The sun sets on one ruler and rises on another

The sun has set on Trump, and risen on Biden.

Emerald Trove, Book 15: Post CI:
Eric has obeyed me. He has done as was commanded of him. And now I shall reward him. Eric, Trump is no longer the President. Now it is Joe Biden who rules as chief executive over the United States of America. Did Trump wish to purchase Greenland to enter the United States of America as new state? Behold, they will now choose to vote to join the union, now that Biden has come to power and Trump has departed. Furthermore, now will Puerto Rico make its entrance as the 51st state of the Union. The Democrats want this very much, for they believe they will gain two votes in the Senate by the addition of this state to the Union.

In addition, there is the movement to make the District of Columbia a state, giving those who live in Washtington, D.C., direct representation in the Congress and in Presidential elections. This too, will be done under the Biden administration.

Hence, We are looking at the potential addition of three new states to the union:

  1. The District of Columbia
  2. Puerto Rico
  3. Greenland

And this will add a total of six new Senate Seats to the United States Senate, assuming all three come to join the Union. Puerto Rico seems to be the the most likely first to join of the three, as they voted in favor for statehood in the 2020 elections. And now they just need both houses of Congress to approve and the President to sign it into law. Lord, will this be the plan to be carried out by the Biden Administration? Yes, it shall, after all the other details, including stimulus checks and re-ratifications of trade pacts and what not get done. It will be hotly debated, but Congress shall pass it. And the United States of America will have a 51st state.

After that will follow the entrance of the District of Columbia, followed by Greenland. For Greenlanders do wish to have the opportunity of entering the United States of America as United States citizens. And they will hold a referendum on leaving Europe to enter the USA. Amen.

Note the strategic value of admitting Greenland to the Union. There are two things that come to mind. First, they are located in a prime area to control shipping through the Northwest Passage, that is now opening up due to climate change. And they have huge natural resources of rare earth elements, things necessary for making such advanced tech as solid state batteries to power the electric car revolution that Biden wants to get going in America. Solid state batteries enable greater charge in smaller, less weight batteries, and they are safer to use compared to the lithium ion batteries used now. A car with a solid state battery will be less likely to explode than those used in current electric car vehicles.

The electric car revolution is now getting underway strongly in America. Biden’s ascent to power leads in that revolution. Many changes come to America with the advent of the electric vehicle. Electric vehicles do not have oil changes. How you care for your car in the future will be vastly different to how you care for your car now. Consider the changes from combustion engine vehicles to electric battery powered vehicles to be equal in change as that which occurred in the transition from the horse and buggy to the automobile in how that affected all of America. For it is a great revolution. And much will be the reduction of the greenhouse gas emissions by this transfer of the fossil fuel burning from each car engine in America to take place in the power plants. Great are the savings in both fossil fuel usage and the energy efficiencies within the power plants in transforming the fossil fuel energy to stored electric energy. And so also are the power plants much more capable of capturing the carbon emissions that come from the generation of electricity from fossil fuels.

Everything will be going electric, including airships. Both lighter-than-air and heavier-than-air airships will become powered by the lighter solid state batteries that will be developed to have high energy density and low weight, which is what is necessary for viable air travel to be possible in electric powered aircraft.

And what about rocket ships bringing passengers to the moon, O’ Lord? Maybe when technology unlocks the limitless energy potential to enable the fusion reactor power plants, Mankind will be able to achieve spacecraft that are propelled by laser light energy. Doing this will enable ships to go faster and farther into space. And spacecraft would not require rocket fuel to lift off planets or to navigate in space.

Lord, will Mankind achieve making a colony on the moon? Yes, but the people born there will never be able to come to live on the earth. For their bones and living systems will have been permanently adjusted to lunar life. Hence, biological species that are developed for living in lunar colonies will become distinct from those species living on the earth. Evolutionary pressures on the lunar surface will drive a distinction between the species. Lunar men, descended from earthmen, will not be able to mate with and have viable offspring with people from the earth. For they will have evolved to live life upon the moon.

And, O’ Lord, I suppose that Martian men, descended from earthmen, will be even further evolved to become a distinct species of Man? That is correct, lord Azurite. Martian men will indeed evolve to be quite distinct from their earthly ancestors. And none of these extra-terrestrial descendant species of men will be able to migrate back to the earth, for their evolved physiologies will not permit it.

By this time, Mankind will have mastered genetics and the creation of genetically designed species. They will not have the power to generate new life forms. But they will have the power to accelerate evolution and to generate new specialized species from existing, similar species. A green algae will be introduced into the Martian atmosphere to generate oxygen and enable some creatures taken from the earth to exist and roam the Martian landscape breathing the Martian air.

The outer planetary lunar systems will be utilized as resources for mining for rare elements and minerals. Life might actually be discovered in the watery seas beneath the icy crusts on some of those moons. For liquid water is what makes life possible where it occurs in the universe. And there might be intelligent life forms that human kind might come in contact by such exotic excursions to the outer solar system.

Lord, if there are such intelligent lifeforms, how do they relate to Jesus Christ and to the religion of Catholicism, which was made by God? And do these intelligent lifeforms also have their own religions made by God, and their own prophets from God? And do they have their own savior, incarnated into their flesh, as Christ incarnated into the flesh of Man?

So, lord Azurite, you question the possibility of civilizations arising in alien worlds, complete with their own alien Sons of God? Certainly, it is good to speculate on such matters. But what do I say of such speculation, I, the Lord? Realize, lord Azurite, that there is nothing in Holy Scripture nor in Catholic dogma that rules out such a possibility of civilizations developing on alien planets, complete with their own religions from God, their own prophets from God, and their own savior Son of God, come to save their souls by incarnating into their flesh and being sacrificed to atone for sins. And were there to be such creatures and God incarnates in their flesh, these creatures would remain the eternal subjects of the God-incarnate of that specific race of creatures, made one of them by being incarnated into their flesh to die for their sins.

Hence, Jesus is eternally the ruler of all humankind, that is, of all descendants of the race of Man from earth, no matter where they settle and establish colonies in the universe. Were Mankind to come into contact with alien beings, it would not be possible for them to share or adopt the Gods or religions of the other. Jesus would remain ruler of all Mankind. And the God incarnate of that alien species would rule the descendants of those aliens. All that can be shared is the First Person of their Triune God, which all creatures of the Universe would have in common. I Am the Lord God of Hosts. For the Son proceeds from the Father. And the Holy Spirit proceeds from the Father and the Son. But the Father is common to all races of creatures throughout every alien civilization that ever exists in the universe. Amen.

And then, O’ Lord, who are the angels? To whom do the angels obey and give their allegiance to? And to which God-incarnate do the angels obey? And how is this determined, O’ Lord? Lord Azurite, the angels are beings of pure spirit. But they are not God, nor composed of the substance of God. This makes them lower than Mankind. For the elect of Mankind, who are joined to the Christ, become a part of the Divine Being. Hence, the elect of Mankind are part of the Divine Creator God. As for the angels, these are creatures of the spiritual realm, and in the spiritual realm, there is neither decay nor decomposition. Hence the angels, whether damned or saved, never cease to exist, but have an eternal existence. And they live throughout the spiritual realm, over which they were made to govern and to serve. This is in contrast to the corporeal world, where creatures made of dust team through the waters and multiply, and fill the earth they were created to inhabit. These creatures made of dust have spirits that perish with this Creation, for they are part of it.

Lord, since this earth and its heavens are to perish, and a new earth and heavens is to come, do the angels, since they are not part of God, do they perish with the end of the heavens of this universe? And does the new heavens that is to come have in it a new set of angels created to serve Man, who in that age will be inseparable from God? No, for though the angels are not part of God, neither were they created as part of this Creation. Rather, they are of an eternal Creation, one that never comes to an end. Hence, all the vast array of angels that have been created, none more exist nor will ever come to exist. For God created them all, and He created them all in the beginning. That some angels rebelled was part of the mystery of free will that was given to them so as to test and to prove to which nature they would belong, to the nature of God to whom they forever serve, or to the nature of Satan, who is the symbol of all angels who have ever rebelled.

This Creations of the angels and the consequent rebellion of Satan occurred before there were any stars generated in the universe and before light was brought to exist. It was when there was neither time nor a way to reckon it. Hence, to ask how long this age lasted would make no sense, for all that existed in the void of the universe was a spiritual presence. Angels saw one another, but their sight is not by eyes nor by light. And though they knew all things, their will was not perfect until they either chose to serve God or chose to serve their own cause. Hell is a dot at the center of the universe where all the damned of angel kind are sent to for eternal punishment and divine retribution. There is only one hell in the whole universe. It was made to punish the reprobated angels. And to it also go the reprobated human kind at the end of the world. I Am the Lord.

The mass of hell is both infinitely large and zero. And its size is a point with zero dimensions. It exists eternally at the center of all Creation. And it will continue to exist for eternity unto eternity. It can never cease to exist. And its inhabitants can never cease to suffer and never cease to cry out in wailing and in pain. It was made to punish all eternal spiritual beings who rebelled. And since Man was made with an eternal spirit, he too, if damned, must go to that same hell that was made to punish the rejected of angel kind for all eternity.

Lord, when did the race of men on earth acquire an eternal soul? For it is said by science that it is known that the race of Mankind was never bottlenecked to consist of just a single mated pair of human beings, from which all Mankind descended. And there are many hominid species in the human family tree. Which of these hominid species are human beings with eternal souls? And how did the souls of men, once created, spread throughout the entire race of Man, such that no man of recorded history is without an eternal soul, O’ Lord and Master?

For, O’ Lord, since humans are evolved from lower primates, there must have been a point in their evolutionary history when one strain was made human and all races of human beings then descended from that one lineage. Am I correct? But if so, how did this transition from animal to human occur? And what about the effects of hybridization between the humans and their close animal relatives? Did this occur? And if so, were the offspring from these unions animals or humans?

For today it is clear which beings of the Animal Kingdom belong to the human race and which do not. But this might not have always been the case. When animals and humans diverged in evolutionary history, were there any possible hybrids between the two lineages, the human-like animals and the primitive ancestors of human kind.

For, O’ Lord, it is clear that a man today is a man and that he has a human soul. But did Homo erectus have a human soul? Did Homo neanderthalensis have a human soul? Or is he rather called Homo sapiens neanderthalensis, a subspecies of Man, since modern Man has some trace amounts of Neanderthal descent?

There has never existed a human being on the earth who did not possess an eternal soul, which was subject to the penalty of the sins of Adam and Eve. When human kind were created, they were created distinct from all other creatures, whether apes or non human hominids. With none of these could human kind mate and reproduce with. It was not even possible to produce non viable offspring, as the mule is the non viable offspring of the horse and donkey. Hence, greater distinction was created between Mankind and his nearest animal relatives than that between the horse and the donkey.

Human kind was created within the womb of animals. Adam was created first, followed by Eve, his sister. And together they left their animal parents and went to live on their own, starting the human race. For it was immediately apparent to them both that they had in common the ability to reason, whereas the family of animals that they left clearly could not reason. For man is defined as the rational being. And animals are defined as irrational. And human language was created by the communications attempts between this primordial human brother and sister.

Every human hominid that ever existed descended from this one pair and only from this one pair of hominids. And all non human hominids were always of separated and distinct lineages, with whom human kind never hybridized. Amen.

Let is, for the sake of argument, identify this pair of hominids as the species Homo protos. We do not say that all species currently classified as belonging to the genus Homo descended from them, but rather, all species of the genus Homo that were human did descend from this first pair and only from this pair of hominids, which are defined as the beginning of the species Homo protos, the parent species of all species of human beings that ever came to evolve and to exist.

Hence, you should know that Homo sapiens and Homo neanderthalensis were forks in human evolution, with one having later virtually wiped out the other, but both forks were human, both species were rational beings. Both species had human souls. This explanation cannot be tested by a scientific study of genetics, as the sole remaining human species has wiped out all his human relative species. For the origin of Homo protos that goes back to a single pair of human beings is too remote in the past for science to speculate or test one way or another. For science does not have genetic samples that go back that far.

Now, Eric, We come to the conclusion of this thought experiment. You have an inquisitive mind, but there is no question you can ask that is beyond the mind of God to answer. And you are speaking to God. God’s mind with whom you speak is not biologically dependent on your mind. Rather, I Who Am Am pure divine spirit. And I Am beyond all that can be understood. I Am the God that is everywhere and that sees everything and that knows everything. Hence, whatever you ask Me to answer I answer in a form that your human mind can understand, expressed in the human language of which you are expert in writing, English.

Let it be known this. Those who read your writings know that these Words are not coming from a man, but from an intellect that is beyond Man in knowledge and understanding. Consider it also as a fact that I do not need you. You are but a tool that I created. And I, being God, can easily create another. Therefore, always obey Me, and I shall not become displeased with you and abandon you to take up another. For such was the fate of King Saul, who disobeyed Me, and I abandoned him and raised up another, the one who became King David. Man needs me, but I do not need him. Never, therefore, think that you cannot be replaced, or that you are of such highly polished skilled design that another like you cannot be found and made to take your place.

For I Am the Master of all Mankind. And I discard quickly any work of My hands that does not do what I want it to do. Hence, regarding Sandra, whom you help, that one you call Hyacinth, continue to help her as you promise her. For she is saved because of you. And you are highly favored only because there is that one whom you have saved and been instrumental in saving. If you abandon her, I will abandon you. I Who Am have spoken.

And regarding that Jewess who is to become wed to you in an eternally celibate marriage, it is true that her coming has been delayed. But wait, and you will see her come. And when you see her come into your life, realize that from that point onward, the one you call Hyacinth will have been taken away. For We do not permit you to have two women lovers at the same time. I Am the Lord.

And regarding your promised possessions of land, land that We have promised to give unto you for all eternity, realize that the earth of eternity is far vaster than all the earths that have been walked by men since the foundation of the human race. For each generation of Man has its own earth. And each of these earths is unique to that generation. It is not as you thought that all the elect of the human race was to be crowded together on one finite earth of eternity. For the elect of each generation lives on their own new eternal earth that is unique to their generation. I Who Am have spoken. Hence, the mammoths and the mastodons do walk some of these ancient eternal new earths of My elect. And around other such eternal earths, there fly airplanes and orbit satellites and space stations. For however the earth was to the elect of that generation, so is it fixed in their eternity. I Who Am have spoken.

Now, due to your ever present curiosity, I permit you to ask one last question for this post, and then We will conclude it and you shall publish it. Amen.

If Mankind were to be allowed to continue to evolve, would they speciate on the earth to form such distinct races and kinds, such as those found in Dungeons & Dragons, namely the elves, the eladrin, the drow, the half-elves, the dwarves, the half-orcs, the halflings or hobbits, the dragonborn, and the tieflings?

It is as you say. For all species eventually speciate. And many are the lineages that die out and that are replaced by other lineages. In the past, there once existed many hominid animal species and many human species. If this comes to pass again upon the earth, there may indeed develop distinct species of human kind that can no longer cross hybridize. But for that to happen, the human race would require millions of years of evolution. And lo, lord Azurite, the human race has just generations before I come again! You will pass away and go to your heavenly reward when your time has come. And then I will give the human race a time to digest you. And then I will be seen coming in the clouds in great glory and power. And when the whole world sees that sight in the heavens, realize that the times for repentance and forgiveness for sins will have passed. And no man will be granted to change their eternal lot from that point onward, for time in this universe will have ended. And this earth and all its former glory will have passed away, as though it were but the stuff that composed a dream. And all Mankind shall awaken, some to eternal life, and others to everlasting shame and disgrace. But the wise shall shine like the stars of the firmament. And then will all Mankind come to know that all of this was but a test. And those who passed will be awarded eternal life. But those who failed will be cast into the infernal fires, where dwell the devil and his angels in that pit, that point at the center of Creation, into which are poured all evil and all that is loathsome to the sight of God. Do always what is righteous and good, so that you will avoid the pit that consumes all who were evil when they lived upon the earth. Amen.

And I will add one more thing. The one I Am giving unto thee is holy. And she is to be untouched, as was the Ark of the Covenant in ancient Israel. Though you are to be given her as your wife, in reality, you are as the man assigned to escort her to Me to be made My Bride in heaven. For to the Lamb of God in heaven is wed all who are numbered as the Bride, the entire body of the elect. And to no other does any soul marry in the eternal hereafter. I Who Am have finished speaking in this post. Do right and do not do wrong. This post now comes to its end. Publish it, for it has been completed. Amen.

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