I, Mary, have come to speak

I am Mary, the holy Virgin. And I am now speaking through Eric, chosen one of My Son.

Emerald Trove, Book 15: Post LXXXV:
I am Mary, Mother of the Lord Jesus Christ. And I have come to speak through my Son’s chosen one, who He has chosen to lead My kingdom unto the end. This is the 85th post of Book 15 of the Emerald Trove. (85 = 17 x 5). O’ Mary, ever Virgin, the Democrats seem to have won the Senate. Lucifer-Man has come to control both houses of Congress and the White House. What shall now become of America, O’ Virgin Mother of God? Yes, the Democrats have defeated the Republicans in the Georgian runoff elections. Hell has been unleashed. And the devil walks now in America, freely and in power. You will now be as Elijah was, under King Ahab and Queen Jezebel, who prefigured Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, respectively. You will be hunted, but not overcome. For you are protected. Should they come against you, they will perish, as flesh falling upon hardened rock. They will not dare attack you while they see the Lord is speaking through you. For whosoever touches an anointed with ill intent dies.

Mary, I believe that Lucifer-Man will consider that I am bluffing, and that he will come to call my bluff. No, he knows you are not bluffing. But yes, in the latter years of his reign, at the height of his power and glory, he will march against you, and die without a hand being raised. I am the Holy Virgin Mary.

You cannot be destroyed and you cannot be disturbed. But fire now comes to haunt all of America. For just as fire burns in hell, now it will burn in America, as America comes to resemble the ultimate destination of the majority of the electorate. America chose the ones who stand for abortion. Hence, the Americans will now be aborted.

Eric, do not worry about your fate or future here in America. Remain in the position We have planted you in. For Joe Biden is not your enemy. And he will not seek to destroy you. And Kamala Harris will be occupied with other things than to be concerned with you. You are not yet on their radar. Nor will they seek to confront you. For they regard you as enemy of their enemy and will leave it at that.

This is what you must know about the situation America is now in. America has chosen the devil. And the devil now rules America with a free hand. Lucifer-Man, the Player who is behind Biden and Harris, has now come to power in full in America. And he will soon be flexing his muscles. He does in fact plan to pack the Supreme Court so as to increase the number of liberal Justices on it. And the Democrats are going to hit Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas hard, for his crimes of perjury are easily provable, and perjury is an impeachable offense. By replacing Clarence Thomas with a liberal Justice, along with packing the court with an additional two liberal Justices, this will change the court from a Conservative 6-3 majority to a Liberal 6-5 majority. That is all they need to do to accomplish their liberal agenda. And expect them to follow that playbook to the letter. I am the Virgin Mary.

Eric, you faithfully did your rosaries so that the righteous would win. But you are not representative of the American people. Rather, the Americans have chosen the devil as their father. And to the devil has God handed them over to. You failed neither me nor the American people. Rather, America’s soul has failed. And their light is gone out. Only a few lights will remain scattered across the nation, as the nation itself is engulfed in darkness.

Mary, what becomes of COVID-19? Do the vaccines work? Does America get back to normalcy? No, lord Azurite. America can never be cured of COVID-19 while Satan rules over her. And Satan will rule over her until Lucifer-Man, the power behind Biden, has been vanquished from the land. Hence, expect the lockdowns to continue indefinitely. Consider the wearing of face masks and the thousands dying per day to become the new normal. I am the Holy Virgin Mary.

O’ Mary, it is said that the death rates from COVID-19 are hitting the African American communities a lot harder than they are hitting Whites and other racial groups. Does that mean that, with the unending nature of this great plague, that the racial composition of America will begin to shift to become less Black and more White? In a gruesome manner, you can credibly come to that conclusion, lord Azurite. With COVID-19 more heavily terminating Black people, it is reasonable to expect a demographic shift with relatively less Black people and relatively more White people as the daily thousands perishing have their toll on communities across America. On the other hand, consider this to be how evolution works. And the Blacks who survive to reproduce will be those Blacks who have immunity to the disease. These Blacks could serve to rebound their population demographics, but not if, in their embrace of pro-choice leaders, they choose to abort all the gains that their Black populations would have had. Hence, the twin drivers of declining Black populations, namely COVID-19 and abortions, will served to keep the Black demographic from recovering, and will result in America becoming less Black as the months and years pass by.

Such is how your Pawn will win the elections in 2024. For the Black block will be distinctly in the minority at that point onwards, with the Whites and the Hispanics as the two biggest voting blocks that will decide the winners of elections from that point forward. Hence, consider Joe Biden’s big win tonight as the last great victory for African Americans. And after this point, African Americans will be a distinctly declining demographic, being culled by both their abortions and by COVID-19, which is never going away as long as Satan is ruler over the land.

Why does Satan hate the Blacks and do all this evil to them if they are his strongest backers and supporters in America? Remember Satan is the embodiment of hatred and he is defined by Christ Jesus as the evil one. When he backstabs those who serve him and who give him all their support, he is only acting according to his true nature. Satan wants to destroy every single human being on the planet. And if a human being elects to serve him and advance his cause, he will not receive good treatment from Satan. Fools are those who imagine receiving anything good from serving Satan. If Satan promises that person riches, and he gets riches, once that allotted time is up, Satan will be there at the gates, eager to begin torturing that person in hell once he dies in accordance to the just judgement of God. And there is no way back from the pit once a man makes a pact with the devil. I am the holy Virgin Mary.

Eric, America is Babylon the Great. Sound the alarm! America is fallen!, Babylon the Great is fallen! Fallen, fallen is Babylon the Great! So, O’ Mary, what can we expect Joe Biden to do with all his power over America? He will do the will of Lucifer-Man, who is the one who controls him and who shall direct him in all the evils that he will have come upon America. Homosexuals will be but-fucking in the streets.

Lord, will the homosexuals in power force the Catholic schools to teach a pro-homosexual agenda? And will the homosexuals in power force the Catholic Churches to bless homosexual unions and gay marriages? Such is the essence of the abomination that causes desolation standing where it distinctly does not belong. Expect to see exactly as thou hast said, lord Azurite. And expect the utter ruin of America to quickly follow. I Am the Lord God. And I Who Am Am now speaking.

America will then be utterly laid to waste. And great desolation will befall her. And she will be utterly destroyed and left destitute. I Am the Lord. For America must learn that to choose to do that which is abominable will result in fiery destruction by the wrath of God. America, how far you have fallen! And now you will enter free fall.

Lord, Mitch McConnell will no longer be Majority Leader. He was told, was he not, that if he failed to pass the $2000 stimulus checks, he would cease to have that position? And now it has come to pass. I Am the Lord.

Lord, the Blacks are ecstatic. They are celebrating and worshipping their Black gods, like Obama, Nelson Mandela, and Martin Luther King Junior. Let the be, lord Azurite. Let them dance and be merry, for their joy will soon turn to crushing horror as the nightmare of COVID-19 under Trump accelerates and becomes worse under Joe Biden. Mr. Solutions will fail to provide any real solutions. And the face masks will only merely mask the problem. It is not going to go away. And the vaccines will work only for some strains, while other strains run rampant and unchecked upon the populations. I Am the Lord. For I Am sending Death to walk among the American peoples. And he will touch this one and that one, and whosoever he touches will die, regardless of how protective his face gear is and regardless of how careful he has been to keep from getting infected. For whosoever I wish to have die I will have die.

It has come to My attention that the Republican strategists believe you were mistaken about a great many things. Let it be stated this fact. Eric I have allowed to fool himself. But Eric is not mistaken. Eric is fully aware of what is about to happen to America. And O’ Lord, do I remain here in America? I do not get raptured to any other nation? That is correct. For I have Eric exactly where I want him to be. And he will remain where he is. And no one will dare to touch him on pain of death. I Am the Lord!

Let the army that marches on Eric realize that they would have better luck marching into an abyss burning with flames. Any power that targets Eric with termination will cause themselves to be terminated instead. I Am the Lord.

Lord, will Kamala Harris prove to be the woman who rides the beast, and to be the mother of harlots and of the abominations of the earth? Ask yourself this one question: How many souls have perished in her womb, do you estimate? Yes, her womb is a bloody tomb. And countless souls have met their doom within her womb due to her abortifacient birth control methods that she has been using in her pathway to the top by sleeping with men to get there. I Am the Lord. Yes, Kamala Harris slept her way right up to the highest office in the land. And who knows what deadly brew of bacteria and pathogens lurk within her vaginal cavity that have accumulated there over all the years through all her numerous adulterous affairs and vile and dirty seductions of powerful men? She is indeed unclean. And she is indeed mother to the harlots and to the abominations of this world. I Am the Lord.

Lord, President Trump is still trying to contest the elections that he lost. Trump is like the Titanic that hit the iceberg. And at this point, he is now where the rear of the ship is lifting up out of the water, as the survivors watch from their lifeboats, with the Republican loyalists, still on the ship, about to go down with her into the icy cold sea, screaming in ghastly agony as they realize their doom has finally befallen them. The Titanic is lifting up out of the water. Soon it will crack under the strain, and then collapse back into the water and then sink beneath the waves in a matter of moments, to never again be seen above the surface of the sea. I Am the Lord. And such will be the end of the Trump Administration. The great and unsinkable ship will have sunk, to be seen no more upon the surface of the sea. I Am the Lord.

Lord, the people do not believe that I am a prophet. For they say the prophecies that You say through me do not all come to pass. And that therefore, I must be false. But what sayest Thou? Will Thou give them a sample of Your prophecy by which they may come to know and realize that You, O’ Lord, do speak through me? Only this prophecy will I give through you as such a sign. There will be no slackening of the death rates from all the plagues and diseases that will be smacking America throughout the entire length of the Biden Administration. I Am the Lord. Hence, there will be no golden age or age of glory under Biden. The Biden years will be years of death, woe, carnage, and desolation. I Am the Lord.

Lord, what if someone approaches me and petitions me to ask of You for a favor or for a miracle, or for a cure, or for divine guidance or wisdom from God? Whosoever asks you to ask of Me for anything, I will give answer to that person through you of My judgement, in accordance to My decisions regarding his question or request. For you are an Oracle and a Prophet. It is your duty to intercede to Me on behalf of anyone who asks it of you, no matter whatever it is that he asks for. And it is I, not you, Who will give answer to that person who comes to you, no matter who he is. For no one may be turned away who comes seeking to speak to Me through you, or who seeks to ask for My divine help or assistance through you. I Am the Lord. I declare Eric as Prophet on the mountain side, burning like a silver flame! And now We shall conclude this post with these final thoughts.

Whosoever wishes to speak to Eric, seek him, and you shall find him. I Who Am have spoken. This post now comes to its conclusion. And Eric, who I declare as my eternal weapon of choice, I have elected to wield on earth until the Second Coming of the Christ. Hence, Eric never dies. I Am the Lord. Now go and publish this post, for it is complete. Amen.

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