Eric speaks on Race, Black Lives Matter

Produce with what you have been given, for God does not ask for more than that.

Emerald Trove, Book 15: Post LXXIII:
I, Eric Robert Dunstan, seer and prophet of the Lord, do now speak on race and Black Lives Matter. Any statement from anyone saying that any group of people do not have inalienable human rights that you need to respect is an act of declaring that people subhuman, and rejecting the reality that all Mankind were created with eternal souls. The Dred Scott v. Sandford Supreme Court decision of 1857 was just such a ruling where Chief Justice Roger Taney, writing for the majority decision, wrote: Blacks were “so far inferior, that they had no rights which the white man was bound to respect.” Such a ruling and a way of thinking is contrary to justice and to righteousness and to God. For the Ten Commandments God gave Moses apply to all Mankind. There were certainly Black people and people of color among the Hebrew People at the time of Moses, and God made no exclusion regarding Black people in His Law. In fact, Moses married a Black woman. (Numbers 12:1-10). And Moses’ own sister who protested the marriage was severely punished by God for it with leprosy. Hence, we see in the very scriptures themselves that God approved of mixed marriages and that there was never in the Law of God an exception saying that you don’t have to respect the rights of any particular group of men.

Hence, rulings and decisions like Chief Justice Roger Taney’s that make any group of people as subhuman or of a status where you don’t have to recognize their rights are diametrically opposed to God and to His commandments, and are rooted in Satan. Hence, any person who claims to be a Christian, but who has such views that Black people, or any group or race, are subhuman or that they have no rights that you need to respect, is a false Christian who lies to the Holy Spirit that they are following Jesus.

Now, regarding Black Lives Matter, two things must be noted. The movement currently behind Black Lives Matter has an agenda that is not of God. But their statement that Black lives matter is true. And one may further note that All human life matters, including the unborn and the elderly. No human life are we allowed to kill for convenience or to alleviate suffering. Mercy killing is not mercy, for it denies the victim’s chances of repenting and making it into heaven at the end of his life. Hence, euthanasia and abortion may never be permitted and are always contrary to God and moral law, no matter how convenient it would be for you. For the commandments are clear. No one may take human life except as a punishment for crime that is decided by a court of law. And the unborn can never be found guilty of any wrongdoing, as they are unable to merit or demerit in the womb of their mother.

Regarding the case where the mother may die in childbirth if she bears the child to term, it is never permissible to pick and choose that one person is to live and that another person is to die in order that the other may live. Only by voluntary sacrifice may one person give up his life so that another person can live. Never can voluntary sacrifice be decided upon someone without their consent. And the unborn are incapable of making such sacrifices, and thus, the life of the unborn may never be sacrificed so that the mother may live.

Regarding those cases where the unborn are grossly disfigured, or are determined to be such that they will themselves not survive their own birth, or that they will die shortly after their birth, it is written, “A bruised reed He will not break, and a smoldering wick he will not quench.” (Matthew 12:20). By this Word of God, it is to be understood that no human life may be given up on until it has truly died. Hence, you may not use it as an excuse for abortion that your child is going to die anyways. For just as God never gives up on you, neither may you give up on the child within your womb unless it has completely died. A miscarriage is a miscarriage. A child who dies dies. But let no one do anything to cause a miscarriage or the death of a child.

The main problem with the Black Lives Matter movement is that they ignore the lives of unborn Black people and, instead, support abortion. Such is a direct contradiction of the meaning, “Black lives matter.” For if a Black person says, “Black lives matter,” but he or she wants to have the right to abort a baby, he is really contradicting his own words. For how can Black lives matter to a person who kills Black lives in the womb and judges that their lives do not matter? For if Black lives do not matter in the womb, neither do they matter for adult Black people either. For you cannot argue that Black lives matter for adults but not for the unborn. Rather, all human life matters, from conception to natural death. There is no way you can say that your life matters now, but that it did not when you were in your mother’s womb.

Hence, given the pro-choice agenda of the Black Lives Matter movement, this movement must be rejected as a contradiction of its own platform and motto. Yes, Black lives do matter, but if you are going to stand for any particular position, stand for it correctly and not in contradiction to yourself. Therefore, do not proclaim both that Black lives matter and that women have a right to choose. For such is a contradiction of logic. If you say that women have the right to choose to kill their unborn, then you are saying human lives do not matter. If you say that Black women have the right to kill their Black unborn, then how can you also stand up and say that Black lives matter? For you utterly contradict yourself. Either stand for all human life or stand against all human life. But do not pick and choose and play God, saying, “This human being’s life matters, while this other human being’s life doesn’t matter, and so let’s kill him.” For God could not be more clearer when He said, Thou shalt not kill. And if you wish to stand in righteousness before God, then obey the Law of God in full. A partial fulfillment of God’s Law is the same at total rejection of it in the eyes of God. Either you are fully in compliance with the Law of God, or you transgress the whole Law.

For just as you cannot be counted as a pure soul because you commit no adultery or fornication if you are doing porn and masturbation, neither can you be counted as righteous before God regarding respecting other people’s rights if those other people do not include the unborn. A man may keep all the Law but violate one part of it and go to hell for that if he dies. For a man is in mortal sin by the transgression of any part of the Law of God that constitutes a grave matter. You cannot argue with God at the end of your life that you did all these great things for Him and that you kept all of the Law but violated only one part of it, and expect to be admitted to heaven. For unless you are 100% with God, you are not with God. Unless you obey God in everything, you do not obey God. Unless you submit and comply with all that God commands of you, you will not be found worthy of the Kingdom of Heaven, and you will go to hell when you die. For the deliberate consent and full knowledge to violate the Law of God on a matter of grave importance constitutes a mortal sin. And all who die with a mortal sin on their conscience go to hell. Purgatory is only entered into by sinners who have no mortal sins standing against them at death.

Mortal sins matter. If you go receive communion in that state, you commit sacrilege. And the communion in that case does your soul harm, not good. Hence, those who are in a public state of adultery, due to their marriage having not been recognized by the Catholic Church, may not go and receive communion, for it would harm their soul and produce sacrilege. Those who receive communion regularly in a state of mortal sin, as Joe Biden does, are called sacrilege junkies. Such people are consuming their own damnation.

Any Catholic who claims to be devout but who deliberately and permanently transgresses God’s Law is a liar. Hence, the Catholic who uses artificial birth control is a transgressor of God’s Law and a liar if he calls himself devout. If he receives communion and is using artificial birth control, he is a sacrilege junkie. Catholicism is not like a cafeteria, where you may pick and choose what to follow and what not to follow. The true Catholic follows all binding Church teachings without exception. If you willfully disobey one binding Church teaching, but obey all the rest, you are a transgressor of God’s Law and a false Catholic.

Hence, CNN anchor Chris Cuomo, who practices Catholicism, is really a false Catholic, for he transgresses the requirements of Catholicism and does not follow them. For Chris Cuomo supports the pro-choice agenda of the Democratic Party. Hence, when you see ashes on his forehead on Ash Wednesday, realize that this man is a sacrilege junkie, and that he partakes in the visible practices of Catholicism only on the exterior, while he grossly violates the teachings and requirements of Catholicism and all of the Law of God in his personal life. Hence, he is a ruin of a soul. And his sky high multi-million dollar salary is testament to a man who is of this world, rather than a man who is of God. For it is written, it is harder for a rich man to enter heaven than it is for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle. (Matthew 19:24).

Lord, is it just for a group of people who have been historically disadvantaged to be granted preferences by law to make up for past injustices? For such is the argument behind Affirmative Action, which gives advantages and preferences to Black and Hispanic people in job placements and college admissions. College admissions and job placements are not the place to make up for past wrongs. Rather, such positions are justly to go only to those who are most qualified. That you were wronged in your past does not justify you receiving advantages over others in being admitted to schools or being hired. For the concept of an equal playing field is that all people are given the same consideration in admissions and hiring in accordance to their qualifications, without points being added to or subtracted from their consideration on account of their race, their skin color, or their past history of being unjustly treated.

Hence, Affirmative Action is a moral wrong. If a person wishes to help the Black people as a whole to rise up and succeed, then let that person donate of his own resources to funds that target that group of people to provide the help they need to gain the necessary qualifications that they need to compete for jobs and school admissions on a level and equal playing field. But do not consider yourself as helping Black people because you lower the requirements and the expectations that that people require in order to perform in the competition for job placements and school admissions. For it does neither good for society nor for the Black ego for there to be Black people working in any profession who gained their position with substandard qualifications. Rather, the just way to rule society is that all Mankind must play by the rules, and no one particular race is to be granted any government decided preferences or preferential treatment. That your ancestors were maltreated is not something that anyone of today is required to address for you. Nor may the government award reparations to any particular racial group from taxpayer funds for crimes that were committed by bygone generations. Rather, reparations are to be only granted to groups who have been wronged by crimes that were committed by existing generations. For descendants are not held guilty by the actions of their ancestors. Nor may it be calculated out that one is owed a certain amount based on what was done by one people’s ancestors to another people’s ancestors. For the rise from rags to riches and from riches to rags is a matter of God’s election. Where you are today on the economical ladder is not a matter to blame on what was done to your ancestors. Rather, each man must take responsibility for his own personal successes and failures. No man should elect not to work and then blame his lack of success on what another person did or did not do for him.

Lord, what of the reports that the Black community is targeted for serving in the penal labor system in numbers that disproportionally represent their race? For remember how slavery was abolished by the Thirteenth Amendment except as a punishment for crime. It is true, lord Azurite, that Black communities are especially targeted for serving in the needs of the penal labor industry, which is a big and highly profitable business. But understand that Black people also play a role in their own re-enslavement. For it is by their decisions if they goof off in school and do not study hard to get ahead. And it is by their decisions if they have unwed sex and children out of wedlock, and if they get involved with drugs and street crimes, by which they get arrested and sent to prison. Hence, the re-enslavement of Black people in the penal labor system the Black man must take some responsibility for. The Black man cannot choose not to work, and then blame his failure to succeed on the White man.

Lord, the Senate runoff elections are very important to the future of this nation. And Trump is not helping the Republicans in the race by making the claims that the elections are rigged. For by these claims, many Republicans might be discouraged from voting. Lord Azurite, Trump is going to get the punishment that he deserves. For no man can escape My justice. As for the Senate runoff elections, you have been praying rosaries for them. By your rosaries, the Republicans will triumph in those races. And let all others who read this passage and who know the rosary also pray rosaries with Eric for the Republican Party’s success in those elections. For by the prayers of daily rosaries were Kavanaugh and Barrett confirmed to the Supreme Court. And many good things and triumphs come to those who pray the Rosary prayers.

Now, lord Azurite, We wish to say a few Words in closing this post. We are curing you soon, but as to whether We make you a priest or leave you in your current position, such is God’s irrevocable decision: We want you to serve Us in the salvation of souls. And you most effectively serve Us in this endeavor as a layman, not as a Religious. For not all men may become priests or Religious. For some must carry out the secular work in order for society to run and to function. Rather, your task is to do the work We give you, and to give of your resources to fund those We tell you to fund. For if everyone were to become a Religious, the Church would receive no more tithes, for tithing is the act of the laity, who give of their resources to the Church, the first fruits of their secular labors.

And you know from the previous post, you will remain permanently single, celibate, and a virgin. For you are anointed as a prophet and a seer of the Lord. For you are sacred to the Lord. And no one may touch you or approach you with malintent without receiving the full, sudden, and terrible punishment of My fiery wrath. For whosoever approaches Eric to destroy him or kill him will himself be destroyed and killed. I Am the Lord. And Eric will from thenceforth practice perfect celibacy in perfect continence. Tomorrow I will announce unto thee thine reward and define in full and in all Truth the definitions and borders of the Kingdom I Am giving you, both here and in the hereafter. For it is given unto thee that thou will succeed and triumph. For We have given you irrevocable graces of perfect and eternal purity. And you have fully cooperated in the reception of all these graces that We have been pleased to grant thee. Amen. For it is now written in My heavenly gold in heaven these Words: Eric has triumphed. He has become clean and pure. And his cleanliness and purity will no longer ever be taken away from him. Now publish this post, lord Larimar, for it is complete. Amen.

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