Notice to Mike Pence. You are called to assume command.

This man shall be the next pope, to be called Pope John XXIV. I Am the Lord!

Emerald Trove, Book 15: Post LXXII:
I, Eric, prophet and seer of the Lord, do now call on Mike Pence to recognize that it is reckless to let the sitting President, who is now doing nothing for the country, to continue to man this vessel. It is dangerous to allow this man, who is no longer of sound mind, to continue to captain this ship, for this ship cannot run on endless autopilot under a madman who could at any moment steer this ship into the rocks and ruin her. You, Mike Pence, are called to invoke Section IV of the 25th Amendment, which reads:

“Whenever the Vice President and a majority of either the principal officers of the executive departments or of such other body as Congress may by law provide, transmit to the President pro tempore of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Representatives their written declaration that the President is unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office, the Vice President shall immediately assume the powers and duties of the office as Acting President.”

Mike Pence, the President is clearly insane. He has completely lost touch from reality. You are now the only man in the nation who has the power, with a majority of his cabinet, to declare the President is unfit and unable to carry out the powers and duties of his office, and to relieve him of his command. For when the leader of an army goes insane during a time of war, and America is at war with COVID-19, it is incumbent that he be removed from his duties by his subordinate officers. For failure to do this could result in the destruction of that army and the loss of the war. President Trump has surrendered the nation to COVID-19. He has given up and is doing nothing. The death toll of COVID-19 is climbing by the day. The death rate itself is rising by the day. Trump is just letting it happen. Trump is just letting the American people die. His brain has completely separated itself from reality. He does not see human deaths as mattering.

You, Mike Pence, are sane. Do what only you have the power to do. And that is to convene with the cabinet members who are willing, and with sufficient numbers, to relieve the President of his command. Do not let the President continue to run this ship into the ground. Consider that human lives are at stake. Consider that your own family members could truly die because you waited too long to relieve an insane man from commanding the nation’s highest office. Did you know that if the President starts World War III in his utter madness, the military response from the nations that he targets could wipe out America as we know it, including the homes and houses where you have your own loved ones living? This is deadly serious. And a man with a child’s mind should not be playing with the buttons that can set off nuclear bombs.

You cannot wait until January 20, 2021, for him to depart from office. Why let him stay in power, doing nothing? Since his electoral defeat, the mind of the President has deteriorated into madness. He can think of nothing but attempts to overturn a legitimately run and settled election in which he was defeated. This man is endlessly plotting revenge and destruction. He is insane and has lost his mind. There is no telling what he might do. Wait too long to act, and he might suspect you and stab you in the back. He might put poison into your food to kill you off and eliminate the possibility of his being relieved from his command by you. He will choose to kill you, Mike Pence, if you do not act soon enough to relieve him of his duties. For I am a prophet. And this is what my prophet eyes have seen.

Do it for your own wife and children, if you will not do it for yourself and the American people. Surely you love your wife and children enough to stop this madman before he puts them in danger too. For there is no life in this world that Trump would not step on to remain in power, Mike Pence. There is no loyalty that Trump would not betray and backstab in order to satisfy his thirst for power and revenge. For the devil has taken over the mind of Trump. And the devil is now firmly in command of his mind. Trump will kill you, Mike Pence, along with your family, if you do not act first to remove him from power, as only you have the legal power to do, together with a majority of the cabinet. If not for yourself and for your own legacy, do it for your children, for them to remember you by, that you dethroned a man gone mad, who threatened to destroy everything upon the planet in his madness because he couldn’t get what he wanted.

The nation sits adrift and waits, pilotless, without anyone at the helm steering her. For the one who is supposed to command her is gone totally insane. The only solace is that he is currently not commanding the ship, for were he to come to command her again, in his insanity, those rocks you see to your left or to your right, he would crash the ship into them and sink this vessel, drowning all 331 million people onboard. And only one man can put an end to this madness. Will he do it? And if so, will he do it in time? If he does it in time, he will be heralded as the savior of America. If he fails to act, he will go down with the ship, and his wife and children will die with them, never seeing that hero of a father that they would have seen, had he only acted on time.

Now, let Us tell you a story. I Am the Lord speaking. For Eric has spoken enough. There was once a boy who had a beloved dog. And they were great pals. And they went everywhere together. And one time his father had to leave home for an extended period, and he put his son in charge. And he said to him, “Be a man, my son, and take care of your mama and your little sisters. And if you prove yourself a man by my return, I will bring a surprise gift fitting for a man.” And with that, the father left his family to go on his important journey. And his son was left in charge.

A long time passed and everything continued as usual. Spring came, and summer followed. And the harvest was collected. And the hay was gathered into the barn. But just at the closing of the season, a rabid dog came onto their property and threatened to bite the livestock and the boy’s family members. And the boy got his rifle and aimed it at the rabid dog and killed it, but not before his own dog got bit. His own beloved dog had stopped the rabid dog from biting his family members, but he had gotten bitten in the process. And the boy could not bring himself to shoot his own dog.

But he promised his mother, “I will lock him in the shed for a certain number of days and keep him well fed and watered there. And if he doesn’t go mad by the end of those days, then he didn’t get infected. And then I will let him out. Otherwise, I will shoot him.” And so the boy did as he promised his mother. And the days passed, and the dog showed no sign of madness. And the boy was overjoyed when the last day came, and he rushed out to see his dog. And he was about to open the shed door when he heard growling. Growling was coming from within the shed. His beloved dog had gone mad. His dog had rabies. And the boy knew what he had to do. And he wanted no one else to do it. And so he reluctantly went to get his rifle. And he stuck it though the shed window, and he put his beloved dog down.

Winter passed, and spring came again. And his father arrived back to his home. And his mother told him all about what had happened. And he went out to see his son. And he said to his son, “You know, it took a real man for you to do what you did. And I promised you that I would bring you back a gift fit for man if you proved yourself to be one.” But his son said, “I don’t want another dog.” And his dad answered, “I didn’t bring you another dog. I brought you a horse. Congratulations, son. I am very proud of you. For you have become a man. And a man needs a good horse to get by in this country.”

And so, the moral of this story is that, even the strongest of friendships, like that between a boy and his dog, sometimes just come to an end, and drastic actions must sometimes be taken in order to serve for the greater good. Sometimes these tests come to a man, and how he acts and decides what to do in them determines what kind of man he really is and will become. For a man is really the summation of all his decisions. We, all of us, are ultimately what we choose to do.

Lord, I understand that I am not leaving America. That is correct, lord Azurite. For you cannot leave. You must continue to prophesy here throughout the Biden term and into the term that follows of the one like you, the one who is to be elected in 2024. The previous one like you, George H. W. Bush, only served one term, but he didn’t go mad because he lost the elections. Neither did he dream of putting his face on Mount Rushmore. But I tell you truthfully, no one is ever going to carve Trump’s face there, though they might carve George H. W. Bush’s face there sometime. For by his wisdom, he demonstrated when a nation is to go to war, and when a nation is to stop fighting. Such knowledge and wisdom would seem to me to be worthy of a place on Mount Rushmore. But who knows? For it is not the contemporaries who decide such things, but those of future generations who look back with great hindsight.

Such is why even in the Catholic Church, the prudent age-old practice of canonizations is meant to be carried out by future generations, after much study and hindsight and reflection into the works and fruits of past saints. Mother Teresa and John Paul II were canonized too soon. This is something that really must not be rushed. It is not the contemporaries who should canonize a saint, but always this must be left for future generations to decide. For the history books are never written by the characters within them. Memoirs, chronicles, and auto-biographies are written by eyewitnesses and the characters within the stories themselves. But actual analytical history books, read by students of history, need to be written by objective observers who observe things from the perfect vision of hindsight, well after the affair has been played out and everything that happened in it has been laid bare.

Yes, Eric, you are remaining in America. And you will remain a virgin. The idea that you marry is not from God. All those messages that say you are to receive this girl or that girl to become your wife come from those babbling spirits, who know nothing but lies. Listen to none of them, for all of them are false and complete liars. You are remaining celibate and single for life. Not even a girlfriend is to enter your life. For the way of this world is to think as the natural man thinks. And all a natural man can think of is getting laid and of feasting his face on food and drink. Have no part in the natural man’s ways. For his way leads to hell. And that is the way We do not want you to go.

Lord, if You wish to make me a priest, I am fully willing to comply. But I will submit to Your will whatever place you station me in. Either I will be in the business of saving souls, or I will be in the business of writing code so that a commercial company can sell things and make profits for themselves. This is Our clue to you of which Way we elect for you to go. If, when We cure you of all things, which We shall do, if you are aware of this cure that you have received, that you are able to jump and run again with no handicap whatsoever, then leap with joy as did the man following Peter and John (Acts 3:8) who was cured by them of his lameness. For I tell you truthfully, by that sign I will communicate to you of your calling to the vocation of My priesthood. Amen. For you know that this is a cure you do not specifically need. For you are able to walk fine as you are. You just cannot leap or run. If We make you able to leap and run again, realize that, by that sign, We say unto you that you are called to enter My priesthood. But do all this leaping and jumping and running about outside of My Church and not at the Mass, lest you attract attention to yourself and draw attention away from My priest officiating at the Mass. For My Mass is holier than your cures. I Am the Lord!

Lord, let Your sign come to pass exactly as You have said it. And I will leap and run and jump in the great field outside the Church if You cure me at the Mass there, after the Mass is concluded and I have received my communion. Good, lord Larimar. And We instruct you to run at maximum speed, make your greatest leaps possible, and make your sharpest turns in your sprints across that great field, and then, when you see that you have the abilities to run and to jump and to leap fully restored, along with all your other cures, for We are curing you of everything, you are commanded to go and present yourself to the priest and tell him exactly as We will instruct you. Then, after that, you may go to work. But tell the people at work nothing about your new vocation until the priest has approved of sponsoring you and the bishop has approved of your entrance into his seminary. I Am the Lord.

Lord, when does Pope Francis keel over and bite the dust, and make way for the coming of a holy pope, Pope John XXIV, who shall be Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke, who will be the first pope from the United States of America? In April of 2021, sometime after Easter Sunday in that month, Pope Francis will breathe his last with his one lung, and expire. I Am the Lord. Then the cardinals will gather, or whats left of them, for the conclave to meet that June. And I will force My servant, Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke, to be elected pope. For he is famous among them for being one two survivors of My four faithful cardinals who sent to My unfaithful pope the famous dubia, which Pope Francis, in his utter disobedience to Me, refused to answer, at the dereliction of his duty as pope! It is for deeds such at this that I make such a fitting end for Pope Francis. Let him choke to death in his own unholy blood, as his one lung fills with blood. Let wounds in his lung bleed, and let his one lung become filled with his own unholy blood, preventing oxygen from getting to his brain, so that he dies as by one drowning to death in his own unholy blood. He will be awake and aware of his dying as he drowns to death in his own blood. And no one can repent to the Lord while in the process of drowning to death. I Am the Lord. So is the way you shall proceed to the hereafter, Pope Francis. Such is your grisly fate. I Am the Lord!

Lord, this is great! And it is known that Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke is fluent in English, Latin, French, and Italian, and can speak and write in Spanish. Also, just like American born citizen, Eric Robert Dunstan, Cardinal Burke is the one American cardinal with the clearest voice in speaking against the crimes of the United States of America. Lord, he will make a most excellent and holy pope. Yes, lord Azurite, and he will take the papal name of the Beloved Disciple, John. He will be called Pope John XXIV. I Am the Lord. And at around the time of his election, so too will come to power in Russia, President Alexei Anatolievich Navalny, who shall be instrumental in the conversion of the Russian Bear to reenter communion with the Catholic Church. For Russia had originally converted to Christianity in 988 A.D., several decades before the formal split of the East West Schism of 1054 A.D. by the Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople, Michael I Cerularius. Let the Russian Orthodox Church no longer be in a state of condemnation due to the decisions of the Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople. Let her return now to her original holy communion with the holy mother Church, the Roman Catholic Church. And let Patriarch Kirill lead Russia in that conversion process, forming a new Eastern Rite Catholic Church for Russia, over which he will remain its head. I Am the Lord!

And now, lord Azurite, We shall speak of your place in Our Kingdom. We hereby anoint you, lord Azurite, as Prophet and Seer of the Lord. Whosoever seeks to harm you, I will harm them. Whosoever seeks to destroy you, I will destroy them. And no one will touch a hair on your head without facing the full weight of a ton of bricks upon his very soul crashing down upon him. I Am the Lord! For I declare Azurite as sacred to the Lord. Let any man come against him, and let the whole world behold how that transgressor is to die! I Am the Lord! For it is written, fire shall come out of his mouth to devour his enemies. And in such a way, anyone who wishes to harm him is sure to be slain. (Revelation 11:5). Look to Israel to see the other of the Two. I Am the Lord! Now go, lord Azurite, and eat your breakfast. You are going to work today, after you attend Mass. I Am the Lord! And publish this post now, for it is dawn, and you have been called to serve the Lord. Amen.

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