Eric returns to Mary for further clarification

Hail Holy Queen, I seek thy counsel and thy wisdom and guidance.

Emerald Trove, Book 15: Post CXXX:
Hail Mary, full of grace, I have come again to thee to ask for thy help in discerning Truth. In the previous post, it was said that I am eternally virgin and celibate. And you have said that it is best that I remain unmarried, for the married life is much harder than the unmarried life. I have not gotten involved with any girl, but I have flirted with one, one who is very beautiful. Not knowing her name, let us refer to her as the von Trapp girl, for she seems to come from a large family. Mary, I have not gotten involved with this von Trapp girl in any way, but have only merely flirted with her, but I wish to ask thy counsel regarding her. Is this a temptation from Satan? Or is she sent by the will of God to me? And if we were to marry, would we marry as a celibate couple, or as a sexual couple? Mary, most holy Virgin Queen, I will obey and do exactly as you desire of me, for I acknowledge your wisdom and your holiness. And I acknowledge that you know what is the best way for me to go. Hence, I come to you again, O’ Most holy Virgin Queen, to be set back to the right way, and that all my confusion should be brought to an end by the Light that you shed upon my soul. For I testify and I declare that you, O’ most holy Virgin Mary, truly spoke unto me throughout the entire previous post. And I would be truly happy if you would answer me here again. And I will obey all that you say. Amen. And I am continuing to help Hyacinth, as you ordered me. That will not end. Amen.

Eric, behold, Mary shall now answer thee in full. Speak, O’ Mary, Mother of God, for your servant is listening, and I will obey and submit to all that thou sayest unto me. Is the von Trapp girl a temptation from Satan, or is she sent by God? Perhaps, I should be wary of women, and not let myself be taken over by any of their charms? For were I to marry her, I would indeed lose much in the Kingdom of heaven, regarding my eternal reward, am I correct? Such is what I believe.

If you marry her, lord Azurite, yes, you will forfeit your place in heaven, where you are seated with my servants, Saint Bernadette of Lourdes and Saint Therese of Lisieux. Then, O’ Mary, Mother of God, she is from Satan, and I will have nothing to do with her. Amen.

Eric, this tendency in you to flirt with various girls will not destroy you, providing that you make no move in their direction, and providing that you obey Us in all that we command thee regarding them. As for the von Trapp girl, as you refer to her, she has for a long time longed to make your acquaintance. And if you ever become familiar with her, she will be as one that you will be unable to become rid of. I am the holy Virgin Mary.

Now, as to the question of marriage in general for you, it is best that you remain unmarried, for such is the state that will lead to your best possible reward in heaven. Even if you were to marry a virgin and enter a Josephite marriage with her, where you both would remain virgins, better fruit would you produce for the Kingdom of heaven were you not to enter such a marriage. For even the Josephite marriage is a harder road than that of the single person. Marriage is hard. And it should not be entered into unless commanded to do so by God. For you, it is best that you not marry. And thus, no more should you consider romance with a woman. For all romantic relationships lead to the married life. And such a life will not lead you to a better reward in heaven, lord Azurite.

I have adopted you as my son through Jesus, my divine Son, who rules all nations and all Kingdoms of heaven. Listen to Him, lord Azurite, for He will now guide you unto the Way that you are expected to follow. Jesus will now speak unto thee. Thank you, O’ most wise Virgin Mary. I hereby renew my commitment to remain virgin and celibate forever. Amen.

Lord Jesus, O’ My Lord and God and King! I bow down to Thee and call Thee my God. I am listening to Thee and will obey Your every command, O’ King of kings and Lord of lords, Jesus of Nazareth, Messiah of the Jews!

Congratulations, Eric, my son. I Am Jesus, your Bridegroom. And you have obeyed Me and have not transgressed regarding the girl you referred to as the von Trapp girl. We have not sent this one to you, but have only allowed her to see you. She does desire you for marriage, but We deny her from becoming acquainted with you. Were you to associate with her, she would lead you to immorality and seduction. So do not enter into her deadly embrace. She will continue to try to meet you. But you are not to let yourself be taken by her. I Am the Lord.

Do you remember that girl called Alisa, who was married to that man called Derrick? And you know what become of her? She sought for her husband to die so that she could have you. And her husband did die, and then she did seek then to acquire you, but I made you elusive to her, and her efforts to acquire you were crushed. And she was torn by her guilty conscience and she departed from your life with great condemnations bearing down upon her soul. Amen. She too was a woman of great beauty. And she too, like the von Trapp girl, would ruin you had you let her enter into a relationship with you. And yes, she would seek for your seduction. And were you to be seduced into having any form of sex act with any woman, all the treasures you have obtained for yourself on account of your virginity and celibacy before Me would vanish and become irretrievably lost. Such is why I do not allow any woman to come physically close to you.

Even Hyacinth, whose true name you know to be Sandra, would ruin you if she could ever come to be with you. For she has in her imagination, the fantasies of making out with you and with all the thoughts that enter a young woman’s heart when she is in love with a man who is nice to her. You are good to her. And it is true that you are commanded to keep her from sinking. But realize that she is not your wife and not your lover. Realize, rather, that I have set you over her to serve as her shepherd. Your role over her is to guide her and to keep her virgin for Me. And yes, because you are leading this girl to Me, and because she is in fact Mine, and I acknowledge her and I acknowledge that she is Mine because of you, she will be an everlasting testimony in heaven that forever distinguishes you as high among My elect.

For the salvation of another is never a trivial thing when it comes to My judgement of the merits of My servants. You have indeed stored much treasure in heaven by your many good deeds, especially due to your almsgiving. And thus, you are rich in good things by your works and your merits. And thus, where does all this lead, then, between you and Hyacinth? Do you ever reach that point where your provision to this woman is completed and is no longer necessary for the salvation of this soul, you should ask? No, lord Azurite. For you are bound for life to helping this soul survive and to make it. And in her mind, she is your wife. Let it be as that in her mind. Let her consider you to be her husband. For it will not lead to your destruction nor to your defilement.

She will continue to survive and prosper because of you. But you are bringing her to heaven for Me. And she will come to Me to heaven with her virginity intact. For I have given her to a servant who is himself virgin and celibate forever. We do not permit you and her from entering any form of sacramental physical union. For were We to allow a marriage to take place between you and her, there would be a lessening of the good that you both bring to this world on account of the virginity that you both possess. Virgin souls, lord Azurite, are the pillars of the nations and kingdoms in which they dwell. For the virgin is greater than the one who has had sex. I Am the Lord.

Now, do you remain a virgin for life? Let Us consider the possibilities. Only in a marriage with another virgin would We permit you to give up your virginity, and if so, We would only permit this if it were done in strict obedience to Our command. And if this marriage were to be permitted, We, not you, would choose the bride that you are to receive. We would choose her, and We would give her to you, on the condition that you do not seek sex for any form of sexual fantasy, but in fulfillment only of your destiny to have a son. I Am the Lord.

For realize that the prophecy you received decades past, “You shall see your son,” was from Me and from God. And thus, it is part of your predestination to enter such a marriage as We have described and to have the son We have prophesied unto thee. But it would not be by any girl, such as that von Trapp girl, nor to a widow as Alisa was. For only a worthy virgin of Our selection can become this bride that We might give unto thee for the fulfillment of this prophecy.

Lord, I accept this fate. I accept having the prophesied son of whom You speak. And I accept all your strict commands of me should You give unto me this virgin of whom You speak. Eric, We will then give you this marriage. And We have this one requirement of you that you must meet before the girl is granted unto thee. What is this that Thou require of me, O’ Lord? Sandra must be told that another girl shall be given to thee. She must be made aware that We have chosen someone else to be your bride. And she needs the words to come directly from you. She cannot receive Our instructions on the matter until she first receives from you these words: “God has chosen another girl to become my bride.” Amen. Okay, O’ Lord, I will say unto Sandra those things right now. Good. And when it is done, We shall tell you your fate. Amen.

It is done, O’ Lord. I have done it. Lord Azurite, death will now come to Hyacinth. And she will be taken away. But she will not die spiritually. Rather, We will save her soul. And her entrance into Our Kingdom is now assured. Amen.

But as for you, you cannot now bear the crown of virginity when you come to Us, for the married life is now designated for you. And this life is now unavoidable. Yes, by your decision to agree with the prophecy of your having a son, you can no longer back out of this arrangement. And the girl you are to marry We shall soon put into your life. I Am the Lord.

Also, all the cures you have been promised, you shall receive, in accordance to the promises you have received and held in faith. This is the promise of the Lord. For We are curing you to make you fit for the marriage, and you shall remain cured of your afflictions for the rest of your life.

The girl We are giving unto thee is a Catholic and an Hispanic girl. She is similar, in a manner of personality, to Victoria, the only girl you ever kissed, whom you kissed but one time, some several months after your graduation from Whittier College in 1993. Victoria was a mestiza whose family was from Mexico. She did not marry you because your path was toward entering into My Catholic Church, whereas her path was in exiting from it. Hence, the girl We are giving unto the is distinct from Victoria in that she follows Me and obeys My commandments. You shall marry her. Your descendants shall be, thus, Hispanics. And the son of the prophecy concerning you shall be great in My Catholic Church. But as to whether I call him to the priesthood, to marriage, or to celibate virgin life as a layman, this is for Me to decide, not you. Your task is to raise the children We grant to you. And never practice any form of birth control, not even that form that We permit to Catholic couples, called Natural Family Planning. For all the children We will you to have by your wife, you are commanded to have. And realize this path is now yours. And there is no backing out of it. For the moment you sent that text to Sandra, your fate is now sealed, and your pathway is now irreversible. Amen.

And yes, you shall remain a prophet all of your life. For Moses and Samuel were My prophets for life, and they both married women and had children. I Am the Lord. Go about your life now. And when this girl enters your life, regard that Book 15 of Emeralogy will be thus concluded, and Book 16 of Emeralogy will have then begun. These are the Words of the Lord. Blessed is the man who follows Me and who keeps My commandments. For he will be saved. Go now, Eric. Many blessings are coming your way, for great is your treasure in My Kingdom. Amen.

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