America shall survive, and a light shines at the end of this tunnel.

As the eagle sees, the sun is rising ahead. Amen.

Emerald Trove, Book 15: Post LXXXVII:
Behold, Mike Pence has done right. He will be rewarded. And he is instructed and highly advised to not muddy his hands with any pardons whatsoever should Trump, at his waning hours, decide to make Pence acting President. Above all, do not pardon the President, for to pardon criminal behavior is to partake in it. And friends do not threaten friends who refuse to partake with them in their crimes. By this, you know Trump is friend to no one. And Trump has no more friends. Indeed, even the rats are now leaving the ship, for so obvious has it become to them that it is sinking. And it is now seen by all that Trump has met his Waterloo. I Who Am have spoken.

Mike Pence is vindicated. He is released from all blame and all guilt in the Trump Administration. He will not be prosecuted in any criminal investigations or lawsuits that are to ensue upon this treasonous Presidential Administration. Mike Pence, though you have decided not to invoke the 25 Amendment now, realize that should you ever choose to decide to do so, President Trump no longer has enough time left in his term to appeal your decision and regain the Presidency from you before the Biden term begins. Hence, if the situation becomes tight and tense, for the sake of the American people and the avoidance of any possible war, do invoke the 25th Amendment as necessary to protect the American people and the people of the world. For if you do, Trump can no longer do anything to revoke it. Amen. For realize that a madman, left brooding, may return to do more evil.

There is no more time left. Trump’s legacy is ruined and in tatters. As a black mark will Trump’s Presidency appear in the history books. And woe to Ted Cruz and all the Republicans who partook in the attempt to overthrow the lawful election. Ted Cruz, it was Eric, not Trump, who had gotten you reelected. No more such rosaries will Eric pray for you. For you have deserted the American people and have embraced a madman who has led you to your ruin. Blessed be Marco Rubio, who voted against the attempt to overthrow the election. Marco Rubio has a future. But Ted Cruz has only a past.

Blessed be the Supreme Court Justices in that they demonstrated that they do not belong to any particular President, nor even to the President that nominates them to their judicial position, but rather, they belong to the standard of Justice they were appointed to serve, founded on the Truth, and that they judge and rule in accordance to law, justice, and how the Constitution of the United States guides them.

Therefore, let Trump attempt to pardon himself, so that the courts can rule on it and show the necessary clarity to all the people that self pardons are simply invalid. For it is a matter of common sense that, in any court of law, it is impermissible for anyone to serve as his own judge. For what is a pardon, but a judgement made by an authority regarding a subject. But when it comes to the judgement upon the person in authority, the institution of the pardon was never intended for that authority to use upon himself. For no one is permitted to pass lawful judgement upon himself. Rather, the authority being judged must permanently yield his authority to another. And that other, without any unlawful pressure or threats or blackmail, may exercise judgement and justice upon him.

The debacle known as Trump will forever tarnish and defame his legacy. His name is forever ruined. And he will find he has no friends. And those who stood with him criminally, will find themselves in serious legal jeopardy. President Trump will seek to flee the country just before his term ends. He will attempt to enter the safety of being within the borders of Brazil, under the protection of his friend, Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, by the time his term ends at noon, Wednesday, January 20, 2021. And then he will relax in his bungalow, drinking his iced tea, and reminiscing how he escaped America just before the walls of justice completely closed in on him.

But all those who were with him, he will leave behind and give not a care over. And these will be arraigned in courts and charged heavily. Even those he pardoned will be arraigned and charged, because the states have the authority to judge them on the same crimes that his pardons pardoned them of. And the acceptance of any pardon is an admission of guilt, as the Supreme Court has ruled. And note that New York ended its double jeopardy laws just in time to get this big catch of criminals coming in. And the Supreme Court ruled in 2019 in Gamble v. United States that the states can do this. Many, therefore, will be the criminal cases of those who were complicit in the crimes of Trump. Blessed are those who left Trump and rejected his wrongdoing. Marco Rubio left Trump. He has a future. Ted Cruz remained with Trump. He has no future, but only a past. Amen.

And why, someone asks, would ex-President Donald John Trump choose to go live in the country of his friend, Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, rather than to go to the more powerful country of his friend, Russian President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin? For wouldn’t Trump have more protections from extradition attempts in Russia than in Brazil, you ask? It is because Trump knows the fate of Putin, and it is that Putin will be overthrown and exiled to Uruguay. And Uruguay is right next door to Brazil, in the sunny southern continent of South America. Besides, Trump has business connections with the mafia and in the underworld in Latin America. And he will seek to revive himself there. Maybe he has some offshore accounts, some money that he raked in from Mr. Taxpayer of America to his private accounts. Remember that with many positions not filled or filled with incompetents, Trump may have cooked the books in the government finances and diverted some government funds to his offshore accounts, realizing that he has no future if he remains in America. He was preparing for his departure. And there are plenty of corrupt countries and places for Trump to hide in the underworld of Latin America.

But alas for all those die hard Trump allies and supporters. They will be left to fight for their lives under the heavy hand of the prosecution under the Biden Administration. And they will be hard pressed. And they will go down, their professional careers ruined, and their names in politics in perpetual disgrace. Their leader that they stood by will have fled the country. And they will be left to defend themselves on their own. And any pardons they may have accepted from Trump will become a curse, as to accept a pardon is an admission of guilt, and all their federal crimes can be retried in the states, using their acceptance of the pardon they received as evidence against them. They will defend themselves in a losing battle. And lawsuit upon lawsuit will be filed against them. And all their money will be spent on lawyer fees. And then they will come to realize that loyalty to a criminal does not pay. For crime never pays.

This will be a feast for the lawyers. For nothing sates a lawyer’s chops more than an angry electorate eager for litigation. And they will make a fortune in the litigation of the former Trump allies and friends. For so vast was the network of their criminal wrongdoing. And so many were those who were involved in underhanded work. Mike Pence has vindicated himself. He and his family will go unharmed and unscathed. No criminal charges will be brought against him. For in the end, when it counted, he did the right thing.

But as for the Trump allies, especially those who stood with him when he attempted to overthrow the democratic institutions of the government and make himself emperor of America, these are in for everlasting disgrace and shame. And many will be prosecuted and brought to justice. And while they are doing time in prison, they will reflect on Trump and where he is, sipping his iced tea in his bungalow in Brazil, under the protection of his friend, Jair Bolsonaro, President of Brazil. And they will think, “Was all of this worth it? What exactly did I get out of this deal for my loyalty to the President?” Ted Cruz gave up his dual citizenship with Canada for the President. He will wish he had kept it.

Lord, the Titanic, with its rear raised above the waters, has cracked and come crashing down. Now it is sinking rapidly. In just a few scant moments, it will be beneath the sea, never to see daylight again. Trump is still the President. And as President, he still has authority to devise his plans of escape. He will elect to escape. His allies and friends will not be able to come with him. They will be left behind to pay for their participation in his crimes. For how he treated the NATO allies of the United States should have served as warning as to how he would treat you, O’ foolish ones who allied themselves to Trump. Fools! But Trump will vanish. He will board Air Force One, but not tell anyone he is going on a one way trip, with no plans to return. For Trump knows that if he remains in America, come noon on Wednesday, January 20, 2021, he will be arrested. And there will be no end to the lawsuits arraigned against him. So he will flee the country. By his authority as President, he still has that power to do just that. He can say he is going to do last minute diplomatic business with leaders of South America. But in reality, he is preparing his escape. His Waterloo has failed. Now he must flee, or they will demand his head. For remember that treason is a capital offense. And Trump doesn’t want to die. For how can he face the millions of Americans whose loved ones died because of his willful and knowing deceit? He cannot face them. He can only flee. There is no other way out for him. Amen.

Now, We shall speak of incoming President Joe Biden. This man will be hailed as a hero and a savior to the American people when he takes office. And he will be proud and set about in his ambitious agenda to transform America into his image. For he has full control of Congress; he controls both houses. And he will do what he will decide to do. And he will appoint those he decides to appoint. His first decided order of business will be to reverse the 6-3 Conservative majority in the Supreme Court. For he has a liberal agenda. And he wants the Supreme Court to agree with his liberal agenda. And so, it is rather simple how he shall accomplish it. First, he will have ultra conservative Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas impeached. This will be relatively easy, as his perjury is clear cut and and well provable. And then his liberal replacement of him will make the Supreme Court down to having but a mere 5-4 Conservative majority. And then do the math: By simply packing the Supreme Court with two additional liberal Justices, behold, the Supreme Court transforms into having a 6-5 Liberal majority. And then it will do Joe Biden’s bidding, whatever he asks them to do. Then, if Joe Biden says that gays ought to be able to marry in the Catholic Church, the Supreme Court will rule that religions violate the rights of fags by not recognizing and blessing their abominable unions as lawful marriages, in a 6-5 ruling, where Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor, writing for the majority, will write that: Freedom of religion cannot be used to deny the rights of the immoral and the debased to live and exercise their abominable life style choices and to utterly desecrate whatever institutions they so desire to desecrate in America.

And those wedding cake makers, they had better keep a supply of fag to fag cake ornaments to put onto their cakes, for if they make the slightest indication of disapproval of gay marriages, they will face the Biden Administration’s attorney general coming down upon that wedding cake bakery like a ton of bricks, seeking restitution for damages done to the gay community for having seriously offended them and for having committed the hate crime of hating crime.

For in Biden’s America, you are either in bed with Satan or else you are violating his standard of conduct. Unless you sin and defile yourself with abominable deeds, you will be targeted for persecution. For it will be against the law for anyone to walk the Way that leads to heaven. For they know they are not going there, and they don’t want you going there either.

Lord, this is most vile and most terrible. Lord, it is written that no one will be able to buy or sell but he who has the mark of the beast. (Revelation 13:17). Will this come to pass in Biden’s America? Indeed, so it shall. Everyone will be given a universal mark that will do away with wallets and plastic credit cards. Instead, everyone will be forced to use the virtual payment methods that will be based on a person’s identifying mark. And whosoever refuses to accept the mark will be put to death. Realize that the Christian who has accepted and come to tolerate the institution of gay marriage will also accept and receive the mark of the beast. And everyone will be so marked, everyone, that is, whose names were not written from the foundation of the earth in the Book of Life, which belongs to the Lamb Who was slain. (Revelation 13:8).

Lord, these are terrible times ahead, and yet, You stand against that mob that attempted to overthrow the election results in their attempt to make Trump the emperor? Yes, lord Azurite, for which is better? To be briefly ruled by an evil elected President, who you can vote out in four years, or to be permanently ruled by a succession of emperors, over whom you have no say and no power to remove. Trump attempted to defy the will of the American people who had decided to remove him. He attempted to establish himself as an emperor over this nation, ending any power of the people to fire him or to elect someone else. Had certain key people gone along with him, this country would be in a state of civil war right now. Instead, all the key people resisted his attempts to overthrow the democratic institutions of this nation to establish himself as emperor. And he thus had to back down, for his key people were not with him. For the strength of the United States of America was displayed by its separation of powers into three independent branches of government. Hence, it became clear to the President that though he appointed many judges and Justices, he did not control them. The Supreme Court remained independent and based on the rule of law. And though the Senate was controlled by Republicans, he found that he did not control that body either, for the Republican leadership in the Senate recognized the legitimacy of the Biden victory. And both houses of Congress overrode his vetoes, further eroding his power. And then, even in his own executive branch, the Vice President, over whom he has no power to fire, and who is the next in the line of succession should he be found unable to carry out his duties, made the decision that saved his soul by choosing to do what is right and just, and to abide by his duties to the American people, rather than to serve the President in his attempt to seize power over the United States in a coup d’etat.

Lord, this experience in America must be applied to Russia once Vladimir Putin has been overthrown. For the Constitution in Russia allowed one man in a position of power to come into control over all the branches of government and to bend all of the government to his will. That is why democracy failed in Russia, but stood strong in America. Hence, the lessons learned in the American democracy must be applied to the Russian attempt at democracy, once Alexei Navalny has assumed power in that nation in the elections to follow the coming violent ouster of Putin, and when Navalny gains that power as President, along with the will of the people, to reform the Constitution and the bill of rights and to restructure the Russian government to more closely resemble the patterns found in the American institutions, where a clear separation of powers among the three branches of government prevented the attempted violent takeover of that nation by one man. For Trump attempted and failed to do in America what Putin successfully did in Russia. Once we remove Putin from power, the lessons learned from America must be applied to Russia. Lord, when do we see this removal of Putin from power to take place now?

I Am removing Putin from power soon, lord Azurite. He is soon to be deposed. And let Putin not think that he will be able to keep the money he stole from Russia and hid in his secret offshore accounts. For those accounts will be all found and raided. Putin is like a dragon clinging to power and attempting to keep his control over his horde of gold. But Eric is a dragon slayer. And Russia’s own coat of arms, chosen by President Yeltsin, the good Russian President, depicts this dragon slayer riding on a white horse (Revelation 6:2) and slaying the dragon, who is Putin. Hence, the Russian coat of arms contains in it the symbol of the prophecy of the return of Eric to Russia to slay that dragon and set up the third Erician Pawn of Russia, after the Emerald Pawns, Gorbachev and Yeltsin, who once ruled the USSR and Russia, respectively. Navalny will be the first Azurite Pawn to come to power in the world. I Am the Lord. For the Azurite Reign has begun. I Am the Lord. Now lord Azurite, reveal the Eleven Players of Power that you have witnessed so far in the game called Earth.

  1. Emerald – set up Gorbachev, Yeltsin, de Klerk, Rabin, used Reagan, Bush senior. assoc. by Pope John Paul II.
  2. Ebony – set up Mandela, and others.
  3. Crimson – started long lasting wars in the Caucasus, the Horn of Africa, and the Balkans.
  4. Vesper – set up Clinton, Barak, Putin, and others. (a female).
  5. African Death Grip – failed to make Africa his empire, causing widespread death and destruction throughout that continent instead.
  6. Twilight – set up Bush junior, Sharon, and others. assoc. by Pope Benedict XVI.
  7. Pyrite – set up Obama and others. assoc. by Pope Francis.
  8. Firefly – set up Trump, Bolsonaro, Johnson, and others. Was behind Sarah Palin and the Tea Party in American politics. (a female).
  9. Mercury – attempted mass revolutions of Arab governments – the failed Arab Spring.
  10. Contradiction – set up Biden, others expected. assoc. by Pope Francis.
  11. Azurite – (Emerald reborn) – to set up Navalny, and others. to be assoc. by Pope John XXIV.

So, O’ Lord, do you confirm that the next pope to come to sit on the seat of Peter shall be Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke, who shall take the papal name of John, to be called Pope John XXIV? I do, lord Azurite. And let it be stated for the record that My next anointed pope, to come to reign after I take Pope Francis away, shall be Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke, who knows English, Latin, French, and Italian, and who can speak and write competitively in Spanish. Furthermore, Cardinal Burke, as Pope John XXIV, will put Biden in his place, and refuse him communion, due to his advocacy for abortion, which is in total conflict with Catholicism, and produces great scandal in the Catholic Church should any pro-abortion person be seen being admitted to receiving communion. Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House, should also expect to be denied communion when Cardinal Burke becomes pope. I Who Am have spoken. Note that these denials of communion are not political statements, but rather, a recognition that anyone who advocates abortion is clearly not, and unambiguously not, a Catholic in good standing with the Catholic Church. And only those in good standing with the Catholic Church may present themselves for communion. For communion may only be received by those not guilty of any mortal sin. For when a mortal sinner receives communion, he commits a sacrilege, and consumes his damnation. The rights of freedom of religion permit the Churches to have the full freedom of deciding who to allow to participate in their holy rites. And this freedom may never be taken away from them. Hence, Biden can never force the Catholic Church to admit him to receive communion while he remains in clear violation of Church teaching. And when he does receive communion in his state of mortal sin, he brings down great and dire curses from God upon himself and all his family members. And that is the root of the reason behind why his family members have a very high death rate. I Am the Lord. Biden, expect more of your family members to die as you assume the Presidency, due to the curses you bring down upon yourself in your advocacy of abortions, and by your false claims to be a devout Catholic, and by your sacrilegious communions. I Am the Lord!

For understand this teaching well! I never admit into My Kingdom any soul who refuses to follow Me 100%. Any Catholic who claims to follow Me but who rejects any part of My requirements to be in good standing with the Catholic Church, I reject from My fold and he will be damned. For example, the requirement that Catholic couples not practice any form of artificial birth control is not a matter of debate. It is not an option for Catholic couples to choose or reject. Any and all Catholic couples who use artificial birth control I reject from My Kingdom, and they will go to hell, unless they repent their sins, end them, and return to Me and conform to My rules and requirements in full. Likewise, pornography and sexual impurity, a very common sin, cannot be done by a Catholic who wishes to remain in good standing in My Church and to receive communion. Repent these sins and confess them to a priest. Eric sinned these sins greatly, but he repented, and finally I gave him the graces to overcome these sins. To you, too, shall I give these graces, if you follow Me, and remain Mine. But do not be like C. S. Lewis, author of Mere Christianity, who was greatly mistaken, due to the blindness that comes with sin, when he wrote in that book that sexual purity was not central to the Christian faith. Sexual purity is central to Christian faith by the very Biblical teaching that the Christian is to be as the Bride to the Christ, Who is the Bridegroom. For what was more central to being a bride in ancient Israeli culture than that she maintain her virginity and her sexual purity for marriage, and that she remain chaste and faithful to her husband, once married to him? Women were refused marriage if it was found that they were not virgins. For I tell you this Truth, if your purity does not equal that which was required of an ancient Israeli women for marriage, I will reject you as My Bride also. I Am the Lord. For I Am God, and I lower My standards for no one. Therefore, let no one think they will be allowed entry into My Kingdom who does not follow Me in all of what I command of him. I Am the Lord.

Eric, go now and eat your breakfast. This post is now complete, and you may publish it. And then eat, and I will decide what you shall do next. I Am the Lord.

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