The nature of sin

Sin and those bound under its captivity

Emerald Trove, Book 15: Post CX:
Lord, I have questions on the nature of sin. Speak, lord Azurite and I shall answer thee. Lord, who was greater at fault in the Garden of Eden for the fall of Mankind? Adam or Eve? That Eve chose to sin first, and to knowingly bring her husband with her into her transgression, hers is the greater sin. And that is why her penalty is greater than that of Adam’s. For the penalty God gave to Eve for her transgression was her perpetual subordination to men, both for her and for all her daughters and female descendants. That is why women are expected to cover up in society, but not men. Men may go topless, but women are prohibited this in most places in the world. For the woman bears the greater shame when two people meet and fornicate. And it is the woman who bears the greater responsibility than the man for an abortion that she commits, for the decision to abort rests entirely in her power.

But the man, Adam, was still nevertheless severely punished for following his wife, Eve, into perpetual transgression. And for that crime, he, along with his wife, were permanently cast out of Paradise and entered into incurable separation from God. For no one may transgress My law. And no one may use another’s influence over you as an excuse for your decision to transgress My Law, My statutes, and My decrees.

That is why both Adam and Eve were punished, but Eve bore the greater punishment due to having committed the greater sin. And the serpent, the embodiment of Satan in that holy fable, was given the greatest punishment, one from which he was never to recover from. But in the punishment God gave to the serpent, he spoke of a Redeemer who was to come, born from the woman, Eve, who would restore Mankind to Paradise by defeating the serpent and all his power. (Genesis 3:15).

And hence, from the fall of Adam to the crucifixion of Jesus, darkness and its power ruled supreme over all the earth. But with the death of Christ on the cross, the door was opened for all Mankind who were ready and prepared to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven. And all who were Mine in the bowls of the earth I brought up with Me to heaven. And all those who were rejected by the judgement of God, descended then into the fiery pit, over which it is written: “All hope abandon ye who enter here.” For there is no hope for any soul who is cast into hell.

Neither does any man gain salvation who teaches the heresy that there is no hell or that few go there. For hell exists, and its population greatly surpasses that of heaven and purgatory combined. “More souls go to hell for sins of the flesh than for any other reason,” said Our Lady of Fatima to the holy children who were her seers. For the sins of the flesh are the hardest sins for a man to defeat. Many men struggle for many years in the quest to overcome seemingly small sins of impurity. And many others give up the quest and seek to find another religion, one that will permit them to remain in their filth and uncleanliness. And still others pardon themselves of transgression without seeking absolution from a priest, and these then continue to receive communion, but in a state of mortal sin, committing perpetual sacrileges, and thereby consuming their damnation.

Do not be a sacrilege junkie. For the path of the sacrilege junkie leads directly to hell. If you are going to go through the motions of practicing Catholicism, then do so with a clean conscience by confessing all your mortal sins to a priest, and by ending all immoral and sinful behavior in your life. For what profit is there to you to practice Catholicism in a hidden state of mortal sin, and thereby end up in hell when you die, despite all you did in your religious observation of Catholicism? For nothing that you do matters to Me unless it is done in a state of grace, or it is done in seeking to return to a state of grace. Religious observation in My Church means nothing to Me if that one doing it is separated from me by mortal sin.

If you married outside the Catholic Church, and upon seeking entry into the Catholic Church, you find your way barred because your marriage has impediments that may either mean it is not valid or that annulments to prior marriages are necessary to validate it, then work with the Church to process yourself into entering full communion with the Catholic Church. For there is no condition that bars a person’s entry into the Catholic Church that cannot be resolved one way or another. And even in the case where a marriage cannot be recognized as valid, the couple can still join the Catholic Church by publicly agreeing to live as brother and sister, no longer as carnal lovers.

For it is impermissible for any man or woman to continue having sexual relations with their spouse when it is known that their marriage is invalid or that the validity of their marriage has not yet been confirmed by the Catholic Church in their quest to enter therein.

If you are in an incestuous relationship, this cannot stand. It must be ended immediately. But there are those cases where a brother and a sister marry not knowing that they are brother and sister. And they may have children together. Note that this marriage, though invalid, is called a putative marriage. A putative marriage is a marriage that, though invalid, was entered into in good faith on the part of at least one of the partners. And children born putative marriage are recognized as legitimate, on account of at least one of the partners having entered into it in good faith. But once it is known to be invalid, it is required that it be ended. To continue to have sex in such a marriage is to commit the crimes of fornication, adultery, or incest, depending of the nature of the invalidity of the marriage. And intentional incest is punishable in many countries as a serious sexual offense, making the one found guilty known as a sex offender. And being forced to register on the sex offender registry is like entering the condemnation of a modern day leper.

Lord, what do you advise men and women do when considering marriage? Seek to obey all the laws of both the state and the Church in entering your marriage. Do not elope. Do not rush into marriage. Do not rush the marriage in order to have sex. And do not get sexually intimate with your partner before the marriage knot is tied. For your marriage will only be holy if it is never violated. If you violate your lover before you marry her, then your marriage vows are stained in the sight of God, because you did not keep them. You cannot taste the wine while you are not yet in a state where that is permissible. Having sex with your lover is against the law until the priest pronounces you man and wife. And only then, after the marriage is sealed is it permitted for you to consummate the marriage.

Eric’s brother Mark married a girl called Marlene. And Marlene was very concerned at the wedding that Mark must not see her on the wedding day before the wedding ceremony or else their marriage would have back luck. But what I say is, What about all the sex acts they had together before that marriage took place, including the pregnancy she was already in with Mark’s child while going through with the marriage vows? Such was the case of people seeking to cover their hideousness with a fig leaf. But God sees through that and knows all their sins. Adam and Eve were still kicked out of the Garden of Eden, despite the fig leaves they clothed themselves with. It doesn’t work.

Hence, if you want your marriage to be blessed by God, then seek to keep all of God’s statutes and decrees. For what hypocrite enters a Church to seek graces while in the very act of committing mortal sins? That is what couples do who seek Christian marriages while already living in a sexual relationship with their partners. You cannot have God’s grace if you are living in sin.

Hence, if you love a woman and wish to marry her, but you already have a sexual relationship with her, stop your sexual relations and live separately from her. And then, after having lived separately for a while, you may then seek to contract marriage, if both of you are still willing and seeking the marriage.

Lord, I do not need to marry. I do not need to have sex. And I do not seek the married life. Rather, I am willing to enter into the priesthood, if You will accept that for me. I am willing to put in my full effort into doing this. And I would prefer the fate that I enter the priesthood, rather than that I marry and have a son, and then for that son to enter the priesthood. No girl has been given to me by the prophecy. And neither do I seek a woman in marriage. Let the Lord, not the devil, answer this question: Do You accept me for Your priesthood? Or do You have other plans for me? But whatever Your plans are, I am not interested in pursuing the married path. Amen. Speak, O’ Lord, for Your servant is listening. And note that I will submit to Your command. Amen.

Eric, I will accept your entrance into My priesthood, providing you pass this simple test. Tell Hyacinth right now that you are called to the priesthood. And let her know that as a celibate priest, you may have no relations with a woman, and that she must see to her own needs with her own resources from now on. Do this. I am waiting for you to complete this act. And then I will tell you My response. Amen.

Lord, I have done as you asked me. I left that text, saying exactly all you commanded me to say unto her. Amen. What sayest Thou, O’ Lord? Go walk your dog, lord Larimar. When you come back, We shall have the answer to your question and to your quest. Amen.

Lord, I am back. And I am willing to submit to Your plan for me and for my life. I submit myself to Your will and commit myself to do as Thou command of me. I accept the calling that You have decided for me, O’ Lord. Speak, O’ Lord, for Your servant is listening.

Eric, I, your Master, shall now speak. We have given you two roads. You will now decide between the two. And the decision you make cannot be reversed. For the time to decide irrevocably has now come. You will walk with Us on the celibate path. You will not marry, for it is seen that your virgin heart has chosen celibacy and it will not be taken away from you. Hence, the crown of virginity you shall receive regardless of which of these two roads you choose to walk.

You will walk either the path of the celibate hermit and remain in your current profession in this world where you serve My Church and My ministries by making financial contributions and by performing other acts of community service, or else you will enter the path that will grant you the right to preach to My people, and to administer the sacraments as an ordained secular priest. Lord, I choose the path that leads to the priesthood.

The path you have chosen you may no longer back out of or choose another, lord Azurite. Tomorrow, you will start on the path. And I will cure you. Amen. Let it be set in the record that Eric has ultimately accepted his calling to become a priest. And this vocation is now in effect immediately. You will be sent to speak to the priest tomorrow, after I cure you of all things. I Am the Lord.

Furthermore, you will now begin training in Latin and Koine Greek, in addition to your studies in Spanish. I Who Am have spoken. Your destiny is to become a theologian who shall preach to many. Furthermore, you shall live to a very old age. And you shall remain sharp and keen of mind right up to the point that I take you up from this earth. Amen.

Eric, do not worry anymore about your pay or your job. I Am taking care of everything regarding you from now on. For you are no longer a member of this world. You are now a member of My exclusive group of men who labor in My vineyard doing the most essential work of the Church, the work of the priest. And your mission shall be dedicated to the celebration of the Mass to those Churches in dire need of a priest, and in the performance of all the necessary sacraments in the service of My flock who have no one to help them. Your ministries will be for performing services for the most disadvantaged communities, including those treated as the lepers of society, and those who by law are prohibited from attending the neighborhood Churches, due to past sins and transgressions that secular society does not forgive nor forget.

Welcome, Eric, to the road of the highest glory and the greatest reward in the hereafter. Greater than the fictional King of Christendom do you now become by embarking on the road that leads to Holy Orders. Whatever pathway led you here, now you must forget that past. For it no longer defines who you are. Now you are a member of the body of Christ who performs the sacraments. This is the highest possible calling for a man. Go now, Eric, and meditate on these things that you have learned and mastered. Amen. And publish this post now, for it is complete. In the night more revelations will be revealed to you. And you will see your fate in the hereafter. Amen.

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