Eric orders the coup plotters in America to be crushed

Let those who cannot respect our democracy get out!

Emerald Trove, Book 15: Post LXXXVI:
Behold, I am Eric, commander of the armies of heaven. And I issue this order. Let the coup plotters disrupting the lawful vote certification in Washington, D.C., be crushed. Let them be beaten back and broken down. Let the leaders of this movement be arrested and arraigned. And once the curfew is put into place this evening and the mob suppressed and put down, let the congress reassemble in safety and continue their vote certification, even if it takes all night. And I am warning those Republican Representatives and Senators still willing to protest this electoral process, I will see to it that you are charged with sedition and prosecuted for it if you go ahead with your intent to disrupt this electoral process. And whosoever sides with, or aids or abets, this coup attempt will be put down and locked in irons. That is an order.

Let Joe Biden’s inauguration proceed lawfully and orderly. Any disruption of it is to be fiercely put down and severely punished, both with huge mandatory fines and lengthly prison sentences. Whosoever thinks they can rebel against the rule of law in America is severely mistaken. For that is what the Black people are known for doing. And you know what becomes of them. They become prison slaves. Let all who seek to overthrow the government be so imprisoned and permanently enslaved. I, commander of the armies of heaven, have spoken.

And to President Trump I say this. Any attempts you make to hijack this orderly transfer of power you shall pay for once you step out of the White House at noon on January 20, 2021. Do not think, little man, that you will escape punishment, or that your friends in high places will protect you. For they will yield to the superior power of the commander of the armies of heaven. Now we shall let God speak.

Lord, speak Your Words of wisdom, for your servant, Eric, is listening. And O’ Holy Virgin Mary, Holy Mother of God, what sayest thou? Dost heaven have any Words to say unto me, O’ Lord Jesus Christ and Mary, Mother of God? And what is the fate of this process of transfer of power? For I suspect that President Trump fancies that he might manage to remain in power if he can keep the Congress from certifying the election victory of Joe Biden.

Lord, I say, let it be done to President Trump what he seeks to do to Joe Biden. This liar must be taken down and thoroughly whipped and beaten publicly before all the people of the world. I demand for there to be such a public beating of this man to drive home the point that justice and law and order will prevail and that it will not be overthrown, and that this impious liar shall be made to pay for all his crimes that he has committed since his utter defeat to Joe Biden in the national elections that were held on November 3, 2020.

Lord Azurite, I now give you the power to carry out your sentences of criminals that you judge to be guilty. So judge President Trump and rule on his sentence, and We, the rulers in heaven will listen to you. And if your ruling is wise and just, We shall carry it out to the letter. I Who Am have spoken.

Okay, O’ Lord, let the court convene. The defendant is President Trump. He is known to be a liar par excellence. And he is known for being proud and guilty of many crimes and sins. This man has done everything in his power to attempt to remain in office. He has flagrantly violated all laws. He has disobeyed the Constitution. He has violated his oath of office. He has abandoned his duties of his office and not done his job. He has left the United States to coast on autopilot and elected to play golf instead. And he has deliberately misled the American people to expose themselves to COVID-19, with deliberate intent to get them infected, knowing full well that many of them would die. This man is a murderer and a rapist. This man is an arsonist and a thief. Every sin and crime in the book this man has committed with impunity. He has sinned blatantly and sneered to God in the very act of doing it, daring God to strike him down in His utter wrath. I demand that the living fire of God’s wrath come down from heaven and strike this man and consume him alive.

I will do as you demand, lord Azurite, providing that you do for Us in heaven this favor. What, O’ Lord, dost Thou demand or request of me? Enter into a Josephite marriage to the girl We hereby give unto you this Sunday. She will be your platonic wife, and to no other shall you seek to wed. And this wife you will have as your spiritual lover, but of carnal knowledge, this you shall never know nor obtain from her. And you shall take her into your home at the time of marriage, and you shall protect her from all other men. But of her, you shall not touch, nor think of touching, for she is sacred and may not be touched. As the Ark of the Covenant was regarded in the times of ancient Israel, so also shall you treat this woman. And any who touch her shall be put to death. I Am the Lord. Do this, and you will see fire come down from heaven in the full view of men and consume Donald John Trump, body and soul, delivering him alive into the lake of fire, where he shall be tormented day and night, forever and ever. Amen. (Revelation 19:20). I agree 100%, O’ Lord. I will carry out Your decree unto the fullest extent of the Law of God. Amen.

Eric, this marriage you enter into with this girl is irrevocable. It is a permanent mark upon your soul. Your soul can never be parted from her, nor may she be parted from you. And this dual soul nature of this binary virgin union shall be eternal. I Am the Lord. I accept this, O’ Lord. I willingly accept all that You say and all that You have said. Good. The marriage shall formally take place on Monday, July 26, 2021, the feast day of Saints Joachim and Anne, the parents of the Blessed Virgin Mary. And once married, you may have no further dealings with any other woman on any romantic basis whatsoever. Hence, as for the girl Hyacinth, you now must realize that she cannot remain upon the earth the moment after the marriage plans between you and the girl We are binding you to become set and fixed, and the date of the wedding is approved by the Roman Catholic Church, and the preparations for the marriage get underway. But O’ Lord, why must Hyacinth die? Why cannot she let go of me and go her own way, O’ Lord? She will not let you go, lord Azurite. Nor will she go her own way. Nor will you break the oath that We have bound you to. Give to her as you have promised her, but realize this fact. Our taking Hyacinth out of your life cannot be stopped. And you cannot derail Our plans for you. For you are now perfected. And you are now sinlessly pure. Do as you have planned for her, but realize her time is just about up. I Am the Lord.

Lord, is this not a great wastage of money? She needs what you are about to give unto her. Give her it, and then let Us take over and do the rest. And know ye this. The gift you give unto her will be dwarfed by the gift We are about to give unto you. I Am the Lord. This now brings this post to its conclusion. Trump, the man, is about to be consumed by the fiery wrath of God. And you, lord Azurite, will enter marriage to the girl We deliver unto you this Sunday. And from this marriage you shall neither escape nor consummate it. Nothing more shall We, the elect in heaven, say at this time. Publish this post, for it is complete. Expect what We have decreed to take place shortly, as We have decreed it. Amen.

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