Eric, are you aware of your destiny?

Eric’s Destiny is herein revealed by the Living God. Amen.

Emerald Trove, Book 15: Post CXIX:
Behold, the 119th post of Book 15 of the Emerald Trove. (119 = 7 x 17). Lord, I am not aware of my destiny, but only of much deception and falsehood. I seek the God Who tells the Truth. Are You that God, O’ Lord? Go get a yogurt and come back, and I shall reveal where you are going and what shall be your fate. For I Am the Lord, your God. Amen. I have eaten, O’ Lord, and I have returned.

Now, I shall detail unto thee thine fate, and where thou shall goest. For you have been most deceived by a great many spirits. I Am not bringing you to enter My priesthood, for you are worn and threadbare. Better suited for the priesthood shall be the son who comes from your loins. I Am making you a married man. And with a wife, you shall serve Me unto the Second Coming of the Christ. For it is in your generation and in your lifespan that I return to the earth and call My elect to receive their inheritance. You shall be one of those elect. For you are now pure and holy. Amen.

As for the girl who you shall be wed to, what sayest thou? Dost thou guess who shall be this maid? Shall it be Hyacinth, who never leaves me? If We give unto thee Hyacinth, shall you obey Us in all that We command you regarding her? I commit myself to such obedience to You, O’ Lord? Good, for the Virgin Mary has Words to say unto thee regarding Hyacinth, who is your beloved.

O’ Most precious dove among women, what sayest thou to me, Mary most holy? Hyacinth has chosen to be yours. And you shall marry her as you have agreed. We the elect in heaven can arrange for anything We so choose to have happen upon the earth. Hence, the marriage between Azurite and Hyacinth We shall make happen in the due course of time. Let the natural chain of events take place. Marry her as you are commanded to. And you shall receive in heaven the crown of perfect matrimony. For these are the two most common crowns worn by our saints: The crown of virginity and the crown of perfect matrimony. Those who receive not one of these crowns are those saints who come from a past of serious defilement, from which they repented and turned away from before they left the earth.

But you are still a virgin. And the virgin who marries as a virgin and who does not defile the marriage bed, to such a saint is granted the crown of perfect matrimony. I, the Blessed Virgin Mary, have spoken. Eric, Hyacinth deeply loves you. And she has no means of returning the deep love you have for her back to thee except by praying for thee and through marriage unto thee, which she does and shall do so with all her heart. Never has a girl loved one as she has loved thee, lord Azurite. Her love moves the stars in the heavens. And angels in heaven take note of her love. They know how powerful it is. She is to be made your wife. And We shall prepare the details. You shall do Our will. For We shall command thee to do all that is required of thee for such things to come to pass. Amen.

But, O’ Lord, my cures have not yet taken place. And I am in a state where I am not yet fully able to accomplish all that Thou hast put into my destiny. The cures We have promised thou are coming and are almost here. Realize that all good things come to those who wait and who believe. Therefore, believe and wait. And it shall come to thee. For We are not slow in keeping Our promises. We shall give unto thee all that thou has asked for, and more, if only but that thou wait and not grow tired from waiting. For faith moves mountains, but those mountains do not move without also patience and endurance, by which all things come to pass for those who believe.

Lord, there are pedophile men who are having their sons and daughters experiment in sexual deviancy and transgenderism. These sick men are using the unjust laws of the land to carry out their twisted fantasies of making their little boys into little girls and their little girls into little boys. And men are entering women’s bathrooms and showrooms, claiming themselves to be transgendered into women so that they can gaze upon other men’s naked wives and daughters. And the current law does nothing to stop these perverts. And should anyone try to stop these perverts, the LGBTQ laws actually serve to protect these perverse and the sick minded men who do such crimes and outrages from their just prosecution, and rather, they instead punish the righteous who stand for true women’s rights and for true marriages, which are the bedrock of civilization. And the unjust of this generation are taking away children from righteous parents who refuse to give their children sex changes, and they are letting the perverse men and women raise their children to become monsters and sex offenders.

Eric, it is a pity that America has become such an abomination in My sight. So great shall be My destruction of her that not one stone will be left standing on another stone that will not be thrown down. Yes, lord Azurite. I will indeed severely punish this generation. Let no man on earth be deceived. COVID-19 is not the full punishment that I Am bringing upon America and the world. Rather, COVID-19 is just the drop in the bucket before the deluge comes pouring down. So many men, women, and children will be slain that the rotting flesh and putrid blood of their corpses will be found paving every street of every city in America. That which I have told you is only a visual. The full horror will come when you smell that horrid stench of the rotting flesh of all those human corpses. It will fill the air of every room in every building of America. There will be no way to flee from this stench for any person living in America. I Am the Lord.

And bacterial infections and diseases will be spreading in America like an out of control fire in a fireworks shop. And there will be no cures available for these bacterial infections. The antibiotics will not work against them. And superbugs will multiply and spread. They will wipe out whole cities in one night. One day there will be people living and going about their daily activities. The next day they will be dead, and it will be the buzzards and the carrion feeders who will be going about their daily activities. Rats will grow as large as cats and be as deadly as rabid dogs. Anyone bitten by one will die.

Cars will drive upon the roads, and when they do, there will be that common sound of the crunching of human bones. So many will be those who are dead that those tasked with burying the dead will be forced to resort to using mass graves. And garbage dump trucks, not hearses, will be the vehicles chosen to carry the dead to the city dumps, where the human corpses will be buried with the rest of the garbage.

To contain diseases, those tasked with protecting society will elect to burn whole cities to the ground rather than to go house to house and attempt to remove all the dead and to disinfect the houses. For the bodies on the ground will resemble zombies, except that they will not come to life, for this is reality and not a fiction.

These words written though Eric this day are not a new revelation. Rather, they were forewarned by Me through Our Lady of Akita. And now those prophecies must come to pass, for the warning was not heeded. And many people must now be punished for their horrific crimes against God. I Am the Lord.

Lord, I know that this punishment must now come to pass. But will Thou tell me how many days, weeks, months, or years, approximately, do we have before you begin raining down this terror upon all of America and the whole world. Lord Azurite, this is My sign that this coming Armageddon is about to take place. COVID-19 will not get better, but worse. And the death rates will begin to rise sharply. When you see these things happening, know that My reign of terror is beginning. And My bloody retribution against the faggots and the brazenly sick has begun. I Am the Lord.

But Lord, what about the atrocities occurring in Europe? In Europe, abortion, the murder of the unborn, is completely legal and commonplace. And so also is sex outside of marriage completely legal and acceptable in European society. Nudity is everywhere over there. And children are never shielded form viewing porn and sex in European countries. Also, baby boys do not typically get circumcised in Europe, in contrast with America, where circumcision is a common, Biblical based practice, and most men in America are circumcised as baby boys, similar to the Jewish religious practice, which is central to Judaism. Also, O’ Lord, Iceland is attempting to outlaw circumcision, and many other European nations are considering to make the same move. Lord, the Jews are mandated to circumcise their baby boys on the eighth day of their birth. This is a non-negotiable requirement in the Jewish religion. It is an order to them directly from God that is written in every Christian Holy Bible and in every Jewish Torah. For the European nations to do this, they are directly moving against not only the Jews but against the very Judeo-Christian foundations of European Civilization itself. And circumcision is not without its health benefits. It is a known fact that circumcision lowers the transmission risks of disease and other infections. Also, due to this disparity between European and American cultures, female attitudes have become affected, and American women are more attracted to the cleaner looking circumcised penis of most American men, while European women are more attracted to the penis with the foreskin attached to it that most European men now sport. Lord, what is Your response to this situation?

Lord Azurite, you are a circumcised man. And you are distinctly American in your strong support of Israel and of the Judeo-Christian foundation upon which American society is based. Now, Martin Luther, the Protestant Reformer, was in complete opposition to Israel and against the Jewish people. And Adolf Hitler adopted many of the words in his speeches from things said by Martin Luther. Contrast this with Christianity in America. Even when you were a Hope Lutheran, as a full member of that Protestant Church, in America, the ministers who ran and taught at that Church were strongly pro-Israel. Hence, American Christianity is different from European Christianity. Let us call the American Christians the Eladrin and let us call the European Christians the Drow, to borrow terms from Dungeons & Dragons mythology. The Eladrin and the Drow are two forks in Elvin evolutionary history. The Eladrin are like highborn and holy Elves, whereas the Drow are the dark Elves that have fallen to darkness and evil ways. We now see this in the split between Europe and America. And such is why Greenlanders will ultimately decide to abandon Europe and join the United States of America as a new state of that Union. For Greenlanders will see the handwriting on the wall. They will see the apostasy that is now reigning in Europe. And they will see the madmen who will come to rule those nations. Abortions and porn are also rampant in Russia. All morality has ceased to exist in the once Bastian of the Catholic and Christian faith that European Christendom once was. And in America, the Christian faith is under tremendous assault from the LGBTQ Monsters who are trying to utterly destroy every last trace of Christianity and its morality from American society. Hence, Christendom, as it stands right now, is under tremendous assault. And only you, lord Azurite, have the power on earth to stop it. You are My Charlemagne of this century and of this age. You are commanded to go forth and reconquer and retake Christendom back from the infidels. And I give you My power and My throne to do so. You are to make decrees and I shall abide by them. Whatever you decide is to happen, decree it, and I will order My angels to carry it out. For you are now My Charlemagne of the Far West. You are now made Commander of My Armies of Heaven. Now make thine decrees. And set the world to rights.

Lord, I shall do as Thou sayest right now. Vladimir Putin thinks he is strong. He thinks he is standing on solid rock. Lord, I order for Vladimir Putin’s foundations to collapse beneath his very feet. Let the man who built his house not on the Rock but on sand, let that man see his house be completely obliterated by the Tsunami. And then let all the political prisoners unjustly imprisoned by Putin be unconditionally freed. Let Putin be arrested himself. Let Putin go into detainment. And let Putin be sentenced then to prison. And let Putin die there, in his dungeon. Give not Putin the soft life of exile in Uruguay. Rather, let Putin be imprisoned in the Gulag, and there forced to labor as a slave until he is dead.

And let Alexei Navalny then be freed, along with the rest of those many dissidents who were imprisoned for political reasons or other phony charges. Let them come out of prison then and retake their nation for the sake of freedom from the tyranny of a single man who made himself God. And let true Christian freedom then reign throughout Russia. And let democratic elections be called. Let outside elections observers be called in to monitor the elections and prevent any rigging or unlawful tampering of the votes, which was the common practice under Putin. And let Alexei Navalny run for President and win. Let him win for two terms. And then let him, like George Washington, make sure that no President of Russia can ever serve as head-of-state for more than two terms. Let this be an absolute rule. Let it not be modifiable by anyone who, like Putin, likes to modify Truth like clay to make it say whatever he wants it to say.

Then let the statues of Putin be torn down. Let his figures everywhere in society be disfigured. And let Putin witness this destruction of his image from his prison in the Gulag where he will be sentenced until he dies. Amen. Let Putin’s legacy be torn to shreds. Let him be defaced in the history books. Let the Russian children be taught that Putin was a serial liar, a criminal, a sociopath, and a Russian version of Adolf Hitler. And let Crimea, Putin’s only achievement, be handed back to Ukraine. I, Eric, have spoken. And then destroy the Kerch Strait Bridge and let the Ukrainians resume supplying that their own rightful land with their own resources. And then let Russia give up Sevastopol and give up having a Black Sea fleet. For this is not an age where one advances one’s agenda through military conquests, but through diplomacy and standing strong with Christ and His Way. Putin’s legacy, along with all of Putin’s achievements, must be erased from the history books. Putin must, instead, be made known as the little man that he is, and he must go down in the Russian history books the the way American traitor Benedict Arnold has gone down in American history books.

Let no honor nor distinction be granted to Vladimir Putin. And let him be buried in a mass, unmarked grave, when his miserable life comes to an end in his Gulag. I, Eric, have spoken. Lord, what sayest Thou to My decrees? They are good, and they will be carried out by My angelic armies, lord Azurite. Now, make your commands and decrees for Europe. What does Thou decide is to happen there?

I believe that Catholicism is somewhat dead in Europe. And Europe is a rich, wealthy, first world region. Lord, let us take away the great wealth that currently exists in Europe. Let us turn Europe into a poor, barren, defeated, and darkened continent. For the people of Europe are like the Drow, the Dark Elves. So let us deliver unto Europe a Dark Age to match the darkness of their religion. Let Europe experience severe famine, depression, and utter destitution. Let the Europeans find themselves utterly poor and starving. And let vermin become prolific in their streets and throughout their towns. Let a Dark Age come to Europe. And let all the peoples of Europe become utterly impoverished and bankrupt. And let serfdom return to Europe. Let the common European be utterly reduced back to being a slave or a serf, as it was in Middle Age Europe. And then let’s see if Catholicism is revived.

It will be revived by such treatment, lord Azurite. I will thus do exactly as thou has said. I will reduce the quality of life in Europe to such a degree that the people will return back to Me. And then they will know Me and I will save them. Amen. But Lord, we need to do something about the sick LGBTQ perversion that has taken on the whole world. I’ve got it! Let there come forth a disease that kills LGBTQ people exclusively. And let it spread rapidly and be uncontrollable. And unlike AIDS, let a cure never be found for this disease. And let those who come down sick with it have a 100% fatality death rate and let the death be total and complete. Amen.

Lord Azurite, there can never be an evil that completely wipes out evil. But I will bring forth a disease that kills those mortally guilty of LGBTQ crimes. And, as you have requested, the cure to the disease will remain elusive and never be found. And its spread will be like lighting through the population. As the Black Death wiped out a third of Medieval Europe, so shall your disease wipe out a third of the modern world. I Who Am have spoken.

Now you have ruled enough for now. And you have covered your entire Kingdom, which I have delivered into your power. For I have made you the ruler of North America, Europe, and Russia. You called this Region the Arctic Triangle when you were the Player Emerald. Now, as the Player Azurite, give it a new name now and that will be the name of your Kingdom, which you shall rule over until I come again to judge the living and the dead. What name, lord Azurite, do you give to your Kingdom? Tell Me! Call it the Kingdom of the Carolingian Revival and the Great Restoration. For short, let it be called the Kingdom of Charlemagne II. It shall be referred to by both of those titles. And now I give you an option. Answer Me this question? Do you wish to reign as a virgin King? Or do you wish to reign with descendants and an heir? I prefer to reign as a virgin King, O’ Lord.

Then as a virgin King you are now enthroned. And as an eternal virgin King, your reign over this people shall never come to an end. You shall rule over your people with an iron scepter. Like pottery shall you shatter them. (Revelation 2:26-28). And I hereby give you the morning star. Your dominion I make everlasting. And your Kingdom cannot be defeated by any power. No more shall any despot rule any of your lands. And I hereby enter into a pact and a vow with thee. I will cure you of all things, lord Azurite. And you shall enter the seminary this fall in preparation to be made a priest. I Who Am have spoken.

I have thus completely defeated Satan in Eric. Eric is Mine. And I will make Eric My priest. And Hyacinth will be permitted to remain in her celibacy as Eric’s special platonic friend. Now, go, lord Azurite. Read your books. Say your prayers. For your fate is now sealed. It can never be changed from this point onward. I, the Holy Jesus Christ, have spoken. This is the 119th post of the the 15th book of Emeralogy. (119 = 7 x 17). This post now comes to its conclusion. Publish it, for it is complete. Amen.

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