Eric shall be as Joseph to Me

Eric to Me is as Joseph was to My Holy Family. I Am the Lord.

Emerald Trove, Book 15: Post CXXIV:
Behold, I have great news and wonderful tidings to bear. Eric has passed My test of him. He has not fallen back into the impurity of his past. And today he shall make his final confession concerning sexual matters, that of viewing porn, which he has repented and shall turn no more to from this point onward. I Am the Lord.

Lord, what does this mean that Eric has passed the test? What now becomes of him? He still provides for Hyacinth, does he not? For as long as Hyacinth shall live, so shall Eric serve as her provider. But when We take Hyacinth away, that is when the girl Eric is to marry shall be given. And this girl is coming soon. We are giving you her, lord Azurite, for you have passed My tests in stunning colors. Amen.

Lord, how can I be as Joseph was to You if I have sinned by viewing porn, when clearly Joseph never committed such sins? Lord Azurite, it is expected that you sin. It is, rather, your repentance and your obedience to My Holy Spirit that determine who is like My foster father, Joseph. For yes, Joseph did not sin. He was preserved from this by being sanctified by My Holy Spirit in his mother’s womb after he was conceived. He was lesser than Mary, but he was greater, therefore, than all other created men. So when I say you are as him to Me, I do not refer to your sins, or your perfection, but rather, to your repentance and to your obedience to Me.

For when a man repents his sins and comes to obey Me, I regard then that that man is most like My foster father Joseph. For Joseph was a man of great passion to Me and he obeyed God in all that was commanded of him. He had no sins to repent, but was always passionately concerned for My welfare and for the sins of those around Me. And he always was seeking to atone for their sins. Pope Francis has declared this to be the Year of Joseph. And let it also be known this. A pope worthy of My holiness shall be seated in the Seat of Peter by United States Independence Day, Sunday, July 4, 2021. I Am the Lord. And he shall be a cardinal from the United States of America. He shall be Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke.

Lord did the United States of America commit sins against Your Law when they bought African slaves to serve as chattel slaves for some generations before abolishing all forms of slavery except as a punishment for crimes? For the Law of Moses clearly justifies what America did regarding slaves from Africa. (Leviticus 25:44-46). Yes, lord Azurite, your ongoing reading of the entire Holy Bible has had you come across all the details of My Law and My prophets that few others are aware of. Yes, as long as the Africans were not of My communion, it was justified for America to enslave them and to set them to work in their plantations. But as soon as Christianity became rooted in them, it became obligatory, according to that very same Law in Leviticus 25:44-46, for the Christian slave masters to let their kinsmen slaves go. For the term, kinsmen, in Christianity includes even the least follower of Me, down to the least of My brethren. For all who are Christians are as Kinsmen to Me, and therefore, no Christian slave master may own Christian slaves. And no Christian slave master may own slaves without seeking to convert them to Christianity. I Am the Lord. Hence, Christianity is the religion that leads to the end of all slavery. But if Christianity dies in a population, then slavery in all its forms becomes reborn there. And for those who do not follow Me, these will have no problems justifying their enslavement of any people they wish, and also of their brutal, barbaric, and inhumane treatment of them. Such is why slavery is quite common in Africa in those regions where Islam is dominant. For Sharia Law upholds slavery. And the Muslims have no problems enslaving whomever they so wish and in inhumanely treating them.

Lord, can a nation that legalizes abortion be called a humane nation? They might think that they are humane, because those tiny babies that they are killing are murders that go unseen. So they think they are in the clear. And they regard themselves as a moral people. How tragic then shall it be when they come before Me to be judged only to find that they died guilty of murdering the unborn, and therefore, that they then can only go to hell. For dying guilty of even just one murder is enough to send one to hell. And if you deliberately abort just one unborn soul, what have you done if this is not to be called a murder? Hence, even the act of using artificial birth control that works by preventing a fertilized human egg from developing and from attaching itself to its mother’s womb, that is itself an act of murder. For that fertilized human egg is just as human as you are. For human life begins at the moment of the zinc spark that occurs when a sperm fertilizes an egg. I Am the Lord. You cannot move the goal posts of when a person becomes human by declaring some arbitrary developmental stage of a human being as when that person transforms from a mass of cells without a soul to a full fledged souled human being. For I have news for you. Your soul is infused with your flesh at the moment of your conception. And souls never reincarnate. Hence, to kill that zygote, or to kill any unborn person, that act does an infinite injustice against that created human soul. For by that very that act you are deliberately taking away that human soul’s very chances of being saved when he has not yet even come into the world and developed to commit a single sin.

For I have judged the nations of this generation. And I have found this generation as having much blood guilt upon their hands. Hence, once COVID-19 begins its decline of numbers killed, due to the vaccine, I Am sending to the world and even greater Woe. I Am sending against the whole world a disease that will be worse than the Black Death was in medieval Europe. And a full third of the world, in all those nations where abortions are legal and practiced, shall be wiped out and put to death. I Am the Lord. And men will then come to Me with their blood on their hands pleading for mercy, and I will not hear them. I Am the Lord.

Lord, when does this great Woe take place? I have chosen the time and the day in which I shall strike the nations with this Woe. And it will be a day without precedence. Whole nations shall perish. And the entire world will be enshrouded in darkness. And the dead shall be so numerous as to outnumber the living in many parts of the world. For the death toll shall be catastrophic. I Am the Lord. For such is the penalty that I inflict upon all men who commit such crimes and who incur the blood guilt upon their hands of their murder of the unborn.

Note to Joe Biden. That you do not partake in an abortion personally, due to your Catholic faith, but that you nevertheless advocate and legalize the murder of the unborn, makes you numbered among the murderers, and you shall share in their punishment, which is the eternal consignment to hell. I Am the Lord. For whosoever takes a human life shall be put to death. (Leviticus 24:17). And your hands are soaking in the blood of the unborn, Joe Biden. For you, I have prepared a most deadly punishment in everlasting hell. In hell, you shall experience being aborted yourself over and over again for all eternity. And being aborted is a most painful way to pass from this world. For it involves being dissected alive and being torn apart by the tools of the doctor performing the procedure. The doctors aborting you for all eternity, Joe Biden, will be the devils assigned to carry out your torture, while million of other demons watch your excruciating pain, and they will gain their sadistic satisfaction from watching you writhe in your pains and agonies, as over and over again you are torn apart and re-aborted forever and ever.

Yes, the demons in hell are very like vampires. They require a daily consumption of satisfaction in the torturing of human souls. And they relish at the entrance of every human being that goes to hell as another soul for them to torture, in accordance to the decrees of judgement made by God against those souls. You, Joe Biden, will be a delight to the devils in hell, eager to punish and to exact excruciating torture on human souls for all eternity. And your punishment in hell will rival that of Judas Iscariot and that of Adolf Hitler. For do not think that the punishment for the slaughter of millions of My unborn is any less than Hitler’s slaughter of millions of Jews. For the life of an unborn soul is not less than the life of a Jew in a Nazi concentration camp in My sight. Hence, your slaughter of My unborn makes you equal to the the Nazis in their slaughter of My Jewish people. I Am the Lord.

Rather than suffer this tragic fate, why not repent now, before the hammer hits the anvil, so as to soften the blow and to lessen the divine punishment that I have decreed against all nations guilty of abortions? Repent now, or else you shall be hit so hard that you will not be able to tell the difference between your mouth and your anus. For I Am crushing people to the ground. I Am flattening them like pancakes. They shall be as though hit by an meteoric blast that wipes out all standing structures in a 200 mile wide radius. I Am destroying kingdoms, nations, rulers, and peoples. Whole nations will be put to death. And whole peoples shall be wiped out. Do not think that you will avoid punishment because no one sees your sins. For I see all of your sins. And I Am preparing a huge chastisement for the crimes of killing My unborn. And the first to die will be those whose abortions occurred unseen. I Am the Lord.

Now, lord Azurite, I command you to do this one thing. Go to confession first. And after you have confessed your transgressions, you may proceed to the bank to cash your check. And realize that you have triumphed. And realize that I Am giving you the girl you are to marry quite soon.

Lord, this girl you will have me marry, We both remain virgins for life in this Josephite marriage, am I correct? Yes, lord Azurite. For only by retaining your virginity shall your soul remain acceptable to Me as the ruler over the lands I have assigned you to rule. And you shall also remain pure from now on. I Am the Lord.

Eric, what girl do you wish to receive as this perpetually virgin bride We shall give unto you? What do you want her to be? Let her be holy and pure and inwardly beautiful. This very day shall not pass before this girl makes her entrance into your life. I Who Am have spoken. And this very girl is a girl whom We have chosen to be yours from the date that you first showed signs that you would choose Our way over Satan’s way. I Am the Lord.

Now this post must come to its end. Prepare as you shall. And note that before the girl whom We are giving unto you enters your life, you will be made aware that Hyacinth has been taken away. And then you shall be free to receive the one predestined for you from before the earth itself was formed. I Am the Lord. And then go to the Catholic gift shop to acquire a new brown scapular. And then your works shall be complete in My sight. Amen.

We have now completed Our Words through you in this post. Publish it. Correct all errors. Reflect on your sins and transgressions. And make a worthy confession today to My priest. I Who Am have spoken. Now publish this work, lord Chrysoprase, for it is now complete. Amen.

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