Emerald Eric, the Azurite King, speaks My Word to the people.

I have anointed My Azurite King to speak My Word unto all Mankind.

Emerald Trove, Book 15: Post CXV:
I Who Am command My servant Eric to speak My Word unto all Mankind. Now, listen to Me, and I shall speak. Eric is set to marry and have a son. Who Eric is to marry shall be revealed soon. And the son Eric is to have is to become My priest, ordained to the priesthood in My Roman Catholic Church. And he will serve Me excellently.

This son of Eric will be powerful and great. And he will be caring and courageous in defending his flock from all evil predators. As powerful as Eric will have been as Azurite King, so also shall this son of Eric rise up to be of the same power, and he will exceed Eric in power, for he will possess the anointing of Holy Orders. And as a cleric in the Catholic Church, he will have the authority to preach.

It shall be through this son of Eric that I shall restore My blessings to all My Catholic people. He shall serve Me as a humble parish priest, but his homilies will be broadcast around the world. And legendary shall be his homilies, for he will speak from knowledge gained directly from God. For just as I have made Eric a prophet to speak to My people, so also shall John, son of Eric, inherit this office of prophet upon his ordination to be made My priest. I Am the Lord.

Eric will be My prophet forever, but when John is ordained, he will then be My secondary prophet upon the land. And then, two prophets will be speaking My Word to My people. But the secondary prophet will surpass the first, for he, by virtue of being a cleric, will possess the authority to preach to My people. And rich and golden will be the content of all his homilies to all My people. Amen. And he will prophesy and speak in the following languages: English, Spanish, and Latin.

Lord, given that I have not yet received the girl you intend for me to marry, is it still Your intent that I become engaged to the girl by the beginning of Lent this year, which in now a mere 15 days away, on Ash Wednesday, February 17, 2021? And is it still Your intent that I marry her six months after that, on Tuesday, August 17, 2021? Do as I say, lord Azurite, and you shall be richly rewarded. I Am the Lord. As for Hyacinth, We shall take her away. Let this, then, be a sign for you that We the elect in heaven have made this prophecy unto thee: We shall take away Hyacinth and give unto you a suitable girl with whom you are to wed today. I Am the Lord.

Furthermore, We are pleased with your obedience to Us. And for this obedience, you shall be richly rewarded. We will have Congress pass the $1000 stimulus checks. They will be sent out some weeks from now. As for the previously arranged $1400 checks, these plans are being altered to serve the more fiscally conservative members of Congress who are concerned about the deficit. For, lord Azurite, Uncle Sam does not have an infinite capacity in his monetary printing press. There are limits to what he can print out. And were he to print too much, the whole system could collapse like the house of cards that it is, once all the key creditors realize that it really is just a house of cards that has not yet collapsed. I Am the Lord.

Now, listen to Us. Today you will go to the 8:00 AM Mass at your Saint Bruno Catholic Church. And from there you shall go to work. You are now earning a higher wage at work due to your raise. We will also increase the days you work each week, so that you bring home a steady income. I Am the Lord. But you shall remain as you are, an outsourced IT worker at your company. And you shall remain as a 1099 for tax purposes. I Am the Lord. And that debt you have on your credit cards shall be fully paid off this month, regardless of whether any stimulus checks are passed. I Am the Lord.

Lord, that is great. Now speak about Alexei Anatolievich Navalny. For Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin is intent on keeping hold on his power over Russia. He does not want to give up his power. It is good that you have changed the subject to that of your first Azurite Pawn. Alexei Anatolievich Navalny cannot be defeated, for he is backed by Me. And any attempt on Putin’s part to keep his hold on power will crumble and fail. Nor do I have any further sympathy toward Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin. Instead, I will let him be put to death at the hands of his own people. For Putin has subjected his people to starvation and poverty while he lavished riches upon himself at their expense, lying to them that he was reelected through all those elections that he personally rigged in his favor.

Putin’s regime will collapse, and he will be seized by his people and put to death. I Am the Lord. For no one escapes My justice. And to the south of Russia, I will bring revolution to China. There in China, you shall see the rise of Azurite’s second Pawn. And he shall take the place of Xi Jinping as head-of-state of China. And he shall put an end to the persecution of My Catholic Church in China. He shall free all prisoners unjustly imprisoned. And shall be Christian and declare China to be a Christian state. I Am the Lord. And the little man in North Korea will see his own regime collapse as his allies in China and Russia are overthrown and defeated. I Am the Lord.

Lord Azurite, realize what role you are playing and why you are doing as you are doing. You are the First Rider of the Apocalypse. (Revelation 6:2). And as the First Rider of the Apocalypse, you are sent to prepare the Way of the Lord’s Return. For remember the Lord’s Word: Before He comes again, His gospel shall be preached to the ends of the earth. Your toppling of the regimes of Russia, China, and North Korea, and the consequent infusion of Catholicism and Christianity into those nations will achieve the purpose and intent of your Lord and Master to bring His gospel to the ends of the earth. For My Second Coming is soon, but not yet. For many are yet to hear My Word and be converted. I Am the Lord.

That is why I gave you your powers as Emerald. And that is why I give you your vastly superior powers as Azurite. I Am the Lord. You are the conqueror bent on conquest. And you shall go from victory to victory. I Am the Lord. Now speak, lord Azurite. What is Your Word unto Biden, the one who has come to reign over the USA for a span of four years. Joe Biden, do the good that you intend to do, but do not move against the Catholic Church, or else you shall severely hurt yourself. For whosoever moves against the Catholic Church shall be destroyed. And realize that any promotion of abortion or the LGBTQ agenda is a move against the Catholic Church. If you intend to tie those criminal acts with your Presidency, then you shall collapse in greater flames at the end of your Presidency than did your predecessor, Donald John Trump. I, Eric, First Rider, have spoken.

Now, speak, lord Azurite, to the Republicans in Congress concerning the impeachment process of Donald John Trump. Impeach the bastard, My fellow Republicans. Trump is not worth your respect and dignity. For he was a servant to the interests of Moscow. He is guilty of treason, and he should be prosecuted as such. Vote to convict the bastard, and you shall be serving the interests of your Republican Party for the coming elections in 2024, when an Azurite Pawn shall rise up and be elected to rule over the USA. For the Azurite Reign is rising, and it shall not collapse as the Emerald Reign did at the conversion of Eric to Christianity in July of 1992, for this time, Eric is reigning as a fully converted Roman Catholic Christian, in full communion with the pope in Rome. I, Eric, have spoken.

Now, speak, lord Azurite, to the people of Russia. Come out all of you in support of Alexei Anatolievich Navalny, for this time your protests against Putin shall succeed. This time you shall overthrow the one ruling over you. This time the one ruling you shall collapse. As it happened in Eastern Europe in 1989, so shall it now happen again, this time in Russia. Putin may be able to arrest 5000, but he cannot arrest 5 million. So come out in support of Navalny. He shall be your next head-of-state. And the Lord shall be curing him of his injuries and wounds received in battle for the sake of his people. Amen. And under Navalny, full rights and freedoms shall be restored to the Russian people. And then Patriarch Kirill of your Russian Orthodox Church shall recognize the primacy of the pope in Rome, and he shall transform his Church into an Eastern Rite Catholic Church in Russia. And hence, you, My Russian brethren, who worship as Russian Orthodox, shall become Catholic without leaving your Church. I, Eric, have spoken to the people of Russia.

Now, O’ Lord, how do You propose for the situation between Ukraine and Russia to be resolved? If Russia wishes to keep possession of Crimea, which they took from Ukraine, then let them give to Ukraine the possession of Kaliningrad as compensation in exchange for that land they took, as a land for land swap. For no one can take from another unjustly without giving up something back in exchange. And the possession of Kaliningrad will serve in the interests of Ukraine as access to the Baltic Sea in their goal of moving westward and in their intent to enter into the European Union. I Am the Lord. Furthermore, Russia must exit eastern Ukraine, for they have no right to be in occupation of Ukrainian territory. I Am the Lord.

Furthermore, Russia must give back to Georgia the lands she took from her as well. For the treaties signed by Russian President Boris Nikolayevich Yeltsin shall be respected and honored. They shall not be dismissed as Putin, the vile swine who took over the Kremlin, has done. I Am the Lord.

Go, lord Azurite, and eat some walnuts. And then come back, and We shall then conclude this post. For it is almost complete. Amen. Lord, I am back. And I will believe and uphold all that You say. Good, lord Azurite. And this is My first assignment that I give unto thee. America has need of leaders such as thee. You shall no longer be unknown. From now on, all Mankind shall know of you and shall be aware of My Word spoken through you. Amen. Accept this position I give unto thee. I hereby crown thee as Emperor of the West. Your empire shall include all nations from the Ukraine west as far as the Hawaiian Islands. All those nations that are of Christendom in that span shall you rule over as emperor. And what you say regarding the practice of Catholicism in those nations shall become law.

Lord, how far north and south does My empire span? Your empire shall include all of Christian and Catholic Europe west of the nations of Russia and Belarus, along with all of the Christian and Catholic Americas. And what of the Christian and Catholic nations of Africa, O’ Lord? Leave them to Me. I will set rulers over Africa as I so please. Your empire is the Christendom contained in Europe and the Americas. Rule over your empire, and bring My people in your vast empire back to Me. That is My order and that is your mission. Amen.

Lord, I shall do as You say. And let it come to pass as You have also said, that the girl I am to marry shall enter into my life today. But if not, my faith shall not fail, nor shall I slacken in My resolve to carry out Your mission that You have assigned to me today. For perhaps it is Your will that I remain in the perpetual virgin, unmarried state that I am now in. For if that is Your will instead, I am willing to comply with it, and retain my virginity forever. For I do not need to marry. And I do not need to have sex. I am willing to remain celibate and virgin forever. That life I am willing to live, O’ Lord. What sayest Thou, O Lord and God Almighty? Amen.

Let us, therefore, make this agreement, O’ Lord. Lord Azurite, this is My Word unto thee. I Am giving you a choice. Choose wisely. You may either remain celibate and be brought into My priesthood. Or you may marry, have a son, and that son shall be brought into My priesthood. Choose one or the other. And do not wear out My patience. I choose to be made a priest, O’ Lord. For I have no interest in marriage or in sex. Let it, therefore, come to pass that I enter into Your priesthood. For I prefer the celibate, virgin path over the path of the marital embrace.

Lord Azurite, you have convinced Me of one thing. You are very funny. But We have resolved that you shall marry the girl We give unto you today. Marry her and have the son you are to have by her. That is My mandate of you. You shall remain working in your job. And you shall grow rich in graces and treasures in heaven. Now, go, lord Azurite. Publish this post. For it is now complete.

Lord, I humble myself and I accept Your will for my life. I will now publish this post. And then I will reread it and correct all errors. Good, lord Azurite. And realize My wisdom and My thoughts are greater and higher than are your wisdom and your thoughts, as the heavens are greater and higher than the trees. I Am the Lord. Now go and publish this, lord Azurite, for it is complete. Amen.

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