Eric’s Last Post

Eric may no longer write when the girl he is to receive is given.

Emerald Trove, Book 15: Post: CXXIII:
This may be the final post written by Eric. It is the 400th extant post of and the 123rd post of Book 15 of the Emerald Trove.

Lord, I have heard that I am to receive a girl, and yet, My vocation has been revealed to be that of the celibate laity. What sayest Thou to this, O’ Lord?

Eric, this is the last post you shall write. A girl shall be given to you. And she is to remain virgin forever like you. You will marry her in a Josephite marriage. Everything has been planned out and arranged. And the marriage between you and this girl will not become sexual, as did the marriage between Saint Therese of Lisieux’s parents become, who had attempted a Josephite marriage, but were advised by their confessor to have sex.

Eric, you wished for past errors to be corrected? We shall do so right now. That you were to have a son, or an heir, or any descendants is a fiction from the devil. Instead, you are to remain celibate and virgin forever. And the marriage We have you enter shall be a union of two eternally virgin spouses. I Am the Lord.

The lands and details of lands written in the past three posts are true as written. The Age when you prophesy hereby comes to its end. And you shall prophesy here no more. I Am the Lord. You may no longer write prophecies as coming from Me, for the time I appointed you to serve as My prophet is ended. Amen. Today is Friday, February 12, 2021. I Who Am have spoken.

Lord, do I write any further, or is this very short post now concluded? Whatever you write from here forward is to be as you wish to write. We, the elect in heaven, have concluded Our prophetic ministry through you. And through you We shall no longer write. Such is all I will say. Now go, lord Azurite. You may post here as you will, but whatever you post here from now on shall be your writings, and not writings that come from God. And no, lord Azurite, this termination of your prophetic office is not because of your transgression, but because the Divine Will has completed the prophetic message that He wished to speak through you. It is now over. Write as you shall. I Who Am have spoken.

Eric, if you swear and testify that it is the Holy Spirit, and not any other spirit, that speaks through you when you write these pages, then We shall continue to write through you forever. I do swear and testify that it is the Holy Spirit who writes through me, and that no other spirit is writing.

Then, Eric, We hereby give you a new name. You are hereby called Chrysoprase. And you shall now write here whatever We wish to write through you here. Yes, O’ Lord, I shall do exactly as Thou command me. And I will never again doubt Your Word.

This is My message to the people. Eric is anointed to serve Me as the one who shall rule over you with an iron scepter, and he shall shatter you like pottery. And to him do I grant the morning star. (Revelation 2:26-28). Amen. Furthermore, to Eric is granted direct ownership over the North American continent, all lands on the northern side of the Mexican border, along with Puerto Rico, Bermuda, Saint Pierre and Miquelon, Iceland, Greenland, and Hawaii.

Lord, if so much land is given over to Eric to eternally possess, what about the rest of Your elect? What lands do they receive? Only to voluntarily celibate virgins who follow Me are granted such rewards, lord Azurite. And how many others like you do you know of? None, right? It is because your kind are so rare that those like you, when they are perfected in this world, that they are granted huge rewards.

Also, you are numbered among My 144,000 virgin first fruits. And only perfected virgins are numbered among them. I Am the Lord. Your virginity is now stainless and perfectly pure. I Am the Lord.

Lord Azurite, do you wish to know your eternal destiny with the girl We hereby grant unto thee? You and her are to be seated upon thrones. And these thrones exist in the highest, most exalted chamber of heaven, that part of heaven admitted only to perfectly virgin wedded couples. And from your most lofty position with your most chaste spouse, you shall then look down upon those elect in the lower levels of heaven. And it will seem to you that these in the lower levels do not truly possess eternal life, and that they are not truly alive. Amen.

Now, listen to Us, lord Azurite. The time has come for you to receive the eternal girlfriend you are to receive. And when she comes, you will conclude Book 15 and begin Book 16 of the Emerald Trove. And, O’ Lord, what do you reveal about her prior to her entry into my life?

All We reveal unto thee is that she is a Jew and a Roman Catholic. All else that you are to come to know, you shall find out when you two meet. Such now concludes this post. Publish it, and then take your rest. And then eat your breakfast and go to work. I Am the Lord. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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