I commission Eric to serve as My Prophet for eternity unto eternity

My Kingdom is come, My will shall be done.

Emerald Trove, Book 15: Post CXIV:
I, the Lord, have Words to say through Eric, My servant. Eric, what sayest thou? Are you happy or sad? Lord, is it Your wish that I marry Caesar Sandra Nikee, the one You call Cassandra, and the one I call Hyacinth? Marry her, lord Azurite, and you shall be doing the will of your Lord Jesus, King of Heaven. Then I consent to Your wish, O’ Lord. I will do as Thou sayest. Good, We shall make this a possibility for you. And you shall propose marriage to her and enter formal engagement to her on the eve of Lent this year. I Am the Lord. Lord, Lent this year begins Wednesday, February 17, 2021. That is exactly 17 days away. Are you saying that We are to be brought together and to enter into formal engagement with each other by that date, O’ Lord? And what about travel restrictions brought about by COVID-19? Before that date, I will join you together as an engaged couple. I Who Am have spoken.

Lord, I know You are a man of miracles. And You have promised that that $1400 stimulus check is going to pass and be sent out. Let it come to pass all that You have said and promised, O’ Lord. Eric, We in heaven have beheld your love and charity for the poor. And We see all the hidden acts you do for My homeless people. Therefore, listen to Us as We speak. The girl who you are destined to marry shall come to you by that date. I Who Am have sworn under oath to Myself that the girl you are to marry you shall receive then. I Who Am have spoken.

Lord, I believe and testify that it is the Lord, not myself, Who writes these Words that are written here in these posts. Amen. Now, O’ Lord, it has been said that I marry the girl on Tuesday, September 7, 2021. Is this the case, O’ Lord? Lord Azurite, you will marry the girl We give you not on that date, but on Tuesday, August 17, 2021, which is three weeks prior to that date you spoke of. For the son you are to have by the woman We give you shall come to exist in his mother’s womb on Tuesday, September 7, 2021. I Who Am have spoken. You are to have this son We give you. He is to become Our priest. We will call him to the priesthood. And you are to prepare him for it, and to raise him accordingly. And he is to grow up with one sibling. I Who Am have spoken.

Lord, Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin is not giving up his hold on power, He is resisting the rise of Alexei Anatolievich Navalny, who is predestined to reign as the next President of Russia, to be only the second truly democratically elected head-of-state in Russia’s history, the first one having been Boris Nikolayevich Yeltsin. Yes, lord Azurite. You came into Russia before, as the Player Emerald. Now you are returning as the Player Azurite, a Player with infinitely greater power. I Am the Lord. For the first time you came, you were a believer in many religions, prophets, testimonies, and holy books. And you knew not the Way as you do now. Now you are a seasoned and perfected Roman Catholic. You know the Catholic faith better than do most Catholic priests. And you are still in your undying role as Conqueror bent on Conquest, destined to go from victory to victory. (Revelation 6:2). And the angel who stood next to Mary at her visitation of you in early December of 1996, did confirm to you that you are that one, telling you to tell no one. And you obeyed Us, until the Age of Mary began on Sunday, July 23, 2017, when you were commanded to keep no more secrets, but to reveal your entire self to all Mankind.

You are obeying Us to the letter and to the spirit of all that We command of thee, lord Azurite. And for such obedience, We the elect in heaven do indeed crown thee in the presence of all the elect, upon the very head that Mary set her foot, cleansing you from the head down. For anyone you touch from now on is touched by Mary. And whoever touches you from now on touches the Virgin Mary, and receives the consequences of such sin. For you, by being touched by Mary, are eternally her direct possession. And let no man defy Mary regarding her possessions. Even Satan flees at the sight of her coming. Mary chose you, lord Azurite. And Mary chose the woman whom you are to wed. And she has laid claims on any and all children that are to come from that holy union. I Am the Lord.

Lord, I exalt her to the highest. But what should I do regarding Hyacinth, who said to me that she worships Mary? Am I to correct her and say that she is to venerate her, but not to worship the most High Glorious Queen of angels, for Mary is not God, but rather, the most exalted creature of all Creation. She is a part of God, as are all the elect in Jesus, but she is not to be confused with God Himself, Who alone is to be worshipped as God. What do I say to Hyacinth? How do you guide me to speak to Hyacinth without lessening her devotion to the most glorious Queen of Heaven, O’ Lord?

What you say is true, lord Azurite. And it is this confusion between Mary and God that keeps many who are Protestants from entering Catholicism. Let Hyacinth alone. She sins not by saying as she does. Let her priest correct her as need be. For you are not her spiritual master. Rather, the one I set over her as her priest is designated to serve that role. And it does no harm to the soul to over exalt the Most High Virgin Queen.

As for the distinction between veneration and adoration, such fine lines of distinction can only be understood by those with sufficient intellectual capacity and study into the subject. Your question to Mary in early December of 1996, “Were you born by Immaculate Conception?” indicated that you were already well versed, even as the Protestant you were back then, into the debates and theological discussions that had been going on between Protestants and Catholics for centuries. Mary’s answer to you, “Yes, by Immaculate Conception, but do not ask me any more personal questions,” was both a confirmation of what you said, along with affirmation that you had correctly identified who it was who was visiting you, and also a kind of rebuke to you to stop right there and penetrate no further into the mysteries about her. For her answer to you contained sufficient direct, first hand knowledge about her to guide you spiritually for the rest of your life. Amen.

Now, Mary in her appearance to you was seen as through a glass darkly. She was there before you, but you saw her in a kind of obscurity by which you could not see details. This is in direct contrast to the dream of Jesus you received the following month, in early January of 1997. And in that dream you called Jesus by His name, “Jesus,” three times, literally saying the words: “Jesus, come pray with me,” followed by your request, “Hold hands,” by which you held hands with Jesus and prayed together with him, followed by, “This is Jesus! This is Jesus!” as you floated back to your body, witnessing a vision of Jesus floating above you, His hands still in yours, as you woke from the dream lying on your back with your hands folded across your chest.

Understand the reason for this dream. Jesus was sent to you by the Father so that you would have an opportunity to become reconciled with God, having briefly rejected both Jesus and Mary as Biblical imposters to a supposed true Jesus and Mary in the latter part of the previous month, leading to your FaithFinder Breakdown that lasted for about a week in late December of 1996, the fourth and final nervous breakdown you had. And you were reconciled to God by calling the true Jesus, “Jesus,” those three times.

Lord, I feel unclean. For I have been impure. And I have done impurity. The impurity you committed was not entirely done by your freely willed consent. Hence, the penalty of mortal sin has not been imputed against you. But were you to deliberately consent to such a completed act, then We would require you to confess your sins before receiving communion again. But it is rather the case that you are clean. And the communion you received today at Mass both cleansed you and washed away any guilt from any past venial sins you had upon you.

But there are those who are too embarrassed to confess their impurities. And these I do not save. For it is important that My people confess their sins so that they may receive Me worthily at the Mass. As for those who do not, but still receive, these are most accursed. It is better not to receive than to receive Me unworthily. Now, there was a priest you knew, one who came from Nigeria, who used the knowledge he gained in the confessional of your sins to embarrass you before the people while giving his homily. He did this by speaking of these embarrassing sins while looking directly at you. Realize, lord Azurite, that for his deed, this man is already automatically excommunicated. However, the sacraments that he does will remain valid until or unless his excommunication is officially recognized by My authorities in My Church, in accordance to canon law. His name was Father Marcel Okwara, who served at Saint Mary of the Assumption Catholic Church. And the embarrassing sin of which he spoke in that homily, looking directly at you, that you had confessed to him many times, was masturbation. He later apologized to the whole assembly, without saying the sin he committed, in a later Mass soon after that incident. But, lord Azurite, his sins I do not acquit. You have no grudge against him. But I Who Am will force him to come clean, wherever he has hidden himself in this world. I Am the Lord.

Lord, Father Marcel Okwara, who once served at Saint Mary of the Assumption Catholic Church, is a Black African man from Nigeria. Some people may note some sort of racist undertones between Eric who is White and Father Marcel who is Black. Eric, you never conversed with Father Marcel. But it was evident that Father Marcel was familiar to your Facebook posts, which contained some things critical of African Black people. Such is evidently the root of Father Marcel’s decision to do as he did. But while racial motivations may have moved Father Marcel to strike out at you, breaking the seal of the confessional is never permissible for any reason, lord Azurite. No priest may ever break the seal of the confessional. And if a priest does this, the spiritual consequences against him are insurmountable. He can never get out of the condemnation he enters into who breaks that seal. I Am the Lord.

For remember what you experienced, lord Azurite, when you were once waiting for confession a little too close to the door? You overheard a person’s confession. And My Holy Spirit immediately convicted you of mortal sin for that. And He required you to immediately confess that sin when your turn came to enter the confessional to confess your sins. Now imagine, lord Azurite, if you were so heavily convicted of mortal sin by merely hearing something and without doing a single act, how much more will be the conviction of the Holy Spirit and the condemnation against the priest who deliberately breaks the seal of the confessional? The priest who does this is irretrievably condemned. He cannot be saved. I Am the Lord.

But Lord, what about the racial tensions between Whites and Blacks. For I have a White passport and that allows me to pass with ease through society, which is controlled by the Whites. But those who are Black carry the Black passport, by which they do not pass, or if they pass, they pass with great difficulty and under heavy persecution. That famous picture of the slave called Peter, with the very whipped back, was what galvanized many of the Northern Whites to seek the freedom of Blacks from the injustice of slavery in the Civil War. But this good will on the part of many White people did not last. And soon after the Whites freed the Blacks, they re-enslaved them, using the very Constitutional Amendment that set them free to do so. United States Law thus forbade slavery except as a punishment for crime. And so, the Whites made the Blacks criminals and punished them. And the crime could be as simple as being unemployed, and with that they were arrested and sent to serve time as a slave.

And these practices continue to this day. For how else does one explain a swelling prison population being 37% Black within a nation whose Blacks compose just 13% of the population? And how else does one explain the fact that 40% of unarmed civilians killed by the police are Black men, who make up just 6% of the total population? Blacks are still going to prison at higher numbers than any other race in America. And they continue to serve a slaves in society through the practice of penal labor. For it is profitable to the Whites in charge. They get free labor, and they neither have to buy nor care for their slaves. If they die, they are simply replaced.

Lord, the Blacks were never given much of a chance at success in America. Every time they gained in some triumph, they were soon shot down somewhere else. A few Blacks succeed. But most, as a rule, remain impoverished and oppressed. Why is this, O’ Lord? Lord Azurite, what is the most visible characteristic of the Black man? What is he known most for, O’ Azurite King? They are known for getting into bed with women that they are not married to. And what, lord Azurite, is the punishment for this crime? The punishment you deal out for sexual crimes such as fornication and adultery is severe, and death is not to be unexpected. Precisely, lord Azurite. And of all peoples, is not it so that Black men are least likely to be married to the women they have sex with? In fact, currently circulating Black thought is that marriage is a White thing. It is because of these sins and crimes that I so heavily punish Black people.

Lord, I once spoke to a Hispanic girl from Central America that I met in Church. And she confessed to be an illegal alien and she asked me to pray for her children, born out of wedlock. And when I asked about why she did not marry, she said that only the rich marry in her country. The poor there have children, but they do not marry. If we apply this to Black people, do we now see why so many Black men do not marry, but have sex nevertheless, O’ Lord? Lord Azurite, it is not a sin to be poor. But it is a sin to get a girl pregnant outside of wedlock. And it is a sin to have sex if one is unmarried. Let men, rather, establish themselves in the world and become able to support a family first, before they consider marriage and sex with a woman. And let them have sex only with the one they marry. I do not excuse the poor from My demand that they obey My law. Disobedience is not permissible on account of them being poor. When Jesus said, “Blessed are the poor in Spirit,” he did not include those who broke His law as among those He called blessed. I Am the Lord. For remember that the God Who is Father to Jesus also gave to Moses the Ten Commandments. And the Ten Commandments all My servants are expected to obey.

But what about the Commandment to observe the Sabbath? How does Man know which Sabbath to observe? The Jewish one on Saturday, or the Christian one on Sunday? With the First Coming of the Christ, the Jewish Messiah, observance of the Sabbath was moved from the Jewish seventh day of Saturday to the Lord’s Day of His Resurrection on Sunday, in recognition of the passing away of the Old Covenant and in the recognition of the coming of the new and eternal New Covenant. For the Old Covenant was imperfect, and has passed away. And the Coming of the Christ has established the New Covenant with His shed blood.

Lord, how are we, as Christians, to know what part of the Law of Moses is still in force and requires obedience to, and which parts has Mankind been freed from. For though I am a circumcised man, I know that my circumcision is neither necessary for my salvation nor for my full membership in the Catholic Church. But I also know that God put to death men who disobeyed the Law of Moses and the commands of God through him, when that law was in effect, even for such crimes as gathering firewood on the Sabbath. Jesus gave great arguments to the new Covenant, but for a Jew who was not convinced that He was God, the Words of Jesus could easily have been seen as blasphemy. For only One Who Was God and Messiah would have a right to speak as Jesus spoke.

Then you have answered your own question, lord Azurite. What Jesus says you are bound to follow, you are bound to follow. And what Jesus unbinds you from you are no longer bound to. For Jesus is Master of the Covenant given by God to Man. And what Jesus commands, that is what all Mankind are to obey. For Jesus is greater than Moses. And the Law of Moses was temporary. The Law from Jesus is eternal.

And certainly, for any man to speak as Jesus spoke, he would be committing the crime of blasphemy that would merit a death such as crucifixion, exactly as the Jews gave to Jesus, were that man who spoke such things to be just a man and only a man. But was Jesus only a man? No, He Is the Second Divine Person of the Triune God, consisting of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. And the Son proceeds from the Father. And the Holy Spirit proceeds from the Father and the Son. Therefore, Jesus was to be obeyed, and not rejected. But most Jews rejected Jesus by the very nature that most men are themselves condemned. Even among Christians, even among Catholics, most men are themselves condemned. For it has always been the case that Jesus chose to save only a remnant of Mankind. Most men have always been rejected by Him. For there is no free ticket into heaven. Everyone who goes to heaven must work at their salvation each day.

Lord, do more women go to heaven than men? A woman may be more likely to be found in a Catholic Church than a man, that is true. But do I save more women than I save men? That is the great question. You should know that at conception, more males are conceived than are females. And the death rates for males is larger than that for females at every stage of life. This includes life in My Catholic Church. Men fall away to spiritual death from My Catholic Church at a higher rate than do women. A man, by his very rebellious warlike nature, is more likely to go to hell than is a woman, who is more willing to submit and to obey. Remember the reason for why I rejected King Saul, the first King of Israel. It was for his disobedience. And such is the folly of many men. They are unable to submit to Me and to obey Me.

Hence, you are correct to say that females outnumber males in heaven, and that males outnumber females in hell. But also understand that gender becomes without meaning in heaven. For in heaven there is neither sex nor marriage. There is neither romance nor dating there. And no man has harems there. There are not, as you earlier imagined, binary, ternary, and quaternary star systems there. Rather, all Mankind in heaven exist there as atoms of helium, unbonded to any other, and serving only Me.

You will be in heaven, lord Azurite. I say this now without reservation. For I know your predestination. And I know you will not fall to sin by the knowledge that you are saved. Lord, I once heard that David was to be saved. And I told him this, and he fell away. But Mark, of whom You said nothing, converted to Christianity. He is not yet Catholic, but he might enter in. For he is swimming, or attempting to swim, in Your direction. It is well that you mention the names of both your two brothers as We close this post and conclude it.

Of your brothers, I can save only David. Mark I cannot save. For Mark’s past transgressions against women stand in the way of his entrance into My Kingdom. But go and pray a rosary for David now. And include David from now on in your rosary prayers, and I will save his soul. This is a promise and a vow. And I will bring David back into My Kingdom. But as for Mark, he will remain cast out. I Am the Lord. And as for My final closing Words, consider this. Only those who are able and admitted to pass through the door of the Virgin Mary will ever enter into My Kingdom. For I have made her the Mediatrix of all Graces. And for one who violates her, no hope does that one have left for salvation. I Am the Lord. Now go, lord Azurite. Submit this post. And then pray the rosary for David, and do so from now on, and I shall save him. I Who Am have spoken. Amen.

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