Eric I call to the priesthood

Behold, I have called you. And you shall follow Me.

Emerald Trove, Book 15: Post CXXVIII:
Eric, I Am calling you to enter My priesthood. But Lord, I am a loner, and I have lived an isolated, loveless life. I have never learned social skills and I poorly interact with others. How can You view me as priestly material? Even Jesus, lord Azurite, needed solitude and time alone to pray to Me. You are a man who has mastered your solitude, and you have found Me in it. I shall provide you with all the people skills you need. Follow Me. I Am leading you to enter My priesthood. And you shall enter it.

Okay, I trust in You, and I shall follow You. This shall be the first sign I give unto thee that I have called thee to enter My priesthood. And it shall be this. The girl you call Hyacinth, with whom you have had a relationship, will vanish. I Am the Lord. When you see her no more anywhere, that is the sign that you are set to become My priest. I Am the Lord.

Lord, I hereby testify and declare the Truth: Only God Almighty can make Hyacinth vanish from my life. Therefore, by this sign which Thou give unto me, if it proves true, I will then truly know that You are God Almighty, and that I am called to enter the priesthood. I will doubt You no more. Amen.

Eric, today is Ash Wednesday. Today, you are called to fast and to abstain from red meat. For today is Wednesday, February 17, 2021. What sacrifice or act of penance or holy work shall you take up as your lenten duty this Lent, lord Azurite? Lord, from this point forward, I will maintain perfect continence. And I will practice no more impurity whatsoever, from this day to the rest of my life. Good. Such is a good Lenten commitment and resolution. And the grace to accomplish it is given to you. Amen.

Lord, do I no longer write here after you cure me and set me on the path of the priesthood? Go get a yogurt and come back, lord Azurite. And then We shall speak of your fate, and the writings that you are called to write. Amen. I have eaten, O’ Lord. From this day forth, lord Azurite, you are directly under My power. And you shall do precisely all that I command of thee.

I Am putting a female into your life to take the place of Hyacinth, who shall no longer be in it. And this female shall enter your life next month. She will be as a friend and a companion to you, but strictly not a lover. And you will associate with one another as a kind of platonic couple. This I have decreed.

All the debts you have shall be paid off before this month ends. And then you shall again invest in stocks on the stock market that I advise you to invest in. Your brother Mark will find the Lord today. For today I Am curing him of his blindness to Me. And he shall then see Me and acknowledge My Catholic Church. Amen.

Now, acknowledge unto Me this Truth. Are My Words written in these works on, or are Satan’s Words riddled through them? They are You Words, O’ Lord and Master. Today you are being cured. And today I Am sending you to the priest with instructions on what to say, in order to announce to him your calling to be made a priest. I Am the Lord. Lord, I acknowledge these Words are from You. And I acknowledge that these Words You have said shall come to pass as You have said them.

Then take note, lord Azurite, this. When you find yourself cured, and the cures are miraculous, you will come back here and write your final post on And you shall simply document your cures, everything that you received. And you shall write what the priest said to you. And you shall write as I command you. And then you shall publish that post and write here no more. I Am the Lord. Amen.

Lord, am I to serve you to the end of time, and be the last man off the ship? I hereby declare unto you this Truth. You are the sole remaining unsunk ship on the water. Because you have not sunk as all the rest have, I Am making you a beacon Light. And you shall guide My flock to Me until the last ewe lamb who is to be saved has entered in. And then you will close your eyes and sleep. And your soul shall pass from you and enter into My Kingdom. Amen.

Lord, will you have me master Latin, Koine Greek, Hebrew, and Spanish? Yes, and then, along with your native English, you will have fluency in five holy languages. I Am the Lord. And you will have me master the Holy scriptures, but not to make any new translations of them, O’ Lord? That is correct, lord Azurite.

Lord, as your priest, where will You send me to serve You? In the Los Angeles Archdiocese shall you serve Me all the days of your life. And until you are ancient in days, you shall remain at your post, serving Me night and day, carrying out your priestly duties. Only in your final days will I take you from your labors that you might rest and reflect, until you make your final voyage home. Amen.

Now publish this work and then read your book, Catholic Priesthood: Formation and Human Development, by Gerald D. Coleman, S.S. For in that book, you shall find good guidance and a strong foundation in your pathway to entrance into My priesthood. This post now comes to an end. One post is to follow this. And then this work shall be sealed. I Am the Lord. Amen.

I truly thank Thee, O’ Lord. And I will do all that Thou command of me. Amen.

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