise, that the new age has come. That many will have died, and that many will be granted to live as old as trees will be observed, but as to why this is so will not be explained. For just as it was not explained to the Jews who Jesus was, neither will it be explained to the people of this generation the nature of the transition that is about to occur. And for many people, they will not be aware that one age has past and that another age has come. I am the Virgin Mary.

You and your wife will enjoy a long life together in the new age that is to come. But all your sex acts will be done in strict obedience to your Master. And any disobedience in this will result in your death. For with the passing of this age also passes the time of mercy. In the age to come, with Satan locked up, anyone who transgresses will be found out by God and put to death. Such severity from God will be one of the reasons for the rebellion that occurs at the devil’s release at the end of time. Now go, lord Eric. Publish this post, for it is complete. Amen.

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