As virgins shall they marry and remain forever. Amen.

Into a Josephite Marriage is Eric to wed his Jewish Bride

Emerald Trove, Book 15: Post C:
Eric has said something of eternal value. He has said that he does not need to have sex with his bride, that he accepts virginity and celibacy as the Lord should will it. And thus, I will, and Eric has accepted, that he shall marry the Jewish bride but not have sex. For the Jewess I Am giving to Eric is also a virgin. And as an eternally virgin couple, Eric and his future wife are of greater value to Me than if they were to marry and produce a hundred canonized saints among their descendants.

Because you, lord Azurite, have decided this. And because your decision is firm and your celibacy complete, for I see and know that all impurity is gone from you, I hereby announce that your Kingdom over which you shall rule for eternity will consist of not just the state of Hawaii, but also the country of England. I Am the Lord. As for all other lands upon the earth, to other saints have these been decided to be given.

And what about Lazurite, O’ Lord? Will you reveal what lands Lazurite is to possess for all eternity? Yes, lord Azurite. Lazurite does possess eternal lands. And We shall reveal them unto thee now. Lazurite controls and possesses the New York Islands and Peninsulas that form New York City. And why does Lazurite possess these lands, someone asks? It is because these lands are heavily controlled by the Jews. And Lazurite is both a Jew and a Catholic. I Am the Lord. Lazurite also is granted possessions along the Nile River, as part of the fulfillment of the Word of God to Abraham, To your descendants I give this land, from the Wadi of Egypt to the Great River Euphrates. (Genesis 15:18).

Lord, Trump has pardoned many who he sees may return him the favor, but he has not pardoned Julian Assange and Edward Snowden. Why did he choose not to pardon those individuals, O’ Lord? It is because, lord Azurite, those figures are controversial and he would not gain anything personally by making any pardon for them. He has calculated that they would not return the favor with anything of value to him, and that he would take on too much political risk by pardoning them. Too many allies in high places could dump him if he issues pardons for those two.

Also, the rioters who stormed the capital on January 6, 2021, Trump has wisely chosen not to pardon. Yes, lord Azurite, for Trump needs his allies in the Republican Party for his upcoming impeachment trial in the Senate, under the Democrats. And he cannot destroy his Presidential record by pardoning known insurrectionists, which is what all the rioters were who stormed the capital. They were committing armed insurrection, and officers of the law died defending the capital from them. Hence, any blanket pardon of them would effectively ruin Trump’s legacy forever. Trump is wise not to pardon them. And Trump was wise not to march with them to the capital. I Am the Lord.

Good, lord Azurite. All is proceeding according to My plan. Trump has no further plans to disrupt the orderly proceedings of the inauguration of Joe Biden as the 46th President of the United States of America. And it is now evident that Mike Pence did not need to resort to the 25th Amendment to remove Trump. For Trump behaved and did not get into any further trouble. Amen.

And so, Joe Biden has done something remarkable. He has won a Presidential election in America with a woman on his ticket. This has never been accomplished before in the history of the United States of America. But, O’ Lord, did the Blacks get what they wanted? If the Blacks got what they wanted from Obama, then they will get what they want from Biden. But if the Blacks want something tangible in return for their support of the Democratic President, then they have misled themselves. For just as Obama took for granted his support from the Black electorate, so also shall Biden do the same. He will not reward the Black electorate with anything, other than to make abortions more accessible for their daughters in Middle school without notifications being sent to their parents. For it is the will of the Democratic leadership that their Black constituents abort themselves to keep their populations in check, so as to not overrun the welfare system, which was set up for the breeding of slaves to meet the demands of the penal labor system, whose profits funnel into the Democratic Party base. Amen.

Lord, this is most interesting. So, the Black people vote in their own color, but receive no payback from them once they enter into office? That is a powerful lesson that the Black man needs to learn. For he will remain in his gutter in society until he learns to willingly bear his cross and apply himself to his work so that he can get ahead. I Am the Lord. The Black people who look for handouts will never receive them, except those with chains attached, by which they return to the Negro slavery from which they once thought that they had been irrevocably freed. I Am the Lord. For no one gets ahead who is not willing to do the work that is required of him. Let he who is not willing to work also not be given to eat. I Am the Lord.

Lord, though the Blacks claim Kamala Harris to be one of their own, is she really one of the Blacks? Rather, Kamala Harris is only half Black, on her father’s side. Her mother is Asian Indian. Hence, here you have the prime example of Indians moving in and displacing the Africans. It is happening everywhere. Eventually, East Africa will have become very like India in racial composition. For the intellect of the Indian is superior to the intellect of the pureblood African. For the Indian is capable of high mathematics and the intellectual abilities necessary to thrive in STEM, which stands for four specific disciplines — science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Black people of pure African Negro descent lack the intellectual capacity to thrive in such areas. And thus, their people are being displaced. It should be therefore noted that the fact that first Black person to win as Vice President is also half Asian Indian is therefore direct proof that Black African people are really not rising up, but rather, are being displaced by the Asians coming in. And this is happening all over the world. And Kamala Harris can do nothing about it. For whatever success she gains only further strengthens the argument that the Asians are moving in and displacing the Africans. I Am the Lord. For Kamala Harris cannot deny her Asian Indian half. Nor can she attribute her success to her African heritage alone. She must also acknowledge that her Asian blood opened doors to her that would not have been opened were she to have been of full blooded Negro descent.

Lord, now that Joe Biden has been assured the Presidency, what is the future of America? Does Joe Biden set up the abomination that is to cause desolation, and which is to stand where it does not belong, O’ Lord? With Trump gone, welcome to the Age of the Biden scandals. And there will be many of them. I Am the Lord. Biden will seek and succeed in removing ultra conservative Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas by having him impeached for his proven perjury. And in his place, he will set up another unqualified liberal Justice, like Kagan and Sotomayor, who have no qualifications to sit on that bench. But other than that, no other changes will Biden be making to the Supreme Court during his single four year term in office. I Am the Lord. Kagan and Sotomayor will die near the end of his Presidency, but the Republicans, who will be back in control of the Senate at that time, will argue that the one to nominate the replacements of those two liberal Justices should be the one to be elected President in the 2024 elections, which will be the Azurite Pawn Eric will call forth to rule America for eight solid years. Amen.

Nor will there be instituted a mark or tattoo or embedded chip into people’s flesh to regulate commerce, as a literal interpretation of Revelation 13:16-17 has many Bible thumpers predicting to happen. For the imagery shown in Revelation is not meant to be taken literally. And the people are not to seek and wait for these images to manifest into reality as signs that they believe must happen before the Lord returns. For all such thinking makes people not ready for the coming of their Lord. And no one outside the Catholic Church will be found ready for the Lord at His return. For there is no salvation outside the Catholic Church. I Am the Lord.

Lord, if you are giving me the Jewess as my celibate bride and taking away Hyacinth from my life, then let it be done. When, O’ Lord, shall all these things that Thou hast prophesied take place? Let it be done in accordance to Thine will, my Master. For I am patient. And I will await all that you promise to deliver unto me. Amen.

Today shall all these things I promise unto thee take place, lord Azurite. For I Am pleased with you. And I am ready to give unto you that which was promised to you of old. I Am the Lord. Be ready for Me and for My angel at dawn. And you are going to work today. Such is the prophetic Word of the Lord. Amen.

Lord, the rioters who marched on the capital and who committed armed insurrection that led to the deaths of officers of the law fighting to defend the capital building from them and who died in the line of duty, these rioters who committed these crimes are angry with Trump that he has not pardoned them. But did they not know that Trump never owns failures? Their attempted insurrection failed. That is why he refuses to own it. And they will be charged with sedition and other felonies and go to serve their time behind bars. And later, maybe they will become a little wiser and not follow a man who leads all who follow him to their ruin.

And what happens to those senators who supported the insurrection, like Ted Cruz? Woe unto them. They will not win reelection. For their name has become mud. They miscalculated that they would politically benefit from siding with the President. Now they are branded with the lawlessness that they stood for by standing for Trump. They have no more future in the Senate. I Am the Lord. Amen.

Lord, the Trump Administration effectively ends today at noon in Washington, D.C., which is less than three hours away. And then the Biden Administration will have effectively begun. What Words do You say unto this outgoing President in his final hours in office, and to this incoming President, who is set to change the major courses of events in the next four years? I say this:

To President Trump: You have served your single term, and in your single term, you have done a series of criminal moves. Note that you cannot escape justice. Hence, you will be paying for all the crimes you have committed. And many will be the lawsuits filed against you. Whatever money you have will be needed to pay your lawyers to defend you in your lawsuits. They will fail to defend you, but they will receive their pay nevertheless. For just as you cheated others, so shall you be cheated. And just as you robbed others, so shall you be robbed. And just as you denied justice to others, so shall justice be denied to you. And you will go to your grave in bitterness, thinking that the people owed you greater appreciation for all the good you believe you have done as President. Christopher Columbus also died in bitterness, thinking he was not thanked sufficiently for his service to the whole world. But did he do meritorious service to the world? Or were his acts of service really done to serve for his own glorification? Contemplate these words as you are figuratively crucified on the tree of woe. I Who Am have spoken.

To incoming President Biden: Congratulations for your Presidential win. You are the winner of the elections, and your victory needs to be acknowledged as legitimate, despite that you are not in agreement with those issues that matter to God. You will find Eric to be unsilenceable, for his Words are from Me, the Lord God. And whoever seeks to silence Eric shall die. Do as you plan to do, but realize that the time I give you to reign is short. And also realize this, though Jesus said unto Judas, “What you are about to do, do quickly,” such was in no way an endorsement of Judas’ future actions to betray Jesus. And by such meanings have I said unto you, ‘Do as you plan to do.’ And also realize that when your reign ends, you too will face the consequences of what you will have done as President. I Who Am have spoken.

You may now publish this post, lord Azurite, for it is now complete. President Biden’s term in office will effectively begin in two and a half hours. I Who Am have spoken. Let those who shall celebrate, celebrate with the understanding that I have not forgiven this nation for its ongoing gay marriages and its ongoing abortions. For until these things stop, America will remain under its curse. And tens of thousands will be perishing daily in America due to the gravity of these sins in the sight of My holy face. I Am the Lord. Now publish this post, lord Azurite. For it is complete. Amen.

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