Eric will rule as Azurite King for forty years

A Jewish Bride have We chosen to grant the Azurite King as his Queen.

Emerald Trove, Book 15: Post XCV:
Behold, I decree for Eric to rule as Azurite King for forty years. And to him shall We grant a Jewish bride to be his wife and queen. But Lord, is not Eric to be cured this weekend of all his afflictions? And is not that to be the unmistakable sign that Eric is called to be a priest?

I Who Am have chosen a different path for Eric to follow. He is not fit for serving Me as My priest. Instead, Eric will serve as King over Gentile Christendom, and he will be wed to a Jewish bride. Her Jewish family will permit it for Eric, though not Jewish, is nevertheless circumcised, as are all the males in his family, in accordance to ancient customs handed down.

And who, O’ Lord, shall be this Jewish bride? Will she be as hot as the nude girl in the photo above? Yes, she is as attractive as her. You will not be disappointed in the one We have selected to serve Us as Bride and Queen to Azurite, King of Gentile Christendom. And when does this girl come, O’ Lord? When does she make her appearance into my life? And what about my being cured, O’ Lord? And what happens to Hyacinth, and to the children that she currently teaches at her Church?

We will make this deal with thee, lord Azurite. Either We Who say these things unto thee are God, or else We are Satan. If We are God, Our prophecies of good things to come to pass shall come to pass. And if We are Satan, nothing of worth that We prophesy here will come to anything of any real value. In other words, Satan talks many things, but he can never fulfill them. He is endlessly making promises that go nowhere and result in nothing.

If Our prophecies made unto you today come to nothing, consider Our Words written here to also be nothing, and move on. But if these signs that We describe here come to pass, then know that you are conversing with the Living God, and that you are to marry a Jewish girl and reign with her as King and Queen over Gentile Christendom for forty years. I Who Am have spoken.

Excellent, O’ Lord. I do agree with all that You have said. Now, what are the prophecies and signs that You propose for me to watch for? I am open to whatever You say, O’ Lord.

Sign number 1: Alexei Anatolievich Navalny will ascend to power in Russia, starting with his return there on Sunday, January 17, 2021. And the power of Russian President and dictator, Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin will collapse before him. I Am the Lord.

Sign number 2: The power of the Biden Administration will break against the Catholic Church and not prevail against her, but will be broken and cast down in their attempts to reverse the good that was achieved regarding Catholic issues under Trump. I Am the Lord.

Sign number 3: Hyacinth will accept her loss of Eric to the Jewish bride, and elect to marry someone else, for God will reveal to her in a dream that her fate is with another man, and that Eric is not for her. I Am the Lord.

Observe these three signs, lord Azurite, and you will realize that I Who Am have prophesied all these things to come to pass.

Lord, I am now fifty years old. If I reign for another forty years, I will then be ninety years old. And we will have reached the year 2061. Is this when my reign roughly comes to an end, O’ Lord?

Consider your reign as beginning on Sunday, January 17, 2021. And it will end on Wednesday, January 25, 2062. And then, Eric will pass away at the age of 91 years, 7 months, and a day old, or being exactly 4779 weeks old. (4779 weeks = 34 x 59 weeks = 34 x 59 x 7 days) And 59 is the 17th prime number. Hence, Eric will reign as Azurite King for a span of 41 years and 9 days. And 41 is the number that represents the Azurite King.

Lord, this is great. And when do I meet this girl I am to marry, and how does this meeting come about? Go and walk your dog. When you get back, We shall continue with this post. Amen.

Lord, why does Judaism and Catholicism and most Christian religions condemn masturbation? And what do You say about masturbation? And what do You say about pornography, my Lord? For if the Catholic Church condemns it, and Jesus controls His Catholic Church, than Jesus condemns it too, am I correct?

Lord Azurite, what sexuality means to each individual is unique to that individual, just as each person’s sexual organs are unique to himself or herself. There is no such thing as the typical nude, for each nude person is unique. Now nude imagery is like a drug to a man in that it can give him a sexual high. But one must make the distinction between fine art nudes and pornographic nudes. A fine art nude does the viewer no harm, provided he does not look at the image too much and too often. Fine art nudes are those that display the natural nude beauty of the human body, without the suggestion of unlawful sexual behavior.

And what is unlawful sexual behavior? Unlawful sexual behavior is the act of taking that which you are forbidden to take of the opposite sex. Abominable sexual behavior is taking sexual pleasure with those with whom it is unnatural for you to unite with, such as with someone of the same gender, or with an animal. For example, two guys masturbating each other are committing abominable sexual behavior. And a woman giving a man oral sex is unlawful behavior.

Now, where are all these rules written, you ask? Where is this all defined and made clear? This is how you know if you have transgressed sexually. If, in the quiet of your soul, when you put yourself to peace, the Holy Spirit convicts you of sin, then know that you have transgressed. And you must seek to come clean. Do not rebuke the Holy Spirit in this feeling of conviction, for that leads to a seared conscience and a permanent separation from God, from which there may be no remedy.

Rather, when the Holy Spirit convicts you, work with the Holy Spirit to come to a true and humble and contrite repentance. And then you will know what to confess at your next confession to a priest. For God rebukes those He loves.

Realize the importance of maintaining a state of grace. You must not receive communion without that, or you commit a sacrilege, which is a deep scar upon your soul. If you receive communion and you are not in a state of separation from God, that is, not in mortal sin, but are instead in a state of grace, a state free of mortal sin (which confession frees you of) and free of original sin (which baptism frees you of), then that communion you receive in that state of grace wipes away your venial sins, if you have repented them.

Now, modern psychology considers masturbation to be a normal, healthy part of a human being’s sexuality, and it notes correctly that most people do in fact masturbate. So why is this normal and healthy and commonly done ritual condemned by the Catholic Church, and many other religions of western civilization? It is because Christ wishes to elevate humankind above his lower, animal, and carnal self to enjoy the spiritual and higher levels of human life and thought. For heaven is a purely spiritual and elevated place. No lust and no sexual desires are found there. Jesus wishes to make you fit for heaven. And to be made fit for heaven requires that you not be possessed by the lower passions.

But realize that not all forms of sexual release in the form of masturbation constitute sin. For the gravity of guilt in an act of masturbation depends heavily on the intent of the masturbator and what is his or her object of desire. Pornography makes masturbation sinful, for the object of desire in pornography is always unlawful for the man to possess. For a man has no right to seek sex with a woman who is not his lawful wife. And porn directs a man’s sexual attention to sexual objects found in photographs of women in sexual poses or of sex acts that he is not lawfully permitted to partake in.

Hence, masturbation with pornography constitutes a grave matter, that when done with full knowledge and deliberate consent results in a mortal sin and a separation between you and God. Therefore, it is not good to have pornography in your house or anywhere that you can view it easily. The internet presents a problem due to the ease of viewing porn there, and thus, a man needs to discipline himself not to view such material while using the internet. A distinction should be made between fine art and porn. Fine art focuses on the beauty of the human body, even in the nude, without the deliberate focus on provoking sexual arousal in the viewer. Porn, on the other hand, seeks to bring the viewer to focus on the sexuality of the nude figure or figures, and is suggestive of encouraging the sex act. Not all nudity is porn. For much nudity is classifiable as fine art. And fine art does not need to be in the form of a painting or a sculpture to be called fine art. For photography also fully qualifies as a medium for fine art. And paintings and sculptures can also be used as mediums for porn.

Now, for a married man, if he masturbates thinking of his wife, does he sin? Yes, but in a venial way generally. For the man is not focusing on a object that is unlawful for him to partake in sex with. He is not by that act alone committing a serious sin. But if he imagines committing unlawful behavior with his wife, then his sins magnify. Unlawful behavior includes having forms of sexual intercourse with your wife that are not vaginal in nature. Anal and oral sex are unlawful due to the concept that human sperm are intended by God for the fertilization of the human egg. And if this is deliberately made impossible by the manner of the sex act, then that sex act is grave matter to commit. Grave matter becomes mortal sin when done with full knowledge and deliberate consent. Also, even actual vaginal intercourse becomes gravely unlawful if there is a deliberate attempt made in the act of preventing the union of the sperm and egg or of the deliberate attempt at preventing a fertilized such egg from developing into a full pregnancy that leads to birth. But in an act of masturbation, where a man merely thinks lawful thoughts of his wife in that act, his sins do not constitute serious sin. For though the act may be of the sinful nature of being closed to the possibility of natural procreation, which only exists lawfully in the full and complete conjugal act between man and his wife, the man’s sins nevertheless remain venial, not mortal, because he is entitled to have and to possess her and to partake in what he imagines with her. He is not imagining nor fantasizing immoral or unlawful behavior.

Any act that involves the shedding of sperm where procreation is intentionally made not a possibility constitutes a grave matter, and if done with full knowledge and deliberate consent, constitutes a mortal sin. But remember that it is very much a matter of the intent of the masturbator that decides the sinfulness or sinlessness of the act. An act of masturbation, if done with clean intent, may in fact be free of sin. Clean intent means that the physical act is done without the intent of enjoying the unlawful pleasure, nor is there imagined any form of immoral of sexual thought or fantasy during the act. Rather clean intent has as its goal the physiological release, with the purpose of meeting this need with the acknowledgement that the sexual systems of men requires such release. For it is acknowledged that there really are very few men who actually truly attain perfect continence. Most men cannot keep to their requirement to remain continent. And the solution for these men is release themselves with clean intent.

But note if the intent in masturbation is sexually tainted, then the act becomes uncleanliness. But to commit an actual act of fornication makes one filthy. And to commit an actual act of adultery makes one both filthy and in violation of a marriage. Hence the adulterer commits both the sin of the fornicator plus the sin of violating another man’s wife, or the rights that his own wife has over him. But the act of masturbation, through it may have as its fantasy either what would be either fornication or adultery if carried out in the flesh, the sinner who masturbates such is merely made unclean by the act, for the fantasy is not real, hence the sin does not bear the punishment that actual fornication or adultery would bear.

Hence, it is not true, as the thinking goes, that it is better to cast one’s seed in the belly of a whore than upon a rock. For having sex with a whore makes a man filthy, whereas solo sex, or masturbation, merely makes a man unclean. Uncleanliness is very much easier to deal with than filthiness. A man who is unclean may nevertheless be separated from God by the act, but his confession to reinstate himself to a state of grace is simple. But as for the filthy man, who has had an actual act of immoral sex, his pathway back to grace is much more complicated.

But note this: To fantasize having sex with your neighbor’s wife nevertheless remains a crime in the sight of God. And to masturbate with that thought is to commit that crime within your imagination. Hence, the common pornographic term, MILF (Mother I’d Like to Fuck), when even used to describe a woman you find sexually attractive does indeed constitute the sin of having an unlawful intention towards her. It is thus unlawful to view any woman as a MILF.

This concludes this post, lord Azurite. We do not regard you as guilty of any sin. And your communions that you receive have served to cleanse you of any venial sins that you did in fact commit. Receive the Jewish girl that We are about to put into your path. And the sign that she is the one will be that you are at peace with her in your presence, rather than in anxiety or in lust or in sexual temptation. This post now comes to its end. Publish it, lord Azurite. I Who Am have spoken. Amen.

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