Rise of the Azurite Reign

Behold, America is spared from My hot wrath. She will be restored.

Emerald Trove, Book 15: Post LXXXII:
Eric is now rising. Lord, it is written that today, Sunday, January 3, 2021, You shall speak to Eric and reveal unto him his vocation in full and his place in your Kingdom. Correct, lord Azurite. And dost thou remember thy vow that thou said unto Me? I do, O’ Lord. Good, for were you to forget it, great chastisement would be your fate.

So, O’ Lord, this week we should expect the Senate to hold a vote on the $2000 stimulus checks? Correct. I have commanded Congress to vote on it, as a separate, stand alone measure. And they shall do so this week. Furthermore, the exact raise you have requested you shall receive in full. That is an Oracle of the Lord. And when you receive these two things, you are to carry out your oath to Me. I will, O’ Lord. I cannot forget my oath. Good, carry out your oath and I shall then bless you abundantly.

Lord, I will remember my oath and carry it out in full. But tell me when shall Hyacinth be taken away? For it was written in the previous post that this was to be soon. As you know, Hyacinth does great and marvelous works with the provisions that you send her. We are not taking her away just yet. We have plans for her yet still to come. And We are aware that you are no longer tempted by her to marry her. That is good. If you keep to your eternal vow of celibacy and virginity, We see no reason to take Hyacinth away from you. Therefore, keep to your vow. Remain an unwed virgin, and Hyacinth shall remain the permanent friend to you that she is now. Amen. I Who Am have spoken. And realize, lord Azurite, I have made the prayers of Hyacinth most powerful.

Lord, is there any chance that that girl Danielle might ever come back into my life? Once you become successful and prosperous, she might. But if she does so then, reject her, for she will be fulfilling that famous proverb: A false friend and a shadow last only while the sun shines. You are right, O’ Lord. Danielle proved to be a false friend by leaving me. And if she comes back while I am rising and ascending, she is just doing what false friends do.

Eric, you are wise and powerful. Likewise, those who leave Me, the Lord, I do not welcome back into My fold, unless their motivation for coming back to Me is of true love for Me and true repentance on their part. And I see into every man’s heart. You, Eric, I have admitted into My Kingdom precisely because you have given Me the best years of your life.

For when did you convert to Christianity? You converted at the age of 22, when you had become a senior in college. And when did you convert to Catholicism? You began attending My Catholic Church with your father in the year 2000, while you were 29 years old. And what age were you at the time you sacrificed everything to Me to attain salvation? Those martyrdom breakdowns you had occurred in June of 1995, the second one right on your 25th birthday, on June 24, 1995. And did you seek a girl or romance in any of all these years you have given unto Me? No, you put Me first, before any interests you may have had in women. You honored Me by giving Me the best years of your life. Now you are older, a 50 year old man, still single, a bachelor, having never married and never having had sex.

That is an act and a testimony of a man who loves Me! Let the world then look upon this example of a man who loves his Lord. For most men, I tell thee, choose to marry, to party, and to live the good life, and to then give their latter years of their life to Me. That is not love. That is like a man having an abundance in flocks of sheep, and electing to give Me his unwanted sheep. Abel gave Me the best of his first fruits, and I rejoiced with him in his love for Me. Cain gave me something less, not the best that he had. And that is why I was not pleased with Cain. I rejected Cain, for he gave Me just enough that he thought was needed for him to be saved. Such is the luke warm Christian. The one who does just enough to be saved I never admit into My Kingdom. You are either all for Me or else you are just not Mine.

Hence, the time to choose Me is when you are young, in the prime of your life. That is when I find you most acceptable to Me. For what Bridegroom marries an old an haggard bride? Why would I welcome you into My Church when you only come to Me in the last years of your life, when you are old and infirm and virtually good for nothing? If that is when you genuinely see the light and realize the salvation that is found in My Catholic Church, then come and enter. But if you have known about My Way and the salvation found in My Church, but refuse to enter in until you are old and grey, then do not bother to enter in at all, for I do not accept your entrance. For it is not done out of love, but out of self-seeking. You chose to give your best years to yourself, following your own passions and doing just what you wanted to do, and now that you are old, you seek to do something about your life in the hereafter? Well it doesn’t work that way. I do not accept your wilted flower as a worthy gift before Me. I reject your offer to Me. It is unworthy. You are an old and defiled woman, unfit and unworthy to be made a Bride to My Son. I reject you and I reject your offer unto Me.

Come to Me with honesty and genuine love. Do not come to Me calculating, what is the least I need to do to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven? Or what must I do to hedge my bet? There is no way to hedge your bet when it comes to be being saved. Either you will go with Me all the Way, now, right now. Or else, I just don’t want you in My Kingdom. Either you will give to Me what I want right now, or I will reject you when you offer it later, wilted and worn and of no value to Me then. For what Bridegroom, upon proposing to a fair young maiden, will keep his door open to her if she rejects him in her youth and only comes to him later in life, as a worn out old hag of a woman? For that is how all those appear to Me who reject Me in the prime of their lives and only come seeking Me when they are older and advanced in age. I want to grow old with you. I do not want someone who rejects Me when they are young and seeks Me when they are old. Seek Me now, while you are young, and I will accept you, as I accepted Eric.

For Eric has given Me a most excellent gift. Eric gave Me all the years of his youth. Eric gave Me all the years in which he could have married and raised a family. Eric gave Me these years. Instead of pursuing women or seeking a job, Eric was found seeking Me in My Catholic Church. And woe unto that elderly woman who Eric overheard in the Church speaking of him, “He should be out working somewhere.” Wrong, old hag! Eric was doing exactly what I demanded of him. He was giving Me the best years of his life. And he was giving Me all his best, quality time. You, old hag, you go out and do some work somewhere in the world. Don’t enter into My Church as an old hag and proceed to judge those young people you see worshiping Me there, saying that they should be out working somewhere. For where were you when you were young and desirable? If you were not found in My Church as a young and desirable woman, why do you think I accept you now, now that are old and haggard? Either come to Me when I call you, or do not come to Me at all. Don’t delay your coming to Me to when your best years are over, thinking, now is the time to concentrate on your salvation. For I won’t accept your wilted flower then, you old hag! And cast that old hag out into the street who said of My servant Eric, while he was praying to Me in My Church, “He should be out working somewhere.”

For Eric I find worthy. He has given unto Me a worthy gift. But that old hag, her gift of her wilted flower I reject. I Am the Lord! Now, what shall We say of Eric? Is Eric clean now? Did Eric make an excellent confession yesterday of his impurities and sins of viewing pornography to My priest? Yes he did. And I told him, when he was doing his penance, that very day at the Church, that I now not only forgive him of all his sins, but also I forgive him of all punishment for sins. He is now perfect for My purposes. He is a fine catch of a man. He has aged all these years like wine. And I will now elect to drink of that wine so well aged and made of such choice grapes. Yes, Eric is the Witch King, the most powerful piece in Satan’s arsenal. And this Witch King has come to Me and given Me his all. His path from Satan’s arsenal into My camp is lit up with fire. And many are the wreckages along his path of those who tried to get in his way as he came to Me. I destroyed untold numbers of souls who tried to stop Eric in his path into My Kingdom. And now that he is perfect, I Am ready to unleash My ultimate weapon.

Eric is My ultimate weapon. Eric will speak unto the whole world whatever I command unto him to say. Whoever approaches Eric to make the slightest rebuke of My Word through Eric, My Word will come out of Eric’s mouth and slay him. And thus shall anyone who rebukes My Word through Eric receive his destruction and his damnation. Try to harm My servant Eric, and it will be most unpleasant for you.

But I wish to make a demonstration of the power behind Eric. So I will allow a small nation to make a threat against Eric. Watch that nation closely. And you will see it as a smoldering ash and a heap of rubble in the following morn. I Am the Lord. And now, you may wish to hear My Word spoken through Eric? Now you wish to hear Me say My messages to the people?

Eric has saved America from her sins. But the homosexuals and the abortion pushers within her will now be destroyed. I will pave America’s streets with the blood of the wicked. But those who do right, I will spare. I Am the Lord.

For war is now upon you! Eric is now set up like an Oracle. He will utter whatever I command him to say. And whosoever attacks that Oracle, let him not expect to live to see the next day. I Am the Lord.

Now, speak, lord Azurite. What sayest thou at this time? Lord, let all that you have said on this post come to pass. And let me prove faithful and righteous and just in all that you have me do for You. Amen. These are the words of one who is faithful to Me. He will be rewarded. But as for the false friends and the those who are like shadows, remaining only while the sun shines, get behind Me Satan! For I have no further use for you, those who befriend Me falsely. I Am the Lord!

A note to all women and any woman who sets her sights on My servant Eric. He cannot be taken and he will not be taken. And anyone who tries too hard to take him will taste My rebuke. I Am the Lord. And it is not pleasant to taste the rebuke of the Lord. Let all realize that Eric is holy and sacred. Eric cannot be touched. Eric cannot be defiled. And anyone who tries to do this dies. I Am the Lord.

Lord, I understand all of this. But Hyacinth doesn’t. She believes that she is destined to marry Eric. Let Hyacinth believe what Hyacinth shall believe. She cannot take you anyways, in her situation, and that state will never change. Let her go her way. She has a valid excuse, for you vowed unto her that you would marry her. Hence, her actions and beliefs do not constitute sin. But will We ever allow for her plans to marry you to take place?

If We allowed it, you would be lost to Us. If We allowed a woman to marry Eric and to take him in the flesh, all that We have built up in Eric would come to ruin. But were a woman to elect to marry Eric platonically, that is, as Mary was wed to Joseph, this We do not reject. This We allow for. But Hyacinth cannot do this, for her heart lacks the purity necessary for such a wedding. Hence, if there comes such a woman who is willing to enter such a holy, virgin, and celibate marriage with Eric, and she is approved in heaven to do this, then We will take Hyacinth away and let this girl enter Eric’s life. I Am the Lord.

But know Ye well this. If there is to be such a holy, virgin, and celibate marriage in Eric’s future, it must always proceed directly from My will. It cannot proceed from the will of self-seeking. Hence, it must serve a holy good. It must serve a purpose that is found in God. Eric cannot marry to serve Eric. That is all. This post now comes to its end. Go now and eat. And then prepare for Mass. And at the Mass I will be speaking to you. And you will come to know your fate and all that I will to happen with you. Congratulations. You have made it to the 1260th day from the start of the Age of Mary. Do as I command you and everything shall go according to My plans. Amen. Now publish this post, lord Azurite, for it is complete. Amen.

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