Eric is commanded to take his seat on My throne

Behold the Garden Ever Green

Emerald Trove, Book 15: Post XCIV:
I Who Am do now announce the appointment of My Two Prophet Kings to their assigned thrones, from which they will rule all of Christendom together. Eric I enthrone as Azurite King. He will rule all of Gentile Christendom. Lazurite I enthrone as King over all of Judaic and Israelite Christendom. Hence, Lazurite is the superior King, for he rules over My original Beloved. And thus, Lazurite has the superior authority under Me, Jesus Christ, King of kings and Lord of lords.

Lord, it appears that Mike Pence has elected not to invoke the 25th Amendment to remove President Trump from power. Lord Azurite, he has that weapon to use against Trump should he commit any further violations of his office as President. Trust Me, Trump will not do anything further to aggravate Mike Pence. For Trump does not want it in his legacy that he was relieved from his duties due to a lack of ability to serve. Trump will go out quietly into the night. He will make no further acts to move an already angry Pence to take the next step and remove the President from power.

And, O’ Lord, it is known that Trump has stated that he will not attend the inauguration of Joe Biden. He does not need to attend that, lord Azurite. Mike Pence’s attendance is sufficient for all proper protocol to be fulfilled on that day. Realize that Donald John Trump is a loser, and he cannot face Joe Biden because he is a loser. The humility needed for him to do that would be asking Trump to be more of a man than is in his true nature and capability to be. The ego and self image that he has of himself prevents him from lowering himself to the level of acknowledging someone else as having won a contest against him. So let him sulk in his dungeon. Let him stay in his dark corner, now cut off from all his social media followers, as all of the social media companies have now permanently banned him and revoked all his accounts. And these social media companies are wise, for they could face lawsuits if they allowed a known insurrectionist to continue to use their sites, and further incite insurrection. Also note that Trump will be charged with sedition when he leaves office, for he is guilty of it. And he will issue a self pardon, and that will be good, for it will give the courts an opportunity to judge that and rule against it. For no one has ever self pardoned himself before. And it is good for courts to rule in every possibility so that people know what is permitted and what is not by looking at court precedent. The Supreme Court, if they decide to take the case from a lower court’s ruling, will simply rule that it is invalid to self pardon as it is impermissible to serve as your own judge in a court of law. It is such a simple common sense conclusion, but also an important one to be ruled on, just so that people know what is the law and how it is interpreted.

But let Mike Pence do no more favors for Trump. Let Mike Pence definitely not pardon Trump, should Trump ask him to pardon him, by Trump resigning early. Let Mike Pence not take such a stain to his now immaculate record that he has now attained by upholding the Constitution and the law against a rogue President intent on insurrection. Rather, let Mike Pence rebuff President Trump and tell him to keep out of any further trouble, or else he will have the stain on his record of being the first President to have been relieved of his duties due to being unfit to carry them out. Trump doesn’t want that on his record, and he will abide by what Pence tells him. For Pence is the one who is in charge now. Pence is the one carrying the big stick. And if Trump gets out of line again, he is going to get smacked with it, and be permanently removed from power.

Now, one thing that is known that Joe Biden will do, once he comes to power, will be to even out the conservative to liberal tilt currently in the Supreme Court. He might elect not to stack the court with more Justices than the current nine, for that would break with precedent. But he will definitely do this simple thing that will change the Conservative majority from its current 6-3 ratio to much more easy to work with 5-4 ratio for getting his agenda to pass. And that will be accomplished by simply impeaching ultra conservative Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, on his already proven guilt of perjury. Had the Republicans kept the Senate, he would not waste his time with this effort. For this can only be done while the Democrats control both houses of Congress and the White House. Hence, he will do it in his first two years in office, because he might not control both houses in his second two years.

Once he does that, he will nominate his own preference to replace him, and then that will make the Supreme Court to have a mere 5-4 Conservative majority. And that will be sufficient for him, for some of those Conservative Justices are actually really pseudo-conservatives, and he will get his agenda passed then with Thomas gone. For with Thomas gone, there will really only be three true Conservatives left: Alito, Kavanaugh, and Barrett. Those three will stay, but Thomas is doomed to be removed now due to his proven guilt of perjury, which was only waiting for the Democrats to take control both the White House and Congress to have him removed. That is why it is so important to select top quality candidates when nominating them to the Supreme Court. Had George H. W. Bush not limited himself to choosing a Black, and had he elected to choose someone from the cream of the crop, a good Justice who does not commit perjury could have been chosen, and then Joe Biden would not have had this easy opportunity to remove a Conservative from the bench. Joe Biden would also be wise to learn from this lesson as well, and not limit his choice according to race or color. For if Joe Biden chooses someone to replace Clarence Thomas who also perjures himself as Thomas has done, his pick will not last once the Republicans have the power again.

Note to those who opposed Kavanaugh’s nomination due to those slanderous charges made against him at his nomination hearings, all of that is easily dismissed in a court of law as consisting of no real evidence. For that was pure character assassination against an innocent man’s name. It is really easy to make up false charges against someone and accuse them of something that they did not do. That is why whenever someone brings charges against a man’s good name, his or her charges really need to be investigated properly, and not publicized to the whole world when there is no real evidence to corroborate them. Slander is a serious crime. And those politicians who engage in slander to further their political agendas are really criminals. All those Democrats who partook in that slander against Kavanaugh’s good name during his nomination hearings will pay a severe price for their crimes of slander. For Kavanaugh is innocent, and he is a good and respectable man. Woe to that man or woman who bears false witness against innocent blood. For I repay blood with blood. I Am the Lord.

Hence, Joe Biden will narrow the Supreme Court’s conservative tilt from 6-3 to make it down to a 5-4 tilt by eliminating one of the ultra conservatives on the bench, Clarence Thomas, and that will be enough for him to meet his progressive agenda. And let this serve as a lesson to Republicans not to choose candidates who can be easily eliminated from the Court by their own provable wrongdoing. It is good to remain strongly backing a candidate who has been falsely accused. But if a candidate is obviously committing perjury, you don’t want him on the Supreme Court. And don’t let a candidate play the race card again, as Clarence Thomas did at his nomination hearings, as that was a mistake for the White Republican senators to be intimidated by Thomas’ claims that his being judged by the White senators was somehow racially tinged when the one who had accused him of wrongdoing was as Black as he was. For the race card is now an over used technique, like the little boy who cried, ‘Wolf!’ too many times.

It is like those parents of the high school students who sued the school district for six million dollars because a teacher wrote, “Monkey see, monkey do,” on some pictures of students on a field trip to the zoo. Folks, the phrase, “Monkey see, monkey do,” simply means that you are copying the behavior that you see someone else doing. It is not an insult against Black people. Not every saying that includes a reference to the primate species of animals is an insult against Black people. By even making that case as a Black person, you are lowering the image of your own race before the whole world. For who wants to hire a person of a certain race if they think that everything they say in that person’s presence will be searched through and dissected for anything to accuse them on of being a racist? If you are suing people right, left, and center, no one is going to want you in their company. And you cannot litigate yourself to success. Only lawyers get rich in litigation. Understand that important statement. Whenever you litigate someone because you feel you are being unjustly treated, the only real winners will be the lawyers. You are really not going to net anything from the lawsuit. And all that you gain will be taken away from you, for such is the law of God. No one gains in litigation except for lawyers. Realize this. If you wish to gain in this world, then try doing real and legitimate work. Don’t try to litigate your way to success. It never works. The only people you make rich by seeking that is the lawyers. I Who Am have spoken.

Lord, what do You say about the Black man’s claim of unjust inequality? Lord Azurite, it is true that there is inequality between the various peoples in their goods, their skills, their opportunities, and in their blessings. But woe to the man who covets the possessions of his neighbor. Rather, let that man who wants to possess something gain that possession through legitimate means, by working for it and by studying hard for it, and by purchasing it with honestly gained money. Let not a man seek to take the possessions of another man for himself by force or by thievery. Remember what Robin Hood was who robbed from the rich and gave to the poor? He was a criminal, an outlaw. For it a crime to rob even from the rich, no matter how noble is your cause. Those Black rioters who robbed all those stores in all those many Black riots over the years, they don’t realize that what they are doing is wrong, because they think they are like Robin Hood, robbing from the rich and giving to themselves, the poor. But they are completely mistaken. And if they then go to their Christian churches afterwards to worship Jesus, how do they look Jesus in the eye after doing that deed? How do they justify their crimes and call themselves Christians at the same time? Rather, they are lying to both themselves and to the Holy Spirit. And that is a true danger they put their soul into. Just because you are poor and the cards of the deck seem stacked against you does not give you the excuse to make up for that by doing crime. In real history, people like Robin Hood never have happy endings. Rather, they get caught, and they go to prison, and they get put to death, either by execution, or by some prison killing that never goes to trial.

You see, Black people, once you go to prison, you don’t matter anymore. Your life ceases to matter. You can be killed in prison and no one will really care about it or who did it. Some random crime feud will be suspected and no one will care. Blacks killing Blacks is a crime never investigated seriously. For who is going to pay the lawyer’s fees to charge criminals in prison for crimes against other criminals in prison? What is the murder of one Negro slave by another Negro slave to the Slave Masters? When slaves were sold for money, that was when each Negro was worth the value of a good horse or mule. But these days, Negro slaves are acquired for free. All the modern Slaves Masters need to do today to acquire new Slaves is to have some Black men arrested for their crimes and thrown into prison. Penal Slavery is big business. It earns good profits for those who invest in it. And the taxpayers pick up the tab of acquiring the slaves by paying the salaries of the police, the prosecutors, and the judges who deliver to the Slave Masters the slaves for free to work in their sweat shops. Who would turn down that business model that has an endless and free supply of slave labor for generating profits?

Rather, the incentive is to have more Black people commit more crimes, so that they can bring in more slaves and increase the numbers of their enslaved workers working in their sweat shops. That is why I would not be surprised if the ones organizing the many Black riots that have been happening were in fact in league with those who own and profit from the penal labor industry. For doesn’t it make sense that the senseless Black riots that have been happening of late would be the work of those who truly profit from the modern enslavement of Black people? Maybe those Black leaders who lead their followers to riot, to smash windows, and to loot stores, are getting funding indirectly from penal labor organizations that make their money in supplying new slaves to the penal labor companies. For wherever there are companies that make money by a certain business model, they will be invariably always seeking ways to increase and to maximize their profits.

For how else would one explain the massive increases in the sizes of prisons and prison populations over the years. And realize that Kamala Harris is part of that system of enslavement and profit making. And think of all the White men Kamala Harris has fucked to get to the top of her career. She fucked and sucked those White men who put their boots on the Black men’s necks and forced them to work as penal slaves. She was fucking those White men hard while the Black men she sent to prison were being beaten into submission and forced into penal servitude to serve their White Masters. So, Black men, when you go to prison and get whipped and beaten there until you accept your place as slave, remember that you or your family voted for Kamala Harris to be Vice President, that same Kamala Harris who gave her pussy to those same men who beat you up and forced you to bow to their wishes.

Yes, Black men, the Democrats are not your friends. The Democrats are run by rich White men who use Blacks for their votes, but who do nothing for them. The only favors that the White Democratic leaders give to Black people is full access to abortion, so that they have a way to control the Black populations and not let them get out of hand. For there is no need to allow the Black populations to outproduce the need for slaves. The penal slave industry has a certain quota of how many Blacks they need each year to serve as slaves. And the abortion mills are there to cap off excess production of Blacks so that the welfare system remains sustainable. For welfare is really nothing more than the breeding program for the Black slave market.

The reason why Black men are targeted for slavery and not Black women is because Black women are needed to breed more slaves. And it only takes a few Black men left outside of prison to breed with and impregnate all the Black breeding females in a given Black neighborhood. Remember that Black people do not marry. This also was achieved by the White ruled Democratic Party. For marriage was an obstacle to successfully breeding Black people. For the welfare laws were specifically designed to discourage Black people from marrying. The intention of welfare laws, designed by the elite White Democrats in power, was to create the single parent Black household and the single Black mother as the norm for Black society. Black girls were encouraged to get pregnant out of wedlock so that they could get on welfare and move out of their parent’s house. And the law for welfare required that all these girls tell the authorities just which Black man it was who impregnated them. And then those Black men were slapped with child support that they owed, not to the girls they impregnated, but to the state. And failure to pay their child support gets them a felony and time in prison to serve as penal slaves.

Do you see the genius in this strategy of profiting off Black people by the Democratic Party who wrote all these welfare laws and child support laws and who were tough on crime? It was all to make profits on Black penal slave labor. Hence Negro slavery never ended. All that was changed was the appearance of wrongdoing. For when Blacks were chattel slaves, the White Slave owners were seen as committing crimes against innocent Blacks who had done nothing to be enslaved. Now this has all changed. For now all the Blacks who serve as slaves have done something. The cases they lose in court make that very argument to American society that the Black slaves of today have truly done something to deserve their slavery. And so no one cares about them. No one is going to fight a Civil War to free slaves who are enslaved for committing crimes. Clever were those who wrote the 13th Amendment to appear to abolish slavery. For in reality, they transformed slavery into something socially acceptable. For who wouldn’t accept a criminal serving as a slave? And how many White Americans are aware of all the unjust laws made by those who control Black neighborhoods with the intention of unjustly enslaving innocent Black people? All that is publicized is that the Blacks committed crimes. What those crimes were go unpublicized. Did you know that by making a simple traffic error while driving in certain Black neighborhoods can land you in debtor’s prison for being unable to pay the court fees for the ticket given to you for a crime that was not a crime? These are the things that Black people suffer, and no one listens to them, because the are categorized as criminals. And who listens to a criminal?

Hence, the Black people have reason to be angry. But if they channel all that anger into rioting, they are playing right into the hands of those who want to enslave them and use them as prison labor. So, O’ Lord, what is the solution for Black people who want to break out of their institutionalized system of penal labor that especially targets their race for slaves? They have got to resist the efforts made by White men to get them to commit crimes. And they got to avoid getting girls pregnant, for that leads to child support, and that is something most Black men can never afford. It costs more money to pay child support for one child than it costs to raise several children as an actual husband to their mother. And that is because you can be in poverty and be married with children and not go to jail for that. But if you have a child out of wedlock, the state is not going to accept you as a father being in poverty. And if you have no means of getting out of poverty, and you got child support to pay, you are going to go to prison for failure to pay. So get married to your girlfriend before you have sex with her, and be sure she is the right one. Don’t marry the wrong one, because divorce with children also means you get stuck with child support. Keep your dick in your pants until the right girl comes along and you have the ability and the commitment for marriage to her. And marry her before sex. For the number one reason why Blacks are in the fix that they are in is because of all their out of wedlock sex, and their refusal to treat marriage as a permanent covenant, instead of as some business lease that they seek get out of responsibility for.

Family is the bedrock of society. And the only way for Black people to get out of their oppression is to get the institution of the Black family restored to their culture. And to do that, they have to stop voting for the Democratic Party, which is pro-abortion and pro-welfare, and start voting for the Republican Party, which is pro-life, pro-family, and pro-God. For it is said that the only Black neighborhoods that see successful Black people in charge of their own neighborhoods are those where the Catholic Church is strongly present, and that the people abide by the Catholic teachings, and marry before having sex, and stay married to their spouse.

Most White people have no problem with Black people moving into their neighborhoods who are law abiders and who have a strong commitment to family and strong marriages, and whose children are raised to respect the law and the institution of marriage. Also, Black people need to get off their crush on Obama. For Obama was bad news for Black people. He really led Black people down the drain morally. For how much lower can he lead you than in having you embrace two fags committing sodomy and have you call that a marriage? That’s not a marriage. That is an abomination, just like Obama is an abomination! Face it! Two fags committing sodomy is not normal. It is obscene. And he had you allowing your children to be taught in the schools to masturbate and to commit sodomy and to consider this acceptable? That is horrid. What Obama did to the Black community is a horror. He had your daughters learn how to abort their babies before they learned what sex was. And he forced your daughters to tolerate sick gender confused boys to be allowed to enter the privacy of the girls’ restrooms and shower rooms and to watch your daughters undress and to force your daughters to watch as these sick boys masturbated in front of them. That is what Obama did to you and your people. He was no friend to you. Rather he was a Satan who donned the Black man’s skin to lead all you Black men to the pit and ruin you.

Obama led you to ruin and did nothing for you that was good. For name one thing that he did that produced good. His health insurance plan called Obamacare is unsustainable. No one can afford to pay the premiums. Not even those who never get sick can afford it. It is an abysmal failure. And it failed for this reason. It made having health insurance mandatory. Health insurance must be optional. For if something is optional, that provides a real incentive to those companies who provide it to make it as cheap and affordable as they can to attract the most customers. But if companies are guaranteed customers, because their products are mandatory to have, they are just going to jack up their prices until everyone is in total poverty and they have collected all their wealth.

The only way to solve the healthcare and health insurance problems in America is to make it possible for people to get by without needing insurance. For the insurance provider is really an unnecessary middle man. If the uninsured person had access to the doctors, medicines, and medical services at the same prices as the insurance companies pay, then they would not need to have insurance.

Another thing that has driven healthcare through the roof is all the malpractice lawsuits that force doctors and hospitals to have insurance in case someone they treat sues them for malpractice, even if they did nothing wrong. America is a place where too many people are litigating. And that causes the prices to rise for everything. For everyone who sells things needs insurance in case they get sued over something that they sold. All this litigation needs to be put under control. And caps need to be put in place as to how high juries can award litigators.

Remember that the people who make money in litigation are always the lawyers. No one else really makes money at it. Litigators have made America into a lawyer’s paradise. All this idea that pain and suffering is someone else’s fault and that you shouldn’t have to suffer it is the root of the problem of litigation in America. Rather, people should learn to bear their cross and let bygones be bygones. They should choose not to litigate when they feel wronged by someone. Instead, they should let it go. Hand it over to God and let God deal with it. Don’t you hold a grudge against someone for the rest of your life over some wrong they did to you. Rather, let it go. Let go of your hate. And forgive. The weight that drops off your chest when you forgive and let go frees you from many chains of imprisonment.

Lord, I have a question. Ask, My servant. When You cure me of all things this weekend, as You have promised, do you still have it be by such a sign that I will know my vocation by the presence or absence of a priest in my line of vision at the time I am cured. For it is written that if I see a priest in my line of vision at the moment I am cured, that means I am called to the priesthood and must enter in. But if I do not see one of Your priests anywhere in my line of vision, looking around, at the moment I am cured, then I am not called to the priesthood, and that I must then not seek entry into it, for I am then simply not called to be a priest. For this was what was written as Your Word earlier. Do You stand by this as truly Your Word of God, as recorded from You written in earlier posts here on that You may seemed to have allegedly spoken unto me? Is this sign given truly from You, O’ Lord?

Eric, this is the sign that I give unto you by which you may know of My will regarding your calling to My priesthood. I will cure you this weekend. If I Am telling the Truth and you are truly cured this weekend, then you are called to My priesthood, no matter who you see or what vision appears to you in your line of vision. But if I fail to cure you this weekend, then I have not called you to My priesthood and never will. For if I Am such an impotent God that I cannot keep My Own promises to cure you when I told you that you are called to My priesthood, then do not believe Me in anything that I say unto you. But if I fulfill for you what no devil can do, and there has never been any miraculous healing documented as having been done by Satan, then it is I, the Lord, Who have truly done this for you, and you are expected to reciprocate and proceed with my instructions to enter My priesthood.

Now, regarding Black people and the institution of penal slavery, the real reason why Black people can never be freed of this curse is because of their sexual immorality. Were they to clean themselves up and put away all their immorality, I would end the curse that I have placed upon their backs. Hence, Black people are the fault of their own slavery. They are first slaves to their own sins before they are slaves to the White man. I Who Am have spoken on Black slavery.

Donald John Trump is now in a terrible fix. He is like a caged animal. And he is going to try to flee the country while the nation’s attention is focused on the inauguration. Such is why the President does not want to be there. He knows that he will be arrested the moment after if he remains in America. Hence, he is going to flee to Russia. He doesn’t believe that Jair Bolsonaro is going to protect him in Brazil. And he has debts to pay to Putin for his failure to overthrow democracy in America, as Putin had ordered him to. He hopes that by but kissing Putin that he can be made a rich man in Russia, and share with Putin in the riches that Putin has robbed from the Russian people.

Lord, Alexei Navalny intends to return to Russia this Sunday, January 17, 2021! What are You going to do about it, O’ Lord? For do You not intend to make Navalny the next Russian President? He is like a lamb walking into a dragon’s lair. Lord, what shall You do? Make a decree, lord Azurite, and I will decide whether to act on it.

Let the power of government that supports Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin collapse beneath him this weekend. Let his overthrow get underway. Let him have the option, if he wishes to live, to go into exile to a country far from Russia, with no possibility of return. And if he does not accept this, then let him face trial and punishment for his crimes under Russian law. Also, let new elections be declared and let Alexei Anatolievich Navalny run in them and win to become the fifth President of Russia since the collapse of the Soviet Union. Amen.

I will do as you have decreed, lord Azurite. This weekend will decide Putin’s fate. And he will be rendered no longer as Russia’s ruler. This I have decreed. Oracle of the Lord. Amen.

Lord, this suddenly makes the number of Trump’s allies in the world grow slim. Yes, Donald John Trump is definitely running out of options and places to hide. Do you, lord Azurite, have a face saving way for Trump to exit his nasty predicament? Lord, I am a man of the law. Trump must be brought to justice, for justice demands it. Then this is My decree. Listen well, lord Azurite and all Trump supporters, both past and present. I Am making a deal with you. Lay down your weapons and surrender yourselves to the authorities. You will do time in prison for any crimes you have committed. But you shall, nevertheless, live. Or, you can flee from justice, only to be hunted down to be killed. I Am the Lord.

Lord Azurite, I now command you to submit this post, for it is complete. I will write through you again later today. I Am the Lord. Amen.

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