My Kingdom is vast

As it was in the beginning, is now, and forever shall be, world without end.

Emerald Trove, Book 15: Post XCVIII:
I have things to say regarding Eric, My servant. Eric spoke and said two things, both of which contained contradictions, which We shall now correct. When Eric thought the prophecies uttered to him were not fulfilled, he said:

God exists, but I am not His prophet.

And then he said, regarding whether he accepted marriage to a girl:

I am not against marriage, but God did not say that I would marry.

These are the words of Eric, Our prophet. And yet you contradict yourself, Eric. You testify that God exists and yet say you are not His prophet? Is not every one who testifies that God exists at the very moment of making such testimony prophesying in the name of the Lord, and uttering true, eyewitness testimony? And yet, you are not a prophet? For are you not a Catholic? It is written that by virtue of baptism, all in My Church are Kings, Priests, and Prophets. Hence, you are all three. That your Word is not fully true does not change the Truth of your status as My prophet.

And you testify that you are not against marriage. But you deny God has said you shall marry? But Eric, the Word and the plan of God is that you do marry. Do not let details of prophecy get in the way of your predestined fate to marry. For not only is your marriage predestined, but there are saints that are to rise from your loins. And these saints will perform great works before I come to usher in the End of all things. I have need of the son who is to come by the marriage you are destined to enter. Enter, therefore, the marriage We have prophesied for you. It will come to pass. I Am the Lord.

Lord, the rioters have demanded that Trump pardon them, claiming that they were only following his orders to take over the capital and to carry out the attempted coup. Tell those rioters that their fate is to be charged with sedition and sent to prison. They stood on the wrong side of history. And Trump never gives anything to anyone unless there is some future thing he thinks they might do for him. And Trump does not reward or glorify soldiers who get captured or killed in battle or who fail in their mission. Your insurrection failed. Hence, Trump wants no part of your guilt. He will deny he ever had anything to do with your insurrection because you failed. You are on you own. And you will be charged and prosecuted.

Trump lied to you that he would be walking with you in your march on the capital. He sent you, but has chosen to let you take all the blame and all the guilt. He is not owning the insurrection. He is letting you own it. Because you failed, he wants no part in your failure. I Am the Lord. Face it. You marched forth for a coward. He did not march with you just in case it failed, so that he would not be culpable. You were just his tools to further his aims. He never cared what would happen to you.

And your excuse that you were following orders from Trump will not stand for your defense. For it is never permissible to break the law because a superior, even the President, orders you to. No one may commit criminal behavior. And no criminal is exonerated by the claim that someone else ordered them to commit the crime. For did Adam and Eve get to stay in the Garden of Eden by their excuse that Satan got them to do it? No, they were severely punished, and so also was Satan.

Lord, Alexei Navalny has returned to Russia, but has been detained by Russian authorities. And Putin is not yet overthrown. Eric, Russia will bend to the power I speak to them through you. Vladimir Putin is not free to do as he pleases. For I constrain him. And I Am going to topple him. Navalny will not be put to death. And Navalny will not be defeated. He is to rise and Putin is to fall. And Navalny will become the next elected President of Russia. I Am the Lord.

Both dictatorship regimes of Russia and China are set to be vanquished. I will see to their twin collapses. And in both chaotic aftermaths, you, lord Azurite, will enter as Azurite King and set up Pawns and convert those who are to become Mine to Catholicism. And both nations will then enjoy a renaissance as Christianity and freedom begin to flow through the once imprisoned peoples. And I will save many people in both nations.

For the strong man must be bound and tied up so that Christ and His servants can plunder his house. (Matthew 12:29 & Mark 3:27 & Luke 11:21-22). And that is the reason why I Am overthrowing the dictatorships of both nations. It is to plunder their houses for those which are Mine and to make those who belong to Me in both nations Catholic. I Am the Lord.

Hence, lord Azurite, the reason I have set you up to rule as King is so that you may carry out your mission, which is to convert all Gentile nations to My faith, Catholicism. And that is why I hand all Gentile nations to be under your power. I Am the Lord.

Also, you are to rule for forty years, no more and no less. For Forty years is one generation. And I need one generation to gather My elect from all nations before everything comes to its end. And then I will allow you to pass away. And I will have you rise to heaven in the full sight of men. I Am the Lord. For you are the King of Gentile Christendom. There never was such a King before you. And there shall never again be such a King to come after you. And after you rise, and I give Mankind time to adjust to your departure, I will come again to judge the living and the dead. I Am the Lord. For shortly after I take you away do I come again. I Am the Lord.

For you are one of My Two Witnesses. And as one of My Two Witnesses, what I say through you cannot be contradicted. And all who contradict My Word through you shall be confounded. And they will be thrown into confusion. And my angels will be sent against them. And my angels will take their sword and slay them as they sleep. I Am the Lord. An army that marches against you with sixty thousand men will make their camp to wage war the next day. And the next day will come and they will be dead. For in whose power do you yield to when you sleep? You yield unto My power. And what if I decide you are not to awake? Let no man then choose to sleep who advances against My Larimar King. Let him fight his fatigue and not give into sleep, lest he see Me in the next world and die from My frightful look. I Am the Lord.

And when a man enters actual combat with Eric, My servant, know ye that that man has killed his own soul in his very act. He might as well go and hang himself as Judas did, for he is scheduled to die that very day and go to hell.

Lord, could Judas have been saved had he come back to You in his repentance and sought reconciliation with God through You rather than through the temple priests, who did not care about him or his soul? (Matthew 27:3-4).

Lord Azurite, when Judas betrayed Me, he committed a sin by which a thousand generations of suffering on earth could not expiate. Nor was My sacrament of reconciliation set up to forgive such a sin. For only sins that can be forgiven can confession bring forgiveness to. But for sins for which there is neither forgiveness in this world nor in the next, neither can confessing such a sin to a priest restore that man to My grace. Many, I tell you, in this world who have not yet physically died, are nevertheless permanently condemned. For many are the ways in which men can permanently separate themselves from Me. It is a myth, therefore, Eric, that any man can repent and be saved at the last moment of their life. For for many men, repentance becomes impossible. (Hebrews 6:4-6).

Such is why it is foolish, very foolish, for men to sin now, thinking that they can do their repentance when they are old, and then go straight to heaven, having lived a life of sin and then having repented their sins at the last moment. For such men who choose that, I prepare special punishments in hell. And I never allow such men to acquire a clean conscience. For reflect on this. If your conscience does not become clean after you have confessed your sins, did you really confess them sufficiently? If your conscience is permanently guilty, whether you confess or not, by what basis do you think you are salvageable to Me? For the unsalvageable man remains in his state of condemnation, even though he confesses his sins to a priest. And the permanently guilty remain in their guilt, even should they throw their entire wealth, all thirty pieces of silver, into the Temple of God. (Matthew 27:5). For no one can change a decision on My part that a man has permanently separated himself from Me.

For just as the elect taste their heavenly state while they live in this life, so also do the reprobates taste their eternal condemnation while they remain living in this life. Eric, do you remember that girl, Danielle, who befriended you and then left you? Do you remember her testimony on whether she had found the sea of peace? Yes, O’ Lord, and she said she had not attained it. She was frequently going to confession, and yet, her spirit testified to her great guilt and condemnation. Yes, lord Azurite. And tell us of her purity? She had a sexual past, O’ Lord. She was not a virgin. Lord Azurite, I permanently drove her away from you to prevent you from contracting her state of condemnation by any possible sin you might have sinned with her were she to be allowed to remain in your life. I Am the Lord. For the rotten apple spreads its rot to any apples it is allowed to be with.

Likewise, reading Saint Mother Teresa’s writings, it is clear she was no saint and did not ascend to heaven when she died. It is clear that her conscience convicted her on a great many sins. I did not save Mother Teresa. She is now in hell. Pity the popes who canonize the damned. They too will die and go to hell, for misusing My Church to set up the wicked on My altar as examples for My people to follow. For by such wickedness, My popes lead many with them into hell. I Am the Lord.

Lord, do You prophesy that the next pope will be Cardinal Raymond Burke, and that he will take the papal name of John, to be called Pope John XXIV? Yes, that revelation is from Me. And it shall be fulfilled this year, shortly after Easter Sunday has passed. For Pope Francis dies shortly after Easter Sunday. His time is almost up. I Am the Lord.

Lord, Trump is expected to issue around a hundred pardons on Tuesday, but what does he do on Wednesday, O’ Lord? He is a defeated man, lord Azurite. Let him alone in his defeat. Let him deal with it in his own way. I Am the Lord. For when noon comes on Wednesday, he will be arrested and arraigned. And his lawsuits and litigation against him will be without end. So give him some hours alone to reflect on his defeat. Let him come to peace with his defeat before he enters into the fray that will consume him for the rest of his life, and that will utterly wipe out his legacy and his family line. I Am the Lord.

And these are My final closing words for this post. You, lord Azurite, are now set up as King and Ruler of Gentile Christendom. And your assignment is to convert all who are Mine to My faith, the Catholic religion. Furthermore, I elect to give you the state of Hawaii as your eternal possession. As for the other lands in this world, such as England, these are all to be divided up among My other elect. I Am the Lord.

And as for virgins of the next world, it is as I have revealed unto you. No one is bound to anyone else in heaven, but all are bound to Me there, and to Me alone. Hence, all of heaven are as helium gas there. No one is in a molecule. I Am the Lord.

And one last thing I will say unto thee, lord Azurite. Do not lose faith in any promise I give unto thee because it does not happen according to the time expected for its fulfillment. For men have waited for My Second Coming since back in the generation that people knew and saw Jesus. I Am Coming soon. This is still true. And that you will receive all your promised cures will also come to pass. But wait patiently for what you are promised. And in a time you know not, all that you have asked for shall be yours. I Am the Lord. This post is now ready to be published Publish it now, and then correct all typos you find. And know that the Word of the Lord is trustworthy and true. I Who Am have spoken. Amen.

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