Lucifer-Man is in control

Contradiction, the Player behind Joe Biden, is properly called Lucifer-Man.

Emerald Trove, Book 15: Post CIII:
Behold, Lucifer-Man is now in control. He will be destroying America promptly. The Equality Act, when it passes the Senate and is signed by the President, will usher in the death of the soul of America. And I will deliver unto America what she deserves: Death. Expect Americans to be dying in the millions. And expect Biden’s efforts to combat COVID-19 to fail utterly. For I Am destroying America now, for she no longer has any hope.

Lord, what about all the innocent Catholics and Christians who uphold Your Law and keep to Your Way, but who are outnumbered by the wicked? For in any democracy where the wicked are in the majority, they will destroy their nation by fire. But what about the just and righteous minority? What becomes of them, O’ Lord? Will Thou not protect them and keep them safe, O’ Lord?

You are protected, lord Azurite. As for the rest of America, they will burn. And those who stand for me shall be persecuted and forced underground. I Am the Lord. The Catholic Church that you attend, expect its destruction. For Lucifer-Man is intent on destroying every soul in America. And he will do so by putting an end to the daily sacrifice, the Mass, which is central and essential to Christian Catholic life. You will survive without the Mass, but the people of My flock shall perish. Already the axe is at the tree. And the wicked are chopping down the forests, clearing the land to make way for desert dead lands and wastelands.

America will be destroyed under Joe Biden. And now this is inevitable. Joe Biden is Antichrist par Excellence, the beast who has come to power at last. And Kamala Harris is the whore of Babylon, the mother of harlots and abominations of this world, and the one who rides the beast. And they will make America the abomination that Obama stood for when he was President. They will complete the work of iniquity that was started under him. For Obama did not stand for Black people. Rather, Obama stood for the Black gays. Obama stood for the Black perverts and for the gender confused perverse. Obama stood for every little Black girl to get pregnant in Middle School and then to abort that little Black baby growing inside them. And Obama stood for gender confused men to rape women in the women’s restrooms and in the women’s shower rooms, having full access to those places on the pretext that they identify themselves as women.

With the Equality Act passed, every women’s sports events where men have the superior advantage in physique will be won now by gender changed men who claim to be women, but who keep their superior physique, and thus, outcompete all women in the competition. And who wants to watch a women’s sports events when the top contenders will all be men with sex changes? Under the Equality Act, it will be against the law for any competition that is exclusively for women to exclude men from their competitions who identify themselves as women. It is the end of female sports in America.

America, America, how low have you fallen! Fallen, fallen, fallen has America the Great! She has become what Revelation calls Babylon the Great. Lord, will not America recover under a future Azurite Pawn who is to win the elections of 2024? No, lord Azurite. There will be no America left for there to be elections then. For America will have been effectively and irrecoverably destroyed. I Am the Lord.

Then, O’ Lord, what is this time in which we live? Is this then the beginning of the Great Tribulation? The Great Tribulation is ongoing. It began with the papacy of Pope Francis. But now it is getting into high gear. And the devil has decided to remove the daily sacrifice from America. He could not do that successfully under Trump. Now he will now do it successfully under Biden. Once the daily sacrifice is removed, and you see the abomination set up, standing where it does not belong, this will be the beginning of Great Tribulation, the likes of which has never been seen before. Whoever accepts gay marriage as settled law has by that act received the mark of the beast. I Who Am have spoken.

Lord Azurite, you are one of the Two Witnesses of this final Age. You will prophesy in the stronghold of the beast’s dominion, but you will not be put down. For I Am protecting you. And you will not be silenced. And you will not be extinguished. Remain in strict obedience to Me. Do not question the orders that I issue unto you. But obey all that I command you to do and to say. For the time has come for you to be revealed as one of the Two Witnesses. And the time has come for your immortality to be imputed to you. Though you will die at the end of My testimony through you, your flesh shall not be desecrated. And you shall rise within the allotted span of days and then ascend up to heaven in the full sight of men. Your fate is now decided. Who you are is now known. And what shall become of you is as I have said. I Who Am have spoken.

There is no more delay. For the ascension of Biden to power is the last step necessary for the full reign of Satan to take over in this world. Satan now has full power to do as he pleases, in both America and throughout the whole world. And I Who Am have allowed for this, and I will allow for this reign of evil to last for a short time. I Am the Lord. For this is now the darkest chapter of human history. The most evil and most corrupt ruler has now come to power. And he will seek to conquer and to destroy all the righteous and all the holy ones. I Am the Lord.

Lord, what should the holy ones do? To where must they flee? Behold, the COVID-19 lockdown is in place, and it prevents flight. Was not the Antichrist prepared and careful in his plans? He did not want to lose a single soul to God. And so he has locked down the whole world, along with most of the churches.

Then, what must I do, O’ Lord? What shall you have me do? Write what I command you to write. Speak what I command you to say. Whoever resists My Word through you shall be put to death. I Am the Lord. Therefore, men shall fear you, and they will not march against you. For whatever cavalry charges against you will be rendered as riderless horses. And should a man aim a gun at you and pull the trigger, My Spirit shall cut the cord that connects his soul to his body, and he shall find himself dead before his own gun can fire that shot. For an attempt to kill the Larimar King carries a death sentence. And the execution for this crime is immediate. I Am the Lord.

Lord, there are still Masses at the Church I attend. That is correct. But with the Equality Act to be passed, a serious attempt will be made to shut down every Church in the land and to break every holy religion in America. Remember that with that act passed, there is no limit to the liability by which an organization may be sued for committing such offenses, as using the word, “he,” instead of the word, “she,” when referring to a man who has chosen to be a woman for the day so that he can go into the women’s shower rooms and rape some babes.

Hence, with the Equality Act passed, any rapist who wants to bag some babes will just need to declare himself as a woman for that day, and then whoever resists his desire to enter a woman’s bathroom to rape the women inside will be sued for violating his LGBTQ rights. And he can essentially sue any organization as much as he so wishes, essentially putting them out of business, any organization, that is, that stands for God or that wishes to protect the women.

And these LGBTQ rapists will be sent to take down every religion in the land, except for Satanic cults. For the Biden Administration works for Satan. He will not touch the Satanic cults. They will be left as they are. But every other organization, any organization that stands for God or for the privacy of women or for their protection against rapists will be sued out of existence. So eager will Joe Biden be to accomplish this Satanic endeavor that he will gladly hand over his own grand daughters to be raped by the LGBTQ rapists, all in the name of Equality, Satan, and the Biden Way.

For not only does Joe Biden want his grand daughters to be raped by LGTBQ rapists, but he wants them to be anally raped. And he will install cameras in all the women’s bathrooms and then grab some popcorn and watch the show. And he will chuckle as he sees the rapists break his grand daughters’ hymens with broom handles and other tools of his sadistic fantasies. For this is what Joe Biden stands for. This is what the Equality Act is all about. It is all about destroying all morality and enjoying watching the raping and pillaging of women. This is what Joe Biden’s America becomes under the Equality Act. Joe Biden wants your daughters raped and your sons sex changed. And if you don’t agree to do that, the Equality Act will take your children away from you and do it themselves.

Lord, Joe Biden is an evil man. How can a professed Roman Catholic be so evil, O’ Lord? It is because, lord Azurite, Joe Biden has sworn allegiance to Satan. He is servant to the forked tongued red devil himself. Joe Biden is not sad when he sees his own family members die. Rather, he rejoices to see them killed off. For Joe Biden is the devil inside. And he is the servant of Satan to the core. He would rape his own grand daughters in the ass if his viagra could successfully get his dead limb to become hard enough.

Lord, what about me? What am I to do now? Do I marry, as I was commanded to marry, the Jewess who is yet to come? And I have heard that she may be a sixteen year old girl? If so, I would need permission from the courts to marry her, along with permission from her parents. But I will do all that You command me to do. So what sayest Thou, O’ Lord, on the Jewess who is to come, whom You shall order me to marry? And what of Hyacinth? Do you order me to no longer help her? Or do I help her still. What sayest Thou, O’ Lord?

The girl who is to come is an adult. Hence, you will need permission only from her to enter into the marriage I command you to enter into with her. That she is a Jewess is only part of the story. In fact, she is a Hebrew Catholic. Hence, no obstacle shall prevent your marriage to her in My Catholic Church. I Am the Lord.

As for Hyacinth, regard her as almost gone. You will not be giving to her again, for she will be gone. I Am the Lord. And regard the America in which you shall be living in as very similar to life in Nazi Germany. And Biden will be kind of Adolf Hitler. I Am the Lord. Hence, expect to see concentration camps, and all the people you knew at Church being rounded up and sent away. Nazi Germany persecuted Jews. America under Biden will do that and also include all true Catholics for persecution. But he will leave you untouched, for all who touch you or your wife shall die. I Am the Lord.

Now listen carefully, lord Azurite. The people might not know what exactly you are, but Satan knows exactly what you are. And Satan will seek to destroy you. And he will seek to destroy you with all manner of tricks and traps. Do only as you are commanded to do, and you shall be protected and remain unharmed. There is no need for you to go to confession any further. And realize that the sacraments will soon be taken away. Primarily, Satan will remove the Mass. For Satan knows that by removing the Mass, he will kill the souls of many.

Also, do not think that the Republicans will be able to resist the power of Antichrist. For are not all congressmen corrupt? They will fall to his power and do his will. And he will come to control the entire government of America. This post now comes to its end.

Lord, do I remain where I am, or will you take Me to another location? Where I have planted you, there you will remain. And no one will be able to uproot you. As for your line of work, consider your work to be like that of certain Germans in Nazi Germany who lived in the shadow of the Nazi Empire. They did their work and they survived. And they witnessed the death and destruction of many of their neighbors, their family members, and their friends. So also shall it be the same with you.

As for the girl placed in your house as your celibate wife, she is to be in your life to know you and to know exactly who you are. She will not know you carnally, but spiritually. For heaven wishes to know you. And that is why she is sent to you, so that heaven may enter into the mind of the one who defected from the camp of Satan, the one who was the mightiest piece in the arsenal of Satan, the one called the Witch King child. I Who Am have spoken. Now publish this post, pray your rosaries, and then go home. That is a direct order. Amen.

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