Azurite shall marry but remain a virgin forever

Death do I send to complete My objectives. Oracle of the Lord.

Emerald Trove, Book 15: Post XCII:
Behold, Death has been sent to claim the life and soul of one who is not fit for his position. And from his place, he shall exit his residence in a bodybag before the completion of his term. For I Who Am have complete authority over all life and death. And at anytime I may call a soul from this world to appear before Me and to face My judgement of him and then to be sent to his eternal fate. I Am the Lord!

Let it be known that Mike Pence shall remain under My protection, both him and his family. For he has done what was right and just, and has disobeyed an unlawful order from a rogue President that was in violation of the law, the Constitution, and the principles upon which this democracy is based. For a candidate is elected into office according to as the votes cast and counted. And the confirmation of these votes is determined by the counting of the ballets. Let no man think that he has the authority to decree his own desired change to an election tally that does not conform to the verified and reverified results that were counted. For the election results are determined by the counting of the votes, not by speaking what you want them to be, as though you were God, capable of decreeing things into and out of existence.

Donald John Trump has demonstrated himself to be most unworthy in My sight. Hence, he is decreed to descend down into the fiery netherworld, where he shall pay in fiery torment forever for all the crimes he has committed in this life. And let no man think that I do not punish the wicked for their sins. For by My destruction of Donald John Trump’s soul in the sight of all men, I will instill the proper sense of fear that I expect from all My people, so that they will fear Me Who Am, the Lord God Jesus Christ, and give Me the proper glory from this point forwards.

O’ Lord, I have looked upon immorality on the internet. This I confess, O’ Lord. Eric this very night your life shall be demanded of you, and you shall appear before Me, and I shall judge you. Now, let us go through you merits and sins to see how you shall be judged before I take you away.

First, are you in a state of grace, lord Azurite? For you will have no further access to a priest to confess mortal sins. Lord, I feel that I have transgressed, but not mortally. Yes, lord Azurite, you have transgressed, but you are not separated from Me. You have only stretched the limits of your relationship to Hyacinth, your eternal wife.

But Lord, there are no marriages that exist in eternity, except those between the Bride and the Lamb. How can you say Hyacinth is my eternal wife, O’ Lord? That you helped her and did for her as a husband does for his wife, We now regard this as an eternal union between two virgins who never tasted the fruits of their mutual love. For such is the catalyst of an eternal marriage in My Kingdom.

Hence, that you could not marry here, you will be regarded as married in eternity. I Am the Lord. And you will be both given crowns of virginity, which are in fact the most coveted crowns in all of heaven. Go and check on her and come back. And We shall complete this post.

Lord, she is happy and has what she needs. Good, lord Azurite. You know the saying: A happy wife is a happy life. Such is the Truth. And now I shall speak of your future together. We, the elect in heaven have come to the conclusion that your love for this girl is based on her salvation and glorification in Our Kingdom. For that is what you have striven to achieve most and primarily for her in your three and a half year relationship with Hyacinth so far. Hence, you are to her as a pastor is to his flock. And your flock consists of a single ewe lamb. But as it is written: The person who is trustworthy in very small matters is also trustworthy in great ones. (Luke 16:10). So also do We deem you worthy of being put in charge of great matters, considering the time, effort, and resources you have put into the effort to bring this ewe lamb to Us and to the Kingdom. And We are pleased at your obedience to Us in all of these things.

Therefore, I Who Am declare this. Tonight, We are taking you to be with Hyacinth in the eternal hereafter. You will no longer remain upon the earth. Your probation here in this world is ended. You have proven your trustworthiness in Our Kingdom. And We are bringing you and your wife to heaven simultaneously at the same moment. For you have no further purpose in remaining on the earth. Amen. Hence, from the beginning of the Age of Mary on Sunday, July 23, 2017, to the day you are to be raptured up, before dawn on Tuesday, January 12, 2021, there shall have been 1270 days. You have served your time on this earth. Now you must come to Us to be judged. And We are most lenient on you, for you were a man of great charity in your life. Well did you put to practice the Book of Tobit in your life as a Catholic. And you taught Tobit to Hyacinth. And she in turn taught it to her students at Church. Well done, lord Larimar. Now, We shall detail your judgement and Our decisions regarding you. For you are coming home to Us tonight. Amen.

Your greatest deed in life, that deed that wins you the greatest reward here in heaven, and the greatest esteem among all your brethren here in Paradise, is that you saved another soul and were instrumental in her salvation. There is no greater reward in heaven than the knowledge that you were directly responsible for the salvation of another soul, and that that soul was saved by you doing Our will. It is an unending and infinite source of joy and gladness to know that someone else is in heaven because of you. And her infinite reward is part of your infinite reward. For you share in the rewards of the one you have saved. She is eternally indebted to you, just as all Mankind who enter heaven are eternally indebted to Me. And heaven is like that, a web of eternal indebtedness, because all who are here are saved because of someone else electing to do the will of God. There is no one here who does not owe his salvation to what someone else did for him. No one. No one gets here because he merited it by himself. Everyone here is here because someone helped him and did something that brought him here. Everyone here has someone to thank for getting him or her here. Amen.

Furthermore, because you loved others in your life, I saved many through their observation of your behavior. You were an example of how to follow Me correctly. And many are those who followed you and your example. Now, tell Us, what man did you most admire in your life. And be honest about it. Truly, it was Jesus, ever since I was a small boy and began to read the Children’s Bible. You are correct. There is no other man in your life that stands out. Now, tell us, and be honest, what woman in your life did you admire most of all? The woman with the greatest impact on my life was the Virgin Mary when she appeared to me in early December, 1996, with her foot on my head to humble my Antichrist pride, and who then answered a question I asked about herself which had been intensely debated between Protestants and Catholics: “Were you born by Immaculate Conception?” And her answer has been written in every Emerald Trove book that I wrote since then. Her thirteen word answer in English is engraved in my soul as the unforgettable Words of Mary to me: “Yes, by Immaculate Conception, but do not ask me any more personal questions.” This question and answer has shaped my life and it drew me to enter the Catholic Church, which I fully entered on Easter Virgil, Saturday, March 30, 2002. Amen.

Then that explains why you are so holy, lord Azurite. The one who, besides Me is the one who was most directly responsible for your salvation was My Mother, the Virgin Mary. For no one on earth led you to Me or to My religion. Rather, you found Me because you followed Me, and I led you and tested your worthiness for My Kingdom. It was I who had you meet the one you would later call Hyacinth on Saturday, October 7, 2017, the 77th day of the Age of Mary. She was intended for you to meet her. For she was one who would be saved through you. That was her predestined fate. And she never gave up on you, but remained with you through all your trials and tribulations together.

Now, it is true that Hyacinth dreamt that she was pregnant with your child. And she is full of fantasies of making out with you. But I allowed for this, for I made it impossible for you and her to get together physically. Hence, I was assured that the two of you would never become physically defiled by your love for one another.

Lord, is Hyacinth’s dream of bearing my child only a fantasy, and nothing more? Rather, lord Azurite, it is a symbol of the Kingdom that you inseminated into her by your preaching to her of My Kingdom and by your leading her to enter into My Catholic Church. She did become pregnant by you, not with an earth child, but with the Kingdom that is now forever growing inside her. You are the father of the Kingdom within her that has now claimed her soul for eternal life. She is saved because of you and through you I saved your wife.

Lord, Hyacinth is called my wife, even though we did not sacramentally marry yet? The sacrament has been made between you and her. It just lacks the official status that a priest would give it in a formal wedding ceremony. But trust Me, you and Hyacinth are husband and wife. And that is why We never permitted you to leave her or abandon her. Nor did We ever allow Hyacinth to leave you. I Who Am have spoken.

But You also say our time is up, that we are both to go to heaven this very night? Is there a chance that dawn will come and We will still both be here upon the earth? Consider this as My sign unto you that I Am taking you and her away from this world this very night. At midnight tonight, the President of the United States of America will be shot. And he will be dead by morning. I Who Am have spoken.

Lord, it is now midnight. Let me check the news to see the accuracy of your prophecy. Lord, I do not see any news of any assassination of the President. All I see is an article about Deutsche Bank choosing not do any future business with Trump. That, my friend is an act of the President being shot where it counts. Without his access to Deutsche Bank to borrow money from, which was his most important lender, Trump has now received a gigantic financial mortal wound. And his financial status as a wealthy businessman will be dead by morning. I Who Am have spoken.

Then, O’ Lord, is it possible that, likewise, Sandra and I somehow remain on the earth come dawn tomorrow, only passing away in some sort of metaphorical and spiritual meaning? Lord, however it happens, I do still hope for and believe in Your cures. For You know that I need them. Yes, lord Azurite. We are fully aware of all that you need. In the meantime, you bear your cross. And by faithfully bearing your cross, you see that it bears you. For whosoever faithfully bears his cross follows Me. And whosoever rebels from his cross follows Me not. You, lord Azurite, have followed Me faithfully. And now I will confer upon you a Kingdom.

You have been told that you possess in the hereafter both the volcanic chain of the Hawaiian Islands, and also the country of England on the island of Great Britain. These possessions We have awarded unto you for your holiness and your excellence.

Lord, I was resting and We have just experienced an earthquake, happening at 12:44 AM. Let me look it up and see if it is reported anywhere yet. I don’t yet see any news on it, O’ Lord. Lord, if Hyacinth and I are still here on the earth come dawn, how do You bring us together for marriage? Or do you consider that as a possibility, O’ Lord?

If you are to marry Hyacinth upon the earth, then consider God to be a liar, lord Azurite. For I have sworn unto thee, tonight I Am taking you away. There is no tomorrow for you and Hyacinth upon this earth. I Who Am have spoken. Amen.

Then, O’ Lord, this will be a most interesting dawn to observe. Amen. Okay, O’ Lord, I have rested. Let us cover some of the rewards that I will receive in the hereafter. I am to possess the state of Hawaii and the country of England. What more shall You reveal about my eternal rewards?

Am I H2O with two virgins, or am I H2 with just one virgin? Do I get a harem of virgins in the hereafter? Or am I eternally bonded to Hyacinth in a binary bond, and am bound to no other in eternity? For what about Saint Bernadette? For she was once said to be bonded to me in eternity. What sayest Thou regarding these matters, O’ Lord? And perhaps You can clear up all misunderstanding, which will be of greater service to my readers than to me. For I am going to You to see all knowledge. But my readers will be most benefitted if You clear up all misunderstandings of such things and clearly say it as it is. So, please answer me, O’ Lord, for the sake of those who will be reading this post. Amen.

Excellent question. I will now give the true answer unto thee, not so much for your sake as for the sake of those who will be reading this. For you are truly coming to Me tonight. And then you will know all Truth. Four virgins are eternally bonded to you, like the molecule of CH4, which is a lighter than air gas. These virgins, in the order of descending precedence, are Saint Bernadette of Lourdes, Saint Therese of Lisieux, Saint Kateri Tekakwitha, and Caesar Sandra Nikee (also called Hyacinth and Cassandra). These four virgins are your eternal playmates. They will never leave you for all eternity, lord Azurite. And they are eternally bonded to you by eternal virgin bonds.

Only virgins can enter into such eternal bondages. For the bindings in non-virgins have no eternal nature. The choice to remain a virgin entitles a person to enter into an eternal virgin bond. And the maximum number of female virgins that can be bound to a male virgin are four. This bond to you, lord Azurite, was the nature of the secrets given to Saint Bernadette, which she was told to tell no one, lest it not come to pass. And these bonds are a matter of predestined linkages. Since they exist in eternity, they were formed in eternity, before time began. I Am the Lord.

Lord, this knowledge is very deep. Yes, but realize that you and these virgins are not sensual lovers. You never have sex with them. And in the flesh of the Resurrection, the desire for sex does not exist. Hence, it is as though you have four eternal friendships, bonded to you by eternal virgin bonds. Amen.

Now, what else shall I tell you before I complete this final post on Lord, this will be the 369th extant post on (369 = 3 x 123 = 32 x 41). And 41 is the number that represents the Emerald Player. Amen. Eric, the Holy Virgin Mary wishes to speak through you now. And this will be followed by Saint Bernadette. Amen.

Speak, O’ most beautiful Virgin among women, O’ Mary Mother of God, for your servant is listening. Eric, your purity cannot end and your dignity among My saints is unchallengeable. For you are great among virgin men in my Kingdom. You cannot fall and you cannot fail. You were the secret weapon reserved for the last ends and for the last means of saving the earth. Now We are bringing you in. And with you is coming the virgin who loves you in this world. She has merited to be one of the four bonded to you for all eternity. And she is least of the four. Amen. For highly coveted is it among virgins to be bonded to the Prophet Seer. I have watched you through your life. And I am most proud that you have found me as the most influential woman ever in your life. Now, listen to Saint Bernadette speak and then We shall make closing statements to this post. Amen.

Speak, O’ Bernadette, fairest servant of the Virgin Mary, I am listening to you, my liege lady. Eric, I know that we have not conversed in life. And yet you have honored me above all other women second only to Mary. For to no other woman have you sworn to recognize as your superior. But of me, you have consistently honored as your superior in every book that you have written about me. Now I shall bestow upon you this blessing. Keep it forever. I am your primary bonded virgin. And I am first among the four who are bonded to you forever. Note that this is not a marriage, but a deeper relationship, one that extends into the depths of eternal time. We four virgin women will always be with you throughout all eternity. And we can never stop being with you. And now this post must come to its end. But realize this. I will be the first virgin you see upon your entrance into heaven. I, Saint Bernadette of Lourdes, have spoken. And all three of us in heaven are now awaiting your arrival. Come quickly, but in accordance to God’s will, as He has your life come to its rapturous conclusion. And now I let the Lord take over for the rest of this post to make His concluding remarks.

Lord, do I go up to heaven by rapture or by death? And is my body found or seen or unseen? This very hour I Am taking you up to heaven, lord Azurite. You and Hyacinth shall rise as I had Elijah rise at the end of his journey upon the earth. I Am well pleased with you, lord Azurite. And now, one last judgement I will alert you to. And then I will leave you to your thoughts as your time comes to its end. Amen.

You are judged to be similar to one of the Judges in the Biblical Book of Judges. For you served as a similar role in America. But all good things in this world come to an end. And that end has now finally come for you. Amen. You have no further purpose here in America. Your prophetic ministry hereby comes to its effective end. I hereby decommission you as Prophet Seer on the earth. From henceforth, you are Prophet Scribe of My heavenly Kingdom. And I Am most pleased to welcome you to Paradise. Amen. Now read this post thoroughly before you post it. Correct all errors you find in it. And then post it, for it is complete. Amen.

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