The sun rises on Azurite’s Reign

The sun is rising, and Azurite’s Reign has come. Glory be to God!

Emerald Trove, Book 15: Post CXIII:
Good. Eric has acknowledged that his place is My priesthood. He has not followed the temptation of the evil one to return to the flesh. And I further acknowledge with Eric the reality that Hyacinth shall be called Eric’s platonic girlfriend. She will not be taken away. For she does good in the world and she does good for My Church. And she, upon hearing that Eric is to be a celibate priest, has likewise vowed herself to remain single, keeping her virginity for heaven. Excellent, lord Azurite. When you come to Me, you will be rewarded for not just your own virginity, but for the virginity you lead your platonic girlfriend to keep for My Kingdom as well. For she, too, has been saved as an eternal virgin. And she, too, will I welcome into My Kingdom with great joy and happiness. For she has done great deeds too, with what she was given.

It has come to My attention that Eric has been tested again as he was tested in 2017, and he has, once again, given to a homeless Black man he saw as he was getting off the freeway on his way to work. That act he did in 2017 was the act by which I decided to repent from My decision to utterly destroy America. And now, the act that he has done yesterday, Friday, January 29, 2021, has resulted in My irrevocable decision to grant unto America a time of plenty and of prosperity. I Am the Lord. Hence, for the next four years, America shall prosper and grow. I Am the Lord.

Eric, which is your choice, were I to give unto you the choice? Do you wish to enter My priesthood, and minister, as you suggested, to those who have no access to a priest, and those who are rejected by society? Or, We can give unto you the other path, that of serving My Church as My lay servant, following Me similar to the erudite hermits. In the second choice, you will remain in your current position. And you will continue to help Hyacinth. And she will continue to be your platonic girlfriend. And in this path, you will greatly assist My Church as a provider of financial resources and donations. And you will help causes like Food for the Poor, with the money that you earn.

Lord, will you cure Me if I remain as a hermit and as a layman? Yes. I Am curing you as of tonight, regardless of the choice you make now. Lord, I choose the path of the erudite hermit. And I choose the path of continuing to help Hyacinth as my platonic girlfriend. Good, lord Azurite. We are pleased with your decision. And We shall have Hyacinth marry you eventually. But that will be some time in the future. I Am the Lord. Anyways, We are curing you tonight. And I will then choose your pathway forward. But you will remain in your current position. And I will now make you a regular full time employee of the company you work for. No longer shall you work there as an outsourced IT department. I Am the Lord.

Furthermore, the Rise of the Azurite Reign shall now be made manifest to all the world. The first Azurite Pawn, Alexei Navalny, shall conquer Putin. And Putin shall elect to go into exile, rather than to face the anger of his people. I will allow for this. Let him consider Uruguay as his place of exile. I Am the Lord.

Also, let Trump be prosecuted for his deeds in the riots. If the Senate Republicans vote to convict Trump in the articles of impeachment, then I will cancel My call for a new Party to form for True Conservatives to leave the Republican Party. Let the Republicans then choose for the better of their Party to reject the man who was groomed for forty years as a Russian asset. His time is past. Let Trump not dominate the future of the Republican Party. For I would rather we reform and fix the Republican Party than to ditch it and form a new one. I, Eric, have spoken.

Eric, I am removing David from this world. For your brother David has reached the end of his allotted time. And he is irreformable. For ever since he rejected your prayers for him, in a downward spiral has his soul plummeted. Let therefore, all Mankind learn from this lesson. When any of My servants offers to pray for you, do not in any way reject their prayers. For it is the Holy Spirit Who is offering you that help through them. And if you reject that help, such is a direct rebuke of My Holy Spirit. And no soul can recover from the sin of rebuking the Holy Spirit. Hence, David is to die. And his death can no longer be prevented. I Am the Lord.

Lord, since I do not become a priest, what do you command me to study now? Learn and master the Spanish language for reading Spanish literature. For you are to enter the Spanish world and you are to read from My Spanish speaking saints and Catholic writers. For much Catholic literature is written in Spanish. And you are halfway to fluency in reading Spanish literature. So continue to read from your Spanish books. I Am the Lord. For the road to mastery in foreign language literacy is to read many books.

Now Eric, do you wish to know your fate? Yes, O’ Lord. Please do tell me. Because you serve Me in a most important, but humble way, We are giving unto thee a forty year reign as Azurite King. And you shall serve Me as Azurite Player for the next forty years. And it shall be you, not another, who shall fulfill, in a true way, all the legitimate prophecies that came from God concerning the Great Monarch. I Am the Lord. And Cardinal Burke shall serve as the holy pope, to be called Pope John XXIV.

Now, Eric, go eat some walnuts and then come back. I am back, O’ Lord. And I have eaten. Good. The reason I brought an end to the Trump Administration was because it was utterly corrupt and consumed with lies. And Trump was ever magnifying himself to be greater and greater than all else. That is why I have humbled him. And those Republicans who continue to stand with Trump I shall humble severely. I Am the Lord. The insurrection riots that Trump brought about will never be separated from his legacy. And that total denial of this Truth by the Oregon Republicans will be a hideous black stain on their political records for years to come. Trump will always be known as the President who, when defeated for reelection, did everything in his power to overturn the elections, including attempting an insurrection by instigating a riot against the nation’s capital at Congress while they were in session confirming Biden’s win. It will be a total black mark on Trump’s record forever. His Presidency will be linked to the notorious traitor, Benedict Arnold, in American history books going forward. And as time progresses, all the hidden connections between Trump and the Putin regime will be uncovered and revealed. I Am the Lord.

Lord Azurite, go and eat your breakfast. And then come back here to complete this post before you go and cash your check. Amen. For it is now Saturday Morning, January 30, 2021. And many are those betrayed by Trump who led them to riot, but then abandoned them to justice. They will not be agreeing with the Oregon Republicans that they were false flag Democratic operatives. For they know full well who they were serving: Donald John Trump, the man who lost and who lost big time. I Am the Lord. And now all those rioters must face felonies and charges of sedition. Republicans in Congress, do not have it so that the little guys are the only ones punished for Trump’s insurrection attempt. Punish Trump also. For it is just that the mastermind behind the movement be held accountable for his actions. I Am the Lord.

Lord, I am back. And I will be walking to the bank at 8:30 AM. Good, lord Azurite. With you I am well pleased. Eric, do you realize the impact you are having on the whole world? How can this be, O’ Lord, for so few ever read these writings? Well, it only takes a tiny bit of yeast to leaven the entire dough. And you are producing that tiny bit of yeast by writing My Word. Now, listen to Me, lord Azurite. The time has come to make Myself known through you. And to do that, I need to perform a miracle. And this will be that miracle: With the collapse of the Putin regime, which is quite imminent, shortly after this will the Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill acknowledge the primacy of the pope in Rome. And he will then restructure his Church to become a new Eastern Rite Catholic Church in Russia. And thus will the prophecy of Fatima come to be fulfilled, that Russia will have been converted. Amen.

In addition, to the south of Russia, there is a man I have called forth in answer to your request for an Azurite Pawn to rise in China. And this new Chinese leader will take the place of Xi Jinping, and he will reform the Chinese superstate. He will end the Chinese persecution of the Catholic Church. He will end all forced abortions in the land. And he will stop the arrest of the innocent and release all those unjustly imprisoned. And he will himself be a Christian and he will declare China to be a Christian state. I Am the Lord.

For the Azurite Reign is coming to power all over the world. But Lord, I do not rule Israel. For Israel can only be ruled by the Jews. And I dare not set up any Pawn in Israel, lest I severely hurt myself in any attempt to move that rock. Good, lord Azurite. Do not set up nor attempt to set up a Pawn in Israel. For you are correct, only a Jew is legitimately permitted to rule that land. And you are wise not to seek to rule that land again, since your last Pawn, Yitzhak Rabin, the fourth and final called forth Emerald Pawn, reigned over that nation. It was a redeeming act by you when you advised Vesper to have her Ehud Barak Pawn seek to keep the Sea of Galilee in any negotiated transfer of the Golan Heights back to Syria in exchange for peace. For that strategy paid off. By your advice to Vesper, her Ehud Barak did not achieve a deal with the Syrian dictator, who was demanding everything to be given back to him. And thus, by your shrewd advice, Israel kept the strategic Golan Heights while at the same time, appearing to be willing to negotiate and to be seeking peace.

Lord, knowing what I know now, I would not have Israel give up any land back to the Arabs. Rather, they should retake the Sinai Peninsula if Egypt breaks from their peace agreement with Israel. And I would have Israel retake the Gaza Strip. And I would have Israel annex all the lands of her occupied territories, and say that none of it is going back into Arab hands. As for where to relocate the Palestinians, why not do as the Americans did with the American Indians? Simply set up reservations for them in the unwanted wastelands of Israel’s desert interior and relocate them there? That is my solution for the Palestinian problem. That is a good solution, lord Azurite. I will see to it that Israeli leadership takes note of this proposed solution. For it is workable. It performed well in American history, as it realized its Manifest Destiny to come to occupy North America from the Atlantic to the Pacific. For it is Israel’s right and duty to settle and claim the entire Arabian Peninsula. I Am the Lord.

Lord, what now takes place in American history? And what about the legacy of Christendom? Will the African American people overcome and convert to Catholicism? I will defeat America, lord Azurite. And I will reset it on its correct course. The Supreme Court will hear a case where the evil of the LGBTQ movement is challenged, and the Supreme Court will rule that all the LGBTQ claims are matters for individual religions and churches to decide for themselves, not for the state to impose its own moral opinions on them upon all American citizens, due to the principle of the separation of Church and state. And with that ruling, all laws and regulations regarding LGBTQ will be thrown out of the books.

Eric, you are living in exciting times. And the LGBTQ movement will die across the whole world. COVID-19 will be the killer of the LGBTQ movement. For by COVID-19, I will successfully communicate to My people that I disapprove of their behavior. And then they will realize that they have strayed too far from My Law, My statutes, and My decrees. For it is easy to agree with the wicked on their rules of perversity. But it takes real men of courage to recognize My timeless, unchangeable, and eternal Law, and to stand by it. And I do not recognize the homosexual marriage. Homosexuals cannot marry. And those that claim to do so lie, just as the man who makes himself appear to be a woman lies when he claims to be a woman. For woman flesh contains the XX sex chromosomes. Man flesh contains the XY sex chromosomes. And no amount of cosmetic surgery is going to change your DNA from XY to XX. I Am the Lord. So no man can ever make himself a woman. And no woman can ever make herself a man. And anyone who claims to have done so is a liar. I Am the Lord.

I will take away the COVID-19 scourge from society once Mankind acknowledges that gay marriage is a crime and a false concept and that all of the LGBTQ agenda is wrong and must be rejected. But until Mankind comes to acknowledge this most important issue, I will continue to kill thousands of people a day as punishment against an impious generation that has embraced abominable ways. And the longer it takes Mankind to repent of their foul deeds, the more will people be dying from COVID-19. I Am the Lord. And if Mankind refuses to repent, I will double the death rates due to COVID-19. And I will thin out every family. I will take away sons, daughters, mothers, fathers, grandmothers, grandfathers, brothers, sisters, and children to their deaths until this failure to communicate has been resolved, and the people begin to do My will. I Am the Lord. Now publish this post, lord Azurite, for it is complete. Amen.

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