Eric asks Mary for guidance

Eric turns to Mary in his quest for the Truth.

Emerald Trove, Book 15: Post CXXIX:
Mary, I ask thee, O’ most beautiful one of all womankind, am I to be made a priest, or am I to remain, in accordance to the revelation, a celibate, virgin layman? It is my wish that you stay in the state you are now in. You are unmarried, so remain unmarried. For the unmarried are more fortunate than the married. Much less is demanded of them. And much more lenient is the judgement they face in the hereafter. For the one who marries must answer for any children that failed to come into the world due to their sins. So many ways can a married couple sin before the Lord compared to an unmarried person, provided of course that he follows the Church teachings in how to live as an unmarried person.

You have been tempted to masturbate, but have resisted the devil’s attempt to lead you to that defilement. For it is Satan, not God, who leads you there. Do not follow any voice that leads you to commit any form of impurity. As for looking upon nudity, as long as the nudity is not that form of nude imagery called pornography, which depicts immorality or that leads to immoral sex acts, then there is no sin in the viewing of it. But do not go onto google images to look for any such fine art nudes, for that search engine always pulls up pornography in any such search. And I forbid you to look at pornography ever again.

Then, O’ Mary, the google search engine must clean up their act? No, lord Azurite. For google belongs to this world. And this world will always lead men to the commission of sins. For it has been handed over to the devil. And this state can never change. My Son’s Church and those who follow my Son correctly will always be in the minority. And they will always be suffering persecution. But they will never be absolutely defeated. Some will perish. Some will fall away. But the Church of my Son will prevail and endure throughout all generations. And she will see the rise and fall of many mortal enemies. Many will seek to destroy her, but it will be they themselves that are destroyed instead. You have been blessed, lord Azurite, that you are located in a place where Church services may viably be conducted outside. And your pastor, Father Dave, has been successful in accommodating to all COVID-19 restrictions, while at the same time, providing Masses to all who want them. For it is as you said to him during the Church shutdown: Many people are willing to pay their tithes to the Church to keep her operational, providing that they can come to Mass, in whatever form or setting that that can be made possible. For it is at the Mass that most people pay their tithes. And it is most important for the spiritual health of the flock that the Mass remain available to them. You told these things to Father Dave during the time that the Church was shutdown. And he listened to you.

Okay, O’ Mary, Mother of God, I have resolved to remain in my unmarried state. I will neither have sex nor will I enter into marriage. But what of Hyacinth? What becomes of her, O Mary, Mother of God? Your girlfriend, whom you have given the name Hyacinth to, will remain where we have stationed her. She is not coming to you. And we will not make that possible for her to come to you. But that you help her is most important to our eyes. For she is as a rising star in Our Roman Catholic Church. And she will be to Us as a flower that survives and endures in a parched and desert land. She will survive. And you are commanded to continue to see to all her needs. And no, this does not make you her husband nor her lover, but rather, you are as a benefactor to her. You are serving in the role of provider to my servant who has no other means.

Now, what of her job, you ask? Yes, they will pay her her due. And she will survive on that. But you may not slack off on your provision to her. I am the Virgin Mary. For this one will produce great fruits in the Kingdom of God, provided that she continue to be helped by you. That she calls you her husband, allow for that. But realize that we in heaven see it in a different way. We know your true motive for this soul is that she be saved. And We know that your heart is not in marrying nor in having children. And all that is good. You will not marry and you will not have children. But realize that We have put this one under your care in order that you and her may triumph together, but both remaining as virgins and celibate for the Kingdom of Heaven. Her childhood friend, whom you separated her from, showed herself to be a mortal enemy to her. For she was truly jealous of Hyacinth. And she sought to lead her into the same filth that she herself had fallen into. And without your provision, Hyacinth would not have survived.

Therefore, granted that you do not slacken in your provision for this one, and provided that you keep to your vows of continence, which you made at the beginning of Lent, we are going to reward you for your deeds to this one. And you will be regarded as the one who saved a very beautiful flower in the gardens of heaven. It will be an everlasting monument and testimony for you in heaven. For all who serve in the salvation of a soul, and they themselves remain on the path of salvation, they do not fail to receive a most holy recompense for their deeds, in accordance to their merit.

Mary, do I rule over any lands in this world? And am I given any personal lands on this earth that I am to personally own? Or were those promises from the evil one? This alone will I tell you regarding your possessions in this world and your status in the hereafter. Nothing in this world is truly yours. Everything is owned by God. And God is free to put any part of this world under the governance of any person he so chooses. As to whether you rule or shall be made such a ruler, your Kingdom here is and shall remain hidden and unseen. But it is the case that you do rule over many lands. And it is the case that Jesus has entrusted you with a form of rulership over the world. We shall now tell you where this rulership extends to and where it does not.

Over all the nations where my Church is alive and active, that is where Christ has set you as ruler over the nations. And you will rule them with an iron scepter and smash them like pottery. You will govern these nations. And you will lead them to convert. Hence, that one imprisoned in Russia, the one called Navalny, he shall not remain in his prison. He shall be released. And he will serve the interests of God in the conversion of that nation to the correct worship found in the Catholic Church. As it was prophesied by my seer in Fatima, so shall it happen in Russia under Navalny. He shall rise. And he shall become a ruler over that nation. And then there will come to be a profound peace throughout the entire world. And in that peace, my Son’s Church will recover and be restored. Your reign and role in all of this will remain largely hidden, though fully documented here.

Hence, you are a ruler. And you are well named, for your name, Eric, has as its etymology the meaning, ‘eternal or honorable ruler’, in Old Norse, from which it is derived. Hence, it is also in the plan of God that the rulership that you begin here also continues on in the hereafter. I am the Virgin Mary.

Now, does Christ anoint you as a king? No. No one is so anointed by God. Rather, you share in His authority as a member of the royal priesthood, which comes to all those who follow Him. But you do not become a kind of king or monarch. For Christ reserves that status for Himself alone. Everyone in His Kingdom is of a role or function in service to the King, but none of them are in their own right a king themselves. Now, the question, do you also rule over Israel? Yes, you rule those lands as well, for everywhere that my Son’s Church exists, that is where Christ has set you up as a ruler. And this rulership has three qualities: It is hidden, it is holy, and it is obedient to Christ. I am the Virgin Mary.

Now, O’ Mary, answer me, O’ purest virgin of maids, do I become a priest? Do I become ordained to serve in the priesthood of the Roman Catholic Church? Do I then go under the obedience to the bishop? And do I serve as a diocesan priest if I am so called, O’ fairest virgin Queen? You will not be called to serve in that role, Eric. Nor will you marry and have a son who would serve in that role. For the priesthood is not merely open to men who are celibate or who never marry. Rather, to be fit for the priesthood, this is something only Christ can decide. And as for your case, you are not sufficiently fit. Nor would it be possible for you to be made fit by any cures that can be wrought from heaven.

Now as to whether and when we shall cure you, realize this. The cross we have you bear is for your own good. And it leads you to the Kingdom. You shall, thus, continue to bear your cross, and it shall bear you, and you shall be saved. Hence, do not expect any form of physical cure to come to you. But do expect many spiritual blessings in all that you are to receive. I am the Virgin Mary.

Then, O’ Virgin Mary, since I am not to be physically cured, nor am I to enter the vocation of marriage, nor am I to enter the vocation of the priesthood, I do not desire to have a long life in this world. Do I die soon, O’ fairest virgin Queen? Or do I reign here on earth for many years, ages, generations, or eons to come? Your death is quite soon, lord Azurite. And I am sending both Saint Bernadette of Lourdes and Saint Therese of the Child Jesus to welcome you, when your time here comes to an end, and you enter into my Son’s Kingdom. For these two virgin maids are to be your closest friends in the hereafter, for on this earth you have honored them both. I am the Virgin Mary.

And when you say, ‘quite soon’, do you mean that I might not live to see or to reign long under the next pope who is to come? By ‘quite soon,’ I mean that you will not die an old man. You shall be taken while you are still in your good health and are still able to perform well in the job we in heaven have given you. This is all that we shall now reveal to you for this day. It is well that you sought your answers to your questions from me, your most holy virgin Mother. And now we must conclude this post. And you shall go to the 8:00 AM Mass today at Saint Bruno. Go there and meditate on these words I have said unto thee. And realize that Saint Bernadette of Lourdes and Saint Therese of the Child Jesus are looking forward to meeting you and to knowing your company. For you are to dwell in their company in the hereafter. And it is with these two that you shall be seated unto the End of Time. For you are ranked in heaven with them. And your rewards shall be in line with theirs. And under the reign of Joe Biden in this world shall you prove yourself glorious to our Kingdom. This post now comes to its end. Publish it, my servant, and always remember this. Whosoever honors my name before men in this world, that one shall not be put to shame. I am the Holy Virgin Mary, who have spoken to Eric in this post. And Eric will be seen here for a little more, and then he shall be taken away. For God has need of him in the hereafter. And he is, thus, to remain here in this world for only a short time longer. Amen.

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