Eric is commanded to take the wife I give him

I lead My sheep to green pastures and clear running waters.

Emerald Trove, Book 15: Post XCVII:
I Who Am do now give unto Eric the maid he is to receive. Lord, I am willing to do all that You instruct me to do. What dost Thou instruct me to do, O’ Lord? How does this girl come and enter into my life that You are giving unto me? And when does all of this take place, O’ Lord?

We are now in the morning before dawn on Sunday, January 17, 2021. Today is the first day of your Azurite Reign, lord Azurite. Today is the day you are made King. Obey Me in all that I command unto thee to do. Today, I will bring the girl to you that you are to wed and have five children by. I Am the Lord.

I Am curing you today. All your afflictions that you have will be wiped clean. For you have been faithful to Me regarding your ewe lamb, Hyacinth. She will remain your ewe lamb whom you help. But as for marriage, the girl you are to marry will be the one I Am sending you today. I Am the Lord.

Trump is as a failed star. He is like a star that failed to ignite. He is going out quietly into the night. And when he steps down from power, an act he has no control over, then he will be escorted to his place where he will be arraigned and charged and forced to face his lawsuits, which will be heavily laid against him. He will have no thoughts of those who stood with him and who partook in his insurrections. They, he will let to be fed to the wolves. And the wolves will completely devour them. I Am the Lord.

Hence, the men and women who partook in the insurrections and the riots in Trump’s name will be charged and prosecuted heavily. And they will be subdued, their careers ruined, and their fates to face heavy fines and prison time. All of Trump’s men will go down as he will. For the Trump movement is ended. And now it shall be killed. Everyone who stood for Trump will cease to advertise that they did. And those with MAGA hats will no longer be seen in public wearing them. I Am the Lord.

Trump once had several billion dollars to his name. Half of that is now gone. The other half is soon to go. And then Trump will become a perpetually indebted man. Debt collectors will be hounding him. And he be hunted wherever he goes. Even if he gets out on bail, he will be deemed a flight risk, and his license to travel will be taken from him. I Am the Lord. For I Am coming down on Trump like a ton of bricks. And he will be punished severely for all his crimes. And all who stood with him will be similarly punished, and Trump will not lift a finger to defend them. I Am the Lord.

Trump has failed. Let all the world see a failure complete. Let all the world gaze and gawk upon the man who claimed to be the greatest that ever lived. See how little he has become. Such little men are unwise to make great boasts about themselves. For when their boasts fail, all the world then see and look upon their dismal failure and upon their utter shame. And I show to all the world their utter disgrace, and I lay bare all the falsehood of their many lies.

Trump will not defend you, O’ foolish Trump supporters. Trump will not come to your aid. You helped a man who helps no one but himself. Now stew in your losses and submit to your humiliation. And realize that Joe Biden is now in charge of the mess that was created by the outgoing President. Realize that he will clean it up. And realize that he will sweep you off the table and into the circular file. What is the circular file, you ask? That is the waste basket, that dumps into the garbage heap. You are being thrown out. And the brief era of Trump will fade like a bad memory.

All the NATO alliances will now be restrengthened. And the readiness of America to do battle will be restored. And America is no longer dependent on Russia to get their men to the International Space Station. They no longer need to pay to Russia to have their men ride on Russia’s Soyuz capsules to reach the orbiting outpost. Instead, America now has her own spacecraft. America has her own capability to send men into space.

Hence, now America will flex her muscles. And America will demand that Russia fall in line. For Russia has now lost her monopoly on manned space flight. Russia no longer has the power to threaten America. And with her man gone from America’s leadership, Russia no longer has the cards to play nor the options to thwart American interests. For Trump is out. Trump is gone. His insurrection has failed. And now there will be hell to pay for all those behind the failed insurrection. For many were the men behind the scenes that were involved with the insurrection attempt. It is very like the coup in the USSR that failed to overthrow Gorbachev. They made their attempt at their power grab. Now they face fines, criminal prosecution, and prison time. They chose the wrong side of history to stand on. I Am the Lord.

Little did they realize that they were being filmed. Little did they realize that modern facial recognition software can find them and track them and know exactly who and where they are. They are fools who followed a leader who cares for them not. Even Trump’s own lawyers, Trump is refusing to pay. For Trump is not a man of his word. Trump is not a promise keeper. Rather, Trump is a promise breaker. I Who Am have spoken.

Welcome now to the Biden years. Now, Contradiction has come to rule America. And he will elect to contradict Me. Well did Eric choose the name, Contradiction, to name this Player who has set up his Biden Pawn to rule over America for four solid years. And he will rule, but his rule will not prevail against My Church. For Eric is strong. And Eric will not be destroyed or brought down. Rather, all who try this will die. All who attempt to harness or silence My Prophet King, lord Azurite, will be dead. They will find themselves dead and wonder how it happened. For it will happen so suddenly that they will be unaware of it and be dead before they realize they have died. Such is the suddenness and the swiftness by which I will thoroughly wipe out and kill whatever man or beast marches against My Larimar King. Whoever does so, no matter who he is, shall be dead. I Am the Lord.

Biden has an ambitious agenda to fulfill. But halfway through his four year term, the Republicans will regain control of the Senate. And then Biden’s policies will be put in check. Clarence Thomas will have been removed and replaced, giving the Supreme Court a narrow 5-4 conservative majority. But this will then change, for in the final year of Biden’s term, two liberal Supreme Court Justices, Kagan and Sotomayor, will die, and the Republican controlled Senate will argue that the one to replace them should be the President to be elected in the 2024 elections, which shall be Azurite’s Pawn. And he will come to power, and he will appoint two perfectly chosen conservative Catholic Justices, bringing the Supreme Court to then have a 7-2 conservative majority, starting in early 2025. I Am the Lord.

And with this 7-2 conservative majority, the correct Supreme Court decisions will be made law and the homosexual revolution will come to its terminal end. Every gay marriage will be revoked and declared to be the illegal abomination that it is. And every abortion mill will be closed up, with all abortion workers charged with the mass murders that they are completely guilty of. I Am the Lord. Every medical doctor who has performed an abortion will be charged with murder and prosecuted. And the penalty for killing an unborn child will be death. For it is just that a life be taken for a life. And he who kills deserves to be killed. I Am the Lord.

Lord, should this death penalty for taking the life of an unborn child be limited to just surgical abortions? Or do you will to be included in that number all those who kill their unborn by using various artificial birth control methods that work that way? Every abortion that can be proven in court will be prosecuted, and those found guilty will be executed. I Am the Lord.

Also, it will be made illegal for any store to sell products that induce abortions. I Am the Lord. And anyone who speaks in favor of abortion rights will be arrested for incitement to murder. I Am the Lord. Every mother and father who have willingly partaken in an abortion will be prosecuted and put to death. They showed no mercy to their unborn child. Hence, no mercy shall be shown to them, even if they have repented and confessed to a priest. For the effects of their crime remains. And justice shall be served. I Am the Lord.

Do not think that you have the power to stop the Azurite King. Whoever gets in his way I will mow down with the breath of the Holy Spirit. And he will wish he had died by torture in the camp of the enemy rather than to die by the manner in which I will slay him in both body and soul.

Let it be known that Eric is My Conqueror and King. And he will rule and govern My people with an iron scepter. Like pottery shall he shatter them.

Now, Eric, I permit you to ask questions. Ask whatever you wish to know. Amen.

(1) Lord, am I to be as CH4 with Saint Bernadette, Saint Therese of Lisieux, Saint Kateri Tekakwitha, and Caesar Sandra Nikee (also called Cassandra and Hyacinth)? And if so, what about the girl you are giving me to marry and have sex with? For this means that I will no longer be a virgin. So how can I be of that CH4, which was said to be only possible for virgins?

The virgins you thought would be bound to you have nothing to do with you in heaven, lord Azurite. For I do not bind souls to other souls in heaven. All are bound only to Me there. I Am the Lord.

(2) Lord, is it really possible to masturbate with clean intent, and not to transgress God’s law in that act, O’ Lord?

No it is not, lord Azurite. All who masturbate contract sin and uncleanliness. These must repent their works and confess it to a priest. There is no way to have a sex life lawfully unless you are sacramentally married. I Am the Lord.

(3) Lord, for how long will you have me remain helper to Hyacinth, now that you are giving me a different girl to be my wife?

Help her until We give her the ability to go without your help, lord Azurite. But you are correct. She cannot remain dependent on you after your marriage takes place. And you shall marry the girl We are giving to you, as We revealed to you, on Saturday, August 14, 2021. I Am the Lord.

(4) Lord, will I really marry a Jewess? Or shall you give me to marry someone else?

This is the last question We shall take in this post, lord Azurite. Yes, a Jewess has been assigned to be your bride. And you shall meet her today. And you shall be made aware that she is the one you shall wed.

Now as for Our final closing Words in this post. Realize that the dictatorship regimes in China and Russia are about to be overthrown. And you, lord Azurite, will then move in to conquer and to convert both nations to My religion, Catholicism. I Who Am have spoken. Now go and eat your breakfast and prepare for Mass. And publish this post, for it is complete. Amen.

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