Eric is sent to the people of America to judge and to convert

As the ghost of Christmas present was to Scrooge, so also is Eric whom I send to you.

Emerald Trove, Book 15: Post LXXVI:
Behold, people of America, why I send Eric to judge and convert your nation. I have blessed you with the ghost of Christmas present. Listen to Eric, and good times will come to you again, and you will reap great rewards from harkening to My Word through him. For woe to men and nations that reject the prophets that I send them.

For why, O’ America, should you not listen to My prophet Eric and suffer the fate that I rendered unto the Kingdoms of Israel and Judah, which I thoroughly destroyed? Why must men only learn the hard way by doing that which is wrong, and then by reaping My punishment that I prophesied to deliver unto them for their disobedience? For behold, I set Eric before you. Obey and listen to him. For if you do not, a terrible chastisement do I have in store for this nation.

This is how you will obey My servant Eric. The American people are struggling to stay alive. $600 given to them at this time may be only a drop in the bucket to help them in their needs. It is like Scrooge giving his workers a lump of coal as their Christmas gift. Increase the amount to $2000, as Trump has demanded of you. Do not think that you are wasting money or that the United States cannot afford it. For the wealth of the United States of America comes from its booming economy. And what better way is there to make it boom again than to give the people money to spend in it? Or are you concerned that America may not be able to pay back its debts? America started down that road of not being able to do so back during the Reagan Administration. It is well too late for America to become financially solvent, unless America chooses to restructure the monetary system to no longer be based on debt, but on a metal, like copper or gold.

For in monetary systems based on debt, why is there so much astonishment that so many nations become debt ridden and go bankrupt? For unrepayable debts and bankruptcies are inevitable in monetary systems based on debt. For it is all a matter of mathematical logic. In any system based on debt, there are always more debts than actual money in circulation. And as time goes on, debts increase faster than the actual money supply does. Hence, that people are forced to go bankrupt is inevitable in such monetary systems, due to the inevitability of people being unable to service their debts. In such a system it is the banks, not the people, who become very wealthy and rich, for they are the ones who create money by simply issuing debt. But in a system based on copper or gold, the banks do not create money by issuing debt, but by loaning out money according to their own reserves of copper or gold. And then, inflation is kept in check, and bankruptcies become rare, and those who go bankrupt under those types to monetary systems are then mainly those who grossly mismanage their money or who experience a streak of bad luck. Thus, if America switches to a system based on copper or gold, I will award the people with many graces and a great abundance.

Also, Greenland will elect to join the United States of America as a new state. And they will vote Republican. In order for the process to pass in Congress, the Republicans will be forced to compromise with the Democrats and allow also for the entrance of Puerto Rico to the Union, which may vote Democratic. Hence, in one stroke of a pen, America will advance from being a 50 state union to being a 52 state union. I Am the Lord. And this move of these two additional states will be good for America long term.

Lord, Hyacinth is begging for me to help her. What sayest Thou to that, O’ Lord? What are Your orders, O’ Lord? For You know my obedience is with You, and that I will do precisely what You command of me and decree. What is the divine command, O’ Lord? And Mary, Mother of God, what dost thou command of me that I do for her? Dost thou command me to do anything, O’ holy Virgin Queen? Or I received a message from God some time ago commanding that I do not help Sandra. Is this message Your command to me, O’ Lord?

It is Our message unto thee, lord Azurite. You have answered your own question correctly. Our command that you do not help Sandra stands firm. For you are to no longer help her or go to her. For you are now of perfect celibacy and virginity. Do not then associate yourself with any woman. If I command you to give to someone in need, it will be to one with whom you have no romantic involvement. And into no further romance will you enter into or accompany anyone with. I Am the Lord. For you are My eternal virgin Prophet Seer. And you may no longer associate yourself with women. I Am the Lord.

Some people think that, since I do not marry or associate with women, that I should become a priest. What sayest Thou to those claims, O’ Lord? Will Thou deliver unto them an answer to humble them in their presumption to know of my vocation?

Tell Me, lord Azurite, were I to make you a priest, could you obey a man who is your inferior in intellect and knowledge, but who is your superior in ecclesiastical rank? Yes, O’ Lord, for I recognize and honor Your Church and the rankings that You have established. For just as I obey Church authority as a layman, so all the more will I obey the bishop were I to make such formal vows to do so in becoming a priest. For I am obedient to the authorities that You have established over me. Also, I honor and respect the ones You anoint to rule and to speak, for Your anointing matters more than the possession of intellect and knowledge.

Then this is My sign unto thee, lord Azurite. It will tell conclusively My will as to whether I shall make you My priest. Go to Mass as you have planned. If at the Mass, you hear a voice telling you of My calling, and it is coupled with My curing you of all things, then that calling you hear is of God. Do this, and you shall live. I Am the Lord. Amen.

Either way, at the Mass you have planned to go to, I am rendering Hyacinth as no longer able to contact you. And then you will see your fate, whatever it shall be. Amen. Now, let Us discuss Joe Biden, who is the incoming President. I have decided to give the Republicans their victory in Georgia, not because they are worthy, but because you and others like you have asked this of Me in prayer. And due to your daily rosaries, I Am carrying out your decrees and requests, lord Azurite. Hence the Republicans will have a 52 seat majority in the Senate. I Who Am have spoken.

Also, Pope Francis is going to die very soon. And he has merited a great punishment by Me in the hereafter. In his place, I have decided to set up Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke as Pope John XXIV. When he comes to power, My Catholic Church will be reset back to the holiness that I intend for it to have. And female alter servers will be discouraged, in the hopes of attracting more boys eligible to enter the priesthood to become alter boys. For the path to My priesthood often starts at that level. I Am the Lord. And the Traditional Latin Mass will be reestablished under Pope John XXIV. For the holiness of the Traditional Latin Mass, also called the Tridentine Mass, is great. And its practice will reinstill the great holiness and reverence that is due to My houses of worship. Instead of being places of idle chatter and the cracking of jokes, silence will come to be observed in all of My Churches. No one will be allowed into My Church unless he first agrees to be silent and not to speak, except for those places in communal prayers and in the Mass where My parishioners are called to speak certain things.

For I Am restoring holiness to My Roman Catholic Church under the coming pope. And I tell you truthfully. It will be this holiness, and not the permissiveness and tolerance of sin seen in the papacies of Pope John Paul II, Pope Benedict XVI, and Pope Francis, that will win untold souls to enter into My Kingdom and also to serve in the restoration of My Orthodox churches to the correct communion with My pope in Rome. In particular, the prophesied conversion of the Russian Orthodox Church by Our Lady of Fatima will take place under the coming pope’s papacy. For holiness attracts holy people. And the Light of Truth, when shone upon the whole world, leads all those who are Mine to come to the Me and to enter into the Light that they may be saved. I Am the Lord.

Eric, what purpose is served by a man and a woman who enter a platonic marriage? Their statement to society that this is not only possible, but holy and righteous, serves to enlighten society and to render into young minds that observe them of holy and exquisite role models for them to follow and emulate. For the holiness of a nation is directly proportional to the percentage of souls therein that remain virgin. And were We to give you such a relationship, would you follow through and support this woman of whom you will have no sexual relationship with, lord Azurite? I will, O’ Lord. I Am willing to do such and to obey You in all things, O’ Lord.

And if this woman were of full female attractiveness and with all the signs of being ready and willing to mate with you, you would keep to your oath you are making with Me on this day and at this hour that you would not deflower her nor defile her in any way, but rather, would serve as her protector, as My Apostle John protected My women, the Virgin Mary and Mary Magdalene, from all lust driven males as was commanded of him, O’ Azurite King? I do, O’ Lord, enter into such a binding oath unto you, O’ Lord, to guard such a woman or women that you command Me to protect with all my life and with all my blood, so help Me God! Just one such woman do We grant unto thee to protect. And you shall protect her as her lawful celibate husband. In June of next year I will have this marriage take place. I Am the Lord.

Lord, where will my wife and I live? If the Republicans agree to raise the amount that they give to each of My American people to $2000, then it will be here in California that I will set you up to live. But should the Republicans refuse to agree with Trump and elect to stick to their scrooge like stinginess of giving only $600 to My people, which Trump has rejected, then let My will be now known and made clear. I will remove Eric and his wife from America and place them in Ireland, where they will remain until I come again at the dawn of the next age, at which point I shall call them both up to heaven in a rapture like fire, exactly as I drew Elijah up into heaven by the fiery chariot I sent to collect him from the earth. Amen. I Am the Lord! For it is as has been written of them, that the Wizard King and his wife will never be separated. I Am the Lord.

Lord Azurite, this is the last writing I make through you before the girl I give to you enters your life. But remember your oath that you have made unto Me today. For though your wife will seem attractive and receptive, you are not to enter into her nor defile or deflower her in any way. And the reward for your obedience to Me shall be great. Now ask any questions you may have, and then We shall have you publish this post. Amen.

(1) Lord, I have heard You and will obey Your command in its entirety. But Lord, please clear up some ignorance on My part on celibate marriages, such as that between Joseph and Mary. For the custom of the ceremony of marriage is for the Bridegroom it kiss his bride. Do I kiss my bride, in that ceremony or elsewhere? And did Joseph ever kiss the Virgin Mary? And if such kisses are to be done, what kind of kisses do you allow? As you kissed Victoria that one time, where My angels were urging you to do so, and you obeyed, so also shall you kiss the woman I Am giving you. A simple, nonsexual kiss is what I command and what I allow. And as for what took place between My foster father and My holy Virgin Mother, this cannot be revealed until the end of time. But you shall kiss your wife, but do nothing sexual with her. For you know that not all kissing is sexual. I Am the Lord.

(2) Lord, are You coming again around the dawn of the third millennium of the birth of your Catholic Church in 33 A.D., which would be at Pentecost in 2033 A.D., which is less than thirteen years into the future? And does the world really have only a few such years remaining until You come again? For I know no one can know the day or the hour, and neither do You as the Second Person of the Trinity in heaven, but only the Father, to whom nothing can be made or kept secret or unknown. President Joe Biden will set up the abomination that causes desolation, standing where it does not belong. When you see that sign, know ye that the days to My Second Coming are short. Amen. But before the Day of My Second Coming comes, your Pawn shall come to power over the United States of America, and America will recover from the Biden years to become a holy Catholic people from that day forward. I Am the Lord.

(3) Lord, am I limited to convert the peoples and to topple leaders and to set up Pawns only within these lands?

  1. North America (excluding Mexico and Central America)
  2. the Northern West Indies
  3. Europe
  4. Russia and her Allies and Satellites
  5. South Korea
  6. the Christian island nations of the Pacific
  7. Madagascar

And is the rest of the world to be left as undeveloped, fallow lands, O’ Lord?

As you have said it, so shall it be. Topple all despots and dictators throughout all these lands given unto thee. For We are conducting a grand experiment. For We wish to see the difference between the numbers saved of those lands ruled by you compared to those lands left to their own devices. If you triumph in Me in this endeavor to make the whole world Catholic, by concentrating on only the conversions in all these lands assigned unto you, I, the Lord Jesus Christ, shall anoint you as ruler of a third of My Kingdom in heaven. This will make up for the third of My heavenly angelic Kingdom that fell away when Satan rebelled against God. (Revelation 12:4).

(4) Lord, You know with my perfect continence that I cannot fall to lust or to temptation. So what response do You have for me should my wife lament the celibacy that she is called to live by in her marriage with me, O’ Lord? Though you are commanded not to deflower your wife, We do not make the same command of her. Hence, should you allow it, We permit her to deflower herself with you, if entirely of her own doing. Hence, you are permitted to allow her come and and lay with you as a woman lays with a man, but you may not do any of these things of your own initiative nor by your own desires, but only if your wife wishes it.

And O’ Azurite King, know this solemn Truth. Should you ever so choose to allow your wife to come and deflower herself with you, from that point onwards, you may never deny her from her conjugal rights with you. Nor may you ever practice any form of birth control with her, including that form permitted by the Church known as Natural Family Planning. For whatever children your wife bears for you, you must welcome into your home and take care of, as a loving husband and father is expected to do. Hence, it is not required that you go this path, but should you ever permit the first act of intercourse with your wife, no further may you walk along the higher path to heaven, for the sexual path will then be yours all the days of your life. You may well enjoy the sexual path, but realize that there is no reversal back to the holiness you once had, once your virginity is lost with your wife, to return to be as Joseph and Mary lived in perfection and holiness. I Am the Lord.

For this is the dilemma that Saint Therese of Lisieux’s parents faced in their celibate marriage. It should be obvious to you that they committed no sins to have the children that they did. But they nevertheless went the sexual path rather than the holier path walked by eternal virgins. Consider all these things, and discuss all these things with your fiancee well before your marriage to her takes place. If she wishes to live the life of eternal virginity with you, then you will be called a holy, virgin couple forever. But if she ever changes her mind on this after marriage to you and wishes to know the sexual life and the gift of children, then I permit you, at your election, to allow her to come and know you. But realize that once known, there is no way back to the virgin way. I give you this option out of My mercy. But the path you ultimately choose will determine the eternity of you and your wife. I Am the Lord.

(5) Which path, O’ Lord, is the higher path that leads to the greater reward in heaven, O’ Lord? The celibate path of eternal virgins in a platonic marriage, or the sexual path of a couple married as virgins who do not defile their marriage bed? Strive to live the holier path, lord Azurite, for the rewards of virginity in heaven are greater than any pleasures that can be derived from sex and by having children in this world. And I hereby make this solemn promise unto you, lord Azurite. If you come to Me still a virgin, undefiled by any sin, the gift of England as your Kingdom shall be yours in the eternal hereafter. You forfeit this Kingdom should you have sex with your wife, even in a sex act initiated only by her that I permit you to allow. I Am the Lord!

This concludes this post. Before you publish it, Eric, read it through in its entirety so that it contains no typos when you publish it. For this post is to be free of all error. I Am the Lord. Now go, lord Azurite, and do as I have commanded thee. Amen.

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