A girl shall enter Azurite’s life

Behold, gold is at the end of this rainbow.

Emerald Trove, Book 15: Post LXXXIX:
Behold, I Who Am Am speaking. Through Eric Am do I speak. Lord, speak of this girl. Who is she? And of what nature shall my relationship be with her? For I know I am to remain virgin and pure. For without virginity and purity, the power of my office of Prophet Seer would be taken away, and I would be rendered as a normal man. For unless I keep my purity, I become nothing, a useless tool, a weapon without power, and God would discard me. My New Year’s resolution is that I remain pure and stainless. Let me keep my New Year’s resolution, O’ Lord. Do not let my eyes gaze upon immoral images. And do not let me seek immoral pleasures, pleasures that defile and do not last, though the defilement remains. I wish to turn over a new leaf, O’ Lord. I wish to not enter into any temptation, but to walk the straight and narrow path that leads to everlasting Life.

Lord Azurite, the girl We shall give unto you is for pure friendship only. She is not to enter any sexual union with you. For she is pure and holy, and a Bride to the Lord. We put her in your charge to protect and to preserve her. And if she comes to Me undefiled at the end of your journey together, a reward shall We grant you of certain lands that We have apportioned for you from the foundations of this earth.

Now, listen to Us speak. You are pure and you are undefiled. Nor have you fallen from your state of grace. And We have sealed you to this perfect state since the beginning of this new year of 2021. Hence, at the confession you went to today, you confessed venial sins, nothing mortal and nothing of defilement. For We did not lie unto you that We would make you holy and pure.

Now, listen to Our command. Hyacinth is to be taken from you. But We will do as you have suggested and We will not kill her. Instead, We will take her to a new life and to another man. Another man shall be husband to her and she will have children by him. For Hyacinth does not have the capacity for celibate life. She is called to marriage and to bear children. I Am the Lord.

That you have kept your oath is perfect. Nothing more do We require of you regarding Hyacinth. For she will be taken to another man and We shall give to you, in her place, the girl who is to be your celibate spouse. And as eternal virgin spouses shall you be joined to her whom We are giving to you.

Now, do you wish to learn more, lord Azurite? I will indeed tell you all. Lord, is it now assured that she will enter into my life? Will there be no more delay, O’ Lord? And is it assured that I will not fall into any future impure sin with this girl to be present in my life, O’ Lord? Is it assured, O’ Lord, that I will not fail to keep myself and the girl you give me in a perfect state of purity?

Consider this a test, lord Azurite. Either this shall pass or fail. Tonight you shall know your eternal fate, whether you will succeed eternally or eternally fail. If you fall into mortal sin before the rising of the Sabbath Sun, you shall be rendered eternally impure. And you shall be cast away as a useless tool, a weapon without any power. But if the Sabbath Sun of the Lord’s Day rises and you are found still in pristine purity, your purity is etched in eternal gold. And the girl you shall receive that very day, the Lord’s Day, which is tomorrow, Sunday, December 10, 2021. I Am the Lord.

Now, go and eat and then walk your dog. When you return, We shall continue this post. I Am the Lord. Okay, I am back. O’ Lord, to clear up any confusion, the girl you are giving to me will remain a virgin as I am to remain for all eternity? Though we will be married lawfully in the Catholic Church, we neither have any children together nor any form of sex? Am I correct, O’ Lord? Above all things, lord Azurite, you will obey the Lord your God. If you are commanded to know your wife, as was the father of Saint Therese of Lisieux, then you will enter into her and know her.

Then, O’ Lord, there is a possibility that a child shall be born to the family you give me? As long as you remain in perfect obedience to the Lord your Master, entering into the woman We give you shall not disqualify you from your eternal reward. I Who Am have spoken.

And this, O’ Lord, is the Word of the Lord? The Lord commands me to enter a marriage? And if the Lord commands it, I am to know her also, within the bonds of holy matrimony? Correct, lord Azurite. Do not be confused. So also did the Prophet Samuel and My servant Moses marry and know their wives, and they fell not from My graces, nor did they lose their station as My prophet, for they never once disobeyed Me. Likewise, if you are commanded to know your wife, you will lose your virginity with her, but you shall not fall to sin, nor forfeit any crown reserved for you in heaven. I Am the Lord.

Remember that just as the high priest was appointed to enter into the Holy of Holies, in the ancient Jewish religion, so may you be appointed to enter into the one you are commanded to revere as the Ark of the Covenant, the girl We are giving you in marriage. The sin would be if you entered in when We commanded you not to enter. But if you enter when commanded to, when lawfully married so that there is no sin, then neither will you forfeit any reward or any crown that has been dedicated for you to receive in heaven.

Lord, I accept my fate. And I choose for it to be in accordance to the will of God. And, O’ Lord, I wish to do Your will. Lord, You have said that You will now reveal all things about the girl who is to come. Tell me about her. Tell me what you shall reveal. I have heard many things. Is she a prophetess? Is she an enchantress? Is she of my race and color, or is she different from me in race and color, O’ Lord? From what nations does she descend? And what is her native language? And what language or languages does she speak or write? All these things, lord Azurite, I will tell you at dawn. Suffice for now to know nothing of these things. But at dawn, all of this you shall know. I Am the Lord.

Lord, will you tell me of my reward and of my Kingdom that I will receive in the hereafter? Yes, lord Azurite, you do have lands awarded unto you in the eternal hereafter. In the Great Pacific, the volcanic chain of islands known as Hawaii is rendered into your eternal possession. But know that the eternity to come is beyond time, and the earth of this time translates into that time, from the shadow it is now, into the true reality of the true earth as it truly is. That is why it is said to be a new earth. And no time shall pass in it. Hence, mountains shall neither wear away, nor shall rivers wash silt into the sea. For everything will be of an eternal now. And no time shall pass anywhere on the new earth.

And of the earth, it is said that there is no sea in it (Revelation 21:1). What this refers to in reality is that no new lifeforms ever come to be in it. Women have no sea of life in their wombs in which to generate new life. And no new life is ever brought to be there anymore in that age. Nor are there any couples in that age that mate or that exchange sexual fluids. For the sexual unions of this age do not exist in that age that is to come. The man does not shed seed and the woman does not menstruate. For the sexual natures of human beings come to an end at the passing of this age and this earth. I Am the Lord.

Nor is any man married there. Nor does any man possess a woman, much less a harem. The religions that promise a man a harem in the afterlife are false. For that part of a man’s mind that has the animal drive for sex does not exist in the mind of men in that age. For the flesh of the man evolved from the animals below, and it contains the animals lusts that pervert and cloud the clear thoughts and right rationality of men. In the age to come, men are resurrected free of their animal heritage. They are equal to the angels in glory and self mastery. That men have flesh in that age is to be understood as a glorified form of that flesh, flesh that is free of lust and carnal desires, and free of the passions of men.

All mankind, like the earth in that age, is eternal, immaculate, and timeless. Another land We, the elect in heaven, have decided to award you is the land of England. And you know that England shares the island of Great Britain with the countries, Scotland and Wales. We give you England as your eternal Kingdom. Others have merited to receive other lands. I Am the Lord.

Hence, you are ruler over the Hawaiian chain of islands and the land of England. Lord, this is great, but you realize that these two lands are on opposite sides of the earth in the northern hemisphere? The two regions of My Kingdom are far apart from one another. Lord Larimar, just as time does not exist in the Age to come, neither does distance. Everything upon the new earth is immediately present no matter where you exist on the planet. For time, space, and distance are relics of this universe, which is but a shadow of the true universe that is to come. I Am the Lord.

And then, O’ Lord, these two regions, the Hawaiian chain of islands and the land of England are my entire rewards from the division up of the whole of the new earth? Do not say, ‘is this all that there is?’ For I tell you Truthfully, the possession of just a single island in the new earth to come is a major possession that a man can possess in eternity. Your rewards are great. Few, very few, are those who possess as much as thee. And now I shall tell thee a secret.

You are the wealthiest man in all of your clan and lineage. No man is more wealthy than you among all your relatives and kin, going all the way back to the first encounter of your ancestors with Christianity. For only to Christians do I give awards of eternal lands. Remember that the rewards of lands promised to Abraham were not for his personal possession, but for those of his lineage that were to come and convert to My religion, after I died upon the cross.

So, O’ Lord, I take it that Lazurite, your Prophet King whom you have anointed King of Judaic and Israelite Christendom is also to be rewarded lands in the hereafter? Is his Kingdom greater than mine, since You have said that he is the superior King, by virtue of being of Your beloved original Bride? But I would guess that all of the Holy Land is now fully claimed and awarded to Your saints. Am I correct? And so to what land or lands to you award to Lazurite, My brother Christian King?

First, lord Azurite, let us discuss the fragile relationship between Jews and Blacks. Cuyahoga (Ohio) County Commissioner Tim Hagen once said to Jesse Jackson, “you once asked how you could tell a Black kid in Hough (a Black area in Cleveland) to support a party that condoned racism? I want you to tell me, reverend, how I can tell a kid in Shaker Heights (a predominantly White, upper-class Cleveland suburb) to support a party that doesn’t denounce anti-Semitism?” But Jesse Jackson refused to see the connection, responding with the words, “You Jews are much too sensitive.” All this derived from the fatal comment made by Jesse Jackson (a Black civil rights activist) who called New York City, “Hymie town,” in reference to the large Jewish population in prominent positions in that city. For it is ironic, is it not, that the most racist people tend to be the most racially persecuted? Those that cry out the loudest against prejudice do in fact tend to be the most prejudiced.

In this 2019 Survey by LifeWay Research, it is evident that a significant number of Blacks feel that Jews are blocking their progress, and many Blacks notice a rising anti-semitism among their Black brethren. And former U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama’s outright treachery against the Jewish state further cemented this perception among many neutral observers that many Blacks do indeed have a form of deep seated hostility towards Jews. For Obama, the first Black President of the United States of America, was himself a bigot against the Jews, and he made himself a complete enemy of the Jewish state of Israel by stabbing them in the back, and yet he is highly adored and worshipped as though he were a god among the African American community.

But let us not further divide the peoples and incite hostilities between them. For there is good and bad on both sides of the racial divide. I am a White Man. And I as a White man am now aware, through careful reflection, that my passage through life in this nation has gone through many doors where I may have been allowed to pass only because I had the correct race or skin color. In other words, I have the “White passport,” which allows one to pass through many doors, without the realization that I passed through this way by My White skin, and that Black people, bearing the “Black passport,” would be denied passage.

And to answer this problem with the indifferent answer, “Tough luck,” is rightfully met with anger and hostility among the Black community. For many Black men see no pathway for themselves to rise up in society, and yet they judge themselves to be just as worthy, if not more worthy, than those who have a piece of the pie and who choose not to share it with them.

But what do the Black people want? Is the White man to be expected to take of his own estate and give a part of it to the Blacks, so as to equalize the possessions among the races? I think that is basically what the Black people are demanding. For there are only two ways that the Black people can get what they want. (1) They can work at it and earn it by studying hard and finding employment like everyone else, or (2) They can be given what they want from above, without doing any work themselves. Those Blacks who seek to solve their problems by the working at it and through an honest means of employment, these will solve them. But those Blacks who seek to get their goods by the receiving a handout from others will always be perpetually poor and in perpetual poverty. Hence, the welfare mother should not expect to buy or keep her house using welfare checks. Rather, it is the one who uses welfare sparingly and only temporarily, and who gets back into the workforce, that is the one who will buy or keep his or her house. For I tell you Truthfully, welfare was intended as only a temporary fix, and brief crutch, upon which the user uses until he gets better and gets back onto his feet. But as a permanent source of income, as many Black people use it as, such was not the intention of welfare, but rather, is an abuse of the system.

For the one who makes his living by seeking handouts will always be poor. The beggar errs greatly to think or to expect to become rich by begging for money. Black people, it is not the Jews who keep you back. It is you who keep yourselves back. Let go of your hate and see yourself as you truly are. And you can complain all you want about your “Black passport,” but if you are not making any real effort at a studying in school or college, and of getting an education or training in a marketable skill, and of finding employment, then you should expect to fail. And do not expect success if your major in college is something that doesn’t lead to decent paying jobs. The fact is that most African Americans who do get college degrees go into majors that simply do not give them the equal opportunities that they see people in other races enjoying. If Black people want to end the racial gap in earnings, they simply need to start entering those fields that promise the higher pay, namely STEM, which stands for the four disciplines of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. If you are majoring in African American studies, how do you expect to make any serious money with that? You are setting yourself up to be the underdog in society by choosing college majors that simply lead to a lower stratum in pay.

Black people, it is not a matter of simply working hard. You also have to work smart. For the Negro slave worked hard under the hot sun, and he remained a slave, despite his hard work. If all you are doing is working hard, and not smart, then you will be outsmarted by others and you will be relegated to the lower stratums of society, where you will be the underdog race.

Now I Who Am shall speak. Black people are indeed following that path that ultimately leads to their race being of the status of the slave race in society. They are following that path that leads to perpetual poverty. And they are living that life of perpetual bond servitude, for they are not planning ahead sufficiently, and instead, they are seeking to get their way through society by simply coasting, by gliding in the wind instead of by flapping their wings so as to fly. I Am the Lord. Hence, expect the Black race to be in a state of permanent servitude to those with the wealth by the end of this century. I Who Am have spoken.

And so this brings us back to that question, what Kingdom do I give to Lazurite? For surely, all of Israel and the Holy Lands must already be taken, as Eric has reasoned? Lazurite, the anointed King of Judaic and Israelite Christendom, will be granted lands in Egypt along the Nile. I Who Am have spoken. For it is written that the Land given unto Israel extends from the River in Egypt to the Euphrates. (Genesis 15:18-21). And so anywhere in that range of lands Am I free to set up Kingdoms for My servants, the Jews.

Lord, it is now 4:47 AM. The sun rises at 6:58 AM today. We do not have much time left before you declare Me to have triumphed. Am I correct, O’ Lord? It is as you say, lord Larimar. And now We shall conclude this post with these final thoughts.

Leaving Trump, a proven failure as a leader, a madman, and a leader of insurrection, in charge of the military might of a superpower as his term in office winds down is a mistake. Remember that Adolf Hitler in his last ten days as head of Nazi Germany wrecked untold damage to Germany in his wrath against his own country. Let’s not give Trump his last ten days to do the same to America. Let’s not allow Trump to retain his power and control. Hence, gather the cabinet and declare Trump unfit to continue to serve his duties.

For why give Trump the chance to escape this country with his millions, and not pay for his crimes like the rest of his followers will? Cut short Trump’s plans of escape. Use the 25th Amendment. It is fine and orderly to attend the Biden Inauguration, as it follows with Tradition, but do you not realize that while that is happening, Trump, if he is still in office, will be making his escape to a foreign country and taking with him the crown jewels? Do not let this happen. The man must be held accountable.

Let it be, Mike Pence, that you attend Biden’s inauguration as the acting President of the United States, rather than as the Vice President of the United States of America. That way, you can partake in the ceremony with pride and with the ease of mind that World War III is not being started while the ceremonies are about to begin. That way, you can be assured that the man whose mind has failed him has been removed from office, and that an order transfer of power has then thus been assured. Do not be intimidated by the bully in the schoolyard from doing that which is right and just.

Trump must be removed from office by using the 25th Amendment. Allowing him to remain in office is to tolerate an unnecessary evil and to risk unnecessary further damage to be done by a criminal unfit to serve in his capacity as President. I Who Am have spoken.

Furthermore, Eric has triumphed. He will be told what he is to do now. Eric, publish this post, and then We will reveal unto you answers to your earlier questions. This post now comes to its end. And all eyes are now on Mike Pence. He must make that first step to do that which is called for. The first step is always the hardest to make. All other steps after that first step become easier. This concludes this post. I Who Am have spoken. Amen.

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