I Who Am speak now to Trump

I Am Jesus, your Judge and Lord. And I have come to pronounce My Judgement on you.

Emerald Trove, Book 15: Post LXXXIV:
Dear Donald John Trump, I Am most disappointed in you. Greater demerits have you stacked up against your name since your defeat in the November 3, 2020, elections than the demerits you racked up in all your term in office as President before then.

Ted Cruz, stand down. Do not partake in the idiocy of protesting the electoral votes. It was not President Trump who got you your election victory, but Eric, My servant, who prayed rosaries so that you would win. Therefore, do not feel as though you owe favors to Trump. Regain your senses. It is not right to protest the lawful, orderly, and rightful conduct of the electoral process. If there is evidence of unlawful conduct, let the claimant produce the evidence. And if no evidence is forthcoming, then shut up and get back in line. Stand down, Ted Cruz. Do not partake in the contesting of the electoral votes. That is an order from the commander of the armies of heaven.

Donald John Trump, I Am most disappointed in you. You have behaved opposite of what is expected of a good and noble leader and ruler. You are doing nothing about your duties of your office as President, and yet you think you should keep your job? Well have the American people said unto you: You’re fired! How then does it feel to be the one who is fired, rather than the one who says, “You’re fired!”? Pride truly comes before the fall.

It is a pity for you, though. You might actually have gotten a Presidential Library and an honorable mention in the history books had you exited your office in grace and humility. But I Am afraid that the only place where your Presidential Library can be built where it will not be destroyed and razed to the ground, will be in Russia. And as for your mention in the history books, whatever good you did in office is now totally eclipsed by your total failure to lead in the crisis of COVID-19 and your total rejection of your utter and decisive defeat in the elections to Joe Biden.

Imagine what you would have said if the one who defeated you was Black or a Mexican? You, Trump, will be chastised severely. Your parents failed to whip the daylights out of you that you deserved. Now I will have to do that. And I will be whipping you beyond what you have ever imagined possible. You will wish you could die to escape the blows of My whip. But the escape by death will be denied you.

And I wish to make an example of you before all the nations. All the nations, all the peoples of the world will gather to watch your nonstop whipping. Your wife will be given a front row seat, and she will laugh. Your children will watch and cheer as the whipper rips stripes across the reddened flesh of your bare back. The women you had sex with will all be there, watching as you are being whipped, and they will gloat and laugh, as they eat their refreshments, and share jokes amongst themselves.

And you will be beaten silly. And you will be put to great dishonor and great shame before all the nations of the whole world. Every eye will see the blood trickle down from your stripes. I Am the Lord. Do not be amazed. That you have exalted yourself above the heavens, I have prepared a terrible chastisement against you that will make even Judas Iscariot, burning in hell, shiver in fear. I Am going to utterly dishonor you before all you know and before all you love. I Am the Lord!

Also, I Am erasing your family wealth and success. I Am making you dirt poor, poorer than the Mexicans you insulted, those whom you called rapists and murderers, when the truth is that you have raped and you have murdered. By your deliberate actions, people have died unnecessarily. You kept from even your supporters the knowledge that they would die from COVID-19 if they got infected. Your strategy of dealing with COVID-19 is an abysmal failure.

Eric, also, early in the outbreak was very mistaken about the gravity of the disease, but he is not one with access to knowledge, as you have. And I Who Am do not reveal all things to My servants whom I call to prophesy. Therefore, Eric is excused for being wrong on a great many things. But you, you were deliberately wrong. You deliberately misled My American beloved to unknowingly endanger themselves, and to expose themselves in super spreader events. That is unforgivable, for you knew that many would die. Hence, you are rightly called a murderer and a rapist. The image that you portrayed the Mexicans to be, so do you appear to Me in My eyes.

It was Eric, along with the rest of the faithful who joined him across the nation, praying rosaries, who got Kavanaugh and Barrett confirmed to the Supreme Court. You played a role, but I had them confirmed because of the rosaries that were prayed for this to come to pass. And you think you own them? You think they belong to you? So little do you understand about law, order, and justice. Perhaps My rawhide whip upon your back will teach you what you need to learn and understand about law and order and justice.

President George W. Bush was a proud President, and he committed great errors in his pride that cost many American lives. But he learned. And he repented. And he is now a Roman Catholic. In his last months in office, it was Eric who prayed the Divine Mercy chaplet on him, along with reciting the pledge of allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, that turned his soul, and the soul of Twilight, who repented his sins, and I saved him. It was Eric’s Divine Mercy chaplets that prevented America from going to war against Iran in those latter years of the reign of Bush Junior. And what was the fruit? Research it and see the massive numbers of Iranian citizens converting to Christianity.

I Who Am will reclaim Iran back into Christendom. I Am the Lord. And when they do come back, they will rename their nation back to Persia. And Persia will enter an alliance with a Christianized, Catholic Israel. I Am the Lord. For was it not under the Medes and Persians that the Jews were permitted to return to their homeland after their Babylonian captivity? And indeed, the name of Persia is more romantic and poetic as a name of a nation than is the name of Iran.

The name of Iran and the name of Eire (Ireland) are derived from the same ancestral word for “noble” in the ancient root language of the Indo-European family of languages. For all words have a continuum, and they change over time, as speakers come and go down through the generations. Basque is an odd language in Europe, as it has no living relatives in a sea of Indo-European tongues. But if oddities did not exist, if My Creation could be comprehended by creatures, then I would not be much of a Creator, now would I? Hence, I made the world such that the deeper you dig into the earth’s mysteries, the more you realize that you do not know.

But dig, rather, into Me. Seek out My mysteries. For the one Who searches for Truth in Me is never not satisfied. And the one who feasts on My flesh and blood is never hungry or thirsty. And the one who drinks the waters of My River of Life, receives Life everlasting, and he will be raised on the Last Day. I Am the Lord.

Eric, I do not make you a priest, but I make you better. For you are to serve Me as an example of how men are to emulate Joseph. And the wife I give you will be very like Mary, whom you saw, though as through a glass darkly. At her visitation of you in early December, 1996, the question you asked her was not, “Who are you?”, or “What is your name?” Rather, the question you asked was, “Were you born by Immaculate Conception?” In other words, you confirmed by your question that you were in firm and full recognition as to who she was. All you were asking was for clarification as to who was right about her, the Protestants or the Catholics.

And her answer to you, after a period of silence, you have recorded in each and every book of the Emerald Trove. And she said unto you, “Yes, by Immaculate Conception, but do not ask me any more personal questions.” And you obeyed her to the letter. And then, turning to the angel who stood beside her, you asked this question: “Am I the First Rider of the Apocalypse?” And then you added, “I must know.” To this, the angel answered, after a period of silence, “You are, but do not tell anyone.”

But here you have told everyone, for you were commanded to reveal all things after the Age of Mary began on Sunday, July 23, 2017. Now let us analyze the Word from angel. Did the angel give any qualifiers? Did the angel give any explanations on how to understand that passage in Revelation 6:2? No, all he did was to confirm, to answer affirmatively. Eric was not told whether he was the only one, or one of many. He was not told if he was the main one, or a major one? He was only told, “You are.”

Then, O’ Lord, let us hear You clarify this answer from the angel. How do You answer Your own questions about what the angel did not say? Or, O’ Lord, can You reveal any such information and prophetic knowledge? I will say this as to that revelation, Eric. You are not the only one who fulfills that passage. And nor are you the last. I Who Am have spoken.

Now, Eric, speak thus to Republicans in general. Do not destroy American democracy by serving the will of a lawless man. Trump is not fit to serve in any office in America, for he is unable to obey any law. To him, the concept of law and order is a foreign idea and out of grasp of his limited comprehension. Put him in a Chess game, and he will continue to move his pieces after being checkmated. Put him in a Monopoly game, and he will continue to proceed to roll his dice and advance his piece after losing all his money and all mortgaging all his properties. Put him in a paintball game, and he will never accept that he has been shot. Put him in a baseball game, and he will continue running around the bases when he is struck out. Put him in a football game, and he will continue to advance the football when it is down. Put him in a game of tag, and he will never acknowledge that he has been tagged and is now it. Put him in a game of tic-tac-toe, and he will never acknowledge the line through his opponent’s marks saying that his opponent is the winner.

This man is a Loser par Excellence. And because he has so violated My eternally decided decree that he was to lose, and that he has not recognized his loss, but has continued to seek to cheat the true winner, Joe Biden, of Biden’s honest and true election victory, I will humiliate Trump before the whole world. I will make an example and a spectacle of that man. Many who were his own friends will break out in laughter as they see Trump so humiliated and ridiculed. For I Am going to show to Trump that he neither has friends nor popularity. Indeed, all the people who voted for Trump will entirely forget they even knew the man by 2024. And I will send a real man to you in the primaries and the elections of 2024. I will send you a law abider. I will send you a true leader and a responsible husband and family man. I will send you a man who does not cheat on his wife, nor go from girl to girl defiling them. I Am sending you the first Azurite Pawn who is to rule over the United States of America, and he will serve as the 47th United States President. I Am the Lord.

And will the 47th President of the United States of America choose a male or a female as his running mate? I tell you truthfully, the man I am sending you will look at the qualifications of each applicant first. He will look at the gender of that applicant second. If he finds that the most qualified person to run with him is female, he will choose her. But he will not be like Biden, who said he would limit himself to choosing only a female candidate. I Am the Lord.

Now, does Joe Biden serve as a worthy President, or will I despise him as he takes office? If Joe Biden advances the cause of the homosexual, if Biden advances the practice of abortion, I will despise that man. For he will be doing that which his own religion, Catholicism, tells him not to do, and that is not right. Nevertheless, Eric continues to pray the rosary for both Joe Biden’s and Kamala Harris’s salvation. And this is very significant. For I prohibit Eric from praying the rosary for anyone I have resolved not to save. I Am the Lord. Hence, by these Words, you now realize that I have not yet at this time resolved not to save these two people, who are to come to rule America on January 20, 2021. Hence, Biden and Harris can still be saved. And therefore, it is legitimate and permissible for My people to pray for the salvation of Biden and Harris. This now brings this post to a conclusion.

Just note that Eric’s rosaries are most powerful. And by his rosaries, I have resolved that the Republicans will win both seats in the two runoff elections in Georgia, giving the Republicans a 52 seat majority in the Senate. They will win and provide a permanent check on the power of Joe Biden. But on the good things that Biden and the Republicans can agree on, let the two parties work together to accomplish that good. And let Joe Biden’s goal of ushering in the electric car revolution take effect. I Am the Lord. And let Joe Biden make health insurance affordable by the simple means of making it optional, rather than mandatory. I Am the Lord. And I will bless Joe Biden’s Presidency if he focuses on doing those things that will pass the Republican controlled Senate. Now, play ball. Let My people vote. And let it be seen the winners in the Georgian runoff elections. And go and eat your breakfast now, Eric. For you must go to Mass at 8 AM this morning before heading to work. I Am the Lord.

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