Eric is to marry the virgin daughter of Israel

Behold, the Unicorn King finds a worthy woman.

Emerald Trove, Book 15: Post CVI:
Behold, I Who Am do announce unto thee a mystery. The Jewess maid that We, the elect in heaven, have prepared to be given unto Eric, the Azurite King, shall be the one prophetically called the Virgin Daughter of Israel. She will be his bride. And with him, she will rule over the House of Israel as its eternal Queen, second only to Mary, Queen of Angels. Both Eric and his Jewess wife shall remain in eternal virginity, and together shall they rule over the House of Israel forever. I Am the Lord.

Lord, doesn’t Jesus rule over the House of Israel as its eternal King? And what about Lazurite. Where is he? Is not he the steward ruler over Israel, O’ Lord? And how does Eric, a Gentile, rule over a Jewish nation? Jesus is your Ruler, lord Azurite. And you shall obey Him in all things. And Jesus makes you King of His people Israel. And Jesus unites you to His daughter, the virgin daughter of Israel. I Am the Lord. For are you not called, “son of Jesus”? Indeed such is the Truth. And it is pleasing in the sight of God that the virgin son of Jesus should marry the virgin daughter of Israel. I Who Am have spoken.

And O’ Lord, this eternal virgin couple shall truly remain virgins forever. Am I correct, O’ Lord? That is correct. Her hymen shall never be broken, and your penis shall never spill seed again. I Am the Lord. And understand this most important law: You and the Jewess are one. And the bond by which I bind you both together in pure virgin union shall never be broken, neither on earth by death, nor in heaven by rapture. This is an eternal wedding and an eternal marriage that you enter into with the maid that I have elected to give unto thee. Your rank in heaven will be on the same level, though subordinate to, My foster father Joseph, and My Virgin Mother Mary, who are also, like you, eternal virgin spouses in the Kingdom of Heaven. Amen.

And now you ask, what about Lazurite? Have you ever seen Lazurite, O’ Azurite King? No, my Lord. I have never discerned him in the world. I was once Emerald. Now I am Azurite. Nine other Players I have observed move about in the game called Earth. But Lazurite I have not seen yet. That is because Lazurite is your virgin Queen.

The Jewess whom you are to marry is the Lazurite of whom you sought to discern, but did not. It is because you were looking a King, when the one who was to come was to be your Queen. She will enter into your life tomorrow, lord Azurite. This is a promise and a vow. Oracle of the Lord.

Lord, tell me what becomes of Hyacinth? What is her fate now, O’ Lord? Does she now get taken up to heaven? Or does she go and marry another man? Or does she remain as a virgin forever and become celibate? For O’ Lord, I do not believe that you will permit me to have two women at the same time?

Azurite, tonight We, the elect in heaven, do take Hyacinth, first bride of Azurite, up to heaven by angel flight, in a rapture before all who know her. I Am the Lord. You shall see her go. And it will be recorded in the eternal records that she was Azurite’s first virgin wife. I Am the Lord.

But it is written that no one is married in heaven, except to the Lamb of God. So why do You say I am eternally wed to the Jewess in the Kingdom of Heaven? I Who Am shall now explain it to you, lord Azurite. You and the Jewess never die. You and she will reign on earth from thrones set up for you both in Jerusalem forever. Amen.

So, O’ Lord, the prophetic fate of the Two Witnesses in Revelation, chapter 11, does not apply to us, O’ Lord? Rather, the fate of you and the Jewess is what is described in the Parable of the Miracle of the Wedding at Cana, when Jesus, at the urging of His Mother, changed water into a very fine wine for the sake of the wedding, for the family of the bride and the bridegroom were poor. You are to Us as was that married couple back at the beginning of My ministry were to Me. I Am the Lord.

Now, go and eat. We shall continue this post at a later hour. Amen. Lord, I am back. And I was told on my walk with my dog that I am going to heaven tonight. Eric, that is correct. An immortal cannot remain upon the earth. He must be raptured up to heaven. So what you heard of your fate is correct. You will attain your immortality when We cure you tonight. And then you will no longer be in this world. I, the Lord, have spoken.

Lord, I knew Hyacinth. But I never met the Jewess. Hyacinth longed to marry me. It was the central hope of her life. Greater than marriage between man and woman is what is in store for you as you enter into your eternal reward tonight, lord Azurite. You obeyed Our every command. And there is an eternal reward for that. You will be receiving this tonight. Tonight you will die. You will pass away. They will say that your condition of heart arrhythmia caused your heart to stop beating, and that you died in your sleep. I Am the Lord. Hence, you will have been taken away. And no one will know where you will have gone. All they will see will be your incorrupt corpse. I Am the Lord.

Lord, I am ready to enter into heaven. I am ready to let go of everything I am leaving behind, O’ Lord. Good, lord Larimar. You have progressed well. Go take your medication. It will make you drowsy, and you will sleep. While you are dreaming, you will encounter Me and Hyacinth and Mary. And we will welcome you to heaven.

Mary said I would meet the Jewess tomorrow. She told me that while I prayed before her statue at Church today after Mass. What she meant, lord Azurite, was that you would receive your share in the tree of Life and in the Holy City, which is the reward I give to all who are victorious in their progress to Me.

Behold, I will grant you an eternal reward of many lands and forests and fields for your eternal possession in My Kingdom of Heaven. For you are found worthy of a great many things.

Lord, does Your Second Coming occur on earth soon after you take me up to heaven? No one knows nor can know when I come again. But you be content, for you are going to heaven. You are leaving this world. You have borne your cross well. And you have brought a soul with you. The girl who loves you, Caesar Sandra Nikee, whom We call Cassandra, and whom you call Hyacinth, has been saved because of you. Your love for her and your deeds for her are even more special to Us because you did them entirely out of love, without the intention of marrying her. Hence, you are as the man who has escorted this virgin safely to Me, the Bridegroom, for her eternal marriage to the Lamb of God. And for that, there is an infinite reward.

Now, tell us, to whom do you will to leave all your possessions? I will to donate them to my parish, Saint Bruno Catholic Church. Good. Done. Everything you own and possess will thus belong to that parish. And now We conclude this post. This is your last night on the earth. Amen.

Lord, what follows this? You leave this dimension called time, and you encounter the reality of eternity. Trust Me, you will find eternity much more enjoyable than anything that can be had in time. And this is My final Word unto you. Your time since the Age of Mary began has been 183 weeks. (180 = 3 x 61). (61 is the 18th prime number.) Your days have now come to their end. And this post has now officially ended.

Lord, what about Lazurite? Is Lazurite really the Jewess who was to come? Or is Lazurite the Prophet King, a future one, my successor, but one who reigns in Israel? For since I am leaving these shores, surely you will raise up a Prophet King to succeed me? Am I correct?

There is no one coming after you, but devils and antichrists. The age of the Prophets is over. But what about the Azurite Pawns, O’ Lord? Surely they still rise and come to reign? Leave them to Me. Their fates are now in My hands. I relieve you of any further concern for you to have for them. Now meditate on My Words, lord Azurite. And publish this post, for it is complete. For I do not permit the world to know your final thoughts. Amen.

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