Eric assigned to conquer China

The Virgin Mary is represented by the Hummingbird.

Emerald Trove, Book 15: Post LXXIX:
Behold, I hereby grant you your first order, lord Azurite, as commander of My armies of heavenly angels. I order you to attack and lay to waste utterly the Kingdom of China. Amen.

Okay, O’ Lord, I will make my decrees. Give me time to set up a strategy. For it is folly to make an attack without clear goals and objectives. Now I will issue my decrees, as Commander of the Angelic Armies of Heaven, as God has anointed me.

Decree 1: Let all those in China responsible or playing a role in the oppression of the Catholic Church there be utterly destroyed and laid to waste.

Decree 2: Let all those in China responsible or playing a role in the abortions occurring in China be utterly destroyed and laid to waste.

Decree 3: Let all those in China responsible or playing a role in the arrests and tortures of those who are really innocent of crimes and wrongdoings be utterly destroyed and laid to waste.

Decree 4: Let all those in China responsible or playing a role in the manufacture of pornography in China be utterly destroyed and laid to waste.

Excellent, lord Azurite. I, Michael, Archangel commander of the angelic host, shall carry out your orders, lord Azurite, to perfection. Amen.

Lord, will Thou cure me of all my afflictions? Before the girl We intend to grant you enters your life in full, all the cures We have promised you shall come to pass. Amen.

Now, We must speak of Donald John Trump’s defeat in the elections to Joe Biden. Lord, in previous posts, it was said that Joe Biden is Antichrist, and that he would win by fraudulent means. And Trump is now saying such is how he lost. But what do You say, O’ Lord? And in that post, Kamala Harris is said to be the woman in scarlet who rides the Beast. But what do you say, O’ Lord? For in the very same post, it is from You the prophecy that I marry Hyacinth and have children by her.

Kamala Harris is the woman in scarlet who rides the beast. And that beast truly is Joe Biden. Now, as to whether he won by election fraud or by legitimate means, none of that matters, for it is the divine will that this Antichrist is to come to rule, and no earthly power can prevent this. Nor can any earthly power extend the reign of President Trump. For it was predestined that Trump would reign but one term and them Antichrist was to come.

But Lord, what about the prophecy in that very same post that said I was to marry Hyacinth and have children by her. And it was also written there that when I regain power over America with the election victory of My Pawn in 2024, that I govern America for twelve years. Is this the case, O’ Lord?

No, lord Azurite, for you have departed from that lower path of sexual marriage to walk the higher path of eternal virginity. Hence, We shall take away Hyacinth, who is still a virgin in love with you, and We shall give you the virgin, Alyssum, who you shall wed in a celibate, platonic marriage, and keep your virginity for life. Hence, you will ultimately be a virgin male united to two virgin females for all eternity, which is the definition of heavenly water: H2O.

Hence, let us define the united Kingdom of this heavenly water molecule:

(1) Kingdom of Azurite Heavenly Water, ruled by King Azurite, Queen Hyacinth, and Queen Alyssum. And their combined Kingdom of heavenly H2O includes the following lands:

  1. The Hawaiian Archipelago, ruled by King Eric, the Azurite King
  2. The Republic of Ireland, ruled by Queen Hyacinth
  3. Northern Ireland, ruled by Queen Hyacinth
  4. The Isle of Man, ruled by Queen Hyacinth
  5. Iceland, ruled by Queen Alyssum

And the list of official languages of this Kingdom include the following:

  1. English
  2. Spanish
  3. Icelandic
  4. Irish Gaelic
  5. Hawaiian
  6. Manx

And now this brings Me to My decree of thee, lord Azurite. I hereby decree you are My Pawn of Power in this world. I will command you in what you are to do, and you will do precisely what it is that I command. Hence, you are a Player on the earth and a Pawn of the Lord. Do precisely what I command of you, and everything will proceed correctly.

You have now issued your decrees on China, exactly as I have commanded you. China is hence to come under your power, and you are then to be sent to convert the Chinese to My religion. Lord, I am no longer limited to reign in just North America, Europe, and Russia? Correct, lord Azurite, for I have made you commander of my entire angelic armies. And they encompass the earth. Amen.

Lord, I will need the assistance of the holy pope who is to come. For Pope Francis has been a disaster for the Catholic Church in China. He will die shortly. For now, see to it that China is conquered according to the four decrees that you have issued, as stated above. For I Who Am Am pleased with you.

And did you not hear your boss tell you that you shall come to be working full time in that office, and that your pay rate will then be doubled and you will then be a W-2? Yes, O’ Lord. I heard him say that. Good, realize it is inevitable that this come to pass. For you will need the money to support your wife, even though you as a couple will remain virgin and childless. Amen.

Now, listen carefully to My Words unto thee. Very little time is left before you receive the girl We are giving unto thee. And when she comes, this Age ends and the new Age begins in your life. And Book 15 of the Emerald Trove will come to an end, and Book 16 will then begin. Amen.

Now, you ask, are you going to work today? Yes, for there shall be things that will need to be done. Hence, you will be going to work today, the last day of the year. Amen. And you are now a master of cloning Magento based commercial websites and in building multi-store Magento based commercial websites. And you know how to manage Linux servers and to keep them optimized. Hence, you are well skilled.

Do this last amount of work for Us, lord Azurite. Make a decree regarding the illegal aliens who have become stuck at the American border with Mexico and become separated from their families.

This is my decree, O’ Lord. Let money be funded to the operation in order to genetically match the separated children to their rightful parents. And then the situation will be resolved. Amen.

Good, lord Azurite. I will see to it that this is done in the final days of the reign of President Trump. Did you know that President Trump, despite all his character flaws and proud boasting, will in fact go down in history as one of the good Presidents of the United States? It is so. And when all the dust settles, the President who follows him, Joe Biden, will be ranked as Nero and Caligula were ranked among Roman Emperors, as someone who will be terrible to the Catholic Church and to all Christians. For he will institute the mark of the beast. And he will set up the abomination that causes desolation, to be seen standing where it does not belong.

Consider Biden to be the eighth King, who is really one of the seven that has come again. (Revelation 17:8-11). Now we shall lists the seven Kings:

  1. Ronald Reagan – used Pawn of Emerald
  2. George H. W. Bush – used Pawn of Emerald
  3. William Jefferson Clinton – 666 in both Hebrew and Greek – Pawn of Vesper
  4. George W. Bush – Pawn of Twilight
  5. Barack Hussein Obama – Pawn of Pyrite
  6. Donald John Trump – Pawn of Firefly
  7. Joe Biden – Pawn of Contradiction – the little horn that budded out from Obama.

Lord, if Joe Biden is therefore Antichrist, how can there be a future on earth after his demise for a Pawn of Azurite to come to power in America? I will now tell thee, lord Azurite. An Age is to come to the whole world between the defeat and destruction of Antichrist, and the conclusion of all history on the earth. And it is in that Age that your Pawn comes to power. I Am the Lord.

Lord, when Joe Biden comes to power, will it be safe for me to remain in America? The Republicans will control the Senate throughout his entire Presidency, and hence, he will not have the effective power he would need to put into place all the devilry that he would like to do. Hence, you will be safe in America. Besides, I have stationed My angel to guard you. And he is given orders to put to death even one who so much as touches a hair upon your head. I Am the Lord.

Lord, how is it that Antichrist will be prevented from unleashing his full terror upon America and the world. It is because My servants, including you, lord Azurite, have merited by your deeds of mercy and charity, not to have your nation overrun by Antichrist. Hence, it is My decree that Joe Biden will not have the power to do as he would like, due to the control of the Republicans in the Senate. I Am the Lord.

Lord, the stimulus checks, will they be increased to $2000 or remain as $600? The pressures will be intense to increase them to $2000, and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell will cave to those demands and allow the vote, and enough Republicans will vote for it to become law. And thereby will Trump depart from office having done some good in his final days as President. Oracle of the Lord.

But note the legacy of Trump will be the power shift to the right in the Supreme Court and in all the judicial branches of government. For under Trump, many conservative judges and Justices have come to be seated. This is no small feat. It will mean that the courts will remain conservative throughout the entire Presidency of Joe Biden. In the fourth year of the Biden Administration, there shall die, Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan, who were the two female Justices appointed by the Black bastard Obama. And the Republican controlled Senate will elect to keep the Supreme Court at a 6-1 conservative tilt until the next President is elected and takes office on January 20, 2025. Amen. And that will be your Pawn, lord Azurite. And he will appoint good and holy Supreme Court Justices of the merit and quality seen in Kavanaugh and Barrett. And then the Supreme Court, under your reign, will have an 8-1 conservative tilt. And all the homosexual and abominable institutions, such as the false notion of a “gay marriage”, will be completely outlawed and ruled against. And gays will lose their protections and there will be no right to commit sodomy nor to live in the homosexual lifestyle. And homosexual couples will no longer have any protections or rights, but will be heavily condemned and rooted out of society. Eric, commander of My angelic armies, will not look the other way when it comes to homosexual filth. Instead, he will uproot it and cast it out. And anyone who refuses to comply with Catholic law will be destroyed. I Am the Lord.

Lord, what becomes of my brother Mark, for he is seeking You in his Protestant faith? And he has recently been shown great mercy, of which he is very thankful. Lord Azurite, I have a price for My mercy. It must be reciprocated. He must move towards Me and come into My Church. And I will lead him to Me and to My Church. But if he refuses to follow Me and refuses to acknowledge what is Mine, all the mercies and graces I have given to him will be taken away. I Am the Lord.

Lord, do I receive the money to buy that Avalon? Yes, lord Azurite. Give it time. And it will be yours. Now, one last thing I wish to say unto thee. This is the last day of the year 2020. You will go to Mass today, and you will see the one who is to become your bride. I Am the Lord. This post now comes to its end. You must now publish it. And after you have published it, you must eat breakfast. Then you may come back here to correct any typo errors that you may have put into this post. Amen.

Now go, lord Azurite. And I will see to it that you will be working today. Amen.

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