Eric is called to serve

I shall have Eric ordained to serve Me as My holy priest. Amen.

Emerald Trove, Book 15: Post CXII:
I, the Lord God, do call Eric this day to serve Me in My Roman Catholic Church as ordained priest, and he shall, thus, receive the sacrament of Holy Orders. I Am the Lord. This is the 112th post of Book 15 of the Emerald Trove. (112 = 24 x 7). Furthermore, on this day forward, I declare Alexei Navalny as the one designated by My predestination to be fifth ruler of Russia since the collapse of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. And I decree that Putin, the current occupant of the Kremlin, shall step down or be thrown down, one or the other. He may go down in a bloody fashion or in a bloodless fashion, the choice is his. Putin also has the choice. He may accept exile, or he may accept imprisonment and trial, followed by execution. Navalny shall be elected and shall serve two terms. And the Constitution shall be amended to ensure that no future President can reign for more than two terms. I Am the Lord. A clear separation of powers shall be made in the Constitution. And the President will be made subject to the law and removable by the people by voting and by impeachment by the legislative branch. Also, the President will no longer be permitted to decide who can or cannot run in elections.

Lord, Putin seems to believe that he can keep his position as the dragon he has become. hoarding his gold as perpetual ruler over Russia. What sayest Thou to that? Putin must realize that I Am a more powerful Man that he is. And Putin shall realize that I will seize him and chain him and drag him off in chains to his dungeon, where he will serve his remaining days in contemplation of Me and of My will and of My power over him. Putin is really a little man after all. And I will demonstrate to him his littleness. I Am the Lord.

Putin will not survive the forces I have arrayed against him. He is going down. Should he contemplate taking the life of My Azurite Pawn, he shall instead cut the cord of his own soul to his own body and he shall be dead. I Am the Lord. For My Azurite Pawn shall not die. Nor shall he be defeated. And when I cure Eric, so also shall Alexei Navalny, his first Azurite Pawn, be cured as well. I Am the Lord. These Words are trustworthy and true. They come from God.

Eric has also called for the rise of an Azurite Pawn in China. This ruler, when he takes the place of Xi Jinping, shall put an end to all persecution against the Catholic Church, and an end to the practice of forced abortions, and declare China to be a Christian nation. I Am the Lord. Whoever is not with Me is against Me. I Am the Lord.

Once China is freed of its dictatorial rulership, it shall no longer be considered a rogue nation, and will then be admitted to partake with NASA and the rest of the world in the joint effort to colonize outer space.

Lord, is it possible that the United States of America will collapse under its mountain of debt? Will the time come when the USA breaks with her promise to pay her creditors and defaults on her debts, O’ Lord? For mathematics say that that point shall arrive. But what do You say, O’ Lord? When that point comes, revolution shall be seen in America, and the United States of America shall end, and a new nation shall emerge. I Am the Lord. And the new nation shall not honor the debts owed by the previous nation. I Am the Lord. Amen.

Lord, I take it that this revolution shall take place by what is called a Constitutional Convention. Am I correct, O’ Lord? Yes, My servant. And in that Constitutional Convention, a new Constitution shall be made, together with new separations of powers, and new laws on governance. And the debts of the nation shall no longer be subject to the fiat currencies that exist today. I Am the Lord.

The new monetary system of America and the whole world shall be based on a group of precious metals, namely: gold, silver, copper, platinum, rhodium, ruthenium, and iridium. By basing the monetary system on an aggregate group of precious metals, stability will return to the monetary systems, and no longer shall any nations spiral into unsurmountable debt. I Am the Lord. For it is when the monetary system is based on debt that debt growth becomes uncontrollable. Such is why the monetary systems need to be based on an aggregate group of precious metals. I Am the Lord.

Lord, it is understood that America might not return back to the standard of morality that is demanded of her. She might not elect to end her LGBTQ agenda. And she might not elect to end her gay marriages. And she might not elect to end her abortions. What sayest Thou to that, if America refuses to end these abominable practices and wicked laws? Then I shall cause her to be conquered by other nations, who shall force her to pay tribute to them. I Am the Lord. For there is no path to glory for the nation that transgresses My law. I Am the Lord.

And thus, this is how it shall occur. Since America refuses to abide by My Law and by My statutes and decrees, I hereby spit America out of My mouth. And I will render her poor and impoverished, as I have done so to many nations in Africa. And the Americans shall have no money. And the Americans shall find that all their wealth has evaporated. I Am the Lord. For there are consequences to national debt default. I Am the Lord.

Now, speak, lord Azurite. Do you belong to this world? Or do you belong to the next? I belong to the Kingdom that is to come. Good. Then concern yourself not with the finances of the beasts of this world. Let the beasts of this world devour one another. Your place is to serve Me in My Kingdom. And the treasure that you are working for is stored in heaven, where moth does not eat, nor does rust decay, nor is it subject to tarnishing nor erosion nor loss of value. You are sent to save souls for My Kingdom. You are not sent to save nations from their debts. Let the national debtors and their creditors resolve their issues as they shall. Let them handle these issues on their own. Your purpose is to do My will and to seek the salvation of My flock. Amen.

Furthermore, when Patriarch Kirill of the Russian Orthodox Church sees the ascension to the Seat of Peter, Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke, who shall take the papal name of John, to be called Pope John XXIV, it will be then that Patriarch Kirill will come to accept and recognize the primacy of the pope. And it will be then that Patriarch Kirill will bring his Russian Orthodox Church into full compliance with Catholicism, forming a new Eastern Rite Catholic Church of Russia, with himself as its head. I Am the Lord. And then Russia will be once again Catholic.

For remember that Russia’s conversion to Christianity took place before the separation of the Orthodox Churches from the Roman Catholic Church. Hence, when Russia first converted, she converted to Catholicism. Hence, the current separation of Moscow from Constantinople is good, for it shall bring her back to Rome. I Am the Lord.

Lord, I wish for the faithful and Truth loving conservatives to leave the Republican Party and to form a new True Conservative Party that will enshrine the values of Truth, Justice, and the American Way. For liars and Putin worshipers have taken over the current Republican Party, and the lies they now stand for I cannot stand with. I do not wish to belong to the Party of Trump and Putin. Rather, I wish to belong to the Party of real heroes, like John McCain and Mitt Romney, who are not afraid to take a stand against the bully in the playground.

Indeed, lord Azurite, this third political party shall form in America. And its first President shall be elected in the 2024 elections. And he shall be your Pawn, lord Azurite. I Who Am have spoken. Amen. And the Party of Trump will devolve into the quagmire, like a mammoth steadily sinking into the tar pit, unto its inevitable and ultimate death. For behold, Russia has been cultivating Trump as an asset for 40 years, says former KGB spy. Hence, what American in his right mind, what American who stands for American values, would choose to continue to stand with Trump?

Now, listen Americans. You are laid to waste, but you are not defeated. If you come back to Me and to My values, and you reject the agenda of the wicked LGBTQ, and you reject the murderers of the unborn, the so called, Pro-Choice, then you shall have a renaissance under the reign of Azurite, who is now the Player of Power. And his power exceeds that of Contradiction, who is the power and Player behind Biden. I Who Am have spoken. Come back to Me, the Lord Jesus Christ, and I will shower you with blessings and good things. I Who Am have spoken.

For whoever follows Me, walks not in darkness, but under My light. And he sees My Way, and he does not stumble. And My Way always leads into My Catholic Church. Lord, You have said that I am to become a priest, ordained into your priesthood as a secular priest. Do You intend to carry out this prophecy today, O’ Lord, and cure me today so that I am ready to enter and present myself to Your priest to begin My path to enter Your priesthood, O’ Lord?

The cures of which you are commanded to wait for shall be granted to you soon. For it is My intent to call you into My priesthood by the coming Sabbath. I Am the Lord. Do all that I command of you. And this process by which you become worthy of Me shall take place shortly. I Am the Lord. Furthermore, the wicked of this generation shall not last much longer. For I Am about to take the lives of those who transgress My statutes and decrees. I Am the Lord. Hence, expect your brother David to die soon, for he has no one to pray for him. And I will not tolerate one who refused to comply with My wishes to remain benefitting from the land. He will die. I Am the Lord.

Your brother Mark will continue to live, for he is attempting to follow Me. And he is not giving up. Hence, him I can save. I will let him remain living in the land. And I will bless him with good things, together with the thorns of the cross that he must bear. For all who are Mine must carry their own cross. For only by carrying your own cross can you come to Me and be saved. I Am the Lord.

Eric, it was once said that you would marry. What sayest thou now to such prophecy and to such thoughts? Lord, I have come to realize that marriage and romance are not conducive to eternal life. For it is written, that upon finding the Lord, it is better that one then remain in the condition that one is in. If one is married, then let him remain married. And if one is not married, then it is better that he remain unmarried. For to marry another human being is not in the nature of eternal beings.

Excellent, lord Larimar. And because you have answered My question as you have, I hereby grant you this title. You are hereby called Esquire of the Legions of Heaven. I Who Am have spoken. Lord, what are all the ranks in Your Legions of Heaven? These are the ranks in My legions, lord Azurite:

Heavenly Ranks in the Legions of Heaven

  1. King of kings and Lord of lords – Jesus Christ
  2. Queen Mother – the Holy Virgin Mary
  3. Cleric – All the clerics in My Catholic Church
  4. Religious – All monks and nuns, brothers and sisters
  5. Esquire – All who have answered My call to serve Me
  6. Laity – All laymen and laywomen in My Church
  7. Catechumen – Those preparing for baptism into My Church

Lord, this is great. Lord, I am ready to abide by all Your requirements and statutes and decrees. When do you initiate My calling to serve? Eric, I see that you have resumed your studies into Latin and Koine Greek. Such is good. For realize that the Greek Old Testament is superior to the Hebrew Old Testament. For the LXX goes back farther in time in the extant copies that exist. And the original inspired translations of the ancient Hebrew into Greek were from Me. Hence, by studying the ancient Greek sources, greater understanding will you come by to My scriptures than by studying the ancient Hebrew texts, which were preserved by the Jews. I Am the Lord.

Lord, I humbly accept my place in Your hierarchy. And I will cooperate with Your graces and abide by Your will. Good, lord Azurite. I have appointed you to serve Me in many future works for My people and for My flock. Lord, do I stop writing here when You cure me of all things? You shall write here when I command you to do so. And now, We shall conclude this post. Remember to continue to study your Spanish, your Latin, and your Greek, for all three will you have need of in the position I have elected to place you in as soon as I make you a priest. I Am the Lord. Go now and eat. And you are working today. Publish this post, correct all errors you find, and then go and eat and then go to work. After you get home, We shall write again, the final post of the 15th Book of the Emerald Trove. I Who Am have spoken. Amen.

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