Eric was prophesied to come by My prophet Isaiah.

I make Eric strong, a fortified city on a hill. I Am the Lord.

Emerald Trove, Book 15: Post CII:
Behold, an earlier English translation of Isaiah 54:15 contains a prophecy of Eric that is not found in modern translations:

Douay-Rheims Catholic Bible:
Isaiah 54:15 (RHE) Behold, an inhabitant shall come, who was not with me, he that was a stranger to thee before, shall be joined to thee.

Isaiah 54:15 (WYC) Lo! a stranger shall come, that was not with me; he, that was sometime thy comeling, shall be joined to thee.

Behold: It is Eric and his coming that has been prophesied in this passage. I Am the Lord. Eric read this passage today in his steady progress of reading the entire Catholic Holy Bible, in an English translation published in 1953. I Am the Lord. Eric, you are set to complete the reading of the Book of Isaiah next week, reading as you are, two to three chapters a day. But show to the people your progress and the order through which I have commanded you to read through the Catholic Holy Bible.

I have been assigned to read the entire set of scriptures from a 1953 copyrighted Catholic Holy Bible. And I have now read in that Bible the following books, in this order: (1) Job, (2) Song of Songs (Canticle of Canticles), (3,4,5,6) the four Books of Kings (which are 1&2 of Samuel and 1&2 of Kings), (7) Ruth, (8) Judges, (9) Genesis, (10) Exodus, (11) Joshua (Josue), (12) Hebrews, (13) James, (14) Revelation, (15) John, (16) Mark, (17) Ezekiel, (18) Daniel, (19) Lamentations, and (20) Jeremiah (Jeremias). And right now I am continuing in the Old Testament and reading: (21) Isaiah (Isaias). And after I finish that book, I am commanded to read the rest of the Catholic Holy Bible in this order: (22) Leviticus, (23) Numbers, (24) Deuteronomy, (25) Matthew, (26) Luke, (27) Romans, (28) 1 Corinthians, (29) 2 Corinthians, (30) Tobit (Tobias), (31) Esther, (32) Jonah (Jonas), (33) Acts, (34) 1 Chronicles (1 Paralipomenon), (35) 2 Chronicles (2 Paralipomenon), (36) 1 Peter, (37) 2 Peter, (38) Jude, (39) Judith, (40) Ecclesiastes, (41) Wisdom, (42) Ecclesiasticus (Sirach), (43) Ezra (1 Esdras), (44) Nehemiah (2 Esdras), (45) 1 Maccabees (1 Machabees), (46) 2 Maccabees (2 Machabees), (47) Proverbs, (48) Psalms, (49) 1 John, (50) 2, John, (51) 3 John, (52) Galatians, (53) Ephesians, (54) Philippians, (55) Baruch, (56) Hosea (Osee), (57) Joel, (58) Amos, (59) Obadiah (Abdias), (60) Micah (Micheas), (61) Nahum, (62) Habakkuk (Habacuc), (63) Zephaniah (Sophonias), (64) Haggai (Aggeus), (65) Zechariah (Zacharias), (66) Malachi (Malachias), (67) Colossians, (68) 1 Thessalonians, (69) 2 Thessalonians, (70) 1 Timothy, (71) 2 Timothy, (72) Titus, and (73) Philemon. And then I will have read all 73 books of the Roman Catholic Canon. This will be the first time I will have completely read the entire Holy Bible. And I am commanded to read each day one, two, or three chapters, unless they are small, in which case I may read four or five chapters that day. For by reading just a little amount each day, one’s brain is able to retain the knowledge that one has read. Reading too much in one day, and the knowledge would be forgotten.

Excellent, Eric. Next week you will have completed your reading of all the major prophets and you will then be reading the remainder of the Torah, the Law of Moses. And tell us what you have encountered in reading the major prophets, lord Azurite. I have been surprised to find so much imagery found in the Book of Revelation to have been borrowed, taken, or quoted from the Prophets. It seems that virtually every prophetic image in the Book of Revelation is contained in the Prophets. I had not realized this in all my previous many readings of the Book of Revelation. For I had assumed that it was all entirely new revelations coming directly from God to the Christian Prophet John who wrote the book in Patmos. Instead, it seems to be an expert composition and summary and union of the imagery contained in the Prophets.

That is correct, lord Azurite. The entire New Testament belongs to the Old Testament, and is merely a repeat of many things found in the Old Testament written under the new light of Jewish writers who had found their savior, their Messiah in Christ Jesus, and who had been restored to a state of grace not possessed by Man since the days Adam and Eve lived in the Garden of Eden. For the whole Holy Bible is holy. But the New Testament contains a light of completion, whereas the Old Testament is written in a spirit of hope and in a state of expectation. For all the writers of the New Testament had found their Lord, and were adjusting to His new demands and to the cross that all Christians are expected to bear. For no one gets into heaven free. Everyone is called to work at their salvation and to bear their cross faithfully to get there. I Am the Lord. For whosoever wishes to enter into heaven must take up their cross and follow after Me. For I Am Jesus, the Lord God, Who Am speaking through Eric, My highly developed tool.

And that is really all you are, Eric. You are a tool I have decided to use to speak through to My people. You were made and fashioned for this role you are now playing. But let no one think, because of what is done or written through Eric, that Eric is some kind of god or deity. Remember the errors of the people who mistook Paul and Barnabas as gods because they healed a man in their presence and in their sight. (Acts 14:8-13). And when Paul did as was required of him, and sought to set the people right, proclaiming himself not be God, but rather, showing to them the One God, and that there was no other God but He, they stoned him and left him for dead, but he lived and left to go to another city. (Acts 14:14-20). For I tell you truthfully, that people who worshipped Paul and Barnabas as gods were never saved.

For only I Am God. There is no other God by Me. No one can be saved except that he call on the name of Jesus. No other name is given unto men by which they may call on Me that they may be saved. That Eric is great does not make him God. Indeed, what Eric possesses can be taken away from him and given to another. For Eric is not God, but merely a tool that God wishes to use for the time being. A disobedient tool God would not elect to use, but only that tool that does the will of God in heaven.

Eric has been highly trained for this eternal position that We have given him. He is the Prophet Scribe of Jesus in the Kingdom of Heaven. It is a position that cannot be taken away from him, unless he were to elect to disobey. For remember the contrast of the sins of King Saul and the sins of King David, and how their terrible sins differ. I saved David but not Saul. Why? Understand the nature of their sins this way: King Saul disobeyed a direct order. No order was given to King David, but rather, King David sinned because he was weak. Everyone is weak. If you reflect on the sins of David, you will find that you, too, have sinned in a similar manner. For each person, other than the members of the Holy Family, have transgressed in the manner that David has. I allowed David to sin as he did in order to teach to all Mankind the nature of their own sins. For all have transgressed and all have fallen short. Only My Virgin Mother Mary and My foster father Joseph were prevented from falling into sin so that they would be suitable for the role they played in raising the God-child to manhood. I Am the Lord.

But I forgive those who are weak. And I lead them to become strong, should they follow Me. But the disobedient man is completely useless to Me. The disobedient man I utterly reject. And so, King David and King Saul show this great contrast, between the sins I forgive men and the sins by which I do not forgive men. For a man who falls because he is weak, that man can overcome and be made strong, should he stay with Me, bearing his cross and following Me to the end. But how do I save those who choose to disobey Me? The weak man who seeks to obey but falls each day I can save. But the one who chooses not to obey Me, for that one there is no way I can save him. For unless you are in obedience to Your Master, you do not have a Master, but are following the evil one to your destruction. For whoever disobeys God is not of God.

For it it not written, Obedience is greater than sacrifice? (1 Samuel 15:22). For the one who chooses not to obey Me, I choose not to save. But the flesh is weak, and those who sin because they are weak, these I can save, for these I can make strong, so that they sin no more.

Now, though I saved King David, what were the consequences of his sins? For all sins have their consequences. Through Nathan the Prophet, I convicted David of his sins. And when he had confessed that he had sinned, I said to David through Nathan that he will not die, but that the child conceived by his act of sin was to die, and that the sword would never depart from his house, because he had misused the sword to murder the husband of the woman he had taken in adultery and had sex with. (2 Samuel 12:1-15). I forgave David, but he is not without consequences to his sins. For the justice of God demands that all sins be paid for.

When you are baptized, that is when I forgive and forget every sin and transgression you have committed before that point, and you are made a perfect image of Me before the Father. For My shed blood on the cross has purchased you and made you clean. But what about sins you commit after that? For My baptism cleanses you only of your past, not your future. Hence, for future sins, you need to do as My people did, who washed their robes white in the blood of the Lamb. (Revelation 7:14). That it is written that they washed their robes, indicates that they worked at their salvation, seeking to end all their sins. And that they did this through the blood of the Lamb, indicates that they availed themselves of the sacraments, primarily of confession and the eucharist. Both are needed for you to be cleansed and healed. For confession is like water cleansing your wounds. And the eucharist is the spiritual food that you need to heal you from your spiritual injuries.

And that is the pathway by which all men who wish to be saved must go to be saved. But now let us examine the consequences of sins and how these sins affect a man’s eternity, even should he be saved. The deadliest sin that a man or a woman can commit that has eternal consequences if committed after one has been baptized is the sin of an abortion. For there is no greater sadness than to know that you are responsible for another soul having had no chance to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. For I cannot save those who have not yet been born. For only those born can be baptized. You cannot baptize the unborn. It is impossible. And infant baptism only saves if the parents who have him baptized truly are committed to raising their child Catholic. If that intention is absent from both parents and from all the child’s guardians, then no salvation is granted to that child should it die, even though it has been baptized. Rather, the salvation of the child must then wait until he is older, and he makes his freely elected decisions to correctly enter into and practice My religion. But the child who is baptized where the parents of this child abide by the requirements of Catholicism, this child will not be lost should he die before the age of reason.

And so, what words of comfort can be given to those who have aborted their babies and repented? Can the lie that their babies are in heaven waiting for them there bring them comfort? No, because those are lies. And you cannot comfort the grieving by telling them lies. Only this can bring them comfort. I do not reject the soul who comes to me with a humble and contrite heart. If you are truly sorrowful for your sins, and you humble yourself to confess these things to a priest, and elect to do whatever is required of you to be forgiven and saved, I will forgive you through the absolution that the priest gives you in the sacrament of reconciliation. And I will hold no further blame against you for what you have done in the past. Hence, the one forgiven of his sins must, like God, forget them also. Because they are past. Just do not repeat them, and you will be good.

But forgiveness of sins at the sacrament of confession does not free you from the need to expiate and pay for the consequences of your past sins. You are merely free from all guilt. Your guilty conscience is wiped clean. But the debt of that transgression must still be paid for under the justice of God. And if it is not paid for in life, then in purgatory shall you complete the payments of all forgiven sins.

But how does one pay the debt of a sin of an abortion? For is not the debt of that sin of an infinite loss? Yes, lord Azurite. The loss of just one child to an abortion is an infinite loss to the Kingdom of Heaven. And hence, the one who dies forgiven of an abortion will remain in purgatory until the Second Coming of the Christ. I Am the Lord. But, O’ Lord, what about those institutions set up in your church that promise to forgive all sins like a second baptism, as is promised if all requirements are satisfied on Divine Mercy Sunday? Lord Azurite, if a person who has had an abortion avails of the graces and gifts offered to My people on Divine Mercy Sunday, then that person will have their debts paid for on earth at communion on that day, and not be forced to pay them in purgatory. I Am the Lord. Hence, let those who have sinned grievously do take advantage of Divine Mercy Sunday to get out from the terrible punishments of their sins.

For I offer many helps to My people to enter into My Kingdom, but they must still walk through that door. They must still do that which is expected of them. No one is saved except those who do what I require of them to be saved. And everyone, if the listen, knows what I demand of them. It is the sign that one has obeyed Me that they dwell in a sea of peace. And the one who dwells not in a sea of peace has not yet come under true obedience to Me.

Mark, your brother, I will save. He is not yet in complete obedience to Me, and he is still far away from entering into My Church, but as a Protestant, he is swimming in My direction, and by your rosary prayers for him, what he is lacking will be made up for him, and I will save him and bring him into My Church. I Am the Lord.

Your other brother, David, I cannot save. He transgressed Me and My Holy Spirit by rejecting your offer to pray for him all those years ago. And now he has become the beast that all men become who have no one to pray for them. For I do not permit My servants to pray for those who explicitly reject My servants’ prayers for them. For if I allowed them to receive the benefits of prayers that they have rejected, they would then wrongfully attribute the graces given to them by those prayers as not coming from God. But everyone needs the graces that come from the prayers received from others. For no one enters into My Kingdom alone or by themselves. Someone has to pray for them to get there. I Am the Lord. He who is not prayed for will not be saved. I Am the Lord.

Lord, then Hyacinth’s prayers for Eric are what has saved his soul? That is correct, lord Azurite. But now I must take Hyacinth away from you, for her time has now come. In her place, I am giving you a girl who you shall sacramentally marry in My Catholic Church, but with whom you shall not consummate the marriage. I Am the Lord. And hence, this girl I Am giving unto thee shall be as a symbol of the daughter of Jerusalem that I Am taking back to Myself. And you, lord Azurite, represent Me, as the celibate Bridegroom who awaits the permission of His Father to take His Bride in marriage. And such is the nature of the mystery as to why the bride We are giving unto thee is Jewish. For she is to represent the restoration of the chosen people back to Me.

Accept the girl We show to you and marry her. For such is the order We have given thee. And you are required to obey Us. Yes, O’ Lord, I shall accept. And when this event takes place, let Me carry out Your orders to completion. This very day I Am giving this girl into your possession, lord Azurite. Be ready for Me. For you do not know the time or hour when the Son of Man shall appear unto you to announce unto you the coming of the girl You are to wed. I Who Am have spoken.

I accept, O’ Lord. Let it be done to Me as Thou has said. Then this shall be the sign for you by which you are to know that she whom I will give unto you is the one who has been given. Everyone who gazes upon her will be amazed at her beauty and her grace. For she will walk in springtime wherever the goes. And now you know that the one I Am giving you as your celibate wife, whom you are forbidden to touch, nor to even think of carnally, shall be a girl of exquisite beauty and grace. And she will be a maid of half your years in age. And her presence in your life shall be as a bright light that enlightens and reveals the Truth of all who draw near to her. She is to be guarded and held holy as the Jews revered the Ark of the Covenant.

Lord, let me obey You and do all that You have said. Good, lord Azurite. We expect you to follow through with all that you hereby agree to do regarding her. She must become your fiancee no later than on Valentine’s Day. And on August 14, 2021, the vigil of the feast day of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, you are to be sacramentally married to this girl and bring her into your house, where she will be given her own room and her own privacy. For this marriage is not to be consummated. And you are not permitted to gaze upon your wife in the nude. These are My orders. Obey them in full, and you shall live. I Who Am have spoken.

I agree, O’ Lord, to the letter of Your divine Word. These shall be the fruits of your marriage, should you obey Me in all that I hereby command thee. All that I cure you of today you shall never become ill of or infirm in again. Nor shall your abilities slacken nor shall age cause you to decay. Rather, at the age you are now, so shall you remain. And so also shall your wife remain in her ageless beauty as well. And through all generations shall you and your wife persist in this world. For I do not give either of you over to death. Both of you shall remain in your ageless states until I come again, even should this wait last for a thousand times a thousand years. I Am the Lord.

Then, O’ Lord, we should be like the mythical Mr. and Mrs. Santa Clause, who remain forever ageless throughout all time, serving their role in Christian mythology. Correct, lord Azurite. You have nailed it. Only that in this case, you are real, whereas Santa Claus is truly myth. Now I shall leave you to your thoughts. Read through this entire post, correcting all errors that you find. And then publish it. For it is complete. And you have pleased Me. And you will continue to please Me. And when you are perfectly cured of all things, and made the immortal couple that you and your wife shall become, realize that it will no longer be possible for you to merit. For you will know all things and have zero ignorance of any worldly or spiritual thing. And thus, it will be impossible for you to increase your reward by any further good deeds. Only disobedience will be possible for you, for while you and your wife live in this world, your free will will not be taken away from you. I Who Am have spoken. Hence, you must continue to choose to obey Me in all things. Obey Me in all things and you shall never lose your reward. This post hereby comes to an end. Reread it in full, and then publish it for all the world to read. And may God be with you unto the Ending of the Age of Time. Amen.

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