Christmas Day has come

Merry Christmas, from the Azurite King

Emerald Trove, Book 15: Post LXXV:
I Who Am shall now speak through Eric, My anointed prophet seer. Actually, Trump has presented a valid case. Giving only $600 to the people is in fact stingy, considering how much the Congressmen and Senators receive in their Christmas bonuses, which they have no problem awarding to themselves. The House of Representatives plans to vote on Monday increasing the amount to $2000. I suggest to you Republican Senators to get your asses back into the Capital on Monday and vote on a similar measure to send to the President for him to sign. Show some decent Christmas spirit and increase the amount to $2000. Such is pocket change for you Senators, given your huge salaries and pension plans that can never be taken away from you. Show some Christmas Spirit, you Republicans, and if you do so, I, the Lord God, will guarantee your party victory in the Georgian runoff elections and that you will maintain your 52 seat majority in the Senate. Now think carefully. Is it not worth that increase of money going out to the people that comes right back in to boost the economy by the spending that the people do with the dollars they receive, in exchange for My guarantee that you will win the two seats in Georgia?

Eric has been praying his rosaries for the Senate seats in Georgia to go to the Republicans. But he needs your help to win them. And his rosaries will become most effective if you Senators agree to demonstrate true Christmas spirit. What is wrong with the conservative Party is that they are too conservative in giving to those who are in need. For what good is having religion if you have no mercy and no charity to go with it? For God did not establish Christianity for the greedy and the rich, but for the loving and the merciful. There is no way into My heavenly gates for those who take care of themselves, but who do nothing for the poor and needy who languish at their door, homeless and destitute. And there is no future for America if the only generous Republican is Eric alone. Eric’s lone acts of generosity and rosaries will not be enough for Me to save this nation. For if the Republican Party that stands correctly with Me against abortion and against gay marriages, does not also stand with Me in helping the poor and the destitute, I will take Eric and those like him out of America, and then I will let America burn to her absolute destruction. I Am the Lord!

Hence, I give you this one last chance to show some decent Christmas spirit. Get your asses back into Washington D.C. on Monday and pass that bill that the House is passing that raises the amount to be given to your fellow Americans to $2000. Do this, and I will save your nation. But if you do not do this, I will only save Eric and those like him. They will removed from your midst, for you will be unworthy of them. And I will make America a smoldering and desolate wasteland, a byword, and a curse.

For I have judged the rich of this nation and I have found their generosity wanting. Eric went to Mass today, and the rich priest spoke to the people of the unconditional love of God. And he spoke of nothing that the people must do to please Me. My love for My people is not unconditional. For it it were, why was Israel destroyed? Why were Israel and Judah taken captive into Babylon? Why was Jerusalem utterly destroyed? And then in answer to these questions, the rich priests of this generation deny it was God’s doing, in total rejection of the entire Old Testament of prophecies! They have rejected My Word and My prophets and have made up their own god and their own religion. They lie that they are worshipping Jesus. Instead, they worship Satan, who tells them to reject My written Word in the Holy Scriptures as not from Me.

Hear Me now, and confirm what I say through Eric by reading the Holy Scriptures, especially those of the Old Testament, where it is written throughout that I demand of My people that they do My will and that they obey Me and all My commandments. And for those who do right and obey Me, I show them My mercy. But for those who disobey Me and who forsake My commandments, I deliver great evils upon them. I destroy their cities and bring ruin to their crops. And I visit them with famine, the sword, and with pestilence. And they do not survive the coming of My wrath.

You Republicans, where is your Christmas spirit? Did I not look with favor upon you by confirming three conservative and decent Supreme Court Justices by My miraculous means during President Trump’s short, single term in office? It was not Donald John Trump who caused these three Supreme Court Justices to be confirmed. Rather it was My doing. And I elected to do this because Eric and others in America prayed for it to Me, and I heard their prayers! Therefore, do not think that you owe anything to Trump, but rather to Me! For I, the Lord, cause both success and failure. Whether a person will succeed or fail in their endeavors and in their profession is entirely at My election. A man does not succeed because he is highly skilled alone, but because I have granted him both those skills and the graces to succeed. But if I withhold My graces, that man will collapse and fall utterly.

Eric used to be a masturbator. And he found it most difficult to quit this habit. He has quit it now, but not because he has great discipline or strong will power. Rather, it is because I have given him the graces. And I hereby make these graces given to Eric as irrevocable, for he readily admits his faults, and acknowledges that it is I, and not he, who is the One who is behind his perfect purity that he has now acquired forever. Eric will never marry and Eric will never have sex. Such is the eternal decree of the Lord, by which Eric is made stainless and with garments white as snow. In the order of John, My Apostle, do I establish Eric in his perfect purity. And from this purity, Eric will never depart. I Am the Lord.

Eric is the light of this nation. But the nation does not wholly walk in this light, but rather, this nation is now at its crossroads. I understand the unpopularity of President Trump. And I understand how so many things he has done wrong. But the stopped clock is still correct twice a day. And this is one of those times. So do as President Trump suggests. Raise the amount to $2000. Do this, and this last victory for Trump will be sufficient for him to leave the White House in some sort of dignity. Trump knows he has lost. Trump knows there is no second term for him. And Trump is aware that he is not coming back in 2024 or in any future year to run again. But he doesn’t need to leave office a total failure. Do this last bit of good for the American people that Trump requests of you, and I will have the last days of Trump end in a positive note, rather than a negative note, for the Republican Party.

And then let’s speak of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. It might come as quiet a shock to the Democratic Party that Eric includes not only Donald Trump and Mike Pence in his daily rosary prayers, but he also prays for the salvation of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, each day since the election. Eric has been praying for the salvation of those who are My enemies. For such is what a true leader does.

It has also come to My attention that many Black women were outraged that the Democratic governor of California, Gavin Newsom, chose an Hispanic man rather than a Black woman, to replace Kamala Harris in the Senate as she enters the White House as Vice President. And they say sayings like, “If you do not have a seat at the table, then you are on the menu.” They are bitter at the decision made by Newsom because they attribute Joe Biden’s victory to Black people, and they do not see themselves as getting rewarded for their deeds. But I counter those Black women with this saying: “If your vote can be taken for granted, what motive is there for anyone to reward you?” In other words, if Black people always vote in a block and always for the same party, then it makes no sense for politicians of that party to do anything for them to keep their vote. For did not Joe Biden say to the Blacks, “If you do not vote for me, then you just ain’t Black,”? Since it is clear that the Democrats can never lose the Black vote, then it should not be a surprise that Democratic Presidents, even the Black one called Obama, never do anything for the Black electorate to reward them for their loyalty.

And remember that Kamala Harris is not one to hesitate to throw young Black men into prison to serve as penal slaves, and to keep them there fighting forest fires, rather than to allow for their release on parole, despite their early release being called for by the parole board. For by no means does Kamala Harris intend to reward the Black people for putting her in office. It is said that people who rise to the top are really standing on many other people’s shoulders. But for Kamala Harris, she is really standing on Black people’s heads and Black people’s backs.

And it will become a badge of honor for any Black man to be able to claim to have been sent to prison because Kamal Harris sent him there. And the Black penal slaves will sing songs praising Kamala Harris and Joe Biden, as they work under the hot sun doing whatever penal labor is required of them to do. Like the Negro slaves in the Deep South, singing away as they labored in the cotton fields picking cotton for their White masters, so also will all Black people throughout the whole nation, sing songs of praise and worship to Kamala Harris and Joe Biden, as they do the equivalent in slave labor or prison labor, so happy to please their gods in the White House while receiving nothing back in return.

For the Black man serves his gods by giving them his 100% loyalty and faithfulness. And he successfully gets Black people into high office. But when it comes to payback to the Black community, the Black man invariably finds himself a day late and a dollar short. Obama gave Negroes nothing for getting him into the White House, except to give them himself as an object for the Black masses to adore, to worship, and to glorify. And now that they have a Black woman in the White House, as the second in command, do they make demands of her? Yes they do! But do they receive? No, they will not, for the Black vote is taken for granted. All that the Black people can expect to receive is the argument that Affirmative Action is no longer necessary, for all can now see with their own eyes that Black people are quite capable of rising to the top. And why favor any race with advantages if they can compete and triumph as other races do? Rather, take away those Affirmative Action benefits, and see if Black people continue to be able to send men and women of their own race into high positions in the government. For if Black people are rising up, why should they have advantages given to them by the government?

And what about the demand by the Black man for reparations for slavery? Only a non thinking Black man demands reparations for slavery. For who is going to pay the Black man those reparations? Where does all that money come from? Rather, let the Black man expect to be taxed silly and to lose their houses in foreclosures. For as in the saying, “robbing Peter to pay Paul,” if it were ever to come to pass that reparations were ever to be paid to Black people for the slavery of the past, all the money paid out to them would be money reaped directly from their own people, through fines, foreclosures, taxes, seizures of property, and forced servitude. And none of the money given to them would come from the rich men’s coffers, who make their money by enslaving Black people in penal slavery, which is today’s legal form of slavery by which Black men continue to be enslaved.

Yes, let the Black man accept his slavery and submit, as the Holy Bible he swears to demands of him. Or is the Black man unable to work? Then let him not eat. Either the Black man will submit and obey, or he will rebel and disobey. Black men, when will you ever learn? The reason why you have it so hard is because you do not follow the Lord your God, Jesus Christ. It seems to Me that the color of Jesus’ skin means more to you than the content of the gospel that He preached to you. It seems to Me that making Jesus Black is more important to you than following His instructions. Everyone must be Black to you, but you do nothing that they say, whether they are Black or White. Rather, it is your will that you do, and not Mine.

Now, I am giving you an offer, My special offer to the Black people, for I Am a jealous but holy God. And I deliver both just judgements and merciful graces. Hear Me and harken unto what I say. Return to the opposition you had against gay marriage before you met Obama, the dark prince. For Obama has led you astray from Me. Obama has led you to reject My curses against all who support gay marriages. For you, My Black people, were once champions for heterosexual only marriages. And back then, I looked with favor on you in that regard. For in that regard, you stood by Me in My causes. But look how far you have fallen. You have stooped low to lick the feces off the shoes of Obama and have done all the evil he has told you to do, all because this devil incarnate was incarnated into Black skin as one of your own.

Reject the evils that Obama has led you to and do My will instead. For how can Obama agree with you that Black lives matter, while at the same time fighting to make it easy and accessible for all Black women, as young as girls in puberty, to have free and full access to abort their Black babies, with no parental notification whatsoever, no matter how young they may be? Note that the harm done in abortions is not only done to the victim who dies. Did you know the damage done to the female reproductive system to abort the baby within it? If that woman chooses to have a baby later on, after having an abortion, she may find herself unable to have babies, or unable to have healthy babies. And the damages from an abortion may lead to incurable disease, such as to cancers. Did you know that artificial contraceptives often come with carcinogens, that is, things that cause cancer? And you call this women’s liberation? Liberation from what? Liberation from safety and security to fall freely into the dragon’s pit.

It is also tremendously spiritually damaging to incur the blood guilt of an abortion on your soul. And such people who do so can no longer give Me pleasure. For they are stains in My presence. Whenever I look upon one such as these, I also think of all the lost babies that they have aborted, and what they could have been to Me had they not been aborted. I tell you truthfully, Black people! If you continue with your abortions and with your support of gay marriages, I will visit you with such a devastation that you will wish Black lives didn’t matter. For every Black soul lost in an abortion matters dearly to Me. And if you are willing to burn down neighborhoods because one Black thug, guilty of crime and deserving of death, is killed by a policeman in the line of duty, all because the skin color of that cop who kills him happens to be White, what should you expect Me to do to you for all the millions of innocent Black unborn souls that you have knowingly and willingly snuffed out from ever seeing the light of day?

Black Unborn Souls Matter! Black Unborn Lives Matter! They matter dearly to Me! And those who destroy them, what is their fate, do you wonder? Do I take a Black life for a Black life? Do I take a Black soul for a Black soul? Do I wipe clean from the face of America the Black insolent who dare to raise their kinky haired heads to Me saying, “Black lives matter,” while their Black hands are dripping with the blood of their Black abortions of the Black unborn?

Return to Me, My Black brethren, and I will not utterly wipe you out from the face of America. Instead, I will give you another chance. I will allow you to have middle class wealth. I will allow you to succeed in your businesses. I will allow you to vote in your politicians. And I will allow for the Black family to return, complete with Black husbands and fathers, married to the women they procreate with. And they will raise Black youths to not turn to drugs, but who will study hard and get an education. And these Black youths will go on to become doctors and engineers and scientists and lawyers.

But if you do not come back to Me, I will utterly wipe you from the face of America, every last Black person stained with an abortion or a gay marriage endorsement. If you will not come back to Me, you will be destroyed with fire and utter death. And those who are not dead will be enslaved. And then you will go backwards in intellectual development as a people. For you do not need an education or an intellect to become a slave. Amen.

Now are there any things that you wish to say, lord Larimar, before We publish this post? Any message to Trump that you wish to tell him? Tell Trump that I pray rosaries each day for his salvation, O’ Lord. He will be made aware of that. And I will further say unto you, that if the Republicans agree to raise the amount to $2000, as Trump has demanded, the fury of the people against Trump and the Republicans will dissipate, and the people will overlook the crimes that Trump has done and they will forget their vengeance that they willed to do to Trump once he steps out of office. Amen.

The Republicans have this one last chance to do good. And if they do good, good things will come to this nation. And abortion and gay marriages will be thrown out by the courts. And a good ruler will come to be elected in 2024 who will lead America back to holiness and purity. For Eric is now stainless and pure. Listen to Him!

But if the Republican Senators fail to do as Trump has requested, and fail to raise the amount to $2000 that each of the American people are to receive, then I will take away your prophet Eric and bring him to a people who will produce the proper fruit. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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