Eric’s Kingdom Defined

Beyond the misty mountains cold, in dungeons deep and caverns old…

Emerald Trove, Book 15: Post LXXIV:
Behold, I made Eric a promise. And a promise I shall now fulfill. Let us begin with Eric’s eternal fate. Where is Eric in the eternal hereafter, you wonder? Since I cannot see the into the hereafter, how can I know, O’ Lord, unless You reveal it unto me? Lord, I suppose I have a Kingdom in the hereafter, over which I rule the nations with an iron scepter, and shatter them like pottery? And I suppose I have a monument and a name there that is better than any son or daughter could ever be? And I suppose upon my head will be the most coveted crown of virginity, and also the crown of martyrdom, considering who I am? Now I shall speak, Prince Judah.

I Am Israel, King of kings and Lord of lords. And your secret name, now revealed, is Judah, whereas Mine is Israel. When I gave Jacob the name, Israel, I was calling him after Myself and giving him My Own secret name. Hence, the nation of Israel is named after the secret name of God. That is why whosoever curses the nation of Israel curses Me, and whosoever blesses the nation of Israel blesses Me. For the secret name of God has from the foundation of the earth been Israel.

Lord, if I, who am one of the Two Witnesses, the one sent to preach to Babylon the Great, am given the secret name of Judah, what then is Your secret name for the other of the Two Witnesses, the one who is sent to preach to the Jews? His secret name is Levi. So also are you called Emerald, whereas he is called Chalcedony. Your primary number is 4, whereas his primary number is 3. You have the two blue gemstone names of Azurite and Larimar, whereas he is called Lazurite. Your baptismal name is Eric Robert Dunstan, and We have revealed that Lazurite’s name is Nathaniel.

Lord, Hyacinth cannot be my wife, for I have abandoned her, as Thou hast commanded me to do. Lord Azurite, did We not tell thee that We would remove Hyacinth from your life before We gave you the girl who was to enter into it? Yes, O’ Lord. Prepare now for the coming of the girl. For you have passed the test. And you have been found worthy of an enormous Kingdom in the hereafter. Amen.

Lord, this is before dawn on the fourth day! Today is Christmas Eve, Thursday, December 24, 2020. I am now exactly 50 and one half years old, to the day. I was born approximately three years after the recapture of Jerusalem by Israel on June 7, 1967. My birthday is Wednesday, June 24, 1970. Amen.

Lord, the girl I am to receive, in what manner do I receive her? In what form of relationship will we be friends? Lord Azurite, you neither marry nor have sex. Nor does Lazurite marry nor have sex. For both of you are pristine, virgin Prophet Seers, anointed by the Lord to prophesy unto the end of time. Neither you nor he can be harmed by any evil agent in this world, for by the fire that comes from your mouths are all those who make themselves your enemies sure to be slain. Hence, the girl We give you shall serve as your platonic friend, and not as a sensual lover to you. I Am the Lord!

Now, let Us address your vocation. Do We make you a priest in Our priesthood? Or do you remain working for the company you now work for? What thinkest thou? Lord, if you call me to the priesthood, I will enter in. Perhaps my skills and talents would be better utilized as a priest serving the community for the salvation of many souls, than they would be were I to remain writing code and setting up websites for the company I work for? Lord Azurite, I will not make you My priest. Hence, continue to work for the company you now work for, and I will soon give you a raise. I Am the Lord.

Lord, do I buy a brand new Toyota Avalon Hybrid, or do I buy a brand new Rolls Royce electric car, set to debut in the remaining days of this year? And I would be buying with full cash, and I would not be taking out a car loan. And You, O’ Lord, say I will have the money to do this? You, lord Larimar, shall receive the $44,000 you will need to buy the 2021 Toyota Avalon Hybrid Limited, which you shall select of the color, Celestial Silver Metallic. And you now know that Toyota warranties for hybrid batteries sold for 2020 model years going forward will now cover for 10 years or 150,000 miles, rather than the previous warranty of 8 years or 100,000 miles. Perfect, O’ Lord! I can’t wait! And Eric, We shall now reveal the means by which you shall acquire this cash. Your brother, David, is to have an untimely death. He has a yellow Camaro. This will be undamaged and will go to your brother Mark. As an equivalent gift to you, your father, who will inherit David’s estate, will provide you with the money you need to make this most expensive purchase. Amen. I have revealed unto you that your brother David is to die. He has accumulated a lot of wealth, but has not accumulated that which matters to God. Eric, you have performed well. And you have accepted your brother’s death with ease. For you are aware that he is beyond the possibility of being saved. I Am the Lord. For his heart hardened against the Holy Spirit many years ago when you offered to pray for him and he told you not to.

Now We shall speak of your Kingdom, lord Azurite. For you have a Kingdom, both here and in the hereafter. Your Kingdom in the eternity to come shall encompass all of England. I Am the Lord. And, O’ Lord, does that mean that Wales and Scotland on the same island are to go to other Kings? That is correct. For surely you realized that many, not just a few, are to be awarded great lands, both here and hereafter? And if many are to be awarded, the awards cannot be as vast as you might have previously imagined. I Am the Lord! Note why We give you England. It is because you are Eric, son of Robert, son of Harry, son of John Dunstan, who came to America from Cornwall, England. Your surname and your paternal lineage trace back to that land. I Am the Lord. Lord, I accept this Kingdom. And by what sign shall you give me by which I am to know that I am to be made eternal King of England?

This is the sign, lord Azurite. You shall receive a gift of jewelry containing an emerald from the family of the girl We are giving you as your platonic friend. Oracle of the Lord! And you shall give to the girl the priceless Rosary you bought some time ago, before the shop was closed due to COVID-19. Now tell Us, lord Azurite, will you accept all these things and all My rules and requirements regarding all these things. Yes, O’ Lord. Good. And now I will issue My first rule, which you will obey.

(Rule 1) Do not hoard any money. All the money you shall need you shall be granted when you need it. Rather, use the money you are given to help the poor, and thereby store up treasure in heaven rather than upon the earth.

For your brother David hoarded money, and he was a true scrooge. For though he lives in freezing temperatures, he refuses to turn on the heat to heat up his apartment, just so that he can save a few dollars in cash. And he earns a very high income! So he has accumulated a lot of money, but where does that get him? For now he is about to die. And all that money he stashed away for the future he will not be around to enjoy. Hence, your brother David is not one you should elect to emulate as an example. And I know you regularly give much to the poor, in addition to fully tithing to the Church.

(Rule 2) Look no more to women for romantic interests. You are now perfectly celibate. And your continence is now perfect. Do not seek to have any romantic pleasures with any woman. And the girl We are giving you shall be a platonic friend for you. She will not be your wife nor be bound in any way to you, but is sent to you only for serving for the purpose of friendship in your life. Amen.

(Rule 3) Do not squander your money on yourself or for vain pleasures. Rather, let your money that We put into your hands be used for building up the Kingdom of God. Invest in heavenly gain, rather than in things that perish and that do not last. Buy things that you need, rather than things for status or self-glorification. The Avalon Hybrid Limited that you shall buy you shall need. I Am the Lord.

(Rule 4) Do not put your own life ahead of that of your neighbor. If you are on a sinking ship and there are not enough lifeboats for everyone, be one of those who elect to remain on the ship going down.

These are all My rules for you. Obey them, and you shall reap a rich reward in your entrance into heaven. I Am the Lord. Now I shall tell you your fate in this world. You know that you, lord Azurite, together with lord Lazurite, are the Two Witnesses of the eleventh chapter of the Book of Revelation, which is located at the end of the Holy Bible. That means three things. (1) You are going to prophesy many things to the people of this world and be in their face. (2) Many will try to stop you or harm you, and by your word, they will all be slain. (3) When My testimony to be transmitted through you is complete, the power that protects you shall be withdrawn, and Antichrist shall then come and immediately kill you both. And for how long do you prophesy for, you should ask? Is it a literal forty-two months or 1260 days, you should ask? No, for those are merely verbal pictures and figures of speech. But before the dawn comes of the third millennium of the birth of the Catholic Church, which occurred at Pentecost in 33 A.D., which shall take place in 2033 A.D., which is less than thirteen years into the future, the entire purpose of the prophetic ministry assigned to you and to Lazurite will have been accomplished and fulfilled. I Am the Lord. And you will be stationed in America, while Lazurite is stationed in Israel. I Am the Lord! Note that when your ministry is completed and you and Lazurite are gone, the pope will then proceed with the canonization process of both you and Lazurite. And the declarations of the sainthood of Azurite and Lazurite will be the final signs of My imminent Second Coming, and also the last public acts of a reigning pope. I Am the Lord.

This now brings this post to its conclusion. What sayest thou, lord Azurite? Do you have any words to say? Yes, O’ Lord. What about my being cured? Do I receive all the cures I have been promised, O’ Lord? When We cure you, tell no one, until you get home, and then write every detail of your cures here. And then, when people ask you about the cures that they read on this page, you may confirm to them that they took place. You are not to blab to the whole world that you have been cured, but only to write it here. For I, the Lord, have full control over all who I allow to read these posts. I Am the Lord.

And do you remember your friend Danielle? She will become your friend again. For We shall make her realize that you are harmless and holy. I Am the Lord. Now go and reread this entire post. And when you have corrected all the typos, publish it. For it is complete. Amen.

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