Eric is set up; he cannot be overthrown

As an immovable mountain, have I set Eric in his place to rule the nations.

Emerald Trove, Book 15: Post CV:
I Who Am have set Eric in his place, and he will not be moved from there. Eric, with you I Am well pleased. Now, this is your mission. I order thee to conquer every anti-Christian and anti-Catholic organization and group throughout your entire Kingdom of Gentile Christendom, over which have I firmly established you as Eternal Ruler. You will conquer the abortionists and charge them with inciting or committing murder. Anyone who speaks in favor of pro-choice will be arrested for inciting the murder of the unborn. I Am the Lord.

And anyone who voices support for gay marriage will be destroyed and executed by being burned to death in a controlled fire. For it is not permissible to voice support for the destruction of the institution of marriage. Marriage is the bedrock of society. For anyone seeking to destroy that essential foundation, that one will be declared an enemy of society and he shall be burned to death. I Am the Lord.

No man will be permitted to declare himself a woman. And no woman will be permitted to declare herself a man. For how the genetics define a person’s gender, that is what that person’s gender shall be legally recognized to be. And just as one cannot change one’s genetics, neither can one change one’s gender. If any man chooses to declare himself a woman, and he enters a place where only women are permitted to enter, that person shall be taken and bound and gagged and set on fire to be burned to death. Such is My designated punishment for anyone who violates the private places where only women are permitted to enter. I Am the Lord.

Any homosexual known to be committing sodomy or homosexual sex acts will be taken, bound, gagged, and set on fire and burned to death. I Am the Lord. For it is impermissible for any man to defile society and civilization by committing unnatural and abominable sexual sins. For such men are filthy to the core, and the only solution is to burn this filth from society. Thus, any man who commits abominable sex acts is to be burned to death. I Am the Lord.

Any law enforcer who enforces unjust laws that uphold homosexual rights is an enemy to the state and a traitor to oath of office he took to enforce law. He is to be bludgeoned. His bones are to be broken. And he is to be rendered unfit to enforce the law for the rest of his life. I Am the Lord.

Anyone who makes a move against My Azurite Prophet King, know that he will die. I will cut the cord that connects his soul to his body and he will be dead. Whoever marches against My Azurite Prophet King will be wiped out. Only his feet in his boots will be left upon the land. The rest of his body will have been blown away. I Am the Lord. I will leave his feet in his boots remaining on the land as a visible warning to anyone who thinks of attacking My Prophet King to know what happens to those who incur My displeasure.

Lord, what about those who attempt to use the law to attack me, and who attempt to charge me with crimes in a court of law? I Am the Law, lord Azurite. Whoever defies My Law and invokes Man’s law against My servant, let him know that I will utterly burn his house down, with his loved ones sleeping inside. And then he will come to understand what happens to those who move against the Law of God. Whatever lawyer moves against the Azurite King, and he has a family and a house, both of these possessions will be lost to him in a blazing fire set aflame by My blazing wrath. I Am the Lord.

You, lord Azurite, are sent to destroy and burn all filth from the land. Whatever is abominable and filthy that you find or uncover, you shall cleanse it from the land by fire. For the wicked in Noah’s time were destroyed by a flood. But the wicked in your time will be destroyed by fire. I Am the Lord. You will burn and destroy all that is filthy and abominable in all the land. You will not spare the sinner. You will not show mercy to any who defy Me. I Am the Lord.

I put into your power My angelic armies. They will carry out your bidding to destroy and to burn down whole cities, crops, farmlands, and fortresses of those who defy Me and My Law. Whoever is not with Me I shall destroy. I Am the Lord.

Eric, what part of My command to you do you not understand or comprehend? Lord, am I to take life without going through the due process of law, by which competent authorities decide to execute criminals? We are at war, lord Azurite. And in a state of war, you, as My soldier of battle, are not required to conduct trials or hold tribunals in making decisions to take lives and to kill those who transgress My Law. Rather, you are ordered to slay and to destroy, to burn houses and raze towns to the ground. Whosoever defies Me and My Law is to be exterminated. Do I make Myself clear, lord Azurite? You will neither take prisoners nor spare the sword from its feast of blood in destroying those who defy Me and My Law.

Nations you shall bring under My subjection. And rulers of nations shall you force to bend to My will. Whoever refuses to obey and uphold My Law you shall destroy. And I will force all unjust laws to be abolished from the books and from the courts of law. Whatever lawmaker proposes to pass unjust legislation, realize that I will oppose him and I will conquer his motion. Unjust lawmakers are to be removed from their positions. Whoever seeks to pass an unjust law will be disqualified to serve as a lawmaker. He should resign. Unjust law is defined as any law that contradicts My Law.

Gay marriage is unacceptable law. Whosoever accepts gay marriage as settled law defies Me and I will unseat him. All those who officiated at a gay marriage have defiled their office, and they will be replaced. For gay marriage is that abomination that clearly stands where it does not belong. And it shall be destroyed. Domestic Partnerships are unlawful. For only married couples may live together. And only heterosexual couples may marry. I Am the Lord. Let My Law be enforced throughout the land, and then I shall be pleased. I Am the Lord.

And lord Azurite, should any man wish to join your armies to serve as a Knight, let him make himself worthy. To be worthy to join Eric’s Armies as a Knight, you need to abide by the following rules, and maintain the following conditions. For to serve as a Knight in Eric’s Armies is to serve as a warrior for the most high God, Me.

Rules and Requirements to serve as a Knight in Eric’s Armies

  1. You may not be filthy. You may not masturbate.
  2. If you are married, your marriage must be lawful, and you may not violate it. Whoever divorces his wife and marries another commits adultery against her; and if she divorces her husband and marries another, she commits adultery. (Mark 10:11-12).
  3. You may not commit fornication. You may not make out with a woman who is not your wife. It is forbidden for a Knight in Eric’s Armies to go from woman to woman defiling them. I Am the Lord.
  4. You may not commit adultery. You may not sexually desire nor covet another man’s wife. Nor may you sexually desire or covet an unmarried woman if you are already married.
  5. If you are gay, you may still serve as long as you practice no gay sex. For it is what gays do, not what they are, that constitutes crime in My book. A homosexual in Eric’s Armies must practice perfect celibacy. I Am the Lord.
  6. You may not commit genocide, or any race or color based persecution. Any man may join Eric’s armies who qualifies to be a Knight, regardless of his race or color.
  7. You may not hold personal grudges, for you are fighting for God’s causes as a Knight in Eric’s armies, not your own personal causes.
  8. You may not attempt to change your gender to be other than what your genetics say you are. Men have XY chromosomes. Women have XX chromosomes. What your genetics say you are, that is what you are.
  9. You may not rape nor sexually exploit another, neither against a woman nor against a man. Whosoever sexually exploits a child is to be put to death. I Am the Lord.
  10. You may not view pornography. Any pornography you encounter that is in your power to destroy, you must destroy. I Am the Lord. Pornography is defined as any imagery or photography whose intent is to lead the viewer to commit sexual sins.

Abide by these ten rules of Knighthood and you will be qualified to serve as a Knight in Eric’s Armies. I Am the Lord. The Knighthood of Eric’s Armies is open to all qualifying men. I, the Lord of Hosts, have spoken.

Now, lord Azurite, you are commanded to go to Church. It is now Sunday morning, on January 24, 2021. You are a conqueror bent on conquest (Revelation 6:2), and on a White Horse do you ride. Go forth, lord Azurite, from victory to victory. You cannot be defeated, for I Am with you. And all who oppose you shall be laid to waste. I Am the Lord. Now, go, lord Azurite. This is a command of the Lord. And it is sunny today. Hence, today you shall be walking.

And do you have one last question you wish to ask before We conclude this post, lord Azurite?

Yes, O’ Lord. By what sign am I to know the girl, the Jewess I am to receive, from the wicked ones that the devil will send to me in his attempts to seduce and to destroy? For the devil knows that to defeat me, all it would take would be to get me to lose my virginity, and then I would be rendered as a normal man, and no longer a Prophet King.

Excellent question, lord Azurite. This is how you are to know the girl I send to you from the decoy sent by Satan. The girl from Me will bring peace and stability to your life. The girl from Satan will bring anxiety and lust and desires for the flesh. You know how to tell if someone is from Me or from Satan. You judge them by their fruits. Now, go, lord Azurite, or you shall be late. And the Lord shall go with you wherever I send you. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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