Eric, Ruler of Gentile Christendom

Eric is anointed Azurite King, ruler over Gentile Christendom.

Emerald Trove, Book 15: Post XCVI:
I Who Am have established Eric as ruler over Gentile Christendom. Now I shall speak. Eric, you are commanded to take up your throne that I establish for you over the Kingdom I have created for you, that of Gentile Christendom. And now you ask, what nations are in your Kingdom? All nations but those descended from Jacob, son of Isaac, son of Abraham are in your Kingdom. The nations that descend from My people Israel belong to the Kingdom of Judaic and Israelite Christendom, to be ruled by My servant, King Lazurite, who is superior to you in rank, for his Kingdom is of my first Beloved, whereas your Kingdom consist of those to whom salvation went when My people rejected My Messiah.

Now, it was once said that those counted as the descendants of Eric would outnumber those counted as the descendants of Abraham. If this is so, then note that We are talking in spiritual terms. For as for direct descendants, since I have decided to grant to Eric a Jewish wife, who is a descendant of Abraham, and who shall be the only woman through whom Eric will have children, then it will be a mathematical impossibility for the descendants of Eric by blood to outnumber the descendants of Abraham by blood, as the descendants of Eric by blood will be a distinct subset of the descendants of Abraham by blood. For Eric will marry once, to the Jewish bride I give him. And to no other shall he have sex or children with. I Am the Lord.

Lord, today is Saturday, January 16, 2020, at 2:53 AM in the morning in California. Trump will be out of power in four days and several hours time. Lord, I want Trump to be removed from controlling the Republican Party. And to do that requires his impeachment to be upheld in the Senate by two thirds vote. Let enough Republican Senators join the Democrats to get this done once the Republicans take up this issue with Biden come to power. Let Trump be convicted in his impeachment, O’ Lord, so that he is barred from ever holding public office again. For this is a man who clearly is not qualified to hold public office. By his refusal to accept the will of the people who voted him out, he has forfeited his right in my book to ever take up public office again. Let the Senate confirm that with the necessary two thirds vote to convict the President in the articles of impeachment. And this can be done after Trump’s term in office has ended. For impeachments can be voted on and convicted after that official is no longer in power.

Lord Azurite, I will do as you say. President Trump will be convicted in the articles of impeachment and be barred from ever holding public office again. I Am the Lord. The only place this man is fit to serve is to rule over his prison cell. I Am the Lord. When his impeachment is confirmed and he is sent to prison for his crimes, with many more crimes for him to be tried on while in prison, then I will send a most powerful message to My people as to what happens to little men who play “God”. For whosoever makes themselves as a god or as like Me in power and rank, this that shall befall Trump will be what shall happen to them. I Am the Lord. For I Am severely cruel and a horror to behold to any mere man who attempts to make himself an equal to Me. I Am the Lord. Trump will not escape the jaws of destruction that have now opened up beneath his feet. He is going to go down into them, and he is going to be chewed and destroyed. I Am the Lord.

For let no man think that he can do as Trump has done and get away with it. Trump proclaimed his greatness to the entire world. Trump boasted and threatened all nations on earth with his power. Now I shall make an example of Trump to all nations on earth. Now I will completely destroy this man alive before all nations on the earth. More destroyed than Jerusalem was shall this man be destroyed. And I will make this man know what I do to those who disrespect Me and who set themselves up as their own authorities equal to Me or higher.

This man, Donald John Trump, will then know that there is a God. And he will know that God will have punished him for his transgressions. I Am the Lord. By the degree and to the extent that Trump had exalted himself over the nations, so also will he be brought low and humbled and subjected to humiliation. And then he will know that there is a God, and that God punishes wrongdoers and those who transgress His standard. I Am the Lord.

For Trump has boasted against God Himself. Now both Trump and the whole world will bear witness as to what I, the Lord God, do to such people who do such things. Let, therefore, all Mankind fear Me and give Me the glory. Let no man after Trump come to exalt himself against Me as Trump has done. For should any man come to power after Trump and do as Trump did or worse, after seeing the judgement that befalls My servant Trump for all his iniquities, than double the punishment that I heap upon Trump will I pour out upon the soul of that man who did not learn.

And note that the holocausts of the abortions and the abominations of gay marriages have not been ended anywhere yet. Hence, America and the nations of the world that do these things are still under My condemnation, and this condemnation is going to get worse. Instead of killing Americans by the thousands per day, I will elevate it to the tens of thousands per day. For I Am an angry God. And I wish to successfully communicate to the American people of My displeasure over their behavior. Hence, I will increase the daily rate of deaths. Every person in America shall know someone or have a family member or more who shall have lost their life by this disease. And I shall continue to ramp up these deaths until one third of America will have lost their lives, unless they repent. I Am the Lord.

Do not think that you will have gained immunity by having come down sick to COVID-19 and then to have gotten well. For you are mistaken. Multiple strains of this disease do I send into the populations. Hence, the man who thinks he has gained immunity will later come down sick again and die, by a different strain of the same disease. And by this means will I make it known to My people that of them I Am displeased. I Am the Lord.

Maybe when My people in America and throughout the whole world see tens of thousands of Americans dying each day, then they might say, ‘There is a God, and He is angry, and we as a people ought to repent.’ And if the people then, when they see tens of thousands of Americans dying each day from COVID-19, they put an end to their abortions and their gay marriages, and call on those practices and institutions to be outlawed, And abortions completely cease and all gay marriages are revoked, then the numbers of those dying shall decrease, and I will have mercy on My people. Amen.

For COVID-19 is a chastisement from God sent to punish a wicked people. And the people of this generation are most wicked. Today is the 1274th day of the Age of Mary, which began on Sunday, July 23, 2017. (1274 = 72 x 13 x 2). Today, I seat Eric upon his throne. Today, I make America and the whole world realize that there is a ruler I have set over them to rule. Amen. Whosoever resists an edict I issue through Eric is to die. I Am the Lord.

And these are My edicts:

  1. Human life begins at conception, not at birth. Hence, the right to life is to be upheld for all those conceived. I Am the Lord.
  2. Marriage exists only between one man and one women who elect to marry. No other form of marriage will be tolerated. I Am the Lord.
  3. Homosexuality is an abomination. Wherever it occurs it must be destroyed by fire. I Am the Lord.
  4. One religion has been instituted by God, Catholicism. All states throughout the world must recognize Catholicism as their state religion. I Am the Lord.
  5. The Jews are a people chosen by God. They have as their land the lands of the Levant. Let them accept Catholicism as their religion and Jesus as their Messiah. Whoever marches against that people will be destroyed. And Eric is not their ruler. Amen.
  6. Jerusalem will be forever the capital of My people Israel. It will never be divided up. Nor will it cease to be under the control of the Jewish state.
  7. The pope, the head of the Roman Catholic Church, will be the authority over all matters of faith and morals. What he rules will be obeyed. And he will never contradict what is infallibly decreed by a previous valid pope. I Am the Lord.
  8. He who has a surplus of goods, let him share his fortunes with those who lack. Then I will be pleased with My people, and blessings will flow out upon all nations on earth. I Am the Lord.
  9. Divorce has become commonplace. This shall now end. Whoever divorces his wife and marries another shall be called an adulterer. And he will be banned from My table. Amen.
  10. A man has no right to sex, unless he enters lawful marriage. Let this be enforced and let it be taboo for any man to have sex from now on outside of marriage. Let all such transgressors be properly beaten or whipped to discourage all such future behavior. I Am the Lord. Amen.

These ten edicts are My law to be published in all lands and for all nations to read and to behold. Whosoever transgresses this law shall be punished severely. I Am the Lord. Amen.

New hear My judgement on Russia, and on Russian President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin. Over your people you have ruled by lies and deceit and by murder and by threats of destruction. Now I Am taking your power away from you. You will no longer rule the nation of Russia. For another man more worthy than you have I raised up to replace you. Stand aside and let him rise up. As for you, Vladimir Putin, you will find that the power upon which you now stand shall collapse beneath you. And you shall fall.

Alexei Anatolievich Navalny shall now come to rule Russia. And he will be elected. And he will reform that nation and undo the laws by which one man was able to make himself dictator. A new constitution shall he bring forth to be ratified. And in this new constitution, a clear separation of powers between three branches of government will be enacted. And the people will chose who represents them by popular vote.

And as for Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill, he I shall convert to Catholicism. And with him into Catholicism he shall bring his Church, forming a new Eastern Rite Russian Catholic Church. And all who were Orthodox in Russia will become Catholic without leaving their Church, for their Church itself will be made Catholic. I Am the Lord. And thus it will be realized the conversion of Russia to Catholicism. I Am the Lord.

In China, the Catholic Church is under tremendous attack. Now it shall prevail. All those in China shall be subject to the four decrees of Eric:

  1. It is thus decreed that all who oppress or persecute the Catholic Church in China are to be destroyed and utterly laid to waste.
  2. It is thus decreed that all who promote or force abortions in China are to be destroyed and utterly laid to waste.
  3. It is thus decreed that all who arrest or punish the innocent in China are to be destroyed and utterly laid to waste.
  4. It is thus decreed that all who produce or promote pornography in China are to be destroyed and utterly laid to waste.

Let China now deal with its high population by switching their diet to rely on eating crickets and other suitable insects for their protein needs.

Note that the Law of Moses declares crickets, katydids, grasshoppers, locusts, and all winged insects that walk on all fours and that have jointed legs for leaping on the ground as clean foods to eat. (Leviticus 11:21-22). And crickets contain the full set of proteins that human beings need in their diet. Hence, crickets will serve as the future sustainable protein source for the human populations to depend on for their protein needs. Beef cattle, and the raising of mammal livestock for meat to eat will be done away with. However dairy farming will continue, as dairy farming has a low carbon footprint and a low impact on the environment, while producing a high yield of food for the unit of land devoted to it.

Ostrich meat will replace the beef steak for those who long for the taste of beef. For Ostrich meat is red like venison and tastes similar to prime beef. The water requirements for raising ostrich meat is roughly one third of that required to raise cattle beef for the same amount of meat produced. Furthermore, cattle produce about 18% to 48% of all greenhouse emissions, but ostriches produce no methane emissions, because they are single-stomach animals. Hence, the the replacement of beef cattle ranching with ostrich ranching will reduce global carbon emissions by about 18% to 48%, leading the world to a sustainable future. And it is also known that ostrich meat is far healthier to eat than is cattle beef.

Lord, then why did God have Moses declare that ostrich meat was not a clean food to eat? What Moses prescribed for the Jews to eat is a matter that regards only the Jews. The dietary laws in the Law of Moses do not apply to any other nations on the earth. Hence, let all nations on earth who wish to reduce carbon emissions and who do not need to follow the dietary laws of the Jews, switch from beef cattle raising to ostrich raising for such red meats to eat. But let the Jews keep their dietary laws as they deem necessary. For the Jewish state is not under the rule of Eric. I Am the Lord.

Lord, what languages shall be the official languages, the lingua francas, of the Kingdom of Gentile Christendom? What languages does Eric rule to be made official over all the lands over which he is now made supreme ruler?

Three languages shall come to dominate all of Gentile Christendom. And these are:

  1. English
  2. Spanish
  3. French

These three languages shall serve as the three base official languages of all of Gentile Christendom. Amen. Many other languages exist and will continue to be spoken. But English, Spanish, and French will dominate throughout the world. I Am the Lord.

Furthermore, let it be said that those nations who practice Catholicism and that come back to Me and into conformance to all My statutes and decrees, these nations shall be called blessed, and they will remain standing on earth until My Second Coming. And I Am Coming swiftly, for the Reign of Eric is to come and to pass on the earth, to be followed by My Kingdom to come in force for all nations to see and to know. Amen. For when My Kingdom comes for all nations to see, then it will be that I will be seated on My throne, with Lazurite to My right, and Azurite to My left. And I will then proceed to judge all nations and to rule all My elect forever on the earth. Amen.

And in those days, all nations will bring their treasures before Me. And all men will walk in My light. And all peoples will be guided by My law and My Way. Eric the Azurite King, will rule all Gentile nations under Me. And Lazurite will rule over all My people Israel under Me forever and ever. And I, King of kings and Lord of lords, will rule over both Gentiles and Jews, and over all nations and over all cities, seated with My two Prophet Kings in Jerusalem, for all eternity unto eternity, and for all ages unto ages. Amen.

For these two Kings, Lazurite and Azurite, are My two lampstands and My two Witnesses. They will both remain on the earth until the final hour. And when they are assumed up to heaven, the days to My Coming in the clouds will short. And when the darkness has passed in those days, men will look up into the sky and see Me coming in the clouds with great glory and majesty. And the time for repentance will have ended. And all Mankind will be judged, from the last to be born to the first to be created. I Am the Lord.

This post hereby comes to its end. You, Eric, are great. Know your place always. You serve Me. And from Me comes all that you will say to My people. I Who Am have spoken. Let God bless those who do their Master’s will. Amen. Now publish this post, lord Azurite, for it is complete. Amen.

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