Trump to be removed, Azurite is shown by God

Behold, the sheep hear their Master’s call.

Emerald Trove, Book 15: Post XCI:
Lord Azurite, I have given you a sign, by which you are to know that your passage into the priesthood shall be quick and easy if you no longer look at girls as beautiful. Now, lord Azurite, speak the sign! The sign is that by dawn, We would see a United States of America no longer under the leadership of the madman Donald John Trump.

Good, lord Azurite, and note that this post shall be brief. For it must be posted by 5:30 AM. I Am the Lord. Okay, O’ Lord, do tell me this. I had a dream last night in which a girl came to me and we conversed. What is the meaning of that dream, O’ Lord? And does it contain any prophetic nature?

Eric, it is not forbidden for my priests to have friends that are women. What is forbidden is that they have romantic relationships. For they are to be celibate and pure and of perfect continence. Keep that in mind.

Lord, my soul is now set on the priesthood. But I will not reject friendships with women, but I also will not enter into any form of romantic relationship. Amen. And O’ Lord, now that I have my hand on the plough, I am not going back to what I have left behind. I will not even look back at it. Amen.

Then, O’ Eric, We have chosen the right man for Our priesthood. For only the one who does not look back at what is left behind is worthy of Our calling. Lord, I have prayed for Mike Pence and his family to be safe, and for him to have the courage to do what is right, and to do that necessary act to remove the madman from power. Indeed, you have heard My sign given unto thee. By dawn today, you will see that the madman is no longer in power. And by that sign, you will know that I Who Am was the One Who promised you a quick and easy entrance into My priesthood, provided that you look no longer on women as beautiful. Amen. And I Am a God Who keeps My promises.

Now, tell Me, lord Azurite, what purpose do you serve in My Kingdom? What dost thou think is thine role in My celestial court? I am to write and record whatsoever Thou utter. Correct, lord Azurite. You are My recorder of My Word. Others will come to you to translate My works to other languages. And you will coordinate closely with them. For My Word through you is to reach the ends of the earth.

Also, that you are given the lands of the Hawaiian Archipelago and the lands of England as your personal awarded regions of your eternal Kingdom, both here and hereafter, is the Truth. We will present you with these lands on the last day.

Note also, your anointment to rule over Gentile Christendom from My throne in Jerusalem is an irreversible decree. Seated on another throne in Jerusalem will sit Lazurite, King over Judaic and Israelite Christendom. And realize that Lazurite, due to his rulership over My original Beloved, is the superior King of the two. Amen.

For My will is that the two of you reign as Kings, brethren in My sight and under Me, ruling the two Kingdoms of Christendom forever. And during the reign of these two Kings, there shall reign a holy pope on the Seat of Peter. And this holy pope shall reunify all My Church and force them all into obedience to the correct standard of what My Catholic Church teaches. The spectacle and scandal where one sees priests and bishops exploring the sacrilegious practice of giving communion to mortal sinners, such as the divorced and remarried, will no longer be seen in My Catholic Church. I Am the Lord!

And all My Church will conform to My Way, which is to condemn all homosexuality in My Church. The homosexual is not rejected or cast out, provided he follow Me. But the homosexual practices will be forbidden. Any priest found committing homosexual acts will be removed from his public role, and if he cannot be made to conform to My religion, he will be defrocked. I Am the Lord.

And with the coming of Pope John XXIV, which is the papal name this new pope shall take, My flock will from that point onwards be correctly led in all My statutes and decrees. And My deacons and priests will preach homilies that lead My flock to correctly follow Me.

This post now comes to its conclusion. Lord Azurite, you are commanded to post it. And realize that what I have promised you shall take place as I promised it. Now publish it, for it is complete. Amen.

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