Unsealing of the Prophecy

Jesus comes to dwell in the person of Eric, who shall rule the nations with a iron scepter.

Emerald Trove, Book 15: Post CXXVI:
We have come to dwell in the person of Eric. For Eric satisfies the requirement We have of one who perfectly does the will of his Lord and Maker. Eric, it is now set and sealed as to where you shall go and what shall be thy vocation. We are giving you this vocation because of the good it shall bring to My Church and to all Mankind from hereon to the End of the World.

As a parish priest do We assign you to serve Us all the days of your life. And into the seminary We shall set thee, preparing thine way before thee. For in thee doth rule Jesus Christ, Who hath taken up his reign in thee. And thou art to do His bidding from hereon unto the end of time. I Am the Lord.

This is the bidding of the Christ, which thou must obey. That one you call Hyacinth, she is no more to you but as a friend. Do for her as thou hast promised, but do not be attached to her. Rather be detached, for as a priest, thou may not have any romantic attachments. I Am the Lord.

Concerning Mark, your brother, the one who seeks to follow Me, but in the wrong religion, let him be. Let him either enter My correct religion of Catholicism or remain outside of it. For you already preach to him by your example of the correct religion to follow. That he remains outside shall be his own blood on his head. I Am the Lord.

Your father, let him coast to his destiny. He cannot be reconverted back to follow Me. He has left Me. Let him coast. For he who does not follow Me, I say, let them coast on their way. For they are on their own path. And their blood is on their own head. I Am the Lord.

As for David, the brother who is not Mine. He is an obscenity in My presence. I will no longer tolerate his filth upon the earth. Hence, prepare for the news that your brother David has died. And it will take place in his bright new yellow Camaro, that god he has worshipped since he bought it to be like James Bond, a role he has attempted to emulate, though in complete absence of any James Bond girls.

For David is an incel (an involuntarily celibate man), whereas you are a vocel (a voluntarily celibate man). David is the kind of guy who travels thousands of miles in order to have a Thai girlfriend, who only is with him for the money. But for his neighbor in need, David does nothing.

David’s death is quite soon. And when you hear of it, remember My Word here, and you will realize that I Am the Lord.

As for your mother, who is fascinated in reading the obituaries and seeing who has died, considering them to all have made some mistake somewhere by which they do not have a long life, realize that your mother cannot remain with you much longer. After she sees her son, David, has died, she, too, shall follow him to hell. I Am the Lord. Her death will be caused by something breaking down inside her. For her wickedness and her personal grudges have wrought her system to enter utter decay. And in her old age, there are many things about her that may give out at any time. For do you not know that her mind has been slipping of late? She no longer has even the memory of the things that come from her own mouth just days earlier. She is a collapsing tree that is about to fall in the forest. I Am the Lord.

Realize also this. I Am the Judge over all Mankind. And whatever tree does not bear the proper fruit, I will uproot and replace it with a tree that shall. Hence, David and your mother I Am uprooting quite soon. As for Mark and your father, consider them as remaining in this world for some time still to come. I Am the Lord.

Also, realize this Truth. There is no end to your triumph, lord Azurite. For the devil has been pierced through the heart as though stabbed by your white hot sword. Satan is defeated as far as you are concerned. And I Am making you into an immortal. I Am the Lord.

Lord, will I then become a sort of demigod? There is and can be no other God but Me. I alone Am God and I alone may receive worship. Any divinity granted unto thee is by thy union with thy Creator, Jesus Christ. Hence, no man is called a demigod in My Kingdom. Rather, the mythology of demigods comes from a misunderstanding of the divine order in which I made Mankind in My image, but not of My divinity. But a form of divinity is granted unto all men and women who become united by communion with the Christ, who is God incarnated into the flesh of Mankind. These are called, “the elect by communion,” and they are all considered to be vessels of the Holy Spirit and partakers in the divinity of the Christ. Such is the closest thing to a demigod that is in existence, but the term, ‘demigod’, does not fit. Demigods do not exist. Either you are fully a partaker of My divinity by being of My communion, or else you are outside My Kingdom, and I have rejected you. Amen.

Then what is meant by You making me an immortal, O’ Lord? I Am completely defeating Satan within you, lord Azurite. And as a man from whom Satan has been completely defeated from, you make an excellent seat upon which I may sit and call My home. I Am the Lord. And as My home, your flesh will never see decay nor grow old with age. For you shall be made an immortal. And you shall be made as a man who can never die. I Am the Lord. But never count yourself as a demigod. Rather, consider yourself as a temple of the Living God, Who has decided to take up residence in thee. And woe to that man who comes against thee. For against that man, I will cause your mouth to speak, and the curse I utter through you against him will immediately render upon him his destruction. For I Am making you most powerful. But your power is not yours, but Mine. And I shall be reigning in you until the sun sets on the race of Mankind. I Am the Lord.

Lord, Alexei Navalny is imprisoned, and Vladimir Putin is attempting to retain his control over Russia. Yes, lord Azurite, but he is failing to control the protests amassing against him. He is running out of tools to keep himself in power. Like the fall of Trump in America, who used ever trick in the book to keep himself in power, but who lost his position anyways, so too is Putin on his way out. Putin’s fall is right now occurring. And the protests against Putin will not be quelled. Like a slow motion train wreck, Putin is being toppled, and his time to rule has come to its end. And the people will vote in Alexei Navalny, for he is the one man who led them to this victory over Putin. I Am the Lord. And under Navalny the Constitution will be amended, and the structure of the government changed, to prevent another madman or dictator like Putin from coming to power again, or from reigning for more than two terms in office. I Am the Lord.

Lord, the second impeachment trial against Trump has failed in the Senate. Let it be, lord Azurite. Trump is being eaten alive by all the lawsuits arrayed against him. He is like a prime rib steak lowered into a vat filled with hungry piranhas. He is going down, and his family fortunes are going down with him. His wife will eventually divorce him and sue for tens of millions, which she will easily receive. Some legal scholars estimate she could easily come out of that marriage with $50 million awarded to her. But she dared not to divorce him while he was still President, due to the power he would have had at his disposal to carry out his vengeance against her. Hence, expect to see this divorce in the tabloids as it plays out, together with the rest of the feeding frenzy as everyone Trump did an injustice to comes out against him seeking a payback. Note also that Trump no longer has access to the banks that once financed him. For his acts of sedition and treason against America, including his failed insurrection attempts, have destroyed his name in the financial world, and no one there wants to touch him anymore, except as a target for litigation. I Am the Lord.

Lord, this is great. Trump has sunk. And Putin is sinking fast. And I expect that Trump has no political future. Any attempt to return to the White House will have to wait for his appeal to work its way through the courts of Congress’s decision to invoke the 14th Amendment to permanently ban him from federal office. And by the time it works its way up to the Supreme Court, whatever their decision on the matter, Trump will no longer be in any condition to run for office ever again. His magic will have left him. His Russian backers will be out of power. And he will be a failed star, something that did not have enough fuel to keep on burning. And all his supporters who he led in the assault on the capital, but then betrayed them all and abandoned them after the assault failed, these will now be turned against him, and they will be demanding payback. And they will seek to litigate against him.

And, O’ Lord, what about Joe Biden? What shall he do while in office? Joe Biden’s hands will be seriously tied as he has the slimmest possible majority in the Senate, and the Democrat majority in the House has slimmed since the previous Administration. Hence, the Republicans in Congress. and also in many governor races across the country, have triumphed. It it only their ex-President, Trump, who failed in the 2020 elections. It is as though the Republicans claimed victory despite their failed ex-President, and not because of him. Also Joe Biden does not have much time to enact his chosen measures and see to his ambitious agenda. He has but two years. After two years, the elections in Congress will give the Republicans back their control over the Senate. Maybe if he can ratify the statehood of Puerto Rico, which is a possibility for him, he can prevent or narrow that coming Republican takeover of the Senate in 2022. That, and enacting the statehood of Washington, D.C., are his only pathways to maintaining Democratic hold over the Senate in the coming 2022 elections.

And, O’ Lord, will Joe Biden bring these two regions to statehood in his single, four year term in office? He may try, but many Republicans are leery of granting statehood to Puerto Rico, fearing that it would make it harder for Republicans to keep control of the Senate. And they may invoke the filibuster that prevents the matter going to a vote without 60 Senators voting to override the filibuster. Hence, the Democrats would need just 10 Republican Senators to break ranks and vote to override the filibuster to make statehood assured for Puerto Rico.

Lord, will this be done? Yes, the ten Republican Senators necessary to override the filibuster have been chosen and are willing to cooperate. For they know that they will get special deals and kickbacks for their cooperation and a guarantee that they will keep their seats. Hence, Puerto Rico will be made the 51st state of the Union in coming months.

And what about Wasthington, D.C., O’ Lord? Lord Azurite, the ten Republicans willing to cooperate with Democrats on statehood for Puerto Rico will not be there for statehood for Washington, D.C. Realize the difference, lord Azurite. The voting electorate of Washington, D.C., is mostly African American. Contrast this with the mostly Spanish speaking Hispanic electorate found in Puerto Rico. Hispanics are now the largest minority voting block in American politics. And the African American political power is in decline. Hence, the ten Republicans who vote to overturn the filibuster for Puerto Rican statehood are looking to the future. They are looking at the future power of the rising Hispanic vote. And they see an opportunity in getting their votes by supporting the statehood of Puerto Rico. But as for the Black people, their votes are of lesser concern, as their share in the electorate is in steady decline, thanks to years of Obama supported abortions and the Obama caused sexual deviations of their men from having normal heterosexual relations with the opposite sex. Obama has been a disaster for the African American electorate, and it’s serving the interests of the Republicans big time. For Obama served the Republicans by getting the Black man to completely abandon his family responsibilities and to embrace the insidious ways of the LGBTQ and by strongly encouraging Black women and Black girls, including teenagers as young as in Middle School, to heavily abort their Black babies. And this has served to destroy the Black electorate as a voting power in the United States.

For remember that Kamala Harris is not a full fledged Black woman. Rather Kamala Harris is half Jamaican and half Asian Indian. She has no African American descent from slaves who were emancipated during the American Civil War. And as a half Asian Indian, she is the clear and evident display of the ongoing takeover of the African continent by the superior dark skinned intellects from India and other regions of a rising Asian powerhouse. For the Indians are driving out the Africans. And Kamala Harris’ victory demonstrates this, together with her marriage, not to a Black man, but to a White man. Kamala Harris is only Black on paper. In reality, she serves the interests of those she works for. And they are not Black.

Lord, what is the future for African Black people? Like how the Neanderthals were wiped out by the incoming modern humans into Europe having more advanced intellects, the Blacks of Africa will be wiped out by the far superior races coming in from Asia, who are now invading and taking over all the niches once held by African Blacks throughout the world where such Black people once lived or still continue to eke out an existence. The Black man is to go the way of the dodo bird. They are headed for extinction. But just as it was with the Neanderthal, they will leave some trace amount of their DNA in the surviving human genome before their ultimate extinction as a people takes place. I Am the Lord.

Lord, all this talk about races and extinctions of races, but we must remember that Eric is celibate and virgin forever, and it seems that his entire family itself is about to be completely wiped out. Yes, lord Azurite. You are an anomaly. You are a one of a kind. You are like Melchizedek, appearing in history without ancestors or descendants. So also shall it be with you. You will appear in history without precedence. And there shall be none to be found comparable or similar to you throughout all of history. For you are a unicorn.

I suppose we can say, O’ Lord, that Leonardo da Vinci was a unicorn. Correct, and that figure in history will be used most to compare you to, among all well known historical figures. But even he will pale in comparison to you. For Leonardo da Vinci, despite his great intellect and vast array of talents, did not speak directly with God as you do. You are as one with the intellect of the wizard Merlin who also has direct access to speak to God as did Moses. It is unparalleled in all of history. And will this unparalleled event ever repeat in future generations, O’ Lord? No, lord Azurite, for I will not again speak to any of My subjects as I have chosen to speak to you and through you. And I have chosen you for a purpose. Your task is to bring My religion of Catholicism to the entire world before I come again. And you do not have much time left to bring this about.

Lord, what about the Player Twilight? He seemed to be a distant parallel to me. Yes, lord Azurite, he is what is called a failed Player who converted at his downfall. And I saved him. But I do not make him like you. You, rather, are a Player who was converted at the crest of your reign. That is why you are highly favored throughout all of heaven. For you sacrificed the power over the entire world that you possessed as the Player Emerald to seek salvation and to convert to My religion. You gave up everything for Me when you were as a spiritual aircraft carrier, controlling the whole world, with angel armies obeying your every command. Did you know who were those legions of angels who fled from you in terror at your confession to Me to your being the Antichrist, on that fateful night in early July of 1992? They were all of Satan’s legions whom he had ordered to serve you to deceive you that you were a great power, hoping that you would attempt to use your power to ascend to the heavens and to seek to conquer God Himself. It was but a delusion and a ruse. Your powers only lasted while the devil was pleased to give them to you. And once he chose to take them away, your power in this world was to collapse. And that is precisely what happened with your conversion to Christianity, followed ten years later by your entrance into the Catholic Church. Satan completely left you, and your Emerald Reign completely came to an end. Furthermore, as you began to use the power of God and of prayer, it was by your prayers of the Divine Mercy Chaplet on Twilight and on his principle Pawn, George W. Bush, that war with Iran was averted, and conversions came to both Bush at the end of his Presidency, and also to massive numbers of Muslim Iranians, who are now following Jesus.

Lord, should I call for an Azurite Pawn to rise up in Iran and to transform that nation into a Christian state, as I have decreed for China? For this seems very possible for Iran, for it is said that Islam in Iran is not a faith but a political system that will completely collapse if the Iranian government were to be overthrown. But what do You say, O’ Lord?

Lord Azurite, you are now heading to the priesthood, and as a Catholic priest, or even as a seminarian on that path, you may no longer reign as a Player nor set up Pawns in the world. For it is forbidden for any cleric of Mine to dabble in that magic or in those forces. And on that path, as of Valentine’s Day, Sunday, February 14, 2021, you have now been set. Hence, you must now do as I command. You are no longer your own man. All that you do from now on shall be done as I direct you. And you shall serve Me and obey. I Am the Lord.

Hence, continue working at your IT job at the moment. Pay off all your debts. These should be fully paid off by the end of this month. And then you are called to enter the path of My priesthood. I Am the Lord. And I will issue My command unto you at the moment I fully cure you of all your afflictions. You will notice that these cures are immediate, complete, and permanent. Were they to be lacking in any of those three qualities, than they would not be of pure divine origin. But they will have all three qualities, for I Am curing you in totality so that you may truly serve Me as My priest. Amen.

This now brings this post to its conclusion. And when I fully cure you of all things, these posts on Emeralogy.com will become frozen snapshots of your mind as it once was. For as a man set on the path to the priesthood, where the priests will be evaluating you, no more shall you be writing here. I Am the Lord. Consider the 15th book of Emeralogy.com to be the only publicly published book of the Emerald Trove. You will continue to write, but you will write in secret from that point onward. And these future writings of Eric will become secret volumes, known and read only by the few who are in the know. I Am the Lord.

After you have been taken up from this world, a distant point in the future, I will have all your writings released for all to see and to read. But as for now, all that the world shall know of your writings shall be the contents of this 15th book. I Am the Lord. This post now comes to its end. And the timing of you being cured is very soon. When I am cured, O’ Lord, will you have me write at all about it here, or will I then write no more at all here? The last post you write will state that you have been cured. And it will detail in simplicity what those cures contained. And then no further writings of Eric shall be released until you are taken up to heaven. That is a decree of the Lord. I Who Am have spoken. Now publish this work, lord Chrysoprase, for it is complete. Amen.

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