Azurite, the Virgin King

To Eric, I grant the grace and blessing of eternal virginity and perfect celibacy. Amen.

Emerald Trove, Book 15: Post XC:
Lord, the girl of prophecy has not come. But rather, the Holy Virgin Mary revealed unto me at Mass today that the idea that I was to marry was of diabolic origins. And it is not the path intended by God for my soul. Nor is Hyacinth to be regarded as anything to me, other than as one I helped to find the Lord, and nothing else.

Lord, I accept my celibate fate. And I place my needs before thine feet. And I ask thou to cure me, O’ Lord, for I am in most need of a cure. And if thou cure me, I promise to do whatsoever you ask of me, O’ Lord. Please, O’ Lord, cure me of that which I need.

Eric, if We cure you today, will you do as We instruct you right now, O’ Azurite King? Yes, O’ Lord, do please instruct me on anything and I shall obey. Then this is your mission and these are your instructions. And O’ Lord, I promise you I will remain in perfect and complete purity and continence from now on. Good, lord Azurite. Our mission unto thee concerns not women or relationships with them. Instead, Our mission is more simple. If, my Lord, it is Your wish that I become a priest, I will gladly obey and have no reservations against it from now on. If We make you a priest, how obedient will you be to the bishop? If the bishop commands me to cease to write on, I will cease to write here, O’ Lord. And in all other things that he may command me, I will willingly obey and conform to as well, O’ Lord. And I thank You, O’ Lord, that you even consider the possibility of me becoming a priest.

Good, lord Larimar. If We elect to make you a Religious Order priest, will you accept giving up all control of your finances to the Order to which you would belong? Yes, O’ Lord, I completely am willing to do so. Then done! Our priesthood is in need of priests such as thou. Give no further money to Hyacinth. That is a direct order. Failure to obey Us in this will result in Our rejection of you from consideration of the priesthood. Lord, I swear under oath to God that I will obey your command that you have now given unto me to the end of my life. Amen.

Next weekend, We shall cure you of all things. It is then that you will go to the priest and tell him of your vocation. And We will direct you as to what priest you are to approach. I Am the Lord. Today is a good day for the Lord. For today, We gained a son and a worthy laborer willing to labor in Our vineyard. Amen.

Lord, this is great! I am very happy that you will make me a priest. And I completely willingly give up my work in IT to enter this new vocation, even despite that I have been given that very long awaited raise as of January 1, 2021. Excellent, lord Azurite. By your willingness to give up material goods, especially now that your goods are set to increase, shows that you are fit material for My priesthood. I Am definitely making you My priest. By the fall of 2021, you will have entered into the seminary. This promise is trustworthy and true. It comes from God. Amen.

Lord, I just told Hyacinth that I will give no more to her, and she is begging, but I have been resolute, and I firmly said to her that I will give to her no more. And I have not relented, even though she has begged me and said all these things that she needs. Lord Azurite, you are broken from the charms of that enchantress by your obedience to Me. Well done My son. Continue to obey Me, and you shall triumph in your pathway to the priesthood, I Am the Lord.

Okay, O’ Lord, do I resume my studies of Spanish, Latin, and Koine Greek? Yes, for I wish to make you proficient in all three languages. Furthermore, you may find it as welcome news that a new pope is coming soon. And he will be holy. Realize that the conflicts among cardinals and bishops over Church doctrine and practice is coming to an end, for the pope to come will put an end to all controversy and unnecessary debate. Rather, the Church will return to teach that which she has always taught. Amen.

Concerning that institution known as “gay marriage,” this institution is profoundly evil and mortally scandalous to young minds growing up. It must be stopped. And any nation that fails to put an end to the horror, I will destroy exactly as I uprooted and destroyed the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. Whoever thinks homosexuality is something I permit is gravely mistaken, and slated for destruction. I Am the Lord. There can be made no compromise with the homosexuals. Just as it is wrong to permit unwed couples to live together as husband and wife when they are not, so also it is forbidden to allow for domestic partnerships and gay marriages. Pope Francis could not be more wrong when he said that there must be given to homosexuals a way to live together legally. Making unlawful behavior legal does not solve the problem of unlawful behavior. Rather, it scandalizes all of society by making that which is sinful appear permissible. Hence, that society has permitted unwed couples to live together, to sleep together, and for people divorced to marry again and have adulterous relations, this is an abomination in My face. I sent COVID-19 against this people to punish them for these very sins. I Am the Lord!

Hence, in the effort to cure and fix immoral behavior I have directed Eric to make the following pronouncement. Every movie, whether in the form of a DVD, Blu-Ray, VHS, or other film archive, that depicts immoral sexual behavior as permissible, or that idealizes that which is sexually sinful, is to be utterly destroyed. If it is a DVD or a Blu-Ray, it must be scratched to be rendered unplayable. Do not try to break the disks, as this sends dangerous shards into the air that can blind you. Instead, just merely scratch the surface of the disk so that it cannot be played. As for VHS, pull out the tape and destroy it. And for any other movie format you find use the correct means of destruction. If the movie is on a hard drive, either delete or erase the movie from the disk or reformat that hard drive. If the movie is on a memory stick, either erase it from that memory stick or else make that stick unreadable.

Do this first to your own movie collections. And then, after you have cleansed your own movie collections of all filth, proceed to help your brethren to destroy the filth in their own movie collections. In addition, all immoral nudity must be destroyed as well, wherever it is found. If a website hosts immoral nudity, and you have hacking skills, hack that immoral website and bring it down. And leave as the your signature of your work the message that you are obeying the edict of lord Azurite, Commander of the Armies of Heaven.

For no one may dare approach the Azurite King with ill intent or he will be destroyed. Lord, what if the law comes against me with lawsuits for inciting the destruction of other people’s property. Let it be known, lord Azurite, that if this property is not destroyed, then I will be destroying souls, families, lives, and nations. Trust Me, once I start killing thousands by the day, they will relent, and they will destroy all their immorality. And as a test to you, lord Azurite, to test your faithfulness to Me, take that Blu-Ray disk set you bought months ago, the one called, Black Sails, which you stopped watching after viewing the first disk, as I commanded you, due to all the sexual immorality in it, and I order you to ruin that set of movie disks to render them all totally unplayable. Go and do this now, and then come back, and I will proceed to talk to you further. Amen.

Lord, I cannot find it, for it is not where I put it. That is because your brother took it to his apartment to watch. And now listen to My condemnation of your brother, that one called David. Because he rejected your offer to pray for him, and told you to pray for someone else instead, all those years ago, that rebuke of your prayers has now become a complete act of blasphemy against the Holy Spirit. I will not save your brother, so let him stew in his immorality and in his filth. For it is written: Let the wicked still act wickedly, and the filthy still be filthy. The righteous must still do right, and the holy still be holy. (Revelation 22:11). If the filthy and the wicked refuse to clean up their act, then the only recourse is to burn them up alive, together with all their filth.

Lord, will not the law come after me for encouraging arson? If the wicked are not burned down in their filth, then I, the Lord, will burn down that entire city. I Am the Lord! Let not the perverse man think he has escaped because he goes unpunished by the authorities. For I will strike dead both the authorities and those they refuse to punish. And then I will burn their city and raze their fortresses to the ground. For I Am an angry God. And no one can get out of doing My will without dire punishment. I Am the Lord.

Also that condition of yours that you are concerned about right now, it will be healed by nightfall. That is an Oracle of the Lord. For you did as I commanded you, and the opportunity will come again to complete what I commanded you to do, I Am the Lord.

Lord, I am truly thankful. Let it be done to me according to Your Word. And now I shall proceed to tell you more, lord Larimar. Joe Biden is an extremely filthy man. So also is Pope Francis. And as a warning to Joe Biden, for he can still be saved, I will so deliver Pope Francis to such a gruesome and horrific death that Joe Biden will be scared shitless about the same fate happening to him. Joe Biden will be so scared he will literally shit in his bed. And so, continue to include Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in your rosary prayers, for they can still be saved. I Am the Lord.

As for Mark, your other brother, I have this to say. This man I can save, for he is swimming in My direction. He may be far out at sea, and the current is pulling at him in the wrong direction, but at least he is swimming in My direction. So he has a chance of being saved. Give him your 1999 Toyota Corolla when you buy your 2021 Avalon Hybrid Limited this year. That is a direct order. And do not think that you will not be given the money to do this. For I Am giving you this money because you did My will and you obeyed your oath to Me. For I love the man who obeys Me, and I richly reward him with many good things.

One final thing I will say to you, and then I will permit you to ask Me three questions on whatever you wish to know. But first I wish to say this. It is no small feat to become a pure man from being a man with an impure past. This has now been accomplished in you. And it is a marvel in the sight of all My angels. And were the people of heaven capable of envy, everyone of then would envy you right now for both your triumph and the future glory that is in store for you. For you are the transgressor who was healed and who completely overcame the devil’s deceit. The reward for doing this is nothing short of My seating you upon My throne in Jerusalem and establishing you as the Great Monarch over all of Gentile Christendom. I Who Am have spoken. Now, lord Azurite, ask whatever you wish to know from Me, and I permit three questions. Go.

Question 1: Concerning the Book of Life that belongs to the Lamb and, with it, the mystery of Predestination, which is a dogma of the Catholic Church, please do tell me, O’ Lord, what things in your Book of Life, that you have in your possession, are predestined and what things are left to chance, or to the free will of Your elect and to the free will of the reprobates. And at what point is every soul predestined or reprobated from all eternity, O’ Lord? And how much does the Book of Life that you possess reveal unto You, O’ Lord?

All sentient beings with eternal souls were created at the dawn of Creation. They were not created within time, but rather, at its beginning, so that they do not perish with time at its end. I then searched through all these eternal beings I had created, seeking for those who would be useful to My Kingdom. Those I elected to save became predestined. And those I did not elect to save were known as the negatively reprobated. I did not positively damn them, but rather, I elected not to save them. Everyone of My predestined were then given names in accordance to what purpose they would serve in My Kingdom. And then the earth was made and also Adam and Eve, two of these sentient beings, who were incarnated into flesh and made man and woman, the original parents of all Mankind. And throughout time, starting with Adam and Eve, these created sentient beings came to be conceived and born into the human race. Those who I predestined were given all the necessary efficacious graces to ensure the salvation of their souls and the achievement of the purpose of their creation for My Kingdom. But as for the negatively reprobated, these were given merely sufficient graces to enable them to know right from wrong, but not the efficacious graces needed to ensure that the right was chosen over the wrong.

The Book of Life contains the names of all My elect. And by names, I mean the Word of God that fully and completely describes their place and purpose that they were created for and predestined to serve in My Kingdom. Their name contains all of that meaning in the one word of their name, which is a feature of the language of the divine. And such is what is written and recorded in My Book. I was with the Father at the Beginning of Time. Through Me did the Father write and predestine all My elect. That is why I alone possess this Book, and to no other do I permit to gaze upon the contents, of which none could read, for it is written in the divine writing of God. Angels do not know this language. For their writing is called the angelic script, and it is inferior, meant to serve the needs of the created celestial intellects of the angelic kinds. But God’s writing is superior, and can only be understood by a divine being. And of Mankind, only I, Jesus, Am divine. I Am the Lord.

Question 2: Lord, what do people do in heaven? And what will I do there? Will I read or write books there? Will I write Your Word there in a higher level script? And what will life consist of for the resurrected man in the new earth to come? Will there be great feasts? Or what will heavenly pleasures consist of? And what is the nature of heavenly treasures in the Kingdom of Heaven, O’ Lord?

No one enters heaven without finding it first in this life. Your heavenly reign begins here in this world, lord Azurite. Do not think that you enter heaven when you die. You enter heaven now, in this world, or you never enter it. Heavenly joy is found in the spiritual ecstasies of knowing God. And this, too, begins in this world. If you do not know God in this world, neither will you know Him in the next. And if God does not know you here, neither will He come to know you in eternity.

The writing and reading of books is done differently in heaven than it is done on the earth. For in heaven, all information is immediately known, read, and recorded. There is no action in heaven that can be called, writing a book. Books are written, but it is done immediately, and more accurately and completely than a video camera digitally recording a scene on earth. For My records are complete and of perfect accuracy. Nothing is omitted from them. And you will be writing in My Kingdom, lord Azurite, for your purpose is to write My Word, whatever I utter, both here and hereafter. I Am the Lord.

That which is treasure in heaven, all that is of value there, consists of good deeds and meritorious conduct that was done by My elect on earth while in a state of grace. Whoever obeys Me and does as I command him to, while in a state of grace, will receive a reward that corresponds to the merits of that deed in the eternal hereafter. You, Eric, will receive a great Kingdom both here and in the hereafter because you obeyed the oath I had you make.

As for feasts in heaven, the only food that is eaten there is the Eucharist. I Am the Lord. Now, ask the third and final question I permit for this post, lord Azurite.

Question 3: Do I live on earth until You come again? Or do I rise at the end of second Presidential term of the President to be elected after Joe Biden? And that President is to be an Azurite Pawn, am I correct? And thus, the end of his two terms, following Joe Biden’s single term, would bring us to the year 2033. Is that my last year that I live? And do You usher in the End of Time then or soon thereafter? For the Third Millennium of the Birth of the Catholic Church begins that year. For from Pentecost Sunday, 33 A.D., to Pentecost Sunday, 2033 A.D., is the completion of two thousand years of the history of Your Catholic Church. And it is written: He will revive us after two days; on the third day he will raise us up, to live in his presence. (Hosea 6:2).

As you have understood that passage in Hosea, so is it to be correctly understood. I come again after the two days have passed. And two days may be figuratively viewed as the passage of two thousand years in the sight of God. And My Church will be completed soon, not long after Your Azurite Pawn completes his second term in office. But do I take you away then, or do I leave you to remain until I come? You, Eric, are as My Apostle John was to Me. And I say unto you as I said of John, “What if I wish for you to remain until I come? This you are not to be concerned about. What is to be your concern is that you follow Me.” (John 21:22).

And such is My message to all End Times watchers. Seek to follow Me and do not be concerned with the timing of the Second Coming of the Christ. For this event you cannot count down the days to. I will Come when I shall come. Wait for Me, for I will come suddenly. So keep watch. But do not think that you can obtain any deadline or any date that you can be assured of that I will come no later than. For such knowledge is given not to man, beast, angel, nor demon. And not even I, the Lord Jesus, have knowledge of that day or hour, but only the Father in heaven Who knows all things. But when the end of the second term of the Azurite Pawn who is to come to rule America has passed, then know ye that the time is ripe for the Second Coming of the Lord. For on an unknown day and hour, in that age when two thousand years of history have indeed passed since the founding of My Church on Peter, then, in one of those swiftly coming years, at a time that cannot be predicted, then I shall come to judge the living and the dead. Amen. But you must still wait for it and watch and remain prepared, for no one knows the timing of the Coming of the Son of Man, but the Father in heaven. Many shall come and go and many kingdoms shall rise and fall, But that I shall come is as assured as the coming of the dawn. I Am the Lord. Now publish this post, lord Azurite, for it is complete. Amen.

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