Eric to be made a priest

Eric found worthy to be enrolled in My priesthood. Him I have chosen for it.

Emerald Trove, Book 15: Post CXVIII:
Behold, I have observed My servant, Eric, struggle with his faith. And I have seen a man who loves God and who does not deny Truth and who remains with those he knows. I Am the Lord. Eric, to you I now reveal your calling. I hereby call you to enter My priesthood. And now you shall ask, which is harder for Me to do? To call you to My priesthood, or to cure you? And you shall answer that it is harder for Me to cure you, am I correct? No, O’ Lord. It would only be harder for You to cure me if You were not God. For You have the full ability to cure me. But as to whether you may call me to Your priesthood, you are bound to whether or not I would make a worthy priest. You are called to My priesthood, lord Azurite. And to demonstrate that it is I Who Am calling you, and that I AM, I Am curing you as of this night. As dawn comes, you shall find yourself fully cured. I Am the Lord. Lord, I know You are the Lord. And therefore, I know that You not only have the power to do as You say, but that you will also do it. And I truly thank You, O’ Lord, for all that You are about to do for me. And in repayment for all this good, I commit myself to Your service as Your priest for as many years you give me yet to live. And I will serve You and Your flock with the same zeal and love by which I brought Hyacinth to You to be saved. And I hereby promise to keep Hyacinth in my prayers until she has been freed from Purgatory. And in my daily rosaries I will include her. Amen.

Eric, I now reveal unto thee that thine condition is terminal. You are about to die. You are funny, O’ My Lord. For I know that You are the Master over Life and Death. And I know that no one can die unless You permit it. Sandra has departed from these shores. You are to follow her to heaven. You do not remain here to serve Me in this world any longer. This is My promise unto thee. I Am taking you up to heaven just as I took Hyacinth. For she is now waiting for you there. I Am the Lord.

Then, O’ Lord, do tell me. Will this post be a long post or a short post? You will write here until My Word through you has been completed. And then I will take you up from this earth. I Am the Lord. Before the light of dawn comes, I Am taking you up to heaven, Eric. For you have passed the test of faith, and you fully believe in all that I say. Therefore, I Am now taking you up to heaven. Amen.

Lord, I accept my fate. Take me to Yourself at Thine will, O’ Lord. For I do not so desire to live in this world that I would not rather be taken away to go and live with Thee in heaven, O’ My Savior. Eric, you are coming to Me in perfect virginity, celibacy, and purity. Would it not make sense for Us to take you on the night that followed you receiving Me in the holy Mass, which you did yesterday, Thursday morning, at the 8:00 AM mass? Yes, O’ Lord, for the next Mass I am to attend is not until Sunday. Saint Bruno Catholic Church has no other masses in between. Then you know and realize that We are taking you this night to heaven. You know that We are not waiting for a following day or night to take you to Us. This very night you shall be taken away. I Am the Lord.

I have given you fifty years and seven months and twelve days to live. These 18,489 days in which you have lived upon the earth, you have put to excellent use. Well worthy of a Kingdom have you become to Me. And a Kingdom do I now bestow upon thee. Amen. Many will talk about you now that you are coming to Me. I Am taking you out of this world. And I Am bringing You up to heaven. This world is not grateful for My giving you to them. That is why I Am taking you away from them now, and not waiting to take you away later.

Understand Me and know My will. This very night, you shall ascend to heaven and be judged. And then, at the conclusion of your judgement, when you shall be told your full reward and made accountable for all that you have done, you shall be admitted into your heavenly glory, and you shall behold My face. And realize that I Am happy with you. Realize that your life story has given Me pleasure to write. Amen. And realize that there is so much about you that will never be known to any man on the earth, even should he read all the writings you ever wrote that have survived. I Am the Lord.

Men in this world misunderstand you because they cannot realize your thoughts. For you think at a higher level than do they. I blessed your workplace because of you. Now it shall be accursed, for I Am taking you away from them. I Am the Lord. There is no more time left for you to live on the planet. For the time We allotted to give thee has come to its end. And your departure from here is now at hand. You are coming to Me as a virgin. A virgin’s crown shall you be given to wear in heaven. Few there are who ever receive such a crown who come to Me as an adult, and as one who has grown in wisdom through many years serving Me and walking My Way. You chose the path that leads to everlasting life. Now you shall receive the reward for having chosen My Way and the Life that I offer unto men.

The pathway you have followed in life leads to heaven. Let those who wish to follow the Larimar King, seek to emulate him by reading his many writings. For the struggle to find Me is clearly evident in all that he wrote. I Am the Lord. Your death, lord Azurite, marks the end of the Age that began on Sunday, July 23, 2017, when you first began to receive My messages as My prophet. This Age you called the Age of Mary. But it shall now be called the Age of Preparation for the Second Coming of the Christ. After you are taken out of the way, a great flood of violence and desolation shall come to all the world, especially where you were stationed to live. I Am the Lord. The Age to follow your passing from this world shall be called the Second Age of Darkness. And it will extend all the Way to the Siege of Jerusalem, at which point I pour out My bloody wrath upon all the wicked of Mankind. And then night comes to the whole world. And after this, Judgement, and the raising of the dead to be judged.

One by one shall men be brought before Me to be judged. Before all humanity shall each human soul, fully resurrected to his flesh, be judged by Me. Each person’s individual judgement shall be witnessed in full by every human soul that ever lived. I Am the Lord. Realize that there is no time left. And realize that I Am now calling Eric to heaven. And realize that Eric’s time to go has now come. This post shall now be concluded. And you are ordered to publish it now, Eric. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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