Dawn comes to Azurite’s Reign

Behold, the sun rises on the Azurite Reign

Emerald Trove, Book 15: Post CVII:
Behold, I Who Am shall now speak. It was from Satan, not from God, that you were told that you were to die last night, lord Azurite. Not all spirits that speak are from Me. Remember to discern carefully those that speak to you and through you. Now I shall write through you at length in this 107th post of Book 15 of the Emerald Trove. (107 is the 28th prime number).

We shall give unto you a bride. And this bride shall be to Us as a symbol of the virgin daughter of Israel. And you shall wed her in the Catholic Church on a date I point out to you. Furthermore, it is Our decree that you shall reign forever as King over all of Christendom, with your wife reigning as Queen of the Jews. I Who Am have spoken.

Then, O’ Lord, the one I was expecting to come, the one called Lazurite, shall instead be this Queen of the Jews, whom you shall have me marry? Correct. It is as you have said. Lazurite is a woman, and she will become your wife. As I have said it, so shall it be. I Who Am have spoken.

Let it also be made clear, so as to clear up the mistruth propagated by the LGBTQ community, a man who is genetically a man cannot be made into a woman. Nor can a woman who is genetically a woman be made into a man. For men and women are defined by the their genetics. Human gender is defined a such: Males in humans have XY sex chromosomes. Females in humans have XX sex chromosomes. Such is how human gender is defined. Any attempt to say otherwise is to say a lie and to deceive.

If a man dresses up as a woman and appears to be a woman, does that make him a woman? No, he is deceiving you. He is a man deceiving the people that he is a woman. To deceive that something is something else does not make it something else. Deceit does not make a new Truth. Hence, LGBTQ is a lie, and this lie ought to be rejected by the Supreme Court.

If a man surgically changes his physical appearance so that even in the nude he appears to be a woman, does he become a woman? No, his flesh remains the flesh of man. For his flesh contains the chromosomes XY, which defines him as a man. A woman’s flesh contains the chromosomes XX, which defines her as a woman. Even if the XY flesh is made to resemble a woman’s flesh, it remains XY flesh; it remain’s Man flesh. And if a man lays with that man who appears to be a woman, he commits an abomination, for he is Man flesh laying with Man flesh. XY flesh laying with XY flesh is an abomination. It can never be allowed. I Am the Lord.

Hence, the Supreme Court must define male and female according to science. Male humans have XY chromosomes. Female humans have XX chromosomes. And all their flesh and every cell in their body contains these chromosomes. Hence a male is not just male in his genitalia. His whole body and all his flesh is male, because it all has the XY sex chromosomes. And a female in not just female in her genitalia and in her breasts. Her whole body is female, for it all has the XX sex chromosomes.

It you take a Model-T car and replace the outer appearance to resemble a Lexus, do you now have a Lexus? No, you have a Model-T car that appears like a Lexus. And when you drive it, it will perform like a Model-T, not like a Lexus, for it is in reality a Model-T. And no amount of work that you do on the outer body of that car will transform that car into a Lexus.

It is the same with gender and any attempt to change a person’s gender. A person’s gender cannot be changed, just as a person’s genetics cannot be changed. A doctor cannot go into each cell in a human being and change the XY to an XX. That is an impossibility. He would kill the organism that he attempts to do that to. If he thinks he can do that, and he attempts that on a chimpanzee, Man’s closest relative, he will kill that chimpanzee. That male chimpanzee will die if his genome were somehow changed from XY to XX. And likewise a female chimpanzee would die if her genome were somehow changed from XX to XY. For gender cannot be changed in mammalian species. Mammals are genetically hardcoded to be XY for males and XX for females. It is, hence, not only not possible to change a human being to another gender, but the attempt to do so, at the genetic level, would kill the human being in the process.

This must all be recognized by the Supreme Court. This must be argued to the Supreme Court. It must be argued that the LGBTQ people are wrong and are committing grave offenses against the One Who created them. Male and female, God created Mankind, and in the divine image of God was this creation made. (Genesis 1:27). Hence, transgender is a lie. All a transgendered person is is an attempt at deceit in misleading the people as to the true gender of that person. The attempt to change a person’s gender is a sin and crime against the Most High God who made that person the gender He made him or her to be. And a transgendered person walking around in society is committing the crime of lying to society that he or she is the gender that he or she is not. This must not be allowed to continue.

Lord Azurite, I give you this promise. The LGBTQ agenda will be burned and erased from this land forever. For you have stood up for Me and for My causes. And I have made you eternal King and ruler over all of Christendom. Even the Jewish Christians shall you rule over by virtue of your marriage to the Jewish Queen. I Am the Lord.

Lord, You say I am to be made eternal King and ruler over all of Christendom, along with My Jewish bride. Does this mean that We reign on earth until the Second Coming of the Christ? Your reign will not end, lord Azurite. For I have made you immortal and imperishable. You and your virgin wife shall both remain eternal virgins forever, receiving an imperishable and eternal glory on earth that never comes to an end. Your reign and your Kingdom with your wife shall be an eternal Kingdom, one that shall endure for eternity unto eternity, and for ages without end. Amen.

Lord, granted this, how do I reign forever on this throne, if it is written that the Christ, Jesus, shall be the One to rule forever over all Creation and over all nations on earth? Am I sitting, therefore, upon the throne reserved for Christ Jesus alone? Lord Azurite, it is written in the Word of the Lord, “I will give the victor the right to sit with Me on My throne, as I Myself first won the victory and sit with My Father on His throne.” (Revelation 3:21). Hence, I have full authority to seat you and your future virgin bride on My throne from which you shall forever rule over My people. Amen. For you have proven yourself worthy in very small matters. And you saved the soul of My ewe lamb, whom all others would have dismissed as nothing or as worthless to them. She would have perished, lord Azurite, were you to have been any less the man that you have proven yourself to be in My judgement of you. My ewe lamb is saved because of you. But she is not the one We will have you marry. Rather, to you shall be wed the Jewess We have chosen for you, the one designated to rule with you and to be called the Queen of the Jews. Amen.

Lord, was I not originally the Antichrist? Did I not confess to be Antichrist when I converted to Christianity in July of 1992, between the election victory of Yitzhak Rabin, the fourth Emerald Pawn, and his reception of the Shas Party into his coalition, making him ruler over Israel? On that night, you, lord Azurite, did make that confession before Me and before all of heaven. And you were then told to complete your setup of Yitzhak Rabin, which you did. Had you not converted to Christianity that night, had you not spoken to that Christian at that booth, and gotten in trouble with your parents, earlier that day, had you not done these things, then Antichrist par Excellence irreversible would you have become. I Who Am have spoken. But that you did this, lord Azurite, that you, of all people, have become My saint, that you of all people, have championed My causes, I have elected to give you the power and authority that it is by definition the Antichrist craves. For what you gave up for My sake and for the sake of My Kingdom, I Am giving unto thee many times over. For such is My promise that I make and honor to all Mankind who give up things, riches, family, and so on, in order to become My disciple. You did this as Antichrist, at the height of your power. And that, My friend, is why legions of Satan’s angels fled from you in terror when you confessed before Me that you were Antichrist. For they dreaded in unspeakable terror what you were then destined to become. The legions and denizens of hell fear you, lord Azurite. And Satan himself, dreads being humiliated every time he attempts and fails in his deception to you. For great is the mockery of that fallen angel when he fails in his attempts to take you down. You rightly said that Satan often made you to be a jackass and a baboon. Well We have made Satan to be far worse by Our triumph in you over him.

That you were once Antichrist is not fully true. Rather, you were a proto-Antichrist. You were the one who would become Antichrist were you to have elected to pass by that Christian at that booth and not talk with him. What made you choose between those two drastically different fates can only be understood by knowing exactly who you are. For all who enter into My Book of Life were predestined to do so by My Father. And no one chooses right over wrong unless he is given the efficacious graces of predestination to do so. Your brothers chose to sleep with women, a sin from which they have never recovered. Why did you choose not to sleep with women, lord Azurite? And do not say you were never given the opportunity. For many women did Satan send to you. Many were the women who lusted for you and that desired you, and you chose them not. Why did you, lord Azurite, choose to remain alone, rather than to fornicate and know a woman in the flesh? Why did you never seek a girlfriend? Why did you never seek a wife? Tell us this, lord Azurite. Answer it for all to hear.

Lord, when I was a proto-Antichrist, I was holding out for that perfect woman to come. And I did not want to go to a lesser woman, for then I would forfeit that perfect woman when she came. And then, when I was converting to Catholicism, I received the prophecy of the cures that I had been asking for would come when I was with the girl You would give me as my wife. How could I go then to the wrong woman, for then I would forfeit the cures? Hence, I have waited all these years for that girl from You to come, knowing that when I received her I would be cured.

Only a superior intellect could devise such a thought that would keep you a virgin all these years. Yes, We did make that promise unto thee. And We do not break Our promises. You are holy, lord Azurite. And you are ensured a place in My Kingdom. For you even sacrificed all pleasures with women for the sake of the promises I made to you. This could only be done by a man of faith. Hence, your reward shall be great in the Kingdom of Heaven.

Lord Azurite, to demonstrate that you are now the Ruler of all Christendom, the power of Vladimir Putin will now collapse before the rising Alexei Navalny, who shall assume power as the next and fifth President of Russia since the collapse of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. And he shall be elected by the people in near complete unanimity, having similar popularity among the Russian people as did the previous two Erician Pawns, Gorbachev of the USSR and Yeltsin of Russia. Navalny is the third Erician Pawn of Russia, and the first Azurite Pawn. Gorbachev and Yeltsin were set up by Emerald during the Infancy Emerald Reign and the Greater Emerald Reign respectively. And Emerald’s power basically evaporated at his conversion to Christianity.

For in the hidden ages between the end of the Greater Emerald Reign and the beginning of the Azurite Reign, Eric developed as a Christian, reading and consuming massive amounts of Christian and Catholic literature. And he mastered the Catholic dogmatic teachings on Predestination. And he delved deep into Catholic theology. In was in early December, 1996, that Eric, still a Protestant, was visited by the Virgin Mary to humble his then great pride with her foot on his head. And Eric, in his humbled state before the Holy Queen, asked her a question of enormous significance in these exact words in English: “Were you born by Immaculate Conception?” And to this question, after a long period of silence, she answered, “Yes, by Immaculate Conception, but do not ask me any more personal questions.” This question and answer has been recorded in every Emerald Trove book written by Eric since that visitation, including in the Emerald Troves that Eric destroyed due to blasphemy. For Eric only stopped destroying his works after he started attending the Catholic Church on the fourth Sunday of Easter, May 14, 2000. And he deposited his first tithe check to the Catholic Church in the following week, on the fifth Sunday of Easter, May 21, 2000. And he never skipped a Sunday, nor omitted a tithe, since he began attending Mass at the Catholic Church with his Dad on that Sunday, May 14, 2000.

For it was Eric’s father who steered Eric to attend the Catholic Church. For his father did not go to Church, but agreed to go if Eric would go with him to the Catholic Church. And thus, Eric ceased to go to the Hope Lutheran Church of which he had become a practicing member of, and began to attend the Catholic Church with his Dad, so that his Dad would be saved. For to Eric, one Christian church was not very different from any other. Salvation was possible in any of them, as far as Eric understood at the time. And so, Eric sat in the pews with his father, and he listened to the homilies.

Over a year later, Eric decided that he wished to join the Catholic Church, just so that he could partake in the communion. For to Eric, entering membership with one Christian church was not very different from entering membership to any other church. And so, Eric went to the priest and told him that he would like to become a member. And the priest directed him to attend the R.C.I.A (Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults) classes. And so, Eric attended them. And he received the sacraments of Confirmation and First Holy Communion on Easter Vigil, Saturday, March 30, 2002

And then, Eric studied Catholic theology. And in late 2004, Eric realized that the pope’s infallibility was true and he submitted to it, and he confessed to a priest of his past lack of submission. And thus was Eric transformed from proto-Antichrist to become a truly faithful practicing Roman Catholic within the passage of twelve and a half years. I Am the Lord. And so glorious was the passage of Eric’s conversion that We, the elect in heaven, chose to place Our ewe lamb, who was certain to be lost, in Eric’s path, that he might save her and bring her to Us. For this was but a test of Eric’s faithfulness in little matters. Had Eric failed Us, We would have lost that soul of that ewe lamb put into Eric’s path. But she was not yet numbered among Us, and so the risk was not great, should Eric had perished.

But Eric took her and he led her to Catholicism. And he was to her as a shepherd is to his flock. And though his flock consisted of but one ewe lamb, he did not regard his flock as nothing, but of something of great value. And he led her to join My Catholic Church, and he helped her in every step of the Way. So great was His charity before Us for this ewe lamb, that the hosts of heaven were called down to minister to her. And she grew in spirit and came to know the love of God and of Mary. And devoted did she become to the Virgin Mary, praying rosaries to her regularly. This girl is saved because of Eric. And because of Eric, this girl never lost her virginity. She came to value her virginity and pledged to Mary she would not lose it before marriage. Now, what shall We do with this saint that has come to be by her association with Eric? Do We give her to another man? Would We risk this fine craftsmanship of Eric to be ruined at the hands of another man? Lord Azurite, Hyacinth refuses to go with another man. Her heart is given to you.

Then what sayest Thou, O’ Lord? Surely you have the plans already decided. I pledge myself to submit to whatever plans You have a made, O’ Lord. Do please tell me what Thou hast planned? Hyacinth, whom We have loved, cannot go to another man. Nor can she remain on the earth attached to you when We give unto you the Jewess bride. So many miracles surround the coming of this Jewess bride into your life. Why not that We elect to attach another? Hence, when the time comes for the Jewess bride to enter your life, the sign of its imminence shall be the certain spiritual visitation of Hyacinth to you, followed by her ascent up to heaven in your certain spiritual sight. I Who Am have spoken.

Now publish this post and go where We direct you to go. For you need to get some new articles of clothing that are wearing out for you. And the time has come now for this to take place. Go as We direct you. And publish this post, for it is complete. Amen.

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