I, Jesus, correct Eric on a great many things

I Am the Lord, and I will now correct Eric in all his errors.

Emerald Trove, Book 15: Post CXVI:
Eric has returned to Me, after having listened to Satan speak. Eric, speak of the dream you just had. I dreamt that I was crossing a great bridge. And I could see many people, including some I knew, behind me, looking back, from a great height. And then on the other side of the bridge, it was like a paradise. I saw so many animals teeming about, that I could pet. Even normally dangerous animals were totally docile and desiring of me to pet them. And it was arranged like a botanical garden and there were different sections where you saw different kinds of animals, complete with their habitat. And they would come up to be petted, and there seemed to be nothing in cages or imprisoned in any way.

Eric, what I gave you to see was your ascent from the normal vocations of this world to the higher vocation, which you have come to accept, that of My priesthood. And now you know it was Satan, not God, who convinced you that you would marry and have sex. For you are destined to do neither. I have called you, and you have now answered My calling of you. And I will make you My priest.

Keep your virginity for heaven, lord Azurite, for it is most valuable. Now as for Hyacinth, the girl you provide for, We are taking her away from you, for We have use for her in heaven. And We cannot have it so that one of our candidates for the priesthood is involved with a girl. Such cannot be. Hence, We are taking Hyacinth to heaven. And you will see her again when your time comes to ascend.

And notice how We do not say We are taking Hyacinth to purgatory. For the good deeds of Eric through Hyacinth have cleansed her soul. And she is perfect before Me. I have never seen a soul progress so rapidly from Protestantism to perfection in Catholicism as I have seen with this soul that We put into your tutelage. If this is how rapidly people progress when given you as their instructor, We know that you as a priest, with the right to preach to the whole world, will bring the all My elect in this world rapidly to My desired perfection.

And We are also curing you of all your infirm conditions and ailments. The medications you take you will no longer need when the cures are effected in you. Lord, in my dream, while I was standing before the bridge in the midst of many people, someone told me that I may cross the bridge, and it was then that I began my ascent across the bridge. What is the meaning of this, O’ Lord? My angel told you that you were worthy to make the crossing, lord Azurite. Not everyone is worthy, nor will ever be. Your crossing of that bridge signifies your entrance into perfection and your now perfect worthiness for heaven.

And as for your purity, realize that as of today, Wednesday, February 3, 2021, your purity is now perfected. For it is impossible for any man to correctly serve Me as priest who is impure. All My men who serve Me as My priests are expected to have perfect sexuality. And hence, they cannot masturbate, nor have any sexual relations with anyone one else, not with any woman, nor any other man, nor with a child, nor with an animal. For if they transgress Me in these matters, then they are not destined to inherit the eternal rewards in the hereafter that are due My elect of My priesthood. An impure priest does not ascend to heaven at his death. I Am the Lord.

Lord, then now I am to return to studying Spanish, Latin, and Koine Greek? For You wish for me to gain a sort of fluency with these languages? And how long do You give me on earth to serve You as Your priest, O’ Lord? I Am taking you shortly to heaven, lord Azurite. You do not have enough time left here to serve Me as My priest on this earth. Your priesthood is a heavenly vocation, not an earthly vocation. I Am the Lord.

Then I do not enter the seminary, O’ Lord? Correct, lord Azurite. Remain where I have planted you, and prosper there. But I count you now as belonging to My heavenly, celibate priesthood. And you shall never have sex and you shall never become defiled ever again. I Am the Lord. And you asked Me for how long do I give you to serve Me on the earth. The rapture is coming lord Azurite. And you are to be taken up in it. And I will tell you this. Before Pope Francis dies, the rapture will have come. I Am the Lord.

For I have perfected you, lord Azurite. I have led you on the road of perfection. And you are now perfect. Not many ever attain perfection on earth as you have now attained it. For the harvest is now ready. And I will soon unleash My angels to gather up for Me all My elect from all the four corners of heaven and from all the earth. Therefore, go about your life as you are. But realize that you will soon be with Me in heaven. Your stay on earth is for not much longer. I Am the Lord.

Lord, Am I really Emperor of the West? Or was that the deception of Satan, who wished to lead me into transgression? I Am giving you a Kingdom, lord Azurite, but its dominion is not of this world. Hence, do not seek your Kingdom here, for here you will not find it, but only in the hereafter. I Am the Lord.

Lord Azurite, Sandra is now taken from you. You will no longer find her in the world. For she has been taken to heaven. And I have sent My angel to fetch her for heaven. She made it. She was saved. By your tutelage did she become saved. That you abandoned her not, she was made perfect. And now We, the elect in heaven, have a special reward to give unto thee for all eternity. The glory of directly saving just one soul is an eternal spring of everlasting treasures, both here and hereafter. Hence, your glory is now without end. Amen.

And now We, the elect in heaven, do wish to bestow upon thee a special title, by which you shall be known and respected forever. Your title in heaven is that of Royal Scribe and Composer of Literary Works. And you will write My Word in heaven on golden tablets for all to see. And many will read the Words written by your hand under My direction.

Lord, some people on the earth are anxious for You to tell them who shall You be bringing up in Your rapture? These are My elect whom I Am bringing up. All Catholics who have thoroughly washed their robes white in My sacred blood will be brought up to heaven when I bring you up, in a few short days from now. I Am the Lord. And what about the Protestants and those of other religions, O’ Lord? They will be left to watch as those I have chosen depart from the earth and ascend up to heaven. I Am the Lord. And then what happens to those left behind, O’ Lord? Their world enters into darkness, lord Azurite. And they will realize that they have been lost. And many will of them will then seek to find Me. Some will seek Me in My Catholic Churches. Others will climb mountains to find Me. And still others will make lengthy pilgrimages. But these left behind are not of My Bridal group brought to heaven. They do not partake in the wedding supper of the Lamb. I Am the Lord. For I will have found My elect. And the allotted number of the saved will have been met. Those left behind I will not acknowledge as Mine. And there is nothing then that they can do from that point onward by which they can be made saved.

Realize the significance of the Rapture, lord Azurite. It is the separation of My elect from those whom I did not choose to save. Those left behind will gaze up at the sky as they watch the departed ascend to heaven. But they themselves do not then have a second chance to be saved. For though they remain on the earth, they do not remain in a place where salvation is possible. Rather, in pitch darkness do they then enter into. And a deep sense of the loss of salvation will afflict all of humanity that remain upon the earth. They will have no hope. And no hope will come to them. They will seek then, but it will be too late. For the opportunity for them to have been saved will have passed. I Am the Lord.

Then, O’ Lord, the end of the world approaches. What about the Millennial Reign, O’ Lord? Will You explain that mystery to us, O’ Lord? The Truth of the Millennial Reign was entirely spiritual in nature. It began with a person’s baptism, and its end is My rapture of My elect from this world. For those left behind, only death, destruction, and resurrection to the general judgement are to come. All then will be assembled for judgement. And I will proceed to judge all of humanity. And each human being will then be called to answer for all of their deeds. For those who did right, good will come for them, and they will receive their reward. But for those who are found in transgression, their lot is the ever blazing fire that was created to devour the wicked angels who fell. And they will then be tossed in, one by one, until all the damned are gone. Amen.

But the cries of the condemned will be heard throughout all eternity, as they suffer forever in that fiery stench, where they make eternal payment for their transgressions. Lord, what becomes of the dead unborn? And what becomes of the souls of babies and infants that have died? No one who died unbaptized will enter My Kingdom. The dead unborn and the dead unbaptized babies and infants do not enter into paradise. Rather, they are cast out into the outer darkness where there is wailing and gnashing of teeth. I Am the Lord.

Now, Eric, let us discuss the sins of humanity. Many people of this generation have come to tolerate and accept the institution of gay marriage, that is, marriage between homosexuals of the same gender, which I do not allow. A homosexual couple allowed to live together in their abominable unions constitutes a direct crime against Me. And all such societies, and those who uphold these outrages, will be burning before Me and My holy angels in hell fire for their transgressions. There is no way not to be punished for the one who has accepted a gay marriage in their neighborhood or among their people. I Am the Lord. Hence, that so called group of evildoers, called the LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer) are a condemned group. And their place, and all who accept them, is the fiery lake of hell. I Am the Lord.

Lord, is it not possible for a homosexual to be saved? For what about a homosexual who reforms himself or who lives a celibate life? I grant unto all Mankind the opportunity to wash their robes white in My sacred blood. Those who do so will live. Those who did not will die. And whoever remains a homosexual who has not made himself clean and penitent, he will be destroyed with all the filth of this generation.

For understand this truly, lord Azurite. For a man to desire man flesh as a man desires woman flesh, such a man I can never save. Such a man can never enter into My Kingdom. I, the Lord Jesus, have spoken.

And now let us consider your fate in this world, lord Azurite. I have numbered your days. And I know when I shall take you up. For the knowledge of the day of the Rapture is given to Me. For My Book of Life is almost complete. I Am the Lord. And I Am bringing My host to heaven in a matter of only a few days. I Am the Lord. For the time Man has left is scant. And the time to repent, if you can do so, is at hand. These words bring this post to its conclusion. I Am the Lord. And from now on, realize that Eric, along with all My elect, will soon be taken from here to where I Am. I Who Am have spoken. Now publish this post and then reread it for errors, for it is complete. Amen.

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