Eric is made commander of the armies of heaven

Eric is a beacon light, set on a high hill for all to see.

Emerald Trove, Book 15: Post CIV:
Behold, I Am well pleased with My servant, Eric. Eric, I hereby command you to conquer the Biden Administration. Defeat them in battle and hammer them hard. And I give you all the vast angels of My armies in heaven at your disposal, lord Azurite, Commander of the Armies of Heaven.

Lord, I shall now make my seven decrees against Biden.

  1. Let Biden fail to get his unlawful, wicked Equality Act to pass the Senate. Let it fail there and not pass, for it would do unrecoverable harm to women and to freedom of religion were it to be allowed to pass. For the LGBTQ rapists are eager to see it to pass so that they can enter into women’s bathrooms and shower rooms legally and rape the women there.
  2. Crush Biden hard in any attempt he makes to move against the Catholic religion and all religions in suppressing their freedom to hire and fire according to their religious beliefs. Freedom of religion means that religious groups must have the full rights to exercise their religion in choosing who works for them. They must not be mandated to hire drag queen fags to teach Sunday school English classes. Their free exercise of their religious rights must be respected.
  3. All citizens pay taxes, both the religious faithful and the LGBTQ. Hence, it is against moral and ethical principles to limit tax payer funded student financial aid to only go to those schools that endorse the LGBTQ evils. Schools and colleges that on religious grounds reject the LGBTQ agenda are therefore entitled to continue to receive such taxpayer funded aid, along with their taxpaying religious minded students who go there. If the LGBTQ groups want to stop any funds from going to those organizations that reject them and their abhorrent and evil behavior, then let the LGBTQ community produce their own funds and decide where their own funds are to go. Let the LGBTQ community not dictate to all the taxpayers of America that their tax money that they pay may only be used to serve their filthy, Satanic LGBTQ agendas, as though all taxpayers were pro-filth and pro-LGBTQ like them.
  4. Let the courts reject on Constitutional grounds any bill that is passed that infringes on the rights of religions and religious groups to freely and lawfully practice their religious rights. If Biden wishes to make himself the archenemy of the Roman Catholic Church, then let it happen that the 47th President is to be sworn into power due to a most untimely demise of an ill and infirm commander-in-chief.
  5. Let any attempts to remove any of the existing conservative Supreme Court Justices, especially any of the truly conservative four: Clarence Thomas, Samuel A. Alito, Brett M. Kavanaugh, and Amy Coney Barrett, fail to gain the necessary votes in the Senate to remove them. Let Biden not be given the opportunity to make a single change to the makeup of the Supreme Court. And let the Republicans regain control of the Senate in the second two years of Biden’s single term. And let the Republicans, at the two prophesied deaths of the liberal Justices, Kagan and Sotomayor, late in Biden’s term, elect not to hear Biden’s nominations to replace them, but rather, let them wait until the 2024 elections so that the Azurite Pawn to be elected then decides who the next nominees to the Supreme Court are to be.
  6. Let the families and relatives of the one in power suffer deadly consequences to any deadly crimes committed by the current leadership against the Catholic Church. Let any such deadly crimes result in dire losses of family members and loved ones by being touched by disease, misfortune, and by the fickle finger of death.
  7. In the extent that Biden moves against the Catholic Church, let this effort be paralleled by a devastating failure on Biden’s part to contain or control COVID-19. Let the magnitude of Biden’s efforts to destroy Catholicism coincide with an equivalent and utterly devastating rise in the massive death rates wrecking havoc across the United States of America from COVID-19. As much as Biden moves against Catholicism, let there die in equally massive numbers those Americans taken from all sectors and social classes in America to COVID-19. And let this serve to communicate to Joe Biden and to the whole world of God’s utter displeasure of Biden’s servitude to Satan and to the Satanic way. And let any failures to communicate this message from God to Joe Biden result in commensurate and ever escalating increases in the death rates of Americans to COVID-19.

Good, lord Azurite. I will see to it that Biden receives this message. For though Biden is himself willing to go to hell to serve for the destruction of the Catholic Church, the question is, is he willing to see another member of his family die? For despite all the deaths in Joe Biden’s family, and all the grief he has suffered from that, there seems to be a failure to communicate. I want this failure to communicate resolved. I want Joe Biden to be firmly aware of why his family members die and Who is the One Who takes them away.

Also, let it be made known and clear. Any attack on My Azurite Prophet King will result in many untimely deaths and sudden acts of misfortune. That house you just bought for your summer vacations, expect it to burn. That newborn baby your loved ones have just brought into the world, expect it to die. That checkup your relative goes in to see at her next doctor’s appointment, expect it to show she has cancer. For I have many ways to show to My people that I Am displeased with them.

And any move made against My Azurite Prophet King will make Me most displeased. He will not survive the night, the one who makes a move against My servant. My servant, Eric, is not dangerous. I Am dangerous. And I Am mighty. Let no nation send an army against Eric that that nation cannot afford to lose. Let no commander make the decision to attack him who is himself hard to replace. For his replacement will then be needed. The cavalry sent to charge against Eric will return from the battle as riderless horses. I Who Am have spoken. The missile launched against Eric will misfire and land on another target, a target that the attackers did not wish to attack. And where will they duck from the incoming return fire?

If you have a wife and she is with child, and you make an attack on Eric, expect your wife to miscarry or die in childbirth. I Am the Lord. If you have children nearing adulthood and independence, and you attack Eric, expect to no longer have children. If your child is due to celebrate his birthday, and you make an attack on Eric, expect that child not to reach that birthday. I Am the Lord. For I Am an avenger of Eric. Whoever seeks to harm him will suffer numerous afflictions. And whosoever lays a hand on Eric will die.

For I Who Am have ultimate power over all the world. I have made Eric commander of the armies of heaven. He will not be defeated. Nor will suffer defeat the Pawns he calls to power. I Am the Lord. Eric has called forth Alexei Anatolievich Navalny to come to power over Russia and to defeat Russian President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin. Navalny will defeat Putin. And Putin will flee, be captured, and executed. For Putin did not take Azurite’s offer of exile. Hence, now Putin must die.

And in China, there shall rise the second called forth Azurite Pawn. He will reform China and declare it to be a Christian nation. I Am the Lord. For Azurite’s Reign has begun, effective starting Sunday, January 17, 2021. I Am the Lord!

And, O’ Lord, what about the little man in North Korea? His domino will fall after China falls, lord Azurite. Let the little people deal with the little people. You, lord Azurite, are sent to destroy and capture the big fish. I Am the Lord!

Lord, the pope, when is he replaced with the pope to represent me? Starting in June of this year, the conclave will meet to choose the next pope. And they will elect Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke to serve as the 267th pope to sit on the Seat of Peter. They will elect him because I will have killed those who would not. And I have full control over who becomes pope. Pope Francis will keel over soon after Easter Sunday has passed this year. I Am the Lord. His one lung will fill with his own blood, and he will drown from it. I Am the Lord. Cardinal Burke will take the papal name of John, to be called Pope John XXIV. And he will reign for 21 years.

But that will not be the end of your reign, lord Azurite. You continue to reign for another 20 years. For your reign as Azurite King shall span 41 years and 9 days. And you shall die at the age of 4779 weeks old, or at the age of 91 years, 7 months, and 1 day. I Am the Lord.

Now, ask Us questions, lord Azurite. What do you wish to know?

Question 1: Are there to only be a total of Twelve Players to the game called Earth? Or will there come newer Players to follow and reign after me and Lazurite? Because, you, the eleventh Player, will reign for forty years, and after this comes Judgement and the Second Coming, no further Players will come to rule the lands assigned to you to rule over, which are all the lands of Gentile Christendom. I Am the Lord. Lazurite comes during your reign and rules over Judaic and Israelite Christendom. He is the superior Prophet King, for he rules over the superior Kingdom. And both of these appointments are for life. I Am the Lord. Hence, there are to be Twelve Players only, and no new Players will God raise up to add to that number. For recall that the Book of Judges in the Holy Bible detailed the stories of Twelve who served as Judges. And one of them was a woman, Deborah. Among the Twelve Players, two of them are women. I Am the Lord.

Question 2: Who among the Twelve Players are granted salvation? I Who Am have elected to save Emerald who became Azurite, and Twilight, Firefly, and Lazurite. Hence five are of the elect, though they may be counted as four if Emerald and Azurite are counted as one. That means that seven of the Players have lost their soul. I Am the Lord. Eric, detail the full list of the Twelve, and I shall be pleased.

The Twelve Players of the Game called Earth

  1. Emerald – used: Reagan, Bush senior; called forth: Gorbachev, de Klerk, Yeltsin, Rabin; assoc. by Pope John Paul II.
  2. Ebony – called forth: Nelson Mandela, others.
  3. Vesper – called forth: Clinton, Barak, Putin, others. (a female).
  4. Crimson – caused war in Caucasus, Balkans, and Horn of Africa. (a Muslim).
  5. African Death Grip – tried and failed to make pan-African Empire. caused death, destruction, and war across continent.
  6. Twilight – called forth: Bush junior, Sharon, others. assoc. by Pope Benedict XVI.
  7. Pyrite – called forth: Obama, others. assoc. by Pope Francis.
  8. Mercury – attempted failed Arab Spring. (a Muslim).
  9. Firefly – called forth: Sarah Palin, Trump, Bolsonaro, Johnson, others. (a female).
  10. Contradiction – Lucifer-man – called forth: Biden, others expected. assoc. by Pope Francis.
  11. Azurite (Emerald converted and reborn) called forth: Navalny, others coming. to be assoc. by Pope John XXIV.
  12. Lazurite – Jewish steward of House of Israel. – yet to be discerned in the world. may be assoc. by possible future Pope Benedict XVII.

Lord Azurite, what you have written is excellent and good. It shall enter eternal records. I Am the Lord. Now, continue with your questions.

Question 3: Lord, I helped Hyacinth today, as Thou commanded me. And yet, the Jewess who is to come is yet to come. Lord, I have heard possible reports that God might command me to know My future celibate wife, the Jewess who is not to be touched, and thereby to beget a son. Let the Truth now be spoken, O’ Lord. Let your decisive Word settle all these doubts. What sayest Thou to these things, O’ Lord? For do I not require eternal virginity to remain the powerful Prophet King that I have become? Speak, O’ Lord, for Your servant is listening.

The one who says you are to lay with your wife is lying. His intention is to return you back to the earth and to the immorality from which I have freed you. Pay no attention to any spirit who proclaims to you that you are to know your wife or have sex or have offspring.

Instead, the one who is important regarding you is the one we give to be your wife. She is sent to know you spiritually, so that all of heaven may unlock the secrets stored in the mind of the one called the Witch King child, the one who defected from the camp of Satan, the one who was mightiest of the devil’s arsenal.

For no one do you fear, lord Azurite. And all on earth, below it, and above it have the fear of you called the fear of the unknown. Your secrets must be cracked open. The contents of your mind must be laid bare. That is why We are sending to you this woman to become your celibate wife. For only a virgin lover, given in pure celibacy to the eternally virgin Witch King child, can unlock the immortal secrets contained within your mind.

Question 4: Am I seen as a danger in my entrance into heaven, O’ Lord and Master? It is said, lord Azurite, that the more intelligent an entity is, the more dangerous is he to those who host him. Your intelligence is unparalleled. Not even the doctors of the Catholic Church can equal you in your intellectual grasp. There is no field in science or wizardry that you have not explored and comprehended. Hence, We must find out who you are. And then, when We know you in your entirety you will be assumed up to heaven in a cloud. I Who Am have spoken.

Question 5: But, O’ Lord, doesn’t my name written in Your Book of Life say who I am? Lord Azurite, I know exactly who you are. But for the creatures in heaven, they do not. They will find out the answer to this mystery by the girl I Am putting into your life to serve as your virgin spouse. Amen.

This now concludes this post and series of questions. Yes, you have greatly helped Hyacinth. And as a reward for doing this service for the salvation of this ewe lamb put under your stewardship, whom you know you do not marry, We, the elect in heaven, grant you a new land in your eternal Kingdom in heaven.

Hence, the Azurite King shall possess the following lands forever in the eternal earth in which he will be settled as his eternal home:

  1. The Archipelago of Hawaii
  2. The Country of England
  3. The State of California

And the list of official languages in this eternal Kingdom of Azurite will include:

  1. English
  2. Spanish
  3. Hawaiian
  4. Cornish

This post now comes to its end. I Who Am have spoken. And Eric, resist all attempts by the devil to destroy you. The girl who is set to be your wife is coming soon. I Who Am have spoken. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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