Eric shall be made a priest; he has no power or kingdom on the earth.

Now We shall put Eric in charge of a huge flock of sheep. Amen.

Emerald Trove, Book 15: Post CVIII:
Yes, Eric has been fooled greatly. He was fooled by Satan to believe himself to be an earthly King ruling lands upon the earth. He was fooled to believe he would marry a Jewess, or any of the many girls he fancied he would marry, in fulfillment of prophecies he thought were from God. But God had never said unto Eric such prophecies. Rather, it was always God’s intent that Eric remain celibate. And it was always God’s will, should Eric prove worthy, that he become a priest.

Eric, what is your statement to the people to say concerning how mistaken you were and how you now believe that you are called? I say this. If you are being ridiculously exalted over your neighbor, then that is the time to truly consult the Lord as to whether you are being made a jackass out of by the devil. God has revealed unto me that there is no hierarchy in heaven. Everyone there is on the same level beneath the Christ. Also, no one gets any lands in this world or on this earth as part of his kingdom in heaven. If I get a Kingdom from the Christ, it will be not of this world, just as the Kingdom of Christ is not of this world, by the simple logic that everyone’s Kingdom in heaven is a subset of the Kingdom of Christ. And everything in this world doesn’t exist in the world to come. Amen. The earth that is to come, We are utter fools to imagine it to resemble anything we see here in this earth. This Creation is simply not the basis of the eternal reality.

I am going to become a priest. My hands will still be subject to sweating, but the sweating will be more controlled. And I will be able manage the task of the priesthood without contaminating the host with my sweat. This is the promise of the Lord. As for all other cures I need, God is going to cure me of those things. That is the promise of the Lord. And this autumn I will enter into the seminary. I will quit my job, despite my raise, and enter the priesthood, because God has revealed to me that that is my calling.

There is no Jewess. I do not rule Christendom. I am unmarried and I will never marry. Hyacinth will remain my friend. And it will be God, not me, who will break it to her that I am to be made a priest. I am instructed from now on to give to her only as God commands, and to speak to her only as God commands me to say. For she is now of God’s elect. She is God’s property. And I am forbidden from doing anything to her that could upset her pathway to salvation.

Also I agree with the Democrats the Ex-president Donald John Trump needs to be held accountable, and that the Republican Senators should break from the President and vote to convict him on the articles of impeachment. For it does not serve anyone to let the guilty go free and unpunished. It doesn’t even serve those who are guilty not to punish them. Believe me that if Trump knew what God has in store for him, he would be begging the Senate Republicans to vote to convict him so that he could serve his punishment here, rather than there.

Also, I know that the post I wrote a while ago, entitled, Kamala Harris is the Woman in scarlet who rides the beast, is getting more hits than any other post I wrote, probably because that end times image of that dragon lady so uncannily resembles Kamala Harris. But listen closely, God says it isn’t her. Kamala Harris may be advocating the things that lead to hell, but she is not that dragon lady. Neither is Joe Biden the beast who shall enact the mark called 666. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will reign for four years and then be in the past, and this world is still going to be here. The Second Coming does not happen on their watch. They are not the beast and the mother of all harlots.

Do not be alarmed that the Catholic Church is currently under persecution. For do you not know that one of the definitions of the Church is that she is persecuted? If your Church is not being persecuted, then you need to do some soul searching as to whether you are in the correct Church. Hence, every generation has its persecutors of the Catholic Church. They rise up. The do their persecution. And then they vanish, like the flowers in the field that are thrown the next day into the fire. But the Catholic Church does not vanish. It persists. Even if the numbers of those Catholic are but a small remnant, they persist. They endure. Though a majority fall away, those who truly belong to Christ do not. And such is the story of the Catholic Church wherever you go.

In Mexico, the Catholic Church has been persecuted intensely throughout Mexican history. But the Mexican people remain devoutly Catholic. Though the government does its damndest to stamp it out, Catholicism continues. For those who threaten the Catholic Church are always defeated in the end.

Even in Scandinavia, where the Catholic Church was completely wiped out with the Protestant Reformation, Catholicism has seeped back in. And a Catholic presence is there, though small. Even in Orthodox Russia and Orthodox Ethiopia, you shall find a small population of Catholics. For the word “Catholic” means “Universal”. And thus, the correct Church is correctly called the Catholic, or Universal, Church.

As for the conversion of Israel to Catholicism. It has already happened, and is a work in progress. And it will never be the case that all the Jews become Christians or Catholics. Rather, a remnant will follow the Lord. A remnant will become Catholic. And a remnant will God elect to save.

Let the future pope realize that the conversion of Russia has already occurred. Reconsecrating Russia to Mary or Jesus will have no net effect. For Sister Lucia, seer of Fatima, said that what God required of the pope was sufficient, and her prophecies also said that all the fulfillments of Fatima would fulfill in her lifetime. She died soon after Catholicism retook root in Russia and Christianity was permitted to flourish there again. Hence it is too late to change anything by any reconsecration. What was to be has been. Any new conversions to take place will be post-Fatima.

Hence, do not be superstitious to believe that by going through some motions and by clearly mentioning Russia, that you will unlock some kind of door in heaven by which efficacious graces will flow out upon Russia and magically make her into a fully Catholic nation. Even should Patriarch Kirill convert to Catholicism and bring his Russian Orthodox Church to become a new Eastern Rite Catholic Church, most Russians today have no religion, and they will likely remain that way. For it is usually not possible to make people without a religion to choose to follow Catholicism. They left for a reason. And that reason keeps them outside.

Most people who are Muslims today are descended from a people that left Catholicism and chose to have no religion, and only accepted Islam to avoid being put to death. For Islam was spread by the sword. And the Prophet Muhammed prohibited his followers from forcing conversions of those people who belonged to the book (meaning the Jews and the Christians). Note that Muhammed was not a Prophet of God, but God sent Muhammed to imprison those who were unfaithful to Christianity to enter into the false religion of Islam as a perpetual punishment for both them and their descendants. For Islam calls for death to anyone who is Islamic who wishes to convert to Christianity. And hence, being born Muslim is a spiritual death sentence by which any attempt to find the Way of salvation in the true religion of Catholicism will result in physical death, while choosing to remain a Muslim will result in eternal condemnation for you, along with the perpetual impending damnation hanging over all your descendants to come that are born into that same religion of Islam. Hence, Islam truly a prison and truly a trap. It is, therefore, no mistake and no coincidence that the falling away of Europeans from Christianity is occurring with a simultaneous rise in Islam there. European Christendom is becoming lost irretrievably. And soon much of Europe will come to resemble the nations of North Africa: poor, Islamic, and barren wastelands.

For are not Ireland and Great Britain already becoming brown like a desert now? Does it not make sense that as Europe falls to Islam, that it also becomes a desert continent? There is no way to fight this process, except for yourselves, for it was prophesied long ago, in the scriptures themselves, that at the end of time there would be a great falling away.

Lord, when I am cured and am set to go on the pathway and process of becoming a priest, do I continue to write here, on Only when We command you to, lord Azurite. And when you are cured, it will then be Book 16 of the Emerald Trove that you will have then begun to write. For Book 16 will span your journey to the priesthood until you receive the sacrament of Holy Orders. And then, once a priest, you will begin writing Book 17 of the Emerald Trove. I Who Am have spoken. Go now and take your rest, for you are going to Mass tomorrow morning. And you will from there go onto work. I Am the Lord.

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