Eric commanded to marry Hyacinth, Queen of Ireland

The Virgin Mary irrevocably chose Hyacinth to be Eric’s wife. Amen.

Emerald Trove, Book 15: Post LXXX:
I Who Am do now declare definitively the woman Eric is to marry. It is not to Alyssum, whom Eric has never met nor seen. Rather, Eric is set to marry Caesar Sandra Nikee, to whom We have given the name Cassandra, and to whom Eric has given the name Hyacinth, and who has given Eric the name, HeavenSent. The Age of Mary began on Sunday, July 23, 2017, and Eric and Hyacinth first met on the 77th day of the Age of Mary, on Saturday, October 7, 2017. She was born in 1992, shortly after Eric’s miraculous conversion to Christianity. Hence, she is 22 years younger than Eric, young enough to be his daughter. I, the Lord God, hereby decree that Eric will know his wife and she will bear him two sons and two daughters. And the elder son shall I call to enter My priesthood. I Am the Lord.

Lord, I have transgressed and have broken Thy commandments and have not obeyed Thy Law. But you obeyed Me, lord Azurite, and hence, you did not transgress. For obedience is greater than abiding by the Law. But Lord, since I am to marry and have sex with my wife, do I now forfeit the office of Prophet? And what becomes of My Kingdom of Hawaii, if I am not to remain an eternal virgin?

Lord Azurite, did Saints Joachim and Anne sin by having the sex by which Mary was immaculately conceived in her mother’s womb? No, O’ Lord, for their sex acts were stainless, for they only had sex in utter obedience unto God. And so also shall be your sex life with Sandra. I Who Am have spoken. And to prove this with a sign, it will be on the Feast Day of Saints Joachim and Anne, on Monday, July 26, 2021, that I will have you and Hyacinth wed. Amen. For let no one underestimate the power of the Lord God Jesus Christ. For whatever I will shall come to be. Amen.

Lord, will I have a Kingdom in the hereafter? And what about Hyacinth’s Kingdom. Do we rule our Kingdoms combined forever? Hyacinth remains, as you have decreed, the Queen of Ireland. And you, lord Azurite, remain the eternal King of Hawaii. This assignment of Hawaii as your Kingdom is an eternal assignment. It cannot be taken away. Just as you, lord Azurite, cannot be taken out of My hand.

Now as for your office of Prophet, were you to marry a girl other than Cassandra, and have sex with her, you would lose your office of Prophet. But since it is to Cassandra that you will enter into marriage to, there shall be no penalty incurred by knowing your wife, for she is the one you are under obligation to marry, in accordance to your mutual vows made to each other. You will, hence, keep your office of Prophet, and Hyacinth will keep her office of Prophetess, after you both lose your virginity with each other, provided that in all of this you remain in complete obedience to Me. I Am the Lord. For remember My holy servants, Moses and Samuel, both of whom married. Though these two entered marriages and knew their wives, they nevertheless remained prophets all of their lives, for in all that they did, they remained in complete obedience to Me. Do likewise, lord Azurite, and your office of Prophet will also remain yours for life. I Who Am have spoken. Amen.

Lord, it is revealed to Me that I am leaving tonight. Where am I to be taken, O’ Lord? You are now called to your eternal office. And you will comply and obey. But, O’ Lord, how will I complete the reading of the Catholic Holy Bible, if I am taken up to my eternal office? But note that I do not make any objection to your calling. I willingly wish to enter into my eternal office. I only have questions as to what it all means.

For I have been assigned to read the entire set of scriptures from a 1953 copyrighted Catholic Holy Bible. And I have now read in that Bible the following books, in this order: (1) Job, (2) Song of Songs (Canticle of Canticles), (3,4,5,6) the four Books of Kings (which are 1&2 of Samuel and 1&2 of Kings), (7) Ruth, (8) Judges, (9) Genesis, (10) Exodus, (11) Joshua (Josue), (12) Hebrews, (13) James, (14) Revelation, (15) John, (16) Mark, (17) Ezekiel, (18) Daniel, (19) Lamentations, and (20) Jeremiah (Jeremias). And right now I am continuing in the Old Testament and reading: (21) Isaiah (Isaias). And after I finish that book, I am commanded to read the rest of the Catholic Holy Bible in this order: (22) Leviticus, (23) Numbers, (24) Deuteronomy, (25) Matthew, (26) Luke, (27) Romans, (28) 1 Corinthians, (29) 2 Corinthians, (30) Tobit (Tobias), (31) Esther, (32) Jonah (Jonas), (33) Acts, (34) 1 Chronicles (1 Paralipomenon), (35) 2 Chronicles (2 Paralipomenon), (36) 1 Peter, (37) 2 Peter, (38) Jude, (39) Judith, (40) Ecclesiastes, (41) Wisdom, (42) Ecclesiasticus (Sirach), (43) Ezra (1 Esdras), (44) Nehemiah (2 Esdras), (45) 1 Maccabees (1 Machabees), (46) 2 Maccabees (2 Machabees), (47) Proverbs, (48) Psalms, (49) 1 John, (50) 2, John, (51) 3 John, (52) Galatians, (53) Ephesians, (54) Philippians, (55) Baruch, (56) Hosea (Osee), (57) Joel, (58) Amos, (59) Obadiah (Abdias), (60) Micah (Micheas), (61) Nahum, (62) Habakkuk (Habacuc), (63) Zephaniah (Sophonias), (64) Haggai (Aggeus), (65) Zechariah (Zacharias), (66) Malachi (Malachias), (67) Colossians, (68) 1 Thessalonians, (69) 2 Thessalonians, (70) 1 Timothy, (71) 2 Timothy, (72) Titus, and (73) Philemon. And then I will have read all 73 books of the Roman Catholic Canon. This will be the first time I will have completely read the entire Holy Bible.

And one thing I have noticed in reading the Law and the Prophets is that much of the imagery found in the Book of Revelation is also found written throughout the Law and the Prophets. Hence, the Book of Revelation can be said to be a collection of visions and revelations from all over the Law and the Prophets, united masterfully into the one book coming directly from God. And at the beginning of that book, in Revelation 1:9-17, it can be seen that John, the author of that book, clearly did not have the familiarity with Jesus that John the Apostle did as His beloved disciple. And hence, this should be sufficient evidence that the author of the Book of Revelation was another John. For how could a simple fisherman, as John was, learn sufficient mastery of Greek writing to compose such a work? Rather, God chooses whom He will to do what He wills to be done. Amen.

So, O’ Lord, when I am taken up to my eternal appointment to my eternal office, which I am very eager to go, what becomes of my Biblical readings and what of my progress of reading the entire Holy Scriptures, O’ Lord? When I take you up, that is the end of your time, lord Azurite. Realize that you have done My will. You have kept your wife well supplied. And thus, We the elect in heaven, shall keep you also well supplied. And tonight you are to be taken away to your eternal office. Oracle of the Lord.

Lord, do I bring my iPhones and MacBook Pros with me? Or do I leave them all behind? I know this sounds like a ridiculous question. But I just need to ask a silly question to get clarification and to rid myself of my ignorance. What sayest Thou, O’ Lord, concerning tonight? Do I take these things with me or do I leave them behind, O’ Lord? And let the answer be of divine origin, and not of diabolic origin.

I Am taking you tonight to heaven, lord Azurite. Time for you is coming to an end. And when We take you up, tonight, there will be no more time for you, but eternal existence with Me and with Mary with your wife Hyacinth forever in heaven. For heaven and eternal life is greater than imprisonment in the lineage of time. You are coming to Me. And I have prepared a special place for you. And you do have an eternal Kingdom here with Me and with My Mother Mary.

For I Am crowning you as First Prince. And to you shall be given a land flowing in milk and honey. Now I shall proceed to detail all the Kingdoms on the earth, including yours, lord Azurite. Amen. For you have a Kingdom in this earth that is great and vast. But realize that to no one person is given a majority of the earth. Even the mightiest King on the earth is still given no more than the size of Madagascar as his Kingdom. For We have limited the size of Our rewards of earthly lands so that many, not just a few, may receive eternal Kingdoms upon this earth. Amen.

The new earth shall be like this earth, but without its seas (Revelation 21:1). Hence, many Kingdoms will exist upon a green earth whose lands are currently hidden by vast bodies of water. Rivers will exist, and so also lakes, and freshwater seas. But the saltwater oceans will have vanished. Hence, the great beasts of the sea will not exist in that Age that is to come, the Age of Eternity.

Your Kingdom, lord Azurite is the entire Archipelago of Hawaii. Also included into your Kingdom, lord Azurite, are all the contiguous lands under the sea needed to unite all of your islands together, giving you a Kingdom with a total land area of about the size of Madagascar, which is the maximum size of a Kingdom that I award to My saints. Hence, your Kingdom shall be defined a such:

(1) Kingdom of Hawaii, ruled by Eric, the Azurite King. And his lands include:

  1. The entire Archipelago of Hawaii and all contiguous underwater lands.

And the list of official languages of this Kingdom include the following:

  1. English
  2. Hawaiian
  3. Spanish

As for Hyacinth, she is given the island of Ireland and the Isle of Man as her eternal Kingdom. And her Kingdom is defined as such:

(2) Kingdom of Hibernia, ruled by Queen Hyacinth. And her eternal lands include:

  1. The Republic of Ireland
  2. Northern Ireland
  3. The Isle of Man

And her list of official languages include the following:

  1. English
  2. Irish Gaelic
  3. Manx

And now We shall define the Kingdom of Alyssum, who is not to marry Eric, for Eric is to go to Hyacinth. Nevertheless, Alyssum still has her Kingdom, which is defined below:

(3) Kingdom of Iceland, ruled by Queen Alyssum. And her eternal lands include the following:

  1. Iceland

And her official languages of her Kingdom include:

  1. Icelandic

Lord, these three were once united as a form of Heavenly Water (H2O) due to their eternal virginity. Does this H2O still form now, O’ Lord? For Eric and Hyacinth will ascend up to heaven still as virgins. Or does Eric form such a bonding in heaven with other virgins, including saints from the past? I, the Lord, shall now inform you, lord Azurite.

The nature of the sacrament of matrimony rests on the eternal definition of marriage as between one man and one woman. There is no clause and no leeway in the law that can allow for a man to have more than one wife. That polygamy was practiced by holy men and holy women before the advent of Christianity does not make it permissible. For whosoever practices polygamy violates the exclusive rights of the first wife to her husband.

Your reading of Isaiah 4:1, where seven women are prophesied to share one man, does not apply to My people, having been enlightened by Christianity and baptized into My Catholic Church. Rather, all who wish to enter into My eternal Kingdom, must recognize the exclusivity of the monogamous marriage that exists in My Catholic Church. For only in a lawful monogamous relationship can any married person please Me. I Am the Lord.

You, lord Azurite, have accepted your marriage to Hyacinth. And this marriage is scheduled to take place. And it will be witnessed by heaven as valid. Amen. But your time left on earth has come to its end. Hence, in eternity, not in time, will the matrimony of Eric to Hyacinth be realized. I Am the Lord.

Before your time runs out, lord Azurite, you and Hyacinth shall be raptured to Ireland where, in a secret chapel, your wedding will take place, fully filmed and documented. And then at its conclusion, We from heaven, Who will have attended the wedding, along with the bride and bridegroom, will rise up to heaven. And those who are left behind will stare in amazement at having seen a sight more miraculous than the Shroud and the Tilma. I Am the Lord.

Lord Larimar, this post is coming to an end. This is the 80th post of Book 15 of the Emerald Trove. And this is also the 357th extant post on this website, (357 = 17 x 21 = 17 x 7 x 3). Now, lord Azurite, what else shall We reveal unto thee? The time has come for all men to rethink their lives and come to repentance. For time is running out. And when you realize Eric and Hyacinth have escaped from the earth, realize also that the door to heaven shall be shut. Amen. And no one not yet inside will be granted entry. I Who Am have spoken.

But Lord, will not there be Your prophet Lazurite prophesying to Your people in Israel after Eric and Hyacinth depart from this earth. Know ye, lord Azurite, this distinction between you and him. For you were as the ghost of Christmas Present to the people of America. You were of abundance and great wealth and of warm compassion. But the Lazurite who is to come and to be sent to preach to My people the Jews, he will be to them as the ghost of Christmas Future. Hence, he will be a prophet of doom and destruction, prophesying to a people who missed the honeymoon of their Messiah. I Am the Lord.

This post now comes to an end. Reread this entire post before you publish it, Eric. And after you publish it, We will direct you as to where you are to go. Amen.

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