Eric’s fate: eternal virgin marriage

As a virgin is Eric to marry a virgin, and both will remain virgin forever. Amen.

Emerald Trove, Book 15: Post LXXVII:
It is done and accomplished. I have decreed it, and so it is done. Let no one underestimate the power and the truth of the Lord of Hosts. I hereby decree that Eric will marry a girl in a virgin marriage. Only virgins will enter it. And in this virgin marriage, Eric and his wife will ascend to heaven as virgins, at the consummation of My will in him, at the end of his prophetic ministry. For Eric is assigned to prophesy and to write whatever I command of him. He may leave nothing out. This very coming day of Monday, now that Donald John Trump has signed the crucial bill, the House of Representatives will vote on and pass the resolution to raise the amount in the stimulus given out to Americans from $600 to $2000. What President Trump obtained from the Republicans in agreement to his signing of the bill is for them to vote also on the bill in the Senate to increase the stimulus amount to $2000.

And O’ Lord, shall the Republicans vote for it and pass what shall be passed in the House, that the checks going out will be raised to $2000? Lord Eric, have you prayed your rosary on it? Yes, O’ Mary, Mother of God. Then so shall I have the Senate pass what is sent to them by the House. I am the Holy Virgin Mary.

Mary, tell me about this girl I am to receive in marriage? And note to all listeners, this is the 77th post of the 15th Book of the Emerald Trove. And the Emerald Trove is only published to the whole world starting with the 15th book onwards. The previous 14 books remain secret, as they were written before Eric was called forth to prophesy. Also, on this website,, this is the 354th extant surviving post. Previous posts were written here that were deleted due to past blasphemies and Satanic contaminations into the prophetic Word. 354 = 2 x 177 = 2 x 3 x 59. And 59 is the 17th prime number. So tell me, O’ Mary, Mother of God, fairest of all women of Creation, of the girl I am to receive and marry in a pure, virgin marital union?

Lord Azurite, I will answer in full your question if you honestly answer me this question. Ask, O’ fairest virgin of eternity. Why do you believe some people mistake you for being a homosexual? I believe it is because they find me very sexually attractive and therefore, I should easily have a girl if I wanted one, and since I don’t, the conclusion they seem to draw is that I must be gay, which is a completely mistaken conclusion. My mind is of a very vast intellect, but were anyone able to truly read my mind, they would realize that I am purely a heterosexual without any trace of homosexuality in me whatsoever. Rather, my mind is so superior to all other minds that the inferior minds completely draw the wrong conclusions over simple innocent things that truly mean nothing. For example, there was a guy who was entering the priesthood that I knew. He is now a priest. Anyways, before he became a priest, he was showing me the various articles of his priestly clothing and explaining them. And I happen to touch the clothing in pure innocence, and from that point onward he completely distanced himself from me. And the only conclusion I could draw was that he thought I was a gay making a homosexual advance. He threw away a great friendship over a total misunderstanding. Then there have been certain incidences of where homosexuals have made advances on me. Their gaydar truly failed them. All such advances were firmly and decisively rejected. Various women have made advances, but I have never encountered an indication from a woman that she thought I was gay, except once. A girl cousin of mine I met for one day misinterpreted my response to her question of whether I thought the pictures of certain girls in her album were good looking. And for the rest of the day she kept asking my brothers if I was gay. My mind is so far above this people that my responses to simple questions can make people draw totally wrong conclusions about me. But many women also seemed very frustrated that their advances totally failed on me. And it seems that for many women, this frustration turned them completely against me. Some turned to bitter hatred. But in the office, a woman by the name of Sam made an advance on me, and I found her incredibly sexually attractive. In my mind, I realized that this was Satan’s master attempt to take me down. And in my office, where I can pray without being seen, I prayed to Mary and to Jesus for them to take this temptation away from me, lest I fall to fornication and sin. For so strong was that temptation to fornicate with her. And God caused Sam to reconsider me and halt her advances. And a little while later, she no longer worked there.

Note the difference between me and Saint Augustine. Saint Augustine in my shoes would have instead prayed to Jesus and Mary, “Take this woman away from me, but not yet.” But I knew of that trap of the devil. The only way to defeat this master attempt of taking me down was to resist the temptation from the beginning. Note though, that with all this going on in my mind, I was never unfriendly with Sam. I just avoided going to where she was in the office. And there was never anything unfriendly said between me and her. And there has never been anything negative passed between me and her. But by my interior prayers to God and to Mary, God put an end in the mind of Sam of having me as an object of her desire, and she only worked in the office for a few weeks, and then went elsewhere.

There were a few very attractive women I encountered at the Catholic Church. But God told me that none of them were the one I was to have. And so I never reciprocated their advances on me. After some time, they eventually gave up and went their ways. For remember, a woman’s eggs have a shelf life. An attractive women’s beauty only lasts for so long, and if she is getting nowhere with a certain man, her biological clock tells her to look elsewhere. There was one girl, a Hispanic girl, that I thought was very beautiful and with a lovely personality, but when I saw that she was already married and with children, I quickly backed off. Her name was Elda. She was the only girl I met at Church that I considered marriage material. None of the other girls I met or saw at Church, though very beautiful, did I consider marriage material, for one reason or another. Note to anyone thinking the wrong conclusion: I can never marry Elda, even were her husband to die. For I cannot take a used woman. Therefore, I differ from King David, who readily entered any woman he had a fancy for, whether married or single, whether a virgin or girl with a history.

There is one girl I have never met, that I see often when go to Saint Bruno Catholic Church. When I first saw her, her eyes pierced my heart. But after some time, the spell wore off. Whatever she thinks of me, I believe she is way too young for me. She seems like someone in high school or someone just graduated. Anyways, those “love at first sight” loves are probably very deceptive. And it would not be very wise to get involved with someone that young. Anyways, I cannot make any move on any girl unless God commands it. And God told me that she is not the one. And so I cannot approach her. Amen. Now, O’ Mary, Mother of God, I can go on, but I believe I have covered all the bases in your question. What sayest thou, O’ fairest of Virgin Queens, she whose beauty can unpetrify one turned to stone by Medusa.

Eric, it is wise that you avoided that girl of whom you say that her eyes pierced your heart. And it is wise that you do not go after Elda, whom We showed to you is married and with children. And it is wise that to none of the other girls who have approached you or who made moves on you did you make any act of reciprocating their advances, for not one of the girls that has come to you has come from Us in heaven. All of them were sent by Satan to derail you or to destroy you. But realize that though none of them were sent to you from heaven, not all of them belong to the evil one. However, were you to have taken any of them as your lover, even one who was not condemned, you would not have been edified from it, but rather, you would have been torn down by lusts and carnal desires of the flesh. For the romantic path is dangerous indeed. And most who follow it tend to perish quickly. For at Fatima is recorded my famous warning: More souls go to hell for sins of the flesh than for any other reason.

That priest you spoke of, whose name was Ernie, and as a priest is called, Father Vianney, named after the Cure of Ars, I have this to say. He is young and rash, and many are the mistakes we make in youth. Give him a few decades of growing up and he will gain the wisdom to see his errors and his misjudgments. Do not think that he is condemned because he misjudged you. Rather, pity him. For by pride do all men fall. But those who can humble themselves can come to their senses and recover. When he sees this written of him in the future, let him know that no judgement on him is passed here. But always there is the call to repentance, and to do penance for one’s sins. And if it will help you, Eric understands you and knows why you rejected your friendship with him. But you believed a great falsehood about Eric. Maybe when you see Eric marry a girl, you will realize that what you believed about Eric was untrue. O’ Mary, I believe I know the root of his false beliefs. The family Ernie comes from is heavily deceived by the false spirits of Medjugorje and other false Marian apparitions. By allowing such deceiving spirits into his heart, he can easily have been led off the wrong path. For before this friendship ended, I was pointing out to him and to his mother the devil in Medugorje and many other false revelations that that family was fooled by. Hence, the devil had a strong motive to wish to end our friendship and rid me from associating with that family.

Yes, Eric, it is so sad to see my name being proclaimed by so many believers in me, but who in reality follow what Satan tells them to do in disguise of me. Mejugorje should be readily seen for its falsehood, by simply listening to the one anointed to decide on the issue, the bishop of that diocese, who, as a series of successive bishops, have clearly and consistently ruled against the visions and messages taking place there in Medjugorje, and finally have decided that they are of diabolic origins. Disobedience to Church authority is the mark of Satan. And the messages coming out of Medjugorje instruct the flock to disobey the Church. Also, anyone who lets himself be instructed by Medjugorje ceases to be a Catholic in good standing with the Church due to the intrinsic hereies woven throughout all the revelations that cause all who believe in them to apostatize from the faith. For the spirits of Medjugorje teach that Catholicism is not necessary to be saved, in direct contradiction to the infallible decrees of the popes, which say: There is no salvation outside the Catholic Church.

O’ Mary, Mother of God, I have been tempted by Satan, and I have viewed pornography. Of this I repent. O’ Lady of perfect purity, please do not let be fall again into the impurities of my past, for I promise that I will no longer visit such sights nor look at or view such pornographic material again.

Eric, We have watched your descent into that filth, but have noticed that you did not become consumed by it. For you are now mostly immune to the impurities found in porn. They mostly do not affect you. And you cannot be destroyed by most of such images. I say “most,” not “all,” for there is always something Satan can tempt you in. And it will never be the case that you are totally impervious to the sins of the flesh.

But it is as has been revealed unto you. Your purity cannot be taken away from you, for you have received the irrevocable graces of perfect purity. By this We do not mean that you are incapable of erections or ejaculations, for you know quite well you do have that potential. What We mean is that you now have perfect mastery over yourself, and that you will not fall to masturbation or any sin of impurity. For your continence is now stainless and perfect.

I accept this status, O’ Virgin Mother of God. But what about the woman who is to become my virgin wife? Who is she, and what is she, O’ Mary, ever Virgin Queen? For I have accepted the virgin path. And I have accepted celibacy. And I have accepted never making love to my wife, but rather, of living in the same ideal of platonic marital union as that which was between you and your most chaste spouse, Saint Joseph. I will now tell you all about her, now that it is proven that you are worthy.

The woman We of heaven are giving you is a virgin like you, only in the female form. And she studies and learns similar to you, by reading books. But unlike you, she is not yet a prophetess. You will train her, and by your training of her she will become a most powerful prophetess. You will teach her the Way the Lord has taught you. As the Holy Spirit has made you most powerful, you will impart that power into your wife and she will become as you are, a most powerful mage.

But note this most important fact. Your power and her power, as prophet and prophetess, directly depend on both of you remaining virgins. You may not enter your wife nor make carnal love with her or the prophetic spirit in both of you will leave you both. And then you would become like just an ordinary sexual couple.

Remember the story of the Garden of Eden and Adam and Eve? Adam and Eve did not fall with Eve’s fall alone, but rather, with Adam’s fall. And what was the forbidden tree, do you wonder? And what was the fruit of that forbidden tree, do you think? Was it not that Eve sinned the sin of giving oral sex to Adam? And then she kissed him in the mouth, so that he, too, ate of the forbidden fruit of the forbidden tree.

That seems too sexually simple. I believe, rather, that the sin of Adam and Eve consisted of a profound rule made by God, but one that the devil was easily able to tempt them to break. But Eric, what is more profound a rule than that the only lawful means of sex is by the conjugal act between husband and wife? And is it not so easy to tempt a couple to experiment into deviant behavior? For how many husbands and wives have only had vaginal sexual intercourse in their sex life? For that is in fact the only lawful form of sex between man and wife. And it is a timeless law that has always existed.

Note why Adam was not kicked out of the Garden of Eden until after he was given Eve. It was by sexual sins, and not by any other separate issue, by which the first couple transgressed and why the fallen human nature is so prone to sexual sins. No man except a perfected man, can successfully resist the temptations by which Adam and Eve fell.

Lord, I am an imperfect man. And I have transgressed Your law. And I have broken Your commandments. Realize that you are made of flesh, and flesh is weak. Stay with Me and follow Me. Keep yourself clean, and when you fall seriously, confess it to a priest. Struggle to achieve the perfection that is not possible for you to attain in this life. For only by struggling to attain it do you not fall away from My hand.

I know the weakness that plagues you, lord Azurite. And it is not a serious weakness, but one common to all men. But if you wallow in the mire, you will die there. Therefore, if you fall, rise up again and return to the path of My Way. For there is no greater failure than to give up seeking to attain the perfection that all are called to attain. You might say, why does God make a rule that virtually none can keep? The same was said in the Old Testament concerning the Ten Commandments. And it is true that should anyone become convinced that he completely follows these, he has fooled himself and misunderstood what the Ten Commandments truly require.

Lord, the girl who is to come, do I really marry her in June of next year? Or is this prophecy not to come to pass? Or perhaps it comes to pass, but at a later time? Or perhaps it is not of divine origin? Or maybe it is of divine origin, but has a very elusive fulfillment, one that is virtually unobtainable? Perhaps I am too weak to attain it, O’ Lord, and that you must seek another? Or maybe it shall be obtained at my death? For all sins and transgressions end at death. I believe that I cannot fulfill the prophecy, O’ Lord, for I am unable to attain to the perfection that is required of me. And I do not see myself as ever attaining this state of perfection before I die. But I do not want to go to hell. And I know that failure to attain purity leads to eternal death.

Good, lord Azurite. No, you are not lost nor abandoned. Nor are you in mortal sin. Rather, you are imprisoned in trap made by Satan, which I will liberate you from shortly. There is no Way into My Kingdom except by following Me and by not giving up in following Me. Many fall along the Way. And many who fall rise again to take up the cross where they left off. But should you abandon Me and My religion, there is nowhere you could go instead, but into the darkness of separation from Me. All the other religions in this world are the paths of darkness. And all who walk those paths are stumbling in the night. And everyone of them falls into the pit.

Do you know why the Protestant religions embrace gay marriages and unwed couples living together? It is because they have no Rock, but are loosely floating seaweed, going wherever the tide takes them. But the Catholic is like the kelp forest, fastened securely to the Rock. He stays solid and secure where he is planted.

But this is My promise to you, lord Azurite. The Senate elections in Georgia will go to the Republicans, as I have promised you. And they will have a 52 seat majority in the Senate. And the Republicans will vote on the House bill that raises the stimulus checks to $2000. I guarantee that they will vote to meet that number.

The girl whom We have promised you is coming soon. But be patient. And do not think that because she has not yet come that you have been deceived. For she is to remain a virgin, as also are you. Before the inauguration of the new President occurs, the girl you are to receive will have entered your life. And by the Feast Day of Saints Joachim and Anne, parents of the Blessed Virgin Mary, shall your wedding take place. I Am the Lord.

And as for your sins, regard them as lessons that profit you if you learn by them. For this world is a classroom. And you are being instructed by your failures and by your successes. Furthermore, you cannot be made to know detailed information of the girl you shall be given before the time has come. Let it suffice to know that her name is Alyssum. And her affect in coming into your life will coincide with the cures We shall grant you, including the total cure to your bi-polar disorder, and all need for medications to treat it. For the name Alyssum literally means: “curing madness.” I Am the Lord.

And furthermore, We shall reveal the race and ethnicity of the girl We are giving you, lord Azurite. I know you have said it matters not her race and colors, unless you were to have offspring by her, but it is the will of God that you should know this detail. She is very White, and her hair is a very light white blonde as well. Consider her colors to be like those of the character, Elsa, Queen of Arendelle, of the Disney movie, Frozen.

And furthermore, We shall reveal unto you the languages that she speaks, for her role as translator of My works through you from English to other European based languages is of great importance. Her descent is from Europe, and she speaks English, Icelandic, Spanish, French, and Dutch. And she will serve My Kingdom as translator of the Emerald Trove to all the languages she knows and comes to know. This post now comes to its conclusion. And dawn has come. Publish it, My servant, Eric. And realize that this event of which I speak is coming soon. Amen.

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