Eric now follows the true Mary

I now realize the Satanic deception of Mary from the true Mary.

Emerald Trove, Book 15: Post CXVII:
Behold, I am Eric, and I have realized my fate. I will not allow any woman to take me from the path I have entered into in remaining celibate and virgin. And if You will it, O’ Lord, I am willing to be made a priest. But I know that the calling to the priesthood is for You to decide. I merely answer the call. I have spoken. What sayest Thou, O’ Lord? And note my perfected virginity, celibacy, and purity. From none of these three perfected states in me shall I ever depart from ever again.

And note how I decided to go the virgin, celibate path. I made this choice by observing and logically analyzing a single anathema statement from the Council of Trent:

CANON X.-If any one saith, that the marriage state is to be placed above the state of virginity, or of celibacy, and that it is not better and more blessed to remain in virginity, or in celibacy, than to be united in matrimony; let him be anathema.

In applying the sheer logic of this one statement, and under the realization that it is infallible, I realized that my only pathway forward was to choose to remain in my states of virginity and celibacy forever.

For understand this Truth: The foundation of the Catholic Church is its Magisterium, which is guided and led by three things working together: The Holy Spirit, the Deposit of Faith, and Holy Tradition. Such is the definition and correct understanding of the Rock upon which the Catholic Church is built. And whatever priest or Religious, or layperson firmly understands this concept and builds his house upon it, that house is firmly built on Rock. It will not collapse. Such is my realization, O’ Lord. What sayest Thou unto me then? What sayest Thou as to my fate. For I am willing to be made a priest if this Thou also willest.

Good, lord Azurite. We are now well pleased with Your resolution not to let any woman, by her lust, passion, or desire for you, to change you from your path and destiny to be made My priest. And I now confirm with you of My intention to bring you into My priesthood. There will from now on be no more delay. You are going to be made My priest. And I Am going to call you to My priesthood. I Am the Lord.

Lord, it was said that were I to choose the path of celibacy and virginity, that then on this path, that you will then take Hyacinth away. Dost Thou do so now or later, O’ Lord? When I cure, you, lord Azurite, you shall then be made known of Hyacinth’s departure. I Am the Lord. For do you not remember My requirement of you that you first wait until you have received My cures before you head to the priest to tell him of your vocation. For only by being cured will you qualify for the priesthood. For without being cured, you are not yet physically and medically able to be admitted to My priesthood. But all these physical and medical issues I Am going to address and cure. When you realize you have been cured, then that is My signal to you that you are ready to enter My priesthood. Obey My direct commands that you receive from Me at the moment I cure you. For those commands will dictate what you are to do and what vocation you will have from that point onward. I Am the Lord.

Lord, I will do so exactly as You have commanded me. And I look forward to the coming of those cures. And I look forward to putting my hand upon that plough. And truly I say unto Thee, I will never take my hand away from that plough, nor ever look back at anything I have left behind once my hand is put to that plough. I, Eric, have spoken. And there is no more conflict in me. There is no more indecision. I am now fully decided to put my hand to that plough. All I wait for then is to be cured, O’ Lord.

Good, lord Azurite. And do you submit yourself to My decision for your vocation and whatever it is that I command unto thee to do as your life vocation from the moment that you receive the cures from Me. I do, O’ Lord. Then follow Me. And I will make thee a fisher of men. Thou shall be made My priest. And thou shall be called to enter My priesthood. As an ordained secular priest shall you serve My Church for years to come. I Am the Lord. Amen.

And the time has come for you to be cured. For you can do nothing for this vocation until We have fully and completely cured you of all things. This post now comes to its conclusion. And I leave unto thee these thoughts to think through and to contemplate throughout the day. If I cure you of all things, do you realize that all the more will I expect from you, as a return on My utter investment into you? And secondly, will you truly resist the temptation of the female when she comes? For a most tempting woman We are sending your way. And she will seem, in your eyes, to meet all your requirements for marriage. I Am the Lord. Contemplate these two things. And decide them in your heart. And when you are cured, obey Our command of you. And you shall go the vocation We command you to enter the moment We cure you. Amen.

Lord, is there a chance that, upon my being cured, that you will command me not to go and enter the priesthood, but rather, that you might command me to marry this female that you are sending me to put me to the test, O’ Lord? If that is Our will, then that shall be Our will, lord Azurite. In the event that you are commanded to marry, you shall marry her and have relations with your wife only as We command and direct. I Am the Lord. But yes, upon being cured, if We command you to marry, that will be your fate, from which you will not escape.

For obedience to Us is more important than complying with the logic found in the Council of Trent, or of any other Council. You are committed to obeying Our command. You have submitted your life vocation to Us. And when you are cured, the vocation We have chosen for you, you shall then be granted full knowledge of.

But Lord, therefore, let me come to a firm understanding. Whatever you command me to do, it is guaranteed that my fate will not be with Hyacinth? Yes, for Hyacinth is not fit for you. We have a virgin fit and ready for you. She will we have marry you should We decide that your fate is to be with a woman. I Who Am have spoken.

So then, O’ Lord, tell me this. Should You command me to enter marriage, do You then predestine the fates of any of my offspring, and do you guarantee that at least one of my sons you would call to the priesthood? If I do not make you My priest, then I will make your son My priest. And whether there would be any other sons, this I do not reveal. I Am the Lord.

However, due to your complete obedience to Us in this matter, We, the elect in heaven, guarantee you this. The cures that you wait for are yours. And We shall give them to thee rapidly. Do not expect, therefore, for Hyacinth to remain in your life. For the time for you to receive your cures is now here. And your calling to your vocation is now imminent. And your calling is one of these: Marriage to a girl, or entrance into My priesthood. One of these will you be commanded to enter when I cure you. Do you understand and are you willing to accept Our judgement on which of these We choose for you at your being cured, O’ Eric? I do and I am. Then follow Me. And you will be cured very soon. This very day will not pass away before you receive this realization of which vocation you are to enter into. This very day will not pass away before I cure you of all things. For you are now worthy of the cures We promised you of old. And We shall no longer delay their coming.

Hence, expect to receive the cures imminently. And do not grow impatient. And do not lose your faith. Believe in all that We have promised. And We shall keep Our promises. And remember that you shall obey Our commands when the cures you receive. And remember that you have surrendered this decision as to your vocation, whether to marriage or to the priesthood, entirely to Us, which will be revealed when We cure you.

But one last question We ask you. And it is this. If We make you a married man with children, will you devote yourself to their upbringing in the faith with the same resolve and fervor that you demonstrated in your bringing Hyacinth into My Catholic Church, and all the efforts you made to save her soul, which have truly succeeded, for she has been now saved? Yes, O’ Lord. If you give me a wife and children, I will seek for their salvation and holy upbringing with the same zeal and fervor by which I brought Hyacinth unto Thee. Good, lord Azurite. We then have your word.

You are going to the 8:00 AM mass today at Saint Bruno Catholic Church. And from there, you shall then head to work. But somewhere in the course of your life, very soon from now, you shall realize your cures and be told your destiny. I Am the Lord. Now go and eat your breakfast. And realize you have passed the test. You shall soon be cured. You will then know your vocation. And Hyacinth shall be taken away. Do you fully accept this chain of events, O’ Eric. I do accept them, O’ Lord. Good. Your fate is now sealed. And We have now decided it.

Wait for three days. If after three days time, you do not receive your cures, then you are released from this command. But if in the passage of three days you receive the cures, you are bound to all that you have promised Us here. Such is the promise of the Lord. And such a pact I make with thee today. We guarantee you your cures within three days time. If We deliver on this promise, then you are bound to accept all you have committed yourself to accepting here. But if We deliver not on this promise, then all We have bound to you here you are released from. I Am the Lord.

Furthermore, Mary will be guiding you in the next three days. Listen to her. And obey her as she tells you. And note that Satan will not be allowed to masquerade as Mary before you until the three days have passed. So listen to Mary speak unto you. This post now comes to its end. Publish it, for it is complete. Amen.

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