The Way is revealed to Eric

To Eric granted that he see My Way and to follow Me. Amen.

Emerald Trove, Book 15: Post LXXXI:
I Who Am do now speak through Eric, My servant. Eric, you are holy. And I have made a great name for you. You will be called great among Kings and Queens in heaven. Now I shall speak.

President Donald John Trump repeatably refuses to hear that he has lost the election. But he has truly lost. But this loss will not affect the Senate races in Georgia, where I tell unto thee, lord Azurite, that your rosaries will have their effect. Both seats will be won by the Republicans, and the Republicans will, hence, maintain a 52 seat majority in the Senate, putting a drastic limit on the power of Joe Biden to do his devilry, as was seen in the Obama Administration, where the devil ran rampant in the United States government, allowing sick men to use women’s bathrooms, and to view women undressing, and masturbate in front of them, all as part of Obama’s sick outreach to the abominably gender confused people.

For let it be known and understood. No matter how much a sick man butchers his genitalia and no matter what operations he undergoes and what treatments he takes, a man can never be made into a woman, nor can a woman ever be made into a man. For the genetics of a man makes that individual a man. And the genetics of a woman makes that individual a woman. A man has a Y chromosome and an X chromosome in his genome. A woman has no Y chromosome, but has two X chromosomes in her genome, which she received, one from each of her parents. But as for the man, his X came from his mother, and his Y came from his father. And thus, the sperm, which are haploid, each containing half the genetics of the man they come from, contain either a single Y or a single X. But the eggs, which are haploid, containing half the genetics of the woman that they come from, always contains just a single X, a copy of one or the other of the two X chromosomes that the woman has in her genome.

And thus, at conception, when a new human being is created, a single sperm unites with a single egg, creating that new human being, having half its genetics from its father and half its genetics from its mother, giving it a diploid genome. The gender of this human being is thus eternally determined at conception by the genetics of the single sperm that united with the egg. If that sperm contained a Y chromosome, then the egg it fertilized is a male. And if that sperm contained an X chromosome, then the egg it fertilized is a female. But the sperm will only contain either one Y or one X. For the X and Y chromosomes are paired in the diploid genome of a man. For in the diploid human genome, all the chromosomes exist in pairs, one chromosome of each pair having come from the mother and the other having come from the father. And in the formation of the gametes, which are haploid, the diploid cells basically divide into two haploid cells, and each haploid cell contains one chromosome from each pair of chromosomes contained in the diploid genome of the parent cell.

Humans have 23 pairs of chromosomes, giving a total of 46 chromosomes in the diploid genome. Hence, how these 23 pairs split to form their gametes produces a total of 223 distinct genetic possibilities that a man or woman can pass onto their offspring. For a man, these sex cells are always being produced in his testicles. But for the woman, when she is born as a baby girl, all the sex cells that will later form as her eggs have already come into existence. Thus, a woman is very limited in her ability to reproduce, and she can only produce one birth about every nine months. And her sexual reproductive years are only from puberty to about age 44. But one man has the potential to fertilize every woman on the planet, with about 100 million sperm cells in each ejaculation. And his sex cells are produced from puberty to the end of his life. But realize this most important thing. The probability that a woman will bear viable offspring is greater than the probability that a man will sire offspring, due to the higher death rates in men and the higher competition among men for mates.

Also, males are more aggressive than females, and the same is true for sperm. And hence, more males are conceived than females. But this aggressiveness has the cost that they die at a faster rate, and so, throughout the life of a single generation, males at first outnumber females, but in gradually dying off at a higher rate, in later life the females outnumber the males.

God created Man in his image, in the divine image He created him; male and female, He created them. (Genesis 1:27). Thus it is that males and females are distinct creations of God in His creation of the one species made in the image of God, Mankind. And thus, it is a crime against the Creator for any man to seek to either change his own gender or that of another.

In the cases known as the hermaphrodites, the correct gender of that creature must be ascertained and his or her body may be made to match its genetics. But there will always be freaks that cannot viably reproduce due to their hermaphroditic nature, and such beings may not be allowed to marry. I Am the Lord.

For the definition of marriage is that it must be between one man and one woman. And this definition cannot be undone. I Am the Lord. Lord, it is said that Eric never marries and never has sex. What sayest Thou to that?

Correct, lord Azurite, your station is that of eternal virginity. You will remain celibate and virgin forever. For you have passed the test. And from this point onward, you will look at no woman with lust nor desire, for you will see them all as a brother looks upon his sister. Amen.

Lord, some people think that because I will neither marry nor have sex that I ought to therefore become a priest. What sayest Thou to them regarding that? To any such person who says such to you from now on, you are to say: Only God, not man, decides who shall become His priests. And then you are to say that for the priesthood, you have not been chosen. I Am the Lord. And if the counter your reply with the question, How do you know?, you are to reply, To any man who wishes to discern it, God will reveal it unto him. Amen.

And then, what if they say, What about the diaconate? If not a priest, then surely a deacon? To this question you are to reply as such: The shortage of men for Holy Orders exists only for the priesthood. For the diaconate, no shortage of men exists. Amen. And then you are to say this: If God saw it fit to call Eric to the diaconate, he would not stop there, but also call him to enter the priesthood. But as it is, it is the will of God that Eric will not be made a priest. Amen.

But O’ Lord, what if such people, upon hearing this rebuttal, ask the simple question of why? Why has God decided not to make Eric a priest? What do I reply to this question, O’ Lord? Answer such men and women this: Inscrutable are the judgements of God, and unsearchable are the reasons behind His judgements. Amen. Just realize that it has been eternally resolved in the mind of God that Eric’s place in the Church on earth is that of an eternally virgin celibate layman. And that is final. Amen.

Furthermore, Eric, you have been called and confirmed as an eternal Prophet Seer. And from this calling you will never break. And you will prophesy in My name forever and ever. Amen. Lord, it has been said that My Kingdom that I am to be awarded with is tied to my eternal virginity. Is this the case? And what is my eternal Kingdom to be?

Eric, you are made eternal commander of the angelic armies of heaven. And already you have been given your first command, that of the conquest of China. And you chose to conquer China by destroying four facets in her: (1) Those who oppress the Catholic Church in China, (2) Those who force and propagate abortions in China, (3) Those who arrest and torture the innocent in China, and (4) Those who make pornography in China. By these four decrees shall My angels carry out your will to conquer China in this fashion. And after they have subdued the evil one controlling her, you are commanded to convert the Chinese to My religion. That is My divine order unto thee, lord Azurite, commander of the armies of heaven. Amen.

As for your Kingdom in this world, you have two Kingdoms. For now that you are totally free of attachments to women, I grant you this secondary Kingdom. The Archipelago of Hawaii has been granted to you as your first Kingdom on the basis of your meritorious deeds of going to Mass on Divine Mercy Sunday while on your vacation to Hawaii to attend your brother’s Protestant wedding there, on the island of Kauai. For by choosing to obey Church law that requires Mass attendance for Sunday, you confirmed to Me your faithfulness as a new Catholic who will choose to do what is required of him, no matter how hard or inconvenient. And so you looked up the Catholic Churches on the island of Kauai and you found Saint Raphael’s Church, and you found the exact time of their Sunday Mass, and you were very careful that you did not miss it, getting up early in the morning, and bringing your father, a lapsed Catholic, with you to the Mass. And this was after successfully completing the Divine Mercy Novena, which you carefully said each day, doing so in Hawaii from the balcony of your hotel room. For I tell You truthfully: He who is faithful in little matters is also faithful in great matters. Amen. Such is the basis of why the state of Hawaii is made your eternal Kingdom. Amen.

Now as for your second Kingdom, We are giving you this because you have ended all dependence on women, entering into perfect stainless virginity. Amen. For a virgin male is a most valuable asset in My Kingdom. And I am not speaking of virgin males who are involuntarily celibate, but only of those who willingly choose this vocation. And homosexual males don’t count, because they are abominations. Every man who defiles himself with other men is doomed to be cast into the fire. I Am the Lord.

Now this is your second Kingdom, awarded to you now for your now stainless, eternal virginity. We, the elect in heaven, have elected to give you back England as your eternal possession. As a child you have been to both England and Ireland. And to that land We will have you return in your later years. England is made the Kingdom of Eric again due to his eternal and perfect state of purity that he has now attained. I Am the Lord. And Lord, what about Wales and Scotland on the same island of Great Britain? To other Kings and Queens shall they and other lands belong. But to you, lord Azurite, you are eternally made King over both Hawaii and England. Amen.

Now, do not ask about the definitions of the Kingdoms of other Kings and Queens, for these rulings and judgements cannot be made known to you. For who is to be made King or Queen, and what is their eternal dominion, is unknowable, except as I reveal. Amen.

And now that it is certain that Eric will remain virgin and celibate for all eternity, We shall reveal his destiny in heaven. You, lord Azurite, are of My eternal elect. I have predestined you to glory from all eternity. And all the graces you received in life came from either your predestination to glory or from your cooperation with My graces given to you in your lifetime. I Am the Lord. I now declare Eric as Prophet Seer forever. Amen.

And O’ Lord, what about Hyacinth? What is she to Eric? And what is her fate, O’ Lord? Hyacinth is a girl who is your friend. And by your helping of her, We continue to bless you with good things. For by your charity to her, We work great things in and through her. Now, this is very important, lord Azurite. As a part of your progression to perfection, We must take Hyacinth away from you, for her desires are for marriage, and you cannot be made a subject of such desires. Hence, she must be taken away. And this will be done soon. For Our will is resolute. Eric cannot be tempted to enter marriage to any woman. I Am the Lord.

And O’ Lord, there will come to be no other woman to enter Eric’s life when Hyacinth is taken away? There will be no other girls entering your life, lord Azurite, except as friends. Keep it that way, and you will be doing what is right and lawful in My Catholic Church. For by your vows and perfection, no woman do We allow to enter your life from this point onward. And the woman who is currently in your life must be taken away. I Am the Lord.

And what is my mission in this world, O’ Lord? What dost Thou send me to do? You will write whatever is commanded of you from heaven to write upon this website for all to see. And no further, as of your calling to prophesy on Sunday, July 23, 2017, shall you write anything in secret ever again. I Am the Lord.

And O’ Lord, what message shall I tell the American people, and all people of the world, on this New Year’s Day of Friday, January 1, 2021? Say this. And this will be My final Word of this post. Firefly, as the power behind Donald John Trump is called by Eric, is overthrown in America. Her power is now gone from her. She has no more power to rule or to reign. And her time to reign has now come to its end.

In her place I have set Contradiction to rule and to reign. He is so named because he will contradict Me and all moral and natural law. He will make the homosexual and the willingly sinful to reign over the righteous and the lawful. And truth shall be cast to the ground. And in his term in office, he will institute great evils upon the land. But his days are numbered, and before his Pawn Biden’s term comes to an end, Contradiction will be vanquished from the land.

And will Azurite set up a Pawn to come to power in the 2024 elections, O’ Lord? Yes, in an age undreamed of, My Roman Catholic Church shall be restored. And many who are righteous will come to power, and Truth shall reign. And a most holy one shall be anointed to rule and to sit on the throne of David to reign. I Am the Lord.

Lord, is this one who is to sit on the throne of David to be a man who rises to power in this world, or is he to be Jesus Returned in His Parousia? For Jesus is already anointed to sit upon that throne, O’ Lord, and You say that there is to come one who shall be anointed? What sayest Thou? And will You clarify what Thou hast said?

The one who is to come to sit upon the throne of David is My son, Eric, the Azurite King. But Lord, would not that fit right into the definition of Antichrist? Is not that precisely what Antichrist will do and proclaim himself to be? And did not Eric repent from being Antichrist to Jesus in July of 1992, by which the Greater Emerald Reign came to its decisive end, O’ Lord? Surely this man cannot sit on that seat without turning to evil and becoming the son of Lucifer?

You, lord Azurite, are destined to sit on My throne and to rule as King from Jerusalem. I Am the Lord. But Lord, every Christian will immediately call me Antichrist. For this is precisely what they are watching for and waiting for. And I have already confessed to being Antichrist at my conversion to Christianity in July of 1992. I also fear for my own soul should I take up such a reign that I could fulfill the prophecy of Antichrist by falling to the sin of pride while sitting upon that throne, O’ Lord.

Then do not sit there, but I nevertheless do anoint you as King under the Christ. You will rule the nations with an iron scepter. Like pottery shall you shatter them. I Am the Lord! (Revelation 2:26-28). Note, lord Azurite, that I do not lightly anoint rulers to sit upon the throne of the Christ. But you I have anointed, for you I have found worthy. And to you do I give the morning star.

Lord, I fear that as King I might rule that someone is wrong when in reality he is right and it is I who am wrong. I fear chastising an innocent man, or of shedding innocent blood. And I fear rebuking one who condemns me because You sent him to condemn me for my sins.

Then, O’ Azurite King, you are honest in confessing, even here, whenever you commit a sin. I present you with this test. I Who Am have declared you King anointed to sit upon My throne and to rule. I have also declared you to now be perfectly continent and permanently free of all impurity. Let it be then said this. If one of these fails, let the other fail also. If you fall to impurity again, then let it also be the case that you fall from this throne that I seat you upon today. Agreed, lord Azurite? I agree, O’ Lord. Then We are in agreement. And let the test begin in force with your confession tomorrow, Saturday, of your last sins of impurity and of viewing porn. If you ever fall to such sins again, then you cannot also be anointed by God as King to sit upon His throne. For how could God be wrong in one statement and trustworthy in another? Either I Who Am Am correct in declaring that you are now perfectly pure and continent, or else I am untrustworthy and My statement that you are anointed King is false as well. Amen.

Furthermore, We shall advance this further. You are declared here to be a Prophet Seer. And yet, sometimes things that are said through you miss their mark. Either I Am speaking through you, or else you have heard a devil speak. This is My guarantee unto thee that I Am. I hereby make this blood agreement with thee, lord Azurite. Either you will receive your calling I make unto you at this coming Sunday Mass, or I have not called you to serve Me as My Prophet Seer. I Who Am have spoken. You will either hear Me give you your vocation, or you will not be called to serve Me as My Prophet Seer, and you will write no more here on in My name as My Prophet. Do We have an agreement, lord Azurite? I agree, O’ Lord. Good. I Who Am Am pleased.

And to demonstrate My pleasure in you, this Sunday you will be told your vocation in full. I Am the Lord. And you will have full knowledge of your place in My Kingdom. And then you will be told what you are to write here. Amen. Just for a point of interest to the people who read this, from Sunday, July 23, 2017, the beginning of the Age of Mary, to Sunday, January 3, 2021, there are exactly 1260 days. The mystery behind this I will also reveal on this Sunday, and you will then write here, on, exactly what I will have revealed to you. Agreed, lord Azurite? I agree, O’ Lord. Good. Now publish this post, for it is now complete. Amen.

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